• Title: The Unintended
  • Author: RobinWoods
  • ISBN: 9781467944519
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Unintended I tried to push him back but he was too strong like iron Suddenly his head snapped up like he heard something he craned his neck to listen and then he let out a hiss He kissed next to my ear and sof
    I tried to push him back, but he was too strong, like iron Suddenly his head snapped up like he heard something he craned his neck to listen and then he let out a hiss He kissed next to my ear and softly whispered, I think breaking you will be much fun I ll see you soon And then he added, as if an afterthought, Tell him hello for me Then I felt his mouth lo I tried to push him back, but he was too strong, like iron Suddenly his head snapped up like he heard something he craned his neck to listen and then he let out a hiss He kissed next to my ear and softly whispered, I think breaking you will be much fun I ll see you soon And then he added, as if an afterthought, Tell him hello for me Then I felt his mouth lock onto the base of my neck and something pierce my flesh It hurt Despite my panic, after a few moments, my heart slowed, and everything became distorted as the blackness came for me After breaking up with her boyfriend, seventeen year old Aleria Ali Hayes finally feels liberated Unfortunately, her ex s buddies are not making it easy on her When his friends harass her one night, a mysterious stranger, Bowen, steps in to rescue her But just as this new relationship seems to be taking off, Ali is attacked by something far worse than spiteful high school boys When she awakes, her eyes are opened to a world where gods still walk the earth, where vampires and other immortals fight for supremacy and where fate may be stronger than free will Now, Ali must decide who she can trust, and whether the world of mortals is worth saving at all.

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    1. When you write a vampire-romance-type book in this day in age, it had better be extremely special. And, well, this isn't.Don't get me wrong, it does some things right. I like that there wasn't a creepy age difference between the protagonist and her vampire love-interest. I like that she actually tried to learn some things, like how to use a crossbow or throw knives. I like that she at least had to think a little bit during the climax. I like that, at least at the end, her team of protectors do t [...]

    2. Free on Kindle UnlimitedI really enjoyed this one and have downloaded the next book already. The characters were likable and the plot dived into some good deviation away from other high-school vampire stuff. For a start, the love interest wasn't at high-school. Always a good move.There's some differences that stand up well, even though there's something of a Van Helsing element.Looks like the next book is veering off and there should be a different atmosphere and new characters. I'm looking forw [...]

    3. For the sake of complete and unbridled honesty, I have to begin with this: I have never been interested in the vampire concept. I was not a "Buffy" viewer growing up, nor have I ever been turned on by the idea of sexy men drinking my insides. Bleh. HOWEVER, dare I say it, I think "The Unintended" by Robin Woods has successfully melted this ice queen's disinterest and has convinced me that this kind of story is not off limits for me. In fact, I actually loved it.For those who are already Vampire- [...]

    4. Robin Woods’ first installment of The Watcher Series, The Unintended caught me by surprise. I don't typically gravitate toward vampire stories, but this tale captivated and held my attention.I was drawn to the setting of the story since it takes place near my hometown in Northern California (Campbell, CA) and I was entertained by such declarations as the police department being so well-armed that they had a tank in their arsenal. Following the story from the protagonist’s point of view kept [...]

    5. Listen I got this book as a free PDF so I had nothing invested in it from the beginning. But, I have to say even for a paranormal romance this is just dull. I think I finished this book but I can't say if I did because I just started to drift off halfway through this thing. It's tired its been done before and it adds nothing new.However one thing did bug me, the biblical stuff. I am not saying that including the bible was bad because I have read a biblical paranormal romance and it was so bad it [...]

    6. I really liked it!The main character, Ali, was very strong and even though she does make a few dumb mistakes, she instantly realizes them and acknowledges them and tries to learn from them. She also tries her hand at a cross bow after she discovers she's got a vampire (or two) on her tail which I really think is brave of her. She knows that she'll probably lose in a fight against them but she would want to go down trying, which says a lot about her character.Josh was a good character to me but I [...]

