• Title: Round the Bend
  • Author: Jeremy Clarkson
  • ISBN: 9780718158408
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Round the Bend Jeremy Clarkson gets really riled in Round the Bend What s it like to drive a car that s actively trying to kill you This and many other burning questions trouble Jeremy Clarkson as he sets out to exp
    Jeremy Clarkson gets really riled in Round the Bend What s it like to drive a car that s actively trying to kill you This and many other burning questions trouble Jeremy Clarkson as he sets out to explore the world from the safety of four wheels Avoiding the legions of power crazed traffic wombles attempting to block highway and byway, he he Shows how the world of perfJeremy Clarkson gets really riled in Round the Bend What s it like to drive a car that s actively trying to kill you This and many other burning questions trouble Jeremy Clarkson as he sets out to explore the world from the safety of four wheels Avoiding the legions of power crazed traffic wombles attempting to block highway and byway, he he Shows how the world of performance cars may be likened to Battersea Dogs Home Reveals why St Moritz may be the most bonkers town in all of the world Reminds us that Switzerland is so afraid of snow that any flakes falling on the road are immediately arrested Argues that washing a car is a waste of time Funny, globe trotting, irreverent and sometimes downright rude, Round the Bend is packed with curious and fascinating but otherwise hopelessly useless stories and facts about everything under the sun and just occasionally cars It s Jeremy Clarkson at his brilliant best Brilliant laugh out loud Daily Telegraph Outrageously funny will have you in stitches Time Out Number one bestseller and presenter of the hugely popular Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson writes on cars, current affairs and anything else that annoys him in his sharp and funny collections Born To Be Riled, Clarkson On Cars, Don t Stop Me Now, Driven To Distraction, Round the Bend, Motorworld, and I Know You Got Soul are also available as Penguin paperbacks the Penguin App iClarkson The Book of Cars can be downloaded on the App Store.

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    1. I know it's popular to despise Jeremy Clarkson, but I'm one of the many who find his buffoonery amusing. However I was a bit doubtful that I would find a collection of car reviews, some of them over 3 years old, entertaining. I shouldn't have worried. Clarkson's reviews typically only mention the car in the last 20% of the piece - the rest is an entertaining commentary on life from the Clarkson viewpoint. I found the whole thing tantalisingly moreish. Admittedly occasionally I was a little worri [...]

    2. One thing is clear from this book, if you do not like Jeremy then you will not enjoy this read. I do like Jeremy - that's not to say I agree with him all the time - and so I enjoyed this like I have all his others. It's not rocket science, it's not going to break boundaries in literature or win The Booker Prize but it's eminently readable and enjoyable. I love the way he starts off talking about any old random thing that has happened to him and ends up weaving it in to something to do with the c [...]

    3. I liked to read it inbetween books, so if I needed a break from another book, I could just start "Round the Bend" wherever I left over and read how many pages/articles I liked, put it down and repeat this process later.

    4. Let me make something clear - I know nothing about cars. I asked my dad what a V8 engine is and was subjected to a half hour class on different engines, complete with diagrams, and I'm still clueless.That being said, I enjoyed reading this collection of car reviews by Clarkson. An amalgamation of his reviews from the Sunday Times over a year or so, you get Clarkson at his snarky best, lamenting about crying Guardian readers who have descended to wreak havoc on petrolheads like himself. The occas [...]

    5. First published in 2011, Round the Bend is a collection of humorous articles previously published from 2008-2009. Each article is ostensibly a review of a particular car, but usually ends up being a serious of funny anecdotes before finishing with a small mention of the car concerned. The humour is just what most people would expect from Clarkson, so you either love it or hate it. I love it, because his constant self parody as a buffoon/clown with no concept of political correctness is all part [...]

    6. In 2004, The Sunday Times suddenly realised that it was sitting on a literary sensation. Compiling two years' worth of Jeremy Clarkson's newspaper columns amounted to enough material for a book and, having done this, it sold well. The following year, they repeated the trick by compiling two years worth of his columns for the motoring supplement (now some kind of car/gadget/stuff supplement). The only strange thing about this is that it took them so long: it's essentially the same trick that the [...]

    7. I've read most of Clarkson's novels and I'm sorry to say that this disappointed me.His writing style is still the same and is easily accessible to the audience. But in this novel, I found myself struggling to get into it overall. I think with this book in particular, the focus of the novel hasn't been achieved. For me, I felt lost at times during the novel and felt that the direction that Clarkson was going in felt unnatural, forced and I suppose in a way not needed.Overall, I was left annoyed a [...]

