• Title: Portugal
  • Author: Cyril Pedrosa Ruby
  • ISBN: 9782800148137
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Portugal Quand un retour aux sources impr vu devient renaissance soi m me Plus vraiment d inspiration plus d envies et pas de projets l auteur de BD Simon Muchat v g te doucement dans son boulot d animateur
    Quand un retour aux sources impr vu devient renaissance soi m me.Plus vraiment d inspiration, plus d envies et pas de projets, l auteur de BD Simon Muchat v g te doucement dans son boulot d animateur scolaire, et exasp re Claire, sa compagne, qui le voudrait plus investi.Invit passer quelques jours au Portugal, dont sa famille est originaire et o il n tait plus all Quand un retour aux sources impr vu devient renaissance soi m me.Plus vraiment d inspiration, plus d envies et pas de projets, l auteur de BD Simon Muchat v g te doucement dans son boulot d animateur scolaire, et exasp re Claire, sa compagne, qui le voudrait plus investi.Invit passer quelques jours au Portugal, dont sa famille est originaire et o il n tait plus all depuis l enfance, il va y d couvrir une autre fa on d exister et d tre et peut tre le d but d une nouvelle inspiration

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    1. My second graphic novel by Pedrosa, whose Equinoxes I read in the last year and loved. But that novel is sort of abstract, an impressive four season multi-layered story. I gave five stars for it, but I had to look at my review to even begin to recall what it is about. It's more about the form and how the ideas get expressed through the form than the specific characters.This kind of forgetting will not happen with Portugal, which I picked up because I have been slow-reading (it's like the slow fo [...]

    2. Only way for me to describe this comic is: very human. It has a very natural flow and character.

    3. This is an absolutely gorgeous book! Simon Muchat is a comics artist who's lost his direction in life. He suffers from writer's block, and is stuck in a job that he hates. He feels like he’s going nowhere until he gets invited to appear at a comics convention in Portugal. His family emigrated to France from Portugal, and he hasn't been there since he was a kid. Once there, he feels the beginnings of a connection, and grows interested in his family historyThis is a very warm, rich graphic novel [...]

    4. Portugal has a special place in one of my tiny lists; "have visited and gonna visit again countries"And I felt the streets, atmosphere, warm people of this beautiful country through this graphic novel once again.Perfect colors, perfect drawings.The story is also absorbing even if it is a kind of cliche; A free spirit man who doesnt know what to do with his life investigates family history to know what to his life.cWhat i wanna say is I would not like this graphic novel that much if it didnt take [...]

    5. Maravilloso. El dibujo de Pedrosa, espectacular, unido a una narración vaporosa que cuenta mucho en pocas palabras. Una historia muy familiar para casi todos los lectores.No obstante, tengo que comentar lo absurdo que resulta que un cómic tan bien editado, tenga una rotulación de la voz en off tan desastrosa y fea. Menos mal que hay poca!Pero bueno, la obra deja muy buen sabor de boca y es sin duda un cómic que no puede faltar en tu estantería.

    6. 10/10Una historia intimista con un dibujo genial. AL principio me costó bastante cogerle el gusto, pero en cuanto comienzas a sumergirte en la historia, te parece encantadora.

    7. I find it important that people learn about their family histories. Learning about your family’s past will make you understand your family members and the relationships between them much better. It will also help you connect to them more deeply and find out where your place lies. This is what Simon does. He has a job and a beautiful girlfriend, but he’s feeling uninspired suddenly. He’s lost. So when he’s invited to his cousin’s wedding in Portugal, he decides to go and reunite with fa [...]

    8. Une belle histoire sur la recherche de son identité à travers son histoire familiale, drôle et touchante.

    9. C'est une relecture qui me rappelle comme on est bien dans cette bande dessinée. Comme il fait bon quitter le lieu où on se trouve pour marcher en France, au Portugal, avec Simon Muchat, le personnage principal. On rit, on est ému, on réfléchit, on reprend son souffle et le monde a d'un coup de très belles couleurs

    10. Portugal es un tebeo enorme, por tamaño, por sus dibujos, por los colores y porque se te queda dentro según vas leyendo. Quizá no lo notas según vas entrando en la historia pero, poco a poco, el tempo, la nostalgia, el ritmo te entra por los dedos y va invadiéndote. No me gusta hablar de lo que cuentan los tebeos porque aparte de destripar la historia parecen dar más importancia a lo que se cuenta que a los dibujos y casi siempre, el cómo se cuenta, cómo está dibujado, los colores que s [...]

    11. Magnificent trip. Pedrosa has created a truly contagious storytelling approach, while reading this book I could feel its atmosphere tones transforming my mood in the moment. A lot is said, but most of it serves more the contextualisation than the progression of the narrative. We feel Pedrosa is always creating the space and time of that fictional universe, where he wants to transport us. For that he uses not only the dialogue but also and so well the drawing and even better the colour. In genera [...]

    12. Récit sur un auteur à la recherche de il ne sait trop quoi : l'inspiration, le sens de la vie, ses origines En revisitant des lieux qui ont marqué son enfance, en cherchant la trace de parents disparus, il remet à leur place les pièces du puzzle que constitue sa famille, éclatée entre le Portugal et la France.Une longue bande dessinée qui se lit comme un roman, avec le beau coup de crayon de Pedrosa, des couleurs acidulées qui font voyager, des personnages justes qui nous font immanquab [...]

