• Title: La Meta
  • Author: Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • ISBN: 9780884271642
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • La Meta First published in this undergroung bestseller a business text disguised as a novel contains revolutionary ideas An exhilarating adventure in human potential Sound effects and music Unabridged
    First published in 1984, this undergroung bestseller a business text disguised as a novel contains revolutionary ideas An exhilarating adventure in human potential Sound effects and music Unabridged 8 cassettes.

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    1. It is hard for me to find the right tone to review this book, perhaps I'll open by saying that of all the business books I've read this remains the most approachable, and possibly also the best value for money once the case studies in the interview with the author at the end of the book are taken into account.Really it is built around a very simple insight - that the speed of a convoy is determined by the slowest ship, what the book does is demonstrate the effect of consistently applying this in [...]

    2. Great explanation of the theory of constraints and operations management. It's a business classic- first published in 1984 - but still relevant as it gets at the fundamentals. I almost removed a star for trying to create a fictional story to tell the book in that was badly told/edited. Did we really need the side story about the protagonists marital issues?One of the biggest takeaways from this book is that it's incredibly important to set the right goals to manage a complex operation. This soun [...]

    3. The best process improvement novel I've seen, this classic work explains the all-important Theory of Constraints through real life examples and a surprisingly good story. Most books of this nature are exceptionally unrealistic, but this one manages to keep the reader engaged, which is key for an instructional text like this.The book's lessons have some practicality in normal, everyday life, but its greatest utility is for those involved in process improvement in industries such as manufacturing, [...]

    4. د. إلياهو قولدرات ، فيزيائي تحول إلى عالم إدارة الأعمال ، حصل على بكالوريوس العلوم من جامعة تل أبيب ، وعلى ماجستيرالعلوم و الدكتوراة في الفلسفة من جامعة بارإيلان ، و الجامعتان في إسرائيل. ويتضح من اعتماره الطاقية اليهودية دائما أنه متعصب ، و هو صاحب نظرية القيود التي سيأتي شر [...]

    5. 2nd read-through: I still love this book. Primarily because of its collaborative solution finding process and its vocalness against local optima. Also from a didactic perspective I think this is something we (as people leading teams) should strive for: Enabling peers to make better decisions by themselves via good process.==================================================The references in "The Phoenix Project" pushed me towards reading this one as well. I really enjoyed listening to the audible [...]

    6. Herbie oh Herbie the bottleneck I was forced to read this book for a business school course in operations management. I'll admit it was better than reading a 270 page textbook, but not by much. This "novel" by Eliyahu Goldratt is a poorly written and disguised book meant to teach all little first year b-school students about the joys of inventory management, bottlenecks, and throughputs. It is a thinly veiled, overly dramatic book which follows a plant manager, his love life, and his family prob [...]

    7. NOTESProductivity: to accomplish something in terms of a goal“The future of our business depends upon our ability to increase productivity”. -PeachWhat is the Goal?Original thoughtsIncrease producitivityProduce productsPowerMarket share / SalesCost-effective purchasingSupplying jobsQualityQuality & EfficiencyTechnology / R&DCommunicationsCustomer satisfactionMake MoneyThree measurements essential to knowing whether company is making moneyNet ProfitROICash flowMake money by increasing [...]

    8. Goldratt introduces the Theory of Constraints via this entertaining novel. I think this book is excellent if you are new to Operations. And I think the approach of telling a story rather reading a traditional text book is a good format. It demonstrates why many traditional measurements and common intuition is wrong. The book revisits what the goal of a business should be and what is important to measure and control to achieve that goal. Through examples in the main character's personal life and [...]

    9. (4.5) more interested in application to project development (vs repeatable manufacturing).I like the approach of 'discovering' the principles behind theory of constraints and how to optimize throughput through a repeatable manufacturing process. Seems quite practical and valuable in just that application.Trying to figure how this can apply beyond just manufacturing. The latter portion of the book ((view spoiler)[after Alex is promoted to division head and can't optimize a single plant, but needs [...]

    10. I did a bad thing and didn't realize that this was a library book that was supposed to be sent along to them six months ago I read it in a weekend and dropped it off on Monday.It's a good example tale of a problematic plant and how the manager turned it around using what was then different measurements of success (which are now much more standard today). It was mentioned in one of my business classes as a good story example of changing and coming to conclusions about what's working and what's no [...]

    11. This is THE book that will improve your businessI have lost count of the number of people to whom I have recommended this book. Whatever area of management you find yourself in, and at every level from business studies student to CEO and CFO, you are bound to pick up something useful from "The Goal."The story follows the complex life of Alex Rogo as he works at one problem after another. With the help of his old friend, Jonah, he identifies and solves problem after problem, on the road to saving [...]

    12. This is a business book, telling the story of a factory manager, and eliminating bottlenecks, and ultimately helping to make money for your company. I liked the story approach of this book (as, lets be honest, so many business books are boring). No, you shouldn't read it for literature sake. Yes, it will give you some ideas on helping to achieve The Goal.One quick side-note: the audiobook is great, since it has other voices for different characters, background sounds (for when they're walking ar [...]

    13. This book is fantastic. Not only does it introduce the Theory of Constraints, but does it so as if ToC was invented by the main characters themselves: Revealing the reasoning behind the theory, unfolding each step in a logical progression, highlighting the pitfalls and finally crystallizing the method.Truly genius.

