• Title: A Five Year Sentence
  • Author: Bernice Rubens
  • ISBN: 9780349102238
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Five Year Sentence Bayan Hawkins t m ya am n verilen emirleri yerine getirmekle ge irmi ya l ca bir kad nd r nce bar nd yetimhanede sonra da al t fabrikada ge irdi i kupkuru yapayaln z y llar n ard ndan i yerinden
    Bayan Hawkins, t m ya am n , verilen emirleri yerine getirmekle ge irmi ya l ca bir kad nd r nce bar nd yetimhanede, sonra da al t fabrikada ge irdi i kupkuru, yapayaln z y llar n ard ndan, i yerinden emekli olaca g n lmeye karar verir Fabrikada onuruna d zenlenen t rene gitmeden nce l m yle ilgili b t n haz rl klar tamamlar, evini toplar, intihar mektubuBayan Hawkins, t m ya am n , verilen emirleri yerine getirmekle ge irmi ya l ca bir kad nd r nce bar nd yetimhanede, sonra da al t fabrikada ge irdi i kupkuru, yapayaln z y llar n ard ndan, i yerinden emekli olaca g n lmeye karar verir Fabrikada onuruna d zenlenen t rene gitmeden nce l m yle ilgili b t n haz rl klar tamamlar, evini toplar, intihar mektubunu zarf na koyar Ancak, kendisini i yerinde s rpriz beklemektedir Ayr l arma an olarak Bayan Hawkins e bir g nl k verilir n ndeki be y ll k bir zaman dilimini kapsayan bu g nl kte, ya l kad n n bu s re boyunca yapmas gereken i ler s ralanm t r

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    1. This book's salmon-pink cover, and vague air of twee English provincialism, belie a devastating and utterly ruthless narrative lurking under the surface. A Five Year Sentence puts its characters, and its readers, firmly in a vice – quite openly, without any deception – and then proceeds to turn the screw, rotation by rotation, unblinkingly and deliberately until something goes pop. It is breathtakingly uncompromising.Bernice Rubens starts with some quite simple, blackly comic elements – th [...]

    2. This old English dame is retiring from the boring factory where nothing has happened to her in her entire life, in fact less than nothing, all she’s ever done her entire life is followed orders, but now there will be no more orders as she’s retiring, so she figures she will commit suicide (only natural) but as a leaving present they give her a five year diary and she comes up with a plan where the diary will give her orders if she writes them down in it for the following day which she does a [...]

    3. Another one from the 1978 Booker shortlist. This book is bleak, relentless, full of savage humour, and undoubtedly memorable. At the start of the book we find Jean planning a suicide on the morning of her final day at work. A product of a strict and loveless orphanage, she has spent a life of duty working in a sweet factory, and as a leaving present her colleagues give her a five-year diary. This becomes another form of duty, as she sets herself tasks and ticks them off, taking her outside the s [...]

    4. Books like this are why I love groups. I would have never come to this book on my own. This was deeply disturbing novel. I was written in the late 1970's but it felt more like something from an earlier time. Miss Hawkins is an about to be retired factory worker. She is an orphan and has never been married or even had any relationships that we can tell. She is all about following directions and order. She doesn't think she can survive retirement. As a leaving present she receives a five-year dia [...]

    5. That was a deeply disturbing little book. I was not expecting it to go right down into the depths of abuse and rage and masochism and subservience, but it did. I place it alongside Mary Gaitskill's work for tackling some of the parts of human experience that people really don't want to look at, without the softening of cleverness or wit or the wink at the reader none of that ha ha I'm writing from the perspective of a serial killer, but we all know it's a game, and aren't we all having fun?

    6. This was an absolutely amazing book. One of my reading goals this year is to read Booker Prize winners/nominees, and A Five Year Sentence did not disappoint. It has the same feeling as a good Margaret Atwood novel.

    7. An odd little book, shortlisted for the 1978 Booker Award, it seems more like a novel from the '50's. Although humorous, it is ultimately somewhat sad, as it depicts the dwindling fortunes (romantic and financial) of a spinsterish orphan, who after deciding to kill herself upon retirement from her dreary job in a candy factory, decides she must live in order to fill up the five year diary presented as a present upon such occasion. She meets a man with whom she begins a relationship whereby she p [...]

    8. I used to walk past Bernice Rubens’ books in the library, thinking they were a little too literary, a little too serious for me. But in recent months I’ve found myself enjoying books by authors I thought weren’t for me, and so when this book popped up on a list of recommendations I took a closer look.The opening sentences were striking;“Miss Hawkins looked at her watch. It was two-thirty. If everything went according to schedule, she could safely reckon to be dead by six o’clock.”I w [...]

    9. I was sent this novel by another bookcrosser as part of a surpeise RABCK. I have another Bernice Rubens novel on my wishlist (The Elected Member) but I hadn't previously heard of this novel, or had any experience of her work.This really is quite an unusual novel. It is beautifully written, the characters poignantly drawn. It is a novel I will find hard to forget, and I certainly enjoyed it, if that is the right word, and am now keen to read more by this author.The novel opens on the day of Miss [...]

