• Title: Virtual Reality
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9781419951848
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Virtual Reality Mark is a reclusive Dominant who confines his sexual interests strictly to the online world On his routine afternoon ferry ride he meets a woman who rouses the Master in him and the line snaps betwe
    Mark is a reclusive Dominant who confines his sexual interests strictly to the online world On his routine afternoon ferry ride, he meets a woman who rouses the Master in him, and the line snaps between the virtual and real worlds She begs for him to take her over, and bring them both fulfillment and healing He wants to refuse her but he finds himself agreeing to spendMark is a reclusive Dominant who confines his sexual interests strictly to the online world On his routine afternoon ferry ride, he meets a woman who rouses the Master in him, and the line snaps between the virtual and real worlds She begs for him to take her over, and bring them both fulfillment and healing He wants to refuse her but he finds himself agreeing to spend one day with her It is a mistake, because the anger he holds inside is fully capable of destroying a soul as rare and beautiful as Nicole s But no Master, not even one as strong and disciplined as Mark, can resist the offer of a submissive who wants only one thing to be his forever.

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    1. "You see nothing but the exquisite, intimate promise, but it's such a propulsion to the imagination that you can feel that dusky skin beneath your mouth, your lips pressing it, teeth giving it a light scrape as you suck with your lips, just enough to bring it to your tongue and hear the whisper of a shuddering breath feather your hair as she lies still, looking down at you with eyes the color of the most delicate, flavorful chocolate."Love isn't true unless there's trust, and complete acceptance [...]

    2. Reading this book makes me feel rage. Not so much because the guy is "playing" at being a Master through online cyber sex/bdsm only. Not because he consistently rejects the gift his 18 month online submission gives him in real life when she finally pushes for a meet. Mark tells Nicole he doesn't want her to ever meet him in person because it would be a disappointment.Why would it be a disappointment? It isn't the BDSM. The BDSM is light. It isn't even the "shocking" actions Mark says he wants to [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book. This is JWH at her best: lyrical, poignant, erotic, evocative, and alternately sorrowful and joyous. Many of Joey's characters are emotionally vulnerable if not damaged in some way and the characters in Virtual Reality are no exception. However, Joey is able to draw you into their emotional lives to such a level that I felt as if I was eavesdropping into a very real and private relationship.This is breathtaking erotica at its best. I will, no doubt, read Virtual Rea [...]

    4. LTR's review posted on readread3.5 stars.This one was a surprise. This is my first Joey W. Hill novel, I have read summaries to some of her books and B.D.S.M seems to be a running theme in her contemporary romance/erotica novels. I thought that this would be some kinky s*** t and in a sense it was but it was also much softer and more romantic than I anticipated.This is the story of Mark a Dom and Nicole a submissive. They’ve had an on-line relationship for over a year and the story follows a d [...]

    5. I feel very conflicted about this book. I really liked Mark and Nicole they had a amazing connection and very good chemistry. Mark is a dominant that meets his on-line sub on a ferry when Nicole seeks him out to meet in person after eighteen months of on-line interaction. I loved Mark he's the kind of man any girl would want as there own. Nicole is the kind of sub any Dom would be lucky to have. Mark uses dressing and vegetables in ways that amaze me and make me blush three kinds of red. I will [...]

    6. "Virtual Reality" reminded me of Ravel's "Bolero," that orchestral music that many have said is the musical metaphor for sex. It starts quietly, but grows in volume, intensity, and complexity as it builds to a climactic finale.After an eighteen-month online relationship, Nicole decides she wants, noeds, to meet Mark, her Master, in person. She's no longer satisfied with their chats and electronic interactions, so she contrives a personal encounter. Mark's surprised, and somewhat unhappy, but agr [...]

    7. Okay, I'm admittedly not a practitioner of BDSM, but this short but intense romance made me follow along with the set-up, even with the parts I found a bit too strange (vegetables!), and totally believe in the emotional connection and devastation between the two characters.I thought Mark was a brilliant man with all his flaws and strengths. I could imagine meeting a guy like him in real life (just not a dom, please). I could totally believe Nicole agreeing to all this with the way the author des [...]