    14. It is a Fantastic book, full of wisdom and knowledge. For all Industrial Engineers and those who are interested in management trust me and read it :)

    15. At first, I was not sure if this book is my cup of tea, and I got a bit tired of the "here's your all knowing mentor approach" every other author seems to take, maybe reading too many business novels in a row. Nevertheless, Goldratt's Theory of Constraints is one of the most important concepts to grasp if you're thinking about managing flow and throughput in goal oriented production systems. Although this story is set within a manufacturing environment, its vocabulary can be easily abstracted to [...]

    16. The Goal sets out to convey management principles through an engaging story of Alex Rogo, a plant manager, whose factory is on the verge of being shut down and whose marriage is virtually in shambles. On the brink of failure, Alex seeks help from his former professor Jonah, who through the Socratic method makes Alex figure out what's amiss in the plant and puts him on the path to discovery.Eliyahu M. Goldratt is lucid in his style of writing and the book reads like any other story as opposed to [...]

    17. Literally surprised at how original the book is nearly after 30 years of publication. I feel this is the story of my factory, like the millions across the globe have felt. This is one of those revolutionary books that took the manufacturing and mangement world by storm. The book is worth in gold if you consider the costs it must have saved across the manufacturing world. Having said that, towards the end the book just drags you. It seems the author wanted to increase the page count to make it mo [...]

    18. I wanted to love this book. I very nearly loved this book. Unfortunately, I read "The Phoenix Project" first.I keep flipping between 3 and 4 stars for this. The book deserves 5 for its place in business history, and I flip to 4 for it because it will communicate on a general-purpose level far better than a book like "Phoenix."But having been around people who understood about bottlenecks and the Theory of Constraints (if you don't know what those are, put down this review and go read the book) f [...]

    19. If there's one thing I'm clear on, it's that I'm very dubious about business novels, in the same way that I am about musical theatre. However you hear The Goal bandied about seemingly endlessly so eventually I caved and got the book. Initially I devoured the book in a mighty rush, then I hit the two additional pieces of material in this edition and struggled through to the end over the course of some two weeks.The novel that forms the core of the book is very well done. It's crisp and simple pro [...]

    20. "Now, this has to be interesting" I said to myself, when I was first introduced to this book, "An IT guy recommending a book on manufacturing, which is authored by a physicist!!" How the hell am I gonna miss this?The recommendation to read this book came along in a lecture from a prof, who himself is an IT guy. I got hooked up to this book from the word go. How many business books makes you think, learn & enjoy at the same time? In the vast sea of management books out there, there are only a [...]

    21. "What are we asking for? For the ability to answer three simple questions: ‘what to change?’, 'what to change to?', and 'how to cause the changes?' Basically what we are asking for is the most fundamental abilities one would expect from a manager. Think about it. If a manager does not know how to answer those three questions, is he or she entitled to be called manager?" (Page 337) "Would we have had the courage to try to implement them if it weren't for the fact that we'd had to sweat to con [...]

    22. A seminal work credited for inspiring the genre of "leadership novels", including some of my fav's "The Phoenix Project" (IT flavor) and "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team". Goldratt demonstrates that even fictional storytelling proves a powerful platform for describing the human dimension of leadership as well as the scientific processes and critical thinking models often dryly outlined in organizational psychology texts. The story focused on manufacturing with long descriptions of productivity, [...]

    23. This was a very unique, interesting little book. The author has developed "The Theory of Constraints" (which is a factory that can produce a product only as fast as its slowest bottleneck) and put it in novel form in order to explain it to the average worker. Lots of food for thought.I see that bottlenecks exist all around us, not just in manufacturing. We move forward in finances, careers, projects, etc. only as fast as our weakest link will allow.The key is to be able to identify constraints, [...]

    24. Автор в данной книге показывает отличный пример распространённых ошибок в бизнесе и в жизни человека. Он пытается донести до каждого, что готовые решения не всегда верны, что к желаемому результату человек должен прийти путём собственных умозаключений. Автор также даёт п [...]

    25. The book is very impressive about the way he discuss the problem and the progressive elaboration for solving the problem. The book is mainly talking about theory of constraints and how to deal with it.

    26. The book explained how a plant manager, Alex almost fail his company. Instead he turned it around with help from a colleague Jonah. It explained what is needed and steps that are taken in order to keep the company going. So, hopefully I pass my test tomorrow. ;)

    27. Долго и упорно внедряют канбан на заводе, не понимаю зачем я вообще это читал. Художественная ценность -5 из 7; практическая - лучше прочитать статью вики про канбан. Сюжетная линия про брак главного героя очень cringeworthy.

    28. Книга понравилась наглядными и интересными примерами. Не понравился стиль изложения, порой читать было очень скучно. Я бы всем рекомендовал данную книгу к прочтению, особенно тем, кто не знаком с концепцией Бережливого производства (Lean Production).

    29. I have never been so excited to finish a book in my entire life. This book is like subpar fan-fic for operations enthusiasts.

    30. So yes. I started off this book for an assignment. I was told very high about this book and that it was a romantic story. Turns out, it was not a romantic story per se. Reading a story where concepts of Modern Costing techniques are thrown in abundance every page is not my idea of romance. This book has a lot of technicalities involved. It talks about throughput, bottlenecks, manufacturing processes and a slight tweak of Kanban Cards concepts. I enjoyed reading this book immensely because I love [...]

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