• Title: Demon Demon Burning Bright
  • Author: Linda Welch
  • ISBN: 9781468104011
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
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    Demon Demon Burning Bright I would tear the world apart for Rio Would you do the same for Royal Royal disappears He is a demon with inhuman abilities who moves between worlds at will He could be anywhere He leaves me a clue tha
    I would tear the world apart for Rio Would you do the same for Royal Royal disappears He is a demon with inhuman abilities who moves between worlds at will He could be anywhere He leaves me a clue that takes me to Bel Athaer, home of the Gelpha, but the High House councilors kick me out I m going back in I ll find the mysterious Seer who sent Royal a message, and I would tear the world apart for Rio Would you do the same for Royal Royal disappears He is a demon with inhuman abilities who moves between worlds at will He could be anywhere He leaves me a clue that takes me to Bel Athaer, home of the Gelpha, but the High House councilors kick me out I m going back in I ll find the mysterious Seer who sent Royal a message, and while I m there I ll do my damndest to save the young High Lord from the Burning Man and find the boy s missing companion, and at the same time elude assassins who are after my ass.I need backup, someone as strong and fast as Gelpha Of all the shit crazy things I ve done, returning to Bel Athaer in the company of a Dark Cousin and an egotistical Gelpha is high on the list.I won t tear a world apart, but you can bet I ll turn it on its ear.

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    1. I had to rate this 5 stars because in my opinion the book is incredible and was well worth the wait. I love how you Tiff's character has been been built up, the way she looks the way she acts everything. It is told from a Tiff's point of view (apart from Royals parts) in a first person narrative which makes you actually feel like the story is completely real, I find myself telling friends the plot and its like I am telling them about real life events.This is book number 4 and I definitely recomm [...]

    2. For all of you who have read the first 3 books, we finally get some answers to the mystery surrounding Tiff, the Gelpha, and the Dark Cousins! Yay . Linda shows us a whole new part of the Bel-Athaer world we had no idea existed. I was also happy to see some more of my favorite self-centered Gelpha, Christopher Plowman. While some mysteries were wrapped I am looking forward to the next book and what direction it will take from here.For those of you who haven't read the other 3 books, I suggest yo [...]

    3. Tiff Banks is just your every day American Private Investigator - or is she? Tiff can see and talk to the dead, those violently slain either by murder or accident, which comes in handy when you want to find out who killed three people in a mill fire that looks like arson, you ask them and they tell you who killed them - and fortunately for Tiff she has a good relationship with the local police force! But, there is more to Tiff than that, for one thing she has a demon lover, Royal, a Gelpha who w [...]

    4. AWESOME!! This is definitely the best of the series to date. We, as well as Tiff, get answers to so many questions and boy are they stunning! I certainly didn't expect this turn of events. So happy with the outcome and looking very forward to the future for Tiff, Royal and hopefully, Chris, Gia, Lawrence and others.

    5. Read my reviews here and on the Akamai Reader!3.5 star ratingThe fourth book of the Whisperings series started out well. Royal has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. I ached to find out why. Tiff was shaping up to be on her best behavior. She set out to find Royal no matter what the cost. She was brave. She was resourceful. She contacted the Dark Cousin Gia and found a way into Gelpha. They’re all set to brave the land in an uneasy truce together.Everything sounds great right? Until Chri [...]

    6. Ms Welch's forth book revolves around Tiffany Banks' past. Some of it was pretty obvious but it was still nice to have the full story. I liked this novel a bit less than the previous ones in the series because of a few "flaws" (personal, as usual).-The enemy was pretty ridiculous. I could not really believe a trickster would be such a powerful man, feared by demons. After facing a dark cousin, Orcus was too "normal". All power-hungry are dangerous, but he was such a let down. :)-A bigger let dow [...]

    7. let me wait a long time before this book became available in print in Germany. When I finally got it, I had to put it aside. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down once I’d started reading, and there I was right. With her fourth “Whisperings” sequel “Demon Demon Burning Bright”, Linda Welch again has created a thrilling read that keeps me sucked into the story. Even the few chapters where she deviates from her usual first-person storytelling to show me some other insights don’t s [...]

    8. When Royal disappears, Tiff is on the hunt to find him. She travels to the other world with Gia and Chris, unraveling the threats and riddles to uncover the truth. Its not surprising when Tiff's heritage is revealed, the reader figured it out in the first book. It is not surprising who is behind the killings in the other world and why. The history of the Gelphas, dark cousins and seers but the story is unsatisfying. The author continues to fill the story with unnecessary filler that distracts fr [...]

    9. Unlike the previous "Demon" stories, this one had considerably more descriptive prose throughout which served only to lengthen the story. I liked the story but it could have been told more succinctly. The pace slowed down considerably when wading through the descriptions of what was being worn or the landscape. I found it a bit frustrating to keep running into tedious paragraphs describing colors or fabrics or hair or whatever. This is not like the previous books which moved well and provided ju [...]

    10. My favorite Whisperings novel by far. Not only because a large chunk of the story takes part in Bel-Aether, but because we learn so much more about Tiff herself, the origins and shady machiations of the dark cousins and how they might all be a threat to Bel'Aether and the High House.Then there is a certain charismatic, narcissistic Gelpha called Christopher Plowman who unscrupelously uses his powers of seduction on any and all members of the female sex, including Tiff. While I (and Tiff) am tota [...]

    11. Royal disappears & Tiff goes after him - finding out more about herself as she goes (and dealing with bad guys along the way of course).This book was more about Tiff's history and adventures than her ability of speaking with the dead (and solving crimes), but was still very good and continued the story well.As one who rarely reads urban fantasy, which this book is veering into, I'm still enjoying the series very much.

    12. Linda Welch has created a wonderful world where humans and demons cohabit, without most humans knowing of course. Tiff is mostly on her own this time, and she has to figure it out before she loses the man she loves. Will she ever be the same?

    13. I love these stories!!!I started reading this series when I ran out of things things to do while confined with pneumonia. I like the way the end of one book melds into the beginning of the next.

    14. Another great book!!! I love everything about this series!!! Going to be so sad when it is over!

    15. Love this series. The heroine is great at taking care of herself. No damsel in distress. Very low on the sexual explicitness.

    16. they just get better!I really enjoyed this story. Great characters, fast-moving and a very satisfying read. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    17. As are all the books in this series, a great adventure that keeps you turning the pages even when you know you have work to do!

    18. starts slow, but then heats up and gets interesting and exciting, giving you plenty of mystery & twists to keep you turning the page.

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