    8. Aside from some overblown prose and descriptions that seemed to drag the story down at times, the emotion of the story hit me in all the right places. The D/s lifestyle is one that eludes me, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate its intricacies. In fact, if it's done well, I enjoy reading about it. And this one was definitely done well. My one big complaint was the extremely childish fit Nicole throws at the end. Up until that point, I thought her a courageous, though at times desperate, wom [...]

    9. I really like reading Joey Hill. Her prose is so smooth that I found I wasn't skimming or doing my Evelyn Wood imitation. When Mark is writing on the boat his descriptions and thoughts are so intriguing I just didn't want to miss a word.I am surprised that I finally got back to reading some of my paperbacks piling up and so happy I grabbed this one. It might help get me started with my plan to clear up the back log. I have a couple of her books, so I think I'll be finishing up my Joey Hill books [...]

    10. Mark is a Dom and Nicole is a new submissive. They met online and have been in a virtual relationship for 18 months. Nicole wants something more so she hires a detective to find Mark. They finally meet face to face and spend a sensual and emotional day together. Mark is not ready for a relationship due to a rough divorce. I did like the emotional connection between them. The second to last sex scene made me cringe. Defiled vegetables apparently are a limit for me. It was sweet and sexy up to tha [...]

    11. This story is about Mark a "online only" Master and Nicole, his submissive. After an eighteen month long online relationship, Nicole decides she must meet her Master face to face, much to Mark's surprise and dismay. Mark finally agrees to give Nicole one day together, but is finding it increasingly difficult to keep her at a comfortable distance. That's when the fireworks begin.As always the story is hot and sexy, but the dialogues that illuminate their thoughts and feelings are what makes this [...]

    12. Lyrically this book is awesome. The writing style impeccable. JWH draws you in from start to finish. Both sides are told and you can really feel the intensity that is within the characters. Emotionally this book is up and down and takes you through a gauntlet of emotions. I liked it. This book was very intimate and they were very isolated. I had a slight issue with that isolation but not enough for me to stop reading. I would love to know what their day to day life would be like or even to read [...]

    13. Joey never disappoints with her unique stories, BDSM insights & deeply, almost spiritual aspects of connection & communication between the main characters. Again - you make me swoon Ms Hill !! :DThis story of an online D/s relationship that turns into an in person reality, not only had me rooting for our heroine to break thru to our hero, but caused me to think about society & how it reacts & treats those of a different sexual appetite. Kudos !

    14. Loved it!! Another great love story by Joey W. Hill! I'm well on my way to owning all her books on paperback, highly recommended! Not just this story but every Joey W. Hill story is so well written and the characters are so relatable that you fall in love with them. Her Nature of Desire and Vampire Queen series are awesome. If you enjoy a wonderfully written love story with steamy bdsm sex scenes look no further Joey W. Hill is the author for you! Enjoy!

    15. I am finding I really like Joey Hill's books. The writing is rather good (although he sometimes he gets a bit wordy) and the characters have depth and interest. The is about a couple who have carried on an internet romance for an extended period of time, where Nicole explores her need to be a submissive partner and Mark develops an intense relationship with her, but keeps himself unavailable in person. She decides to locate him and risk a meeting. That is where the fun begins.

    16. Mark and Nicole have been virtual Don and sub until one day she seeks him out. She wants to make their relationship real in the world . He does not. This is a tale of longing for true love as only D/s can provide. I loved it.

    17. An enjoyable read, even though parts of it were very formulaic. Mark and Nicole are so sweet in their search for love and having their needs met that you are pulling for their HEA from the beginning. It will be a while before I look at salads the same way!

    18. Virtual Reality shines! As a stand alone book by Ms. Hill, Virtual Reality has the right amount of fear of rejection with the right amount of rejoice. Making Virtual life into reality is the point, and Ms. Hill hits the ball out of the park.

    19. Excellent!! Nothing more to be said. Well there is. Joey W. Hill evokes many emotions in her books. In Virtual Reality; trust, hope, courage, love, self-worth.

    20. This is one I have read a number of times, and although the writing is superb as ever, and the characterisations are impeccable, I still come away slightly baffled with Mark and his attitude.

    21. Dnf. Could not get into this book for some reason. Love KOTB, but this was flat and idk Just didn't work for me at all :(

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