    8. If you're going to be insulted by anyone, you'll want it to be Mr. Clarkson or someone of his linguistic ilk. Some of my favourite jibes so far:*Road cyclists = Lycra Nazis*The vibrant colouring [of the Subaru Impreza] does at least take your mind off the fact that this is a GBP 25,000 car that comes with fewer toys than an Ethiopian birthday boy.*Imagine drinking a pint of hemlock, setting yourself on fire and then jumping out of a plane when it's directly overhead a combine harvester. You don' [...]

    9. This book is one of his car books and is a collection of his articles from newspapers.It's pretty good, I really like Clarkson's stuff and Top Gear is one of my favourite shows on TV but, I'm not a petrol head or care that much about cars.This was a christmas present from last year and if I'd have known it was a car book I'd probably not have bothered to ask for it. That said, it's not just 100% cars, there is some humour thrown in as well.You'll love it if you're interested in cars, but if not [...]

    10. I bought this book because the BBC show "Top Gear". I love the show and all the tidbits and silly things they do on it. That tongue-in-cheek approach of Jeremy's is especially my favourite part. I figured it would translate into his writing.It does - sort of. The main problem I have with this book is that frankly I'm not British and therefore do not get half of the referenced to culture he is pointing out. The book is still funny and easy to read but missing out on those little things did irk me [...]

    11. Finally!!! I like Jeremy Clarkson very much, but mainly in Top Gear, where 1) I have subtitles and 2) he doesn't quite so much abound with his vast - and in this case annoying - English vocabulary. I really didn't enjoy having to search 1-5 word meanings in every page. That's why it took me so long though I genuinely like his style of writing. And no, translation is not an option because the translation always sux so probably my last Clarkson, but I'll always look forward to him in TG!

    12. Having read the last few rather disappointing Clarkson books, I approached this one with a little trepidation. However, it was better than I expected, in fact several times I found myself laughing out loud. It is composed mainly of Jeremy's car reviews, but don't let that put you off, because he seldom spends more than a few sentences on the cars themselves, preferring to go off at an often random and amusing tangent.

    13. A great read. If you want to truly enjoy this book, I recommend you do not read it in one go. Instead read it as if you'd watch a television series. Enjoy each article in the book individually. You'll be entertained in abundance.There are some people who have a definitive gift of writing and the soul of wit. Jeremy Clarkson is the one of these rare authors.

    14. Collecting a multitude of car review articles, one can't help to find the inherent humour in Clarkson's writing hilarious most of the times, especially when it seems for basically all of them that the focus is on basically anything else, but the car.A worthy read to get some good laughs off the topic of cars and petrol heads.

    15. Clarkson, as always, delivers articles that are witty and hilarious. As a Top Gear fan, I could hear his voice through the words, if it makes any sense. Compared to his older work The World According To Clarkson, this one is focused more on cars, which makes it better in my opinion. I might be biased.

    16. Being a fan of Top Gear, but not a reader of the Sunday Times (where the pieces in this book are taken from), I found Mr. Clarkson somewhat less palatable here than he is on television. But he's still witty and informative and of course, always a refreshing counterblast.

    17. Another bite of british humor. This books regroup some articles about cars that Jeremy made far a newspaper (dont' ask me wich !)As ever the typical british humour, the cynical point of view about all and not only cars make me laugh I like top gear, and i like his humour.

    18. No real need for a review here. This is a collection of Clarkson's Sunday Times columns, and whilst amusing and entertaining (although ultimately a bit repetitive) does not constitute a real book. Leisure reading.

    19. What can I say, I love Jeremy Clarkson. This book is an anthology of the columns he writes for a UK newspaper, and includes his typical wit found in Top Gear UK.

    20. typical clarkson. meandering rambling outpsoken nonsense about anything and everything but informative and enjoyable nontheless

    21. To be honest these books are getting harder to read. the novelty has worn off with the writing style.

    22. Collection of newspaper columns. Nothing really exciting about the cars themselves, but Clarkson really is a good writer. Very entertaining.

    23. Awesome, Hilarious and definitely a great read for any car enthusiast! His views on many things are the perfect dose of critical with hints of his great sense of humour.

    24. Clarkson's razor sharp sarcasm serves him well, in this latest addition to his impressive literary acumen.

    25. A book stuffed full of car reviews. But, unlike some of Clarkson's 'World according to' articles, none of them stick with you after you've read the next one.

    26. and again I loved his cynical humor. Great stories about cars. He and I, we have the same humor !

    27. Usually like his books but s bit too car orientated for me. Still a good book for car/Clarkson fans.

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