• Title: Days of Déjà vu
  • Author: Jonathan Reid
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Days of D j vu None

    One Reply to “Days of Déjà vu”

    1. A friend of a friend of a sailor introduced Days of Déjà vu to me. Likely I would not have chosen it by myself, so I am delighted to have been led to such a rewarding read.Three characteristics of Mr. Reid’s work stand out for me. First, the author has mastered the art of drawing the audience into the story. Immediacy and intimacy defined the reading experience. I felt like I was right there!! Second, the lyrical quality to the narrative in passages describing the ocean was magical. The dict [...]

    2. Very long, and I think the author might have been a bit racist. Other than that an excellent book! Made me want to get up, and leave it all behind. What a find on pixel of ink. Jon was a great way of telling his adventures, and I loved every page of it.

    3. I've dreamed of having such adventures with my partner, but haven't really measured up to date. Quite a cingular story well-presented - I can actually imagine this as a movie. Way to go, Jonathan!!!

    4. A long but quite fascinating account of an almost around the world sail in homemade boat much of it solo. I confess I skimmed a lot of the technical stuff but plenty of adventures and personal information to make it a worthwhile read. Sometimes I felt this South African young man could be somewhat racist. A fairly recent publication about a late 80's early 90's trip.

    5. Best of the best, October 18, 2013By Richard MulyeThis review is from: Days of Déjà vu (Kindle Edition)I've been a sailor 61years and have read a great many sailing stories , many of those of tough single handlers as I could find. This story is the best that I have read,hands down. I've done much ocean sailing and a small bit of single handing and will read this again. I commend this author for writing a story that is very easily understood and very factual.God bless him.Richard A Mulye

    6. Wonderful book! Wished I had done some things in my life, and taken some of the "chances" that this author did! Would love to know what has happened in his life since he came off his beloved boat, he references some things, and they sounded interesting.Perhaps another book in the works???? I hope so!

    7. A dream come true, building the boat, sailing her around the world, single handing 5 thousand miles against the trades, writing the book after ten years, I hope that fellow sailors will get some use out of the book, and fellow book readers some entertainment from the novelised non fiction format :)

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