• Title: Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies
  • Author: Magda M. Olchawska
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
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    Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies Synopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend Julia is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are
    Synopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend, Julia, is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are not in school, they go adventuring and exploring into challenging realms that often lead to surprise situations that include trouble and which they did not expect But theSynopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend, Julia, is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are not in school, they go adventuring and exploring into challenging realms that often lead to surprise situations that include trouble and which they did not expect But their creativity, courage and friendship provide them with plenty of strength to accomplish their tasks Mikolay Julia Meet The Fairies One day, Mikolay and Julia discover a hidden wardrobe in a secret office of Mikolay s mummy.An amazing wonder occurs the wardrobe turns out to be full of magical, gentle creatures who have singing voices They desperately need Mikolay s and Julia s magical skills to help them.

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    1. Review for "Mikolay & Julia Meet The Fairies" Like most kids their age, Mikolay and Julia go to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but they are not just ordinary children. Every other weekend, they also attend Magical Weekend School for children of magical creatures. When not attending school or learning how to use magic, Mikolay and Julia like to explore and have adventures. One of these adventures begins when Mikolay and Julia use magic to enter a mouse-sized hole in the wall, even th [...]

    2. This review is for both Mikolay and Julia in the Attic and Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies.How fortunate I have been to have come in contact with the lovely author Magda Olchawska.It is not common that I review children’s books, but I simply must let everyone know about this wonderful author who writes books that are not only enjoyable to read, but have lovely illustrations and very good messages within them.In Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies:Mikolay and Julia are friends who have witc [...]

    3. Well,I have to be honest, I probably am a liitle bit uncritical about this book. That's because it was a total surprise for me and it was one of those pleasant surprises. I didn't search for anything like this, I actually came across the book looking for something to read for myself. And when I went deeper and deeper, one of the positions recommended for me was Mikolay & Julia. I thought the cover was interesting and different and since I have a little son and the book was free to download, [...]

    4. Very colourful and nicely illustrated in a fashion bizarre enough to really capture the younger audience. Large bold images and colours, clever use of artwork and photography. The story is nice and straight-forward with a clear moral for kids that won't be too brutally black and white for most parents to read along with. Nice to read aloud (yes I did try this) and flows well. Not sure of the target age group, but I'm thinking it would have quite a range from parental reading to solo older childr [...]

    5. What a delightful children's story. I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren. The illustrations are awesome and the story is delightful.Mikolay and Julia live in the same neighbourhood and both their mothers are witches. The two little children go to magic school and one day they use their magic without supervision. They end up meeting fairies in a forest that is being destroyed by a monster. I won't tell you what the monster is, but the illustration made me laugh out loud. It was so funny.Th [...]

    6. A lovely tale well told! The illustrations are attractive - clever use of cut-outs (with real eyes peering out at you!) and lively colors that should appeal to young children.The text is simple and fast, the words are well-chosen, the story grabs you. It sets the dichotomy between the grown-up world and the children's that is so appealing to children (we always root for our camp, don't we)Yet there is a moral to it that should satisfy all parents - a moral that no one can disagree with: let's sa [...]

    7. This book is truly engaging for children and adults alike. Mikolay, Julia and Farina have an adventure of a lifetime and the artwork that accompanies the story helps to the reader to conjure vivid imagery in their own mind. This book is a fantastic journey into the world of the fairies which I believe any child would love to read again and again. Kudos to Olchawskae's hit a homerun with Mikolay and Julia Meet The Fairies.~Mitch Fairchild

    8. The pictures are different yet wonderful with such bright colors and amazing creativity in construction. I've not seen anything like it before. The story is sweet and compelling with a very important message conveyed without spoiling the fun. My son was very impressed with the way that the pictures had been cleverly put together, especially the 'real photgraph eyes' behind some of the characters. One picture makes great use of a staple remover.A very impressive overall result.

    9. This review consists of 2 parts: 1. My son's review (he's 5 1/2) and 2. My review (I'm the Mom). These are excerpts - for the full review please visit us at our website: motherdaughterbookreviewsSON SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it:The best part of this book were the pictures. I liked the one of the monster best. The monster has a staple remover mouth and real eyes that look like a dog with spikes all over its back and tail. The picture is really funny. I also like the pictures of the flo [...]

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