• Title: The Silver Locket
  • Author: Marie Fostino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Silver Locket When Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy love death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen People would stop Jenn
    When Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet, her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy, love, death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen.People would stop Jenny and ask if the child she was with was her sister No this is my child Yet the looks she got hurt her She was 16 years old when her life changed forever Despite being raWhen Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet, her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy, love, death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen.People would stop Jenny and ask if the child she was with was her sister No this is my child Yet the looks she got hurt her She was 16 years old when her life changed forever Despite being raised in a Christian home with strict religious values, some of her choices were careless, and they came with weighty consequences A strange combination of sadness and joy overcome her when she turns back the clock Names and faces float through her mind like ghosts that still haunted her but as always, a smile forms on her face and she remembers only love.

    One Reply to “The Silver Locket”

    1. A heartfelt must readOnce I started reading this I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a story about true love between teenagers. A story about family. This will have you feeling so many emotions from happiness to sadness and you need to have some tissues ready because you will need them. I usually only read a book once, I'm 47 years old and have only read one book multiple times and this will be the second one.One of the best things is I can relate to the story. I [...]

    2. The course of true love never did run smooth, and Marie Fostino’s young adult novel, The Silver Locket, tells the story of one teen girl’s unplanned pregnancy. Jenny’s life is uprooted when her dad takes a job that requires their family of seven to move to Oklahoma. As a sophomore, Jenny finds it very difficult to make new friends. She’s eventually befriended by a group of outcasts, but also faced with the moral implications of being in with the wrong crowd. Jacy, a boy who comes from a [...]

    3. When I responded to a Twitter feed in which I had the chance to read 'The Silver Locket', I was excited. Now having read it in a day on my Kindle, I was sadly disappointed.We meet Jenny, a mother, who obviously cares for her daughter a great deal. She has a strong relationship with her mother Marie, who is a typical grandmother, baking cookies. Apruptly the narrative takes a turn as we meet Janie, Jenny's daughter, who is to be frank, wasn't what I expected.And then I began to have issues with t [...]

    4. Marie Fostino’s The Silver Locket is a wonderful read. The characters draw you right into the story, which is one concerning the issues of teen pregnancy. Jenny is a young sophomore who could be any sixteen-year-old girl, one who wants to be the best person she possibly can while at the same time not really fully knowing who she is. Things take a drastic turn for Jenny when her family must move to Oklahoma because of her father’s job. She has to leave her best friend behind and finds it diff [...]

    5. Jenny's family was moving to Oklahoma. None of the kids seem to be happy about it but it meant a promotion for their dad. The move was easy, making new friends was not. Jenny just wanted to be back in her hometown with her best friend. Her mother understood but asked her to give it some time. Soon, Jenny met Jacy and his friends. They were part of what people in school considered the "bad crowd". It didn't take long for Jenny to fall in with the same bad habits they had. Drinking, smoking pot, d [...]

    6. I actually read this book in 2 days--couldn't put it down--or close it as it was on my computer "kindle".Jenny is a young teenager, uprooted from her home when her father takes a job in the city. Being the "new kid" and a sophomore isn't easy as Jenny falls into the "wrong" crowd. Marie Fostino does a great job bringing the reader into the story. I won't spoil the ending--but have a box of kleenex nearby! My only complaint was a change and switching of the spelling of a main character name mid-s [...]

    7. Touching family drama by promising new author, Marie Fostino. Marie has the family roots and backgroundto fill her story with dozens of colorful, intimate moments. Dealing with teenage temptation and decision, the Silver Locket entertains with many poignant and insightful scenes and characters.

    8. Couldn't adjust to the writing style very well, but I enjoyed the story overall.Full review available here: reachforthebooks/

    9. Love this book. Kept me so emotionalI love this book. I smiled and I cried. Jacy was the bad boy and Jenny was the sweet girl from church. She moved to a new town. Jacy had one of his friends to talk with Jenny. He had his eyes on her for awhile. Jacky introduced Jenny to smoking cigarettes, pot, alcohol, partying and sex. He didn't plan on fallen in love with her. She was just the flavor or the year. I loved this book. Would tell you more but don't want to give to much away. I could re-read it [...]

    10. WOW, what an inspirational and emotional story. The Silver Locket tells of young love and consequences. Jenny learned so many important lessons while she is growing up and choices that she has to make.I can totally understand this story. Author Marie Fostino wrote about something that happens more often than we want to admit. But, it is how it is handled and how supportive and loved we can make the person who is dealing with this feel. Always look at the blessings that can come out of these situ [...]

    11. Well, I'm not sure what I want to say about this story. It's classic teens not considering consequences from their actions. However, it is also a story to touch the heart of the reader. A story of hope and love shared between two teens. A love that, although torn apart, stays with those most important in their lives. The story is full of love, lust, lessons learned. I would highly recommend this story mostly for teens but also for adults that need to see their lives in a different light.

    12. .I believe that teens should read this because it really is true to life. . The situations they may find themselves in and the immature choices they can/will make. And They need to know *** It does only take 1 time ***. It takes you into the mind of the boy, the girl, the mom, other teenage moms and their choices. I loved all of the lessons it teaches for parents and teens. .

    13. Heart feltSuch a great story, there really is no words. It was like being on a roller coaster ride filled with emotion. I'm glad I picked this up. Don't miss out on this one, you'll fall in love too!

    14. Lifted by a blessing.Remembering to live uplifted by ones blessings is a difficult task. Life can strike some seemingly unbearable blows. Yet faith can grant us the ability to find the hope to carry on. Thankfully with each bit of joy.