    13. I'd be hard pressed to determine which I appreciate more, this work by Pedrosa or his most recent one, Equinoxes. While the latter might be more ambitious, this one is more successful at what Pedrosa set out to do (from what I can determine). The three-part narrative structure works well at making this a seemingly ensemble story, while in reality focusing primarily on just one figure, Simon. This is a hefty tome, one definitely deserving the tag "novelistic."

    14. In quello che per ora è considerata l'opera migliore di Pedrosa un trentenne senza qualità cerca le sue radici: tre flash di storie di famiglia portoghese trapiantata in Francia. Il Portogallo compare solo di sfuggita, in compenso molti squarci psicologici sono godibili per quanto sono buffi o commoventi. Mi sono incantato più volte a guardare i disegni, davvero strepitosi: quanto glie li invidio.La prima delle tre parti però l'ho trovata fastidiosamente vuota, per cui mi limito a 4 stelle.

    15. Un livre imposant, bel objet, pour la quête existentielle d'un auteur qui se trouve dans une impasse dans sa vie affective et son travail d'écriture s'ensuit une chronique familiale, avec une plongée dans les racines portugaises; un vrai bonheur de lecture comme on en rencontre rarement

    16. My first encounter with Pedrosa. An epic and poetic search for origins and how they shape families and what we are today.With Shaun Tan and The arrival, this is another of these books that kept me smilîng and daydreaming when I finally put my eyes on the last page.

    17. I loved the artwork for this graphic novel! The story itself was enjoyable, but there were also parts where I was a little bored since there wasn't a clear plot.

    18. Mi è piaciuto tanto tanto, il perchè lo trovate scritto qui, che io non saprei dirlo meglio:lospaziobianco/54383-po

    19. Uno dei volumi da ricordare del 2012 (in Italia: in Francia è stato pubblicato nel 2011). Cyril Pedrosa supera la narrazione del suo discreto "Tre ombre" (che pure aveva ricevuto parecchi consensi) e ci presenta un romanzo che contiene una forte componente autobiografica e parla di migranti, di quel senso di spaesamento che può prendere chi non appartiene a nessun luogo. Simon, il protagonista di Portugal, è un fumettista in cerca di ispirazione, che da un po' ha rinunciato a scrivere e vivac [...]

    20. On one hand, after reading this, I'm desperate to go back to France and finally visit Portugal. The depiction of everyday life in those places lulls you like a good dream (it's certainly helped by the frequent palette as seen on the cover). However, I found Simon to be a bit of a turd, which didn't make me feel totally invested in his genealogy hunt. Pedrosa's style is kind of spidery, making it a mess sometimes and lovely others. A lot of the book is spent on the idle chatter of whatever enviro [...]

    21. I have been waiting for an English translation for this book for so long, and I was not disappointed! Cyril Pedrosa's distinct visual style is enchanting as always, and I was completely captivated by his telling of his family's history, and his very warm touch when depicting family members, even during their worst moments.

    22. Beautifully narrated, drawn and colored story. Although fado is not mentioned or heard in the book, for me the spirit of fado is present: in melancholy of Simon and his father. It is the fate (fado in Portuguese) that led Simon to his roots and made him more complete.The book squeezed my heart.

    23. Prijetna zgodba o iskanju korenin Simon, stripovski avtor (se mi zdi) se odpravi na Portugalsko kjer spoznava svojo družinsko zgodovino.Narisano je vse nadkrasno :) Prvo sm samo prelistal svojo nemško verzijo, zdj sm dobil pa še Angleški prevod in sm jo konno tud zares prebral.

    24. Una búsqueda en el pasado y en la historia familiar de la emigración. Es una historia que ha pasado por mí, sin más.

    25. Mi è piaciuta molto la seconda parte, un ritratto familiare che non ricordavo, ero troppo piccolo, o forse semplicemente devo ancora viverlo.Per chi non sa di essere,per chi ha paura di volere.

    26. Simon scrittore e disegnatore, erede di una generazione di Portoghesi emigrati in Francia, torna alle origini della sua famiglia, riavvicinandosi sia a parenti che al suo passato.Una bellissima graphic novel, intrisa di musicalità e di lingue diverse; un viaggio nelle emozioni di Simon, indeciso sulla proprie scelte di vita.Molto belli i disegni con vignette più rigide nella parte iniziale e molto più rilassate quando Simon raggiunge la sua serenità in Portogallo.---Simon is a writer and an [...]

    27. 17 luglio 2012 Ritirato ieri presso la mia libreria. Quello che subito colpisce è la dimensione, poi la copertina, poi il peso. In macchina non resisto e passo mezz'ora nel parcheggio a sfogliarlo come un deficiente. Bellissimo, ogni pagina è una poesia, con una scelta cromatica particolare e un tratto molto personale, a tratti mi ricorda gli acquerelli di Pratt. Edizione curatissima e il libro ha un suo profumo dolcissimo. E alla sera mi tuffo nella storia .Voto 10/10per chi fosse interessat [...]

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