    7. Robin Woods’s The Unintended is what I wanted Twilight to be without resorting to fanfic. The vampires are decidedly scary, if still sympathetic. The heroine is self-aware and physically competent. The uncomfortable age difference in the requisite vampire/mortal relationship is handily solved by making the vampire newly-turned. The romance itself does not overwhelm the narrative, and is neither overly cloying nor explicit.The mythology is the decided strength of the novel. While it does utiliz [...]

    8. As her freshman entry to writing YA novels, Robin Woods does an extremely good job. It's evident early on that this book is the start of a series as she weaves in depth and detail that enhance this story but also serve as a foundation for the ones to come.The story of high school junior Aleria Hayes' entry into the world of vampires is bracingly realistic - especially the angst and drama that surrounds the end of the school year. I found myself getting impatient with her (as I do many high schoo [...]

    9. ****POSSIBLE SPOILERS****Although I have read several series based on vampires they aren't my favorite subject. I am not the type to believe that there are vampires roaming the earth (although I wish one would find me and fall in love with me *cough* Joshua *cough*), but knowing the coffee shop in which the interactions begin makes this book seem as though it could be real, and keeps me looking over my shoulder at night ;) I have to say I am a fan of Aleria, the protagonist and narrator, and tha [...]

    10. A fantastic work of suspense and mystique, The Unintended left me craving more. Robin Woods has created a brilliant world where everything and nothing can make sense simultaneously. Her vampires do not sparkle, but their roles are far more intriguing. Woods' unique take on these over-used villains is refreshing. The romance also refrains from being overbearing. Although delightful, the relationship does not become the focus of the novel. There truly is something in this book for everyone. I abso [...]

    11. I've gotta say, I had at one point completely lost faith in the vampire genre. It is thanks to Robin Woods that hope has been renewed in me. I must also personally thank her for giving us a strong heroine which is difficult to come by nowadays. I thoroughly enjoyed The Unintended. There is something for everyone in the this book (yes, male readers, that includes you). It has the perfect blend of suspense, romance, drama, and action to keep its reader wanting more. Seriously, I cannot get over ho [...]

    12. I bought the book after telling a friend I was looking for something new to read. Her daughter had read the entire series and loved it. I thought I'd buy one and see. I was hooked! I have purchased the entire series, as well as the prequel and have not been able to put them down! I would like to thank the author for making the heroine strong and competent and not an airhead.

    13. If you haven't read this yet, you are missing out. You will instantly fall in love with every character in this book and become sucked into a world of vampires. One of the best books I have ever read. This author is amazing.

    14. This book grabbed my attention from the start. The characters were easy to like/love especially the protagonist. I couldn't put this book down!

    15. I am not going to finish reading this book. To me it's boring. There's really not much going on for the first hundred pages that could have been done in half the amount. The story itself is written in the first person perspective and comes off as a boring teenage diary which is not engaging or entertaining. While I read it I find myself looking at ways to edit the story to reduce redundancy in order to find a way to keep myself reading it, but I just don't find it entertaining enough to even kee [...]

    16. That was a wonderful surprise. I loved it. Josh, Gabriel and Ali are my favorites. There are many more characters that I like, even Bowen. Shocking, I usually don't like the bad guys. Will see what happens next. I am REALLY hoping that book 2 does not change the storyline to much like it some books and I start to hate the series. This has happened in 3 recent series' that I have read.

    17. I'm a busy guy. I'm picky as well. Something's gotta be pretty great to be worth my time and hold my attention. I'm not a huge reader for this reason. I'm the farthest thing from a Twihard or someone who's typically into any teen romance type stories, or someone who jumps on trendy band wagons, but The Watcher Series is totally different from anything else I've come across.Why I like The Unintended:1. Characters are grounded in reality. They are well-thought out with real motivations for their a [...]

    18. WOW! I was completely blown away!! This book is amazing! I read a lot of books/series in the paranormal genre, but I have found that my favorites tend to be written by English teachers. Robin Woods is by far no exception. She is a brilliant and talented author. Not only does she provide a fresh new take on vampires and an exciting can't-wait-to-get-to-the-end storyline, but her command of the English language is refreshing and delightful as well. As a lover of language, I found myself enjoying t [...]