    15. The Silver Locket is a story of teenage love. Jenny is the good girl getting involved with the wrong crowd. Jacy is the boy from a broken home. The result is an unplanned pregnancy and how it was dealt with. The story was very emotional and heartfelt.

    16. Lovely I absolutely loved this book. I highly recommend you read it. I will warn you there will be some tears. If you do read it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    17. Wow! This book is great! A very emotional book. This is a book about teenage love that you will not want to put down. It had me from the beginning all the way through the last page! Great book!

    18. Great Book though parts of it made me Mad, it wasn't the story it was the way the characters acted or their reactions to stuff that had happened. I enjoyed reading my 1st book by this author and hope to read more in the future.

    19. The Silver Locket is a beautifully written, emotional novel. The story was relatable and so touching. Great read!

    20. Marie Fostino was kind enough to send me a free ebook of ‘The Silver Locket’, in exchange for a review, so here it is:Review Of‭ ‘‬The Silver Locket‭’ ‬by Marie Fostino[Warning:‭ ‬This review contains a few spoilers‭]‬.I must admit,‭ ‬at first,‭ ‬when I started‭ ‘‬The Silver Locket‭’‬,‭ ‬I didn’t really identify with the main character,‭ ‬Jenny,‭ ‬and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to continue reading.‭ ‬But I’m glad that I did‭ [...]

    21. The Silver Locket is a beautiful, heartwarming coming of age story of first love, loss, teenage pregnancy and the strength of family. Jenny, new to town, is struggling to make friends until she meets Jacy and his gang of friends. While not the type of crowd Jenny usually associates with, her loneliness overcomes her and she finds herself drawn to them and most importantly to Jacy. Jacy, a rebellious teen, thinks Jenny is the perfect girl for his school year fling. Jacy thinks of Jenny as sweet a [...]

    22. I found the Silver Locket to be a very thought-provoking book. You can read the other reviews to get the gist of the plot, so I will focus more on the emotions and lessons I got out of it. This book reminded me a great deal of what it was like to be a young teenager, and it goes to show that no matter what kind of upbringing a teen may have, the paths they follow is still their choice. The story illustrates how easily and seamlessly a teen can go down the wrong path. Jenny was raised in a Christ [...]

    23. I just finished reading The Silver Locket. It is a Young Adult Romance novel written by Marie Fostino. A young girl moves to a new town when her father gets a job opportunity. She finds it hard to fit into her new school until she meets some other people who are misfits like her. She falls victim to peer pressure and finds herself in over her head. I really loved this book. I loved the story line itself because it was so beautiful. I also loved the message it sends to teenagers out there. I feel [...]

    24. *A copy given by author, in return for an honest review.*☆☆☆☆☆ 5☆☆☆☆☆The story starts out as a regular teenage story, but where it ends is something totally unexpected. This book had me laugh and cry. Even made me have butterflies in my stomach like a teenage in love. This book is book is a beautiful story of a teenager girl falling in love for the very first time, with the school’s bad boy. This book goes through all her first experience on everything. From first smoke, dr [...]

    25. 4 1/2 StarsThere is always a place in your heart for your first love, no matter what the two of you went through together or how it ended. The Silver Locket tells such a story. It is a story of young love, coming of age and what life is all about - making mistakes, learning from them and moving on the best we can.In the book Jenny and Jacy find themselves in love, experimenting with life and learning to face unlikely responsibilities at a young age. Fostino writes a very real story about teenage [...]

    26. When Jennifer finds her daughter is not home from school yet, her past flashed before her eyes with the memories of Jacy, love, death and becoming a mother at the age of sixteen.People would stop Jenny and ask if the child she was with was her sister. "No this is my child." Yet the looks she got hurt her. She was 16 years old when her life changed forever. Despite being raised in a Christian home with strict religious values, some of her choices were careless, and they came with weighty conseque [...]

    27. "The Silver Locket" by Marie Fostino takes you on a roller coaster of emotions that any mother can understand, especially if you've dealt with teen pregnancy.Jenny is a typical high school student that gets uprooted along with the rest of her family when her father changes jobs. SHe has a hard time fitting in until one day this girl from the "bad crowd" asks her to come sit with them. Jacy, a cute Native American guy, becomes interested in Jenny and shows her how to smoke, sneak out, and party a [...]

    28. I was sent this book in return for an honest review for which I received no payment. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Marie Fostino for writing such a heart-wrenching story that will resonate with parents all over the world. The writing is a delight to read for the most part although a few grammatical errors did cause a linguistic ouch on occasion but nothing could spoil the sheer story-telling ability of this writer. Parents do their best to keep their children safe and teenagers do their [...]

    29. This story is well crafted. From the title to the storyline. This author doesn't duck issues pertaining to a very emotional topic-teen pregnancy. While reading the story I was intentionally attempting to guess the direction it was going to take. I couldn't do it. The author continued to blow me away with surprise after surprise. She delivered up personalities that were easy to hate. She didn't leave it at that. She had characters constantly evolving. At first you're disgusted and before you know [...]

    30. First, I bought a paperback of this book from the Author. Why? Because I was so touched by one of her other books, Sometimes Love Hurts, I knew I wanted this one plus two(2) others.If you have ever wondered what a Mother goes through when her young daughter has sex and becomes pregnant, then read this remarkable book/story. You will feel the heartaches. You will feel the fears of all involved. And you may find that there is joy even from adversity.Ms. Fostino uses several different voices in tel [...]

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