• Title: Mikolay and Julia in the Attic
  • Author: Magda M. Olchawska
  • ISBN: 9781467942720
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mikolay and Julia in the Attic Synopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend Julia is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are
    Synopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend, Julia, is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are not in school, they go adventuring and exploring into challenging realms that often lead to surprise situations that include trouble and which they did not expect But theSynopsis Mikolay is a little wizard His best friend, Julia, is a witch They attend public school together during the week On weekends they are students at a school specializing in magic When they are not in school, they go adventuring and exploring into challenging realms that often lead to surprise situations that include trouble and which they did not expect But their creativity, courage and friendship provide them with plenty of strength to accomplish their tasks Mikolay Julia In The Attic Mikolay Julia are in the attic looking for a wand for Julia Suddenly, Mikolay notices a shadow disappearing through the wall They follow the Shadow cautiously and discover hidden cages full of starving children and animals Mikolay Julia decide to take some action.Check out Mikolay Julia s interactive website mikolayandjulia

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    1. Review for “Mikolay & Julia in the Attic”Mikolay and Julia love to have adventures. Their mummies are both witches and Mikolay and Julia attend a special Magical Weekend School for children with magical abilities.One day, while Mikolay and Julia are searching for a wand in the attic, Mikolay spots a strange shadow and follows it through the wall. Mikolay and Julia find themselves in a creepy place full of cages. As the two search for the shadow, they discover a cage filled with children [...]

    2. This book is a charming, engaging, and imaginative story on one level, but with a necessarily darker tone than some children’s books that enables the discussion of the danger from strangers between parent and childThe Story:In the second book in the series, the adventures of the pair of child-magicians continue, as this time they venture into the dark depths of the attic in search of a wand for Julia. Living in such a magically charged house it is, perhaps, unsurprising when things do not go a [...]

    3. Mikolay and Julia's mothers are witches and so the two children are sent to a special School for children with magical abilities.One day, Mikolay and Julia go into their attic to search for a wand for Julia. They see a strange shadow and follow it through the wall. To Mikolay and Julia's horror, they find a number of children that have been kidnapped and put in cages. The children tell them they have to perform in a circus and that they hardly ever get fed. Mikolay and Julia feel sorry for the c [...]

    4. Well, I visited Mikolay and Julia again. And again I had FUN. This time Mikolay drags Julia to another adventure once more and got both of them into lots of trouble but they're not ordinary kids. They're little wizards and that's how they usually get out of trouble. Magically.Once again, I was completely enchanted by the book. The language is pretty vivid and the read is easy (maybe even too easy for you'd like to stay with Mikolay and Julia longer but that's true for all the good books, isn't i [...]

    5. I read this book through and thought it would be quite suitable for younger children such as ages up to 10 years as it has a great message of "Do not talk or go away with strangers" which we all know is an important message to get across to young children.There were the odd formatting issues in the arc I read on my kindle but the story was good and I think it would hold youngsters attention and the illustrations that i viewed on my kindle looked really good and interesting too. I am sure the you [...]

    6. Mikolay & Julia in the Attic is a charming children's books of animals, wizards, fairies and witches. The illustrations are delightful, and the book has a much needed lesson for all children.With an interactive website for kids coming out, I do believe that Magda has out done herself this time. What a wonderful idea! I do believe that Mikolay & Julia are the beginning of something big. Congrats!!

    7. Really enjoyed this book! Great story line, well-paced, suspenseful with a good moral and accompanied very ably by unusual, arresting illustrations.

    8. A Magical Children's Book, Filled With Suspense, Intrigue, Sorcery & Mystery:Writer & Award Winning Filmmaker, Magda M. Olchawska shares a fascinating children's story in her Wonderful Book titled "MIKOLAY & JULIA IN THE ATTIC" a story told with such vivid imagination and yet it is so simple to understand, which is ideal for children.The author’s superb writing skills are exemplified by the clever way in which she manages to get readers to open up their imaginations, so they can jo [...]

    9. This review is for both Mikolay and Julia in the Attic and Mikolay and Julia Meet the Fairies.How fortunate I have been to have come in contact with the lovely author Magda Olchawska.It is not common that I review children’s books, but I simply must let everyone know about this wonderful author who writes books that are not only enjoyable to read, but have lovely illustrations and very good messages within them.In Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies:Mikolay and Julia are friends who have witc [...]

    10. "Mikolay and Julia In The Attic" is a charming little book, which contains a necessary lesson: 'stranger danger'. The 2 young protagonists are magical, fun, adventurous characters who will keep your child entertained while teaching a timeless, valuable lesson. Written in an easily understandable way, Ms. Olchawska has successfully driven the point home about not trusting or accepting gifts or rides from people we don't know. Page after page of cute and colorful illustrations to enjoy as you read [...]

    11. Mikolay and Julia are kids. They attend school, live near each other and are best friends. However, their weekends are taken up attending magic school, and their mothers are both witches. One day, looking for a and for Julia, Mikolay and his friend stumble upon a magical portal in the attic, and delving within, they find a sinister circus, and people who need their help.I loved this book and my eldest who is nearly 4 adored the magic of the story and the beautiful, unique illustrations. I loved [...]

    12. Mikolay & Julia in the Attic”#2 was a very enjoyable read. It successfully connects and combines the elements of magic and the real life factors of strangers and kidnapping. There is a somber tone to the story but with the exciting touch of magic. The suspense created by the shadow right in the beginning of the book made a great opening for the actual focus. I would have never thought that Mikolay and Julia would find a group of kidnapped kids from the way it was written. Mikolay and Julia [...]

    13. Two clever magic-savvy children visit an attic looking for a magic wand and find themselves transported to an evil circus where cruel strangers have kidnapped other children and keep them in a bird cage. The circus owners also mistreat the animals. Our courageous heroes save the day by fighting the circus owners and freeing the trapped children and animals. They get a little help from their fairy friends to make sure everyone gets safely home.`Mikolay and Julia in the Attic' is a delightful read [...]

    14. I bought this book in print for my great great niece, Hunter, for her birthday. I decided to read it before I mailed it to her. It's a wonderful children's book and, I believe, an excellent way to teach children stranger danger.It's about two magical children, Mikolay and Julia who like to play in the attic. They see a shadow and follow it and it leads them to a group of children in a cage. These children have been cpatured because they trusted a stranger. Mikolay and Julia use their magic to fr [...]

    15. I received this book for free in a giveaway. When I first received the book I thought the graphics were a little unusual. I have to say I have read this to my 3 1/2 year old grand daughter and she loves it as does my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter. And as for the graphics they love them too. I thought the story was very well written as it is to get the message of do not speak to strangers out and it does it well.

    16. Mikolay & Julia, two young wizards in training, are puttering about their attic looking for a magic wand when they are led through the wall by a mysterious shadow. On the other side they discover children and animals held captive by "Strangers". Will they be able to get them to safety??This was a delightful story and I really enjoyed the illustrations. It was great that the story also included a moral message for children.

    17. Mikolay and Julia In The Attic is a wonderful children's book with a great lesson hidden in the adventures of Mikolay and Julia. The illustrations were beautiful and the story had elements of danger and suspense in it. You wanted the children to be saved and everyone to make back home safely. I loved this book.

    18. I read this book and had my 9 year old daughter read it too and we discussed it to write this review. First of all, we really liked the illustrations! They are unique and cute and we really like the real eyes, noses and mouths. We like the illustrations better than we like the story. My daughter said the story was boring. I thought that the plot was good, but it is over simplified and talks down to children. It is a story of two children, Mikolay and Julia, who are magical because their mummies [...]

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