    19. I have read several books in this genre (but is not my typical genre) and this is the first that I really enjoyed and was able to move through quickly but with a desire to complete. The Unintended is an excellent novel, particularly for the first of a trilogy. It has all the elements for its demographic (young readers) but as a mature person, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had suspense, historical references (which I enjoy) and set the stage for more ‘happenings’ with the protagonist, Ali, and [...]

    20. I was given this book as a Christmas gift from a friend who know that I love YA fiction. I am not traditionally a fan of "vampire novels" (mostly because I wasn't really a fan of the Twilight series), but I decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did! I spent the entire weekend reading through it and ended up finishing it in two days.Why I loved this book:1. While it is a "vampire novel," it doesn't have all of that cheesy crap that makes them so lame. Nobody sparkles, and I can get on boa [...]

    21. Beneath the beautiful artwork on the book lies the riveting and fascinating world of Aleria "Ali" Hayes with traditional vampires navigating the modern world through the lens of their rooted in actual historical facts society. Robin Woods has created a fictional world that exists within the confines of our real one. Developing her vampire world from real stories from multiple sources draws the reader into the story, particularly for those with an inclination toward historical facts. Reading the [...]

    22. I don't know much about Buffy (because I never liked it), but this seemed like it was heavily borrowing from Buffy. More to the degree of "ripping off" Buffy than "inspired by" Buffy. It had Watchers. It had Slayers, born-not-made. Slayers work with Watchers. They are, of course, watching and slaying Vampires.Seems like there might be a vaguely interesting Celtic mythology angle that will be explored in the sequels. But I doubt I'll be reading them. Main character is Mary Sue ish already. And I' [...]

    23. In general, I always had a distaste for vampires/immortals, especially since the last 5-6 years of BS playing in the theaters. So I was a little hesitant to picking up the book at 1st, but gave it a chance, read the whole book and love it. The 2 pluses for me was (1) detail and (2) romance. I hate the "I'm bewildered by you'"/instant love that happens in allot of books like this, and Robin did a really good job pacing/developing relationships. When I think to myself, "What do I remember from the [...]

    24. I would give this book a 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, but the second half fell short for me. The second half felt rushed and that it wasn't allowed to fully develop. I like the books I read to have a little more "discovery" in them, whereas it felt as if I was being told one thing after another like I was being lectured in class in the second half of the book. The climax of the book was also a little short of my hopes. I think the story idea is solid and I get the feel [...]

    25. As the first book on the Watcher Series, The Unintended is an interesting introduction that describes each character with precision and keeps you in tune with the events that occur. Told from Aleria's point of view, she goes into the detail that a normal person would normally notice. This book is also the starting point of a romance triangle between her life long friend Joshua, the new kid in town Bowen, and herself. I guarantee that you will hang onto every word and be devastated when it's over [...]

    26. I have never enjoyed reading and when I say NEVER I mean I've only read THREE books cover to cover in my lifetime, The Unintended being one of them. This book hits every aspect of a 'keep you on your toes wanting more cant read fast enough' kind of story. The author, Robin Woods, did a great job pulling true historical facts into the story without it getting boring. I felt smarter after reading this book! Most of all I LOVED the love story that developed as I got further into the book. It took m [...]

    27. Someone recommended these books to me and told me about the free sample Woods has on her website. So I figured "why not" and read that sample. Of course it ended in a HUGE cliffhanger, which meant I had to finish it. So I borrowed it from a friend and have officially read all of her books as of last week. I would highly recommend this series to people who love fantasy, amazing world-building, and bomb female leads. Plus you con't go wrong with vampires.

    28. I really disliked this book, It is total bullshit if you ask me. Th story is utterly terrible. Teenagers have never acted this way and it is so clear that it is a story. Everyone, don't look at the 5 star reviews, All of these reviews were done by the authors students for extra credit. I even heard the auther flipped at some of them. I highly suggest you do not read this book as it is utter shit.

    29. This is not a genre I usually go to BUT knowing the author made it worth a shot and I have not been disappointed, except that I had to wait to read the second one and am now waiting on the third. I love the way the characters are developed and that there is such a mix of personalities. I also loved that it brought in local venues, familiar places in Campbell, California. I'm hooked!

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