• Title: Uncanny X-Men By Kieron Gillen, Volume 2
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Greg Land
  • ISBN: 9780785159957
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Uncanny X Men By Kieron Gillen Volume Kieron Gillen s smash hit reinvention of the Uncanny X Men continues Still learning how to handle the team he gathered after the X Men s Schism Cyclops must send his X Men to investigate a new area o
    Kieron Gillen s smash hit reinvention of the Uncanny X Men continues Still learning how to handle the team he gathered after the X Men s Schism, Cyclops must send his X Men to investigate a new area of the Marvel Universe known asTABULA RASA COLLECTING UNCANNY X MEN 5 10

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    1. Kieron Gillen's Uncanny X-Men may have ended prematurely in order to make room for the Marvel NOW launch but fortunately, the reader could still get the collected editions of this promising yet brief run on the X-Men flagship title.The second volume has at least two things in its favor that I found enjoyable. First, the Schism may have happened with Woverine-led Westchester school but they share the repercussions of Uncanny X-Force's troubles with Archangel as the new Apocalypse. The Tabula Rasa [...]

    2. Namor and Hope provide the comic relief in one of the storylines. Really. It's kind of awesome. Other stuff happens, too, of course. There's some interesting ideas in Tabula Rasa, but I'm still far more interested in watching the characters interact than in the situations that they get planted in. Luckily, I'm still very interested in those characters.

    3. The story of the last surviving Phalanx is one as filled with hope in the beginning as it is tragic in the end. It's all the more personal since it's narrated in the first person. (view spoiler)[Its path back to full functionality is a long one and it has time to ask itself many questions and realise its mistakes, even regret them when they lead to its ultimate demise. (hide spoiler)]A temporal anomaly follows a nuclear explosion in Montana. Inside the anomaly time runs at a much accelerated spe [...]

    4. Gillen starts this arc running headlong into new, unknown danger - militaristic deployment and lurking mystery among the wild, alien land. Grips me right away, then gives me time to watch our heroes do a little interpersonal tap-dancing. It isn't perfect tho - Namor referring to himself constantly in the third person is an interesting affectation, but sure doesn't jibe with how he's been recently portrayed.The concepts of the world that Gillen creates in this arc are wonderful - he's really thou [...]

    5. "Redheads Ick Ick Ick!" Oh Namoryou so funny.I have to admit I didn't know about this book, I didn't read Vol. 1, so I almost put this back at the libraryad I didn't.It's enjoyable, especially the personality of this balls out team.I liked how it wasn't all ass-kickery, and that they had to interact with the Avengers as well, but mostly this was about showing the other side (which comes across a lot worse in Jason Aaron's Wolverine & the X-Men). Cyclops here is more like the old one, I think [...]

    6. 3.5 starsSome otherworldly trouble on Earth involving Celestials and some time travel bit that I admittedly didn't fully understand. Could've been because I was reading whilst at work. After that's all sorted, S.W.O.R.D. has a satellite prison with alien prisoners that ever so conveniently falls to Earth. Naturally, Cyclops and his new "Extinction Team" are called upon to save the day and go toe to toe with this weird looking mofo. All told a pretty good story with introductions to quite a few c [...]

    7. Marvel is doing itself harm in double-shipping so many books each month. The writing suffers, the artwork isn't consistent, everything feels rushed and the stories don't feel as important as they used to. Honestly, it feels like most of their books are just filing the time inbetween their crossover events. Too many lazy plots and too much characterization has been sacrificed over the last 5 or 6 years just to get an additional 3.99 a month by shipping the books every 2 or 3 weeks. This really ha [...]

    8. Het verhaal is grotendeels middelmatig omdat er voorkennis vereist is uit een andere X-Men-reeks. En dat Greg Land die delen ook nog eens tekent, maakt het er niet beter op. Gelukkig wordt het volume beter naar het einde toe.

    9. In a nutshell: Namor helps by thinking with his d***, and the Avengers continue to be the pretentious, self-righteous team who think they are above all, especially the X-Men.At least there's Hope Summers.

    10. - I love how scott doesn't even dignify steve's statement with a response.- Unit is a dangerously interesting character and I'm excited to read the next trade-back.

    11. This book was pretty mediocre. After all the amazing things happening in Uncanny X-Force that led to Tabula Rasa, it's exciting to see what is going on inside. It's also interesting to see Psylocke on the other side of things for once. There's nothing terribly amazing about the book, but it's nice to have a new "villain" introduced instead of recycling the others yet again. There are some great moments. For instance, Hope and Namor establish a really great rapport through the story. That said, i [...]

    12. Two storylines here: Tabula Rasa, and an invasion of Earth by some criminals.Tabula Rasa (coming out of an Uncanny X-Force story) is a evolved land created from the chaos of a nuclear explosion. (It's actually kind of hard to understand exactly why. but not hard to just accept and follow.) The story revolