• Title: Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide
  • Author: Rosemary Gladstar
  • ISBN: 9781612120058
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rosemary Gladstar s Medicinal Herbs A Beginner s Guide Widely recognized as the godmother of modern herbalism Rosemary Gladstar is renowned worldwide for her inspired teaching and trustworthy knowledge of healing herbs With Medicinal Herbs A Beginner s G
    Widely recognized as the godmother of modern herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar is renowned worldwide for her inspired teaching and trustworthy knowledge of healing herbs With Medicinal Herbs A Beginner s Guide, Gladstar offers a fresh introduction for a new generation of gardeners and natural health and self sufficiency enthusiasts.Thirty three of the most common and versatilWidely recognized as the godmother of modern herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar is renowned worldwide for her inspired teaching and trustworthy knowledge of healing herbs With Medicinal Herbs A Beginner s Guide, Gladstar offers a fresh introduction for a new generation of gardeners and natural health and self sufficiency enthusiasts.Thirty three of the most common and versatile healing plants are profiled in depth to get the budding herbalist off on the right foot Readers will learn how to grow, harvest, prepare, and use each herb Step by step instructions explain how to prepare herbal teas, salves, syrups, tinctures, oils, and liniments to stock the home medicine chest Simple recipes explore each plant s healing qualities aloe lotion for poison ivy, dandelion burdock tincture for sluggish digestion, and lavender lemon balm tea for stress relief Gladstar shows how easy it is to make safe, all natural, low cost healing remedies for common ailments.

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    1. This is a nice little introduction to using medicinal herbs. I like how it focuses on a limited number of herbs and gives a pretty thorough description of their properties as well as how to cultivate them. There are also some easy recipes to get started in making tinctures, salves, infusions, and all sorts of other things. It made me want to make stuff.

    2. After reading one of Rosemary Gladstar's books, I went looking for others. In this book she provides pictures so you can recognize the plants, explains which parts are useful in which capacity, and even has safety sections. You will find many helpful uses for the spices you use for cooking. An excellent resource.

    3. Herbalism doesn't have to be complicated and scary. Rosemary's advice is to start with just a few herbs - ones you know well, that grow near you. In this book she talks about growing and using such common garden sights as yarrow, St. John's Wort, dandelion, and basil. Basic, easy-to-understand directions for the common preparations are included right up front - tincture, salve, infusion, decoction, poultice - all in plain, non-technical language. Rosemary's signature wise-elder style comes throu [...]

    4. Beautiful book on how to grow and use medicinal herbs. Gorgeous pages all full color! She's simple but knowledgable. She's from my awesome state of Vermont! I got this for a great price on ! A gem!

    5. This was my first book about herbalism and I am pleasantly surprised. For one, the layout is really beautiful and modern, with lots of full color photos, unlike many of the older herbalism books that I looked at at the library. Especially for beginners I think it is very nice to have a book that is not too heavy on the text.The beginning of the book is dedicated to making different herbal medicines, like tinctures, infusions and even herbal pills. The remaining part of the book (about three quar [...]

    6. This is an excellent introductory and/or summary guide for incorporating medicinal herbs into your lifestyle. I appreciate that the author does not discount or disapprove of modern medicine and/or visiting your doctor for greater complications but instead advocates for simple herbal remedies one can try in replacement of over the counter medication for minor problems (headaches, digestive pains, burns and itching) and as preventatives. This book is highly accessible to anyone interested in learn [...]

    7. A wonderful beginner's guide to medicinal herbs. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and love how it sets out to dispel any negative feelings about growing, using and integrating into yours and your family's everyday life. I also greatly appreciate the simple breakdown on how to make your own tea blend, syrups, salves and tinctures. This book also contains a plethora of "recipes" to assist with everyday problems such as cold related coughing, allergies, relaxation aids, digestive aids, acne treatmen [...]

    8. Way before all of us were bombarded with countless ads for so-called wonder drugs on television, people turned to nature for remedies. Rosemary Gladstar has written a useful guide, “Medicinal Herbs, Learn How to Ease Common Ailments Naturally” which describes how to grow, harvest, prepare and use 33 of the most common healing plants. It is written in an easy to understand style with plenty of pictures. Highly recommended.I spoke with Rosemary Gladstar about her book and that conversation can [...]

    9. What a treasure. I have to admit, when I read the book's enthusiastic encouragement to use this herb or that, in this preparation or that, for anyone, adult or child – I was a little uneasy. I know herbs have been used for millennia, but I also know that the traditional medical community gets a bit shirty about self-doctoring; I also know children have very different needs and tolerances. But this isn't a casual hobbyist's manual – at least, it can be read that way, but it was not written so [...]

    10. Loved this book! I've read it several times over the years and have tried several of her recipes. Fantastic beginners guide. Our favorite is the candula salve- we use it on a regular basis and it works very well. Her instructions on picking and drying the flowers and clear. Instructions for making salves is easy to follow. I also really enjoy the Chamomile tea for sleep. I have several of the herbs she recommends now growing in our yard and I look forward to finding more favorite uses from them. [...]

    11. Enjoyed this book. Lots of god, basic information. It did cover a lot of what I already knew about general preparation (making infused oil, tinctures, salves, etc). The instructions were simple and will be a good reference.I loved the pictures of all the herbs. The visuals made me realize how common a lot of herbs are. I was able to recognize a few by sight, but never knew they had medicinal qualities. Love it!I would recommend this book.

    12. This was the first book on medicinal herbs I've read. It came highly recommended as a great beginner's book, and I can see why. Very simple explanations of the most common and useful herbs, beautiful pictures, and plenty of recipes with instructions on infusions, decoctions, tinctures, and salves all make this a must-have tome on a homesteader's book shelf.

    13. phenomenal. ive read a handful of books on herbalism in the basics realm, and this is by far the most useful. this and my DK publishing “medicinal herbal” are my go-to for all western herbal medicine. gladstar provides so much useful information in only a few pages for each plant, including pictures, growing needs, uses and science behind how it works, warnings when applicable, and recipes for handy things to have around (99% of which, by the way, are comprised of herbs found in the book, an [...]

    14. Gentle and affirmingThis is a lovely overview of some of the most readily available and helpful herbs. So many herbalists have Ridgid lists of how to prepare, what the herb is good for and how to cultivate. Gladstar recognizes that there is not a whole lot of consensus with these common herbs and honors their hardiness in cultivation. I love her attitude towards her plants and her garden. I only wish she had gone further into the energetics of the herbs. She only does this with a couple of them. [...]

    15. Fantastic book for beginners. The number of herbs discussed is limited, but I found it useful for a project about nervine herbs. I adore Rosemary Gladstar and all of her books, and the tone of her writing voice is warm, like sitting with a friend in a garden, sharing a cup of tea, and talking about staying healthy, feeling well, and living the good life.

    16. Wonderfully informative book written in inviting tone. Balance of content between overview of herbalism, details on herbs, and explanation of processes from harvest to tincture.A worthwhile read from an expert in the art, craft, and science of herbalism.

    17. This book got me into natural living and made me realize how easy it is to make your own everyday life products! It's very inspiring and I frequently go back to this book for a read up on herbs and recipes.

    18. A wealth of information, written warmly and with confidence in the reader. Will update review after I have made some of the recipes

    19. I love this book. If you think using herbs for medicinal purposes is hard, it's the opposite, it's very easy. Start with the herbs that you need right now. For me it would be for indigestion, colds etc since it's winter here. I am looking forward to inspecting the weeds growing in my yard and hope to discover they are simply herbs that I can use for me and my family!

    20. 4 Stars.Great intro into practical herbal remedies. Only draw back is a lack of list of recipes by symptoms.

    21. Despite Ms. Gladstar's tendency to verge on the hippy-dippy, this is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in herbal medicine.

    22. This is good and full of useful information but I ACTUALLY like the dumb DK publications book I borrowed from a friend better as a more usable daily guide. Cross references and indexes will get you every time! WITCH TIP: be sure you know how your users want to use your book.

    23. A beautiful book with gorgeous photography. And very accessible. Yes, we can do so much to care for our health with common wildflowers, "kitchen" herbs, and easily grown common garden plants!

    24. I come from a family who’s always used traditional form of medicines for any illness and as a result, I was interested to pick this book up. This is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to learn more about different herbs and their uses. It covers all the basics and mentions some herbs that are commonly found around the house. The information is very well presented in a simple way and is really easy to follow. A chapter is devoted to teaching you the step-by-step process in making your own herba [...]

    25. Really awesome introduction to herbalism. Herb books are going to be a little earthy-crunchy by nature, but Rosemary is an OG and doesn't waste time rambling. She jumps right in with basic guides on what differentiates decoctions, teas, tinctures, syrups, salves, etc and how to prepare these and more. The book is broken down plant-by-plant, with recipes and tips included in each chapter, which makes it really intuitive as a straight read or reference book. I'll certainly be using it as the latte [...]

    26. good information on basic herbal preparations such as teas, tinctures, salves, homemade pills, syrups and oils. also a very basic guide to growing, harvesting and drying herbs. individual profiles of 33 herbs, 9 of which are kitchen standards and 24 common, wild growing plants, and their benefits. includes recipes for dishes and medicinal preparations for each plant. a solid book with multiple application plants that may satisfy all normal needs without resorting to more exotic plants.

    27. I don't consider myself a total beginner with herbs, but I wanted to go back and do a review of sorts on the herbal basics. Rosemary Gladstar is one of my favorite herbalists and I love her down-to-earth approach to working with herbs. I enjoyed reading this book, and she pointed out quite a few things about herbs that I had forgotten or maybe never knew. Good book. Recommend to anyone wanting to learn about herbs or freshen up on their herbal knowledge.

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