    10. Stunning!My first acquaintance with a marvellous writer.She lays out starkly the contours of a diseased soul. Funny and formally delightful, a perfect example of how literature always excels academic studies of the human condition.

    11. "In his pin - striped suit, and pointed shoes, he looked like a travelling salesman with a suitcase full of cunning"p176Thus Brian Watts is described in A Five Year Sentence.It's rare to find a book where every main character is deeply flawed, but this is exactly what Bernice Rubens delivers. For the reader there's a ghastly inevitability that things won't turn out well.In 2016, the Internet, and dubious internet sites with bogus alter egos are lying in wait for the unwary. In the 1970's the wor [...]

    12. An article in last week's NY Times profiled a "new trend" of elderly Japanese people nytimes/2017/11/30/world/asia/japan-lonely-deaths-the-endml living isolated lives in senior communities, a pattern that seems a bit out of whack given the past prevalence of intergenerational living in Eastern cultures that seemed to cushion the old from the sort of nursing home gulag/cat-food eating, solitary existence old people in Western culture seem to fall into. The article goes on to mention a few gruesom [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book. Thought it would be a fun quirky read. But it was bazar and depressing. Didn’t like a single character. Felt sorry for Miss Hawkins and kept hoping things were going to change for her. Took me months to read, kept picking it up and then leaving it for awhile. Glad it’s done.

    14. The circumscribed life of Miss Hawkins, orphaned as a child and now a friendless, lonely spinster (Bernice Rubens was good at loneliness, its echoes in the everyday life of her characters, the things left unsaid, and those that are said not what was meant at all), how little she would leave behind, is there on the first page of this novel, when she tells herself that today she needn't bother listening to the weather forecast (a final note, as it were, to the world she’s leaving, one, with no f [...]

    15. All her life Miss Hawkins has taken orders from other people, first at the orphanage, where Matron made her life miserable, then at the candy factory where she worked for forty years. Now that she has retired she doesn't know what to do with herself and so prepares her suicide.But wait! Her co-workers have given her a five-year diary. It feels like another command - she must fulfill it! So begins this hilarious and cleverly written 1978 Booker-nominated novel. Each day Miss Hawkins writes a chal [...]

    16. Miss Hawkins went from the orphanage where she lived the first fourteen years of her life to the factory where she worked for the next fifty years of her life, and now here she is on the day of her retirement. She expects nothing to commemorate her years except a polite good-bye and then home where she intends to end her life. Instead, she receives a five-year diary and realizes that she can't go now because she is duty-bound to to fill that diary. At first she is at a loss but then, bit by bit, [...]

    17. A novel about a woman who intends to literally end her life after retiring, but instead finds herself locked into an obligation of pleasure fulfillment. 1978.Full review (and other recommendations!) at Another look bookA truly unique read. Recommended if you like books about quirky spinsters, or simply books featuring characters who are all slightly strange. In fact, I think my favorite character in this one was Maurice, who is actually a mirror with a mustache drawn on; our protagonist hangs th [...]

    18. Wacky characters abound in this unusual tale. Not sure I truly liked any of them, but the author laces each of them with idiosyncrasies that were interesting and valid to the storyline, so that I just kept reading. Frequently, I found myself saying to myself, "how dumb can one be", but then it was part of who that character was, so I would tell myself to let it be and move on. To me, the end was a bit of a surprise, because one of the characters does something so unexpected, it floored me! Howev [...]

    19. The very best plot line I have encountered for years and years! Truly original, and up until the last pages, the ending is in doubt. Totally believable characters that you will want to laugh at, shake, cuddle and despair on their behalf. The writing will suck you in; each protagonist's imaginings become as real to the reader as they are to them, and the conversations with the mustaches on the mirror are totally relevant. Find the book, read it and all will become clearjust this once, make the ef [...]

    20. вкрай несподівана (і дуже хороша) книжка.починається все як легка й навіть трохи життєствердна історія. звісно, вже в перших розділах з'являються похмурі обертони – флешбеки у страшне дитинство головної героїні – але весь час здається, що берніс рубенс зробить із цієї зак [...]

    21. God, this is a peculiar read. I thought it was going to be like 'Veronica decides to die' (one of the most patronising books I've ever read). So it was a bit of a relief when Brian turned up. And then that whole scenario turned out to be quite disturbing and icky.All in all, I really didn't much enjoy this.

    22. This is a tough one. Yes, there is some black humor but I just couldn't think of it as a comedy, black or otherwise. Well written and insightful, intriguing premise, appealing start and just too damn depressing.

    23. This is definitely not for everyone, but that may be one of the reasons I enjoyed it. It has been years since I've read this novel, so it's hard for me to comment further, but I need to re-read it. Rubens digs into the darker parts of the soul and finds the dark humor amongst it all.

    24. Gosh! Funny and sad by turn, a wondrous skate through a tangled web of dysfunctional individuals - or should I say innocent and sheltered? The world is a scary, greedy place for these characters.How can people live so close to each other and be so totally disconnected?

    25. Retiring Jean Hawkins is given a five year diary - and her life changes dramatically. Stars Sheila Reid and Kenneth Cranham.

    26. Stunning book with a quirky spinster and wonderfully dark undertones! Definitley peculiar. Not for everyone, but worked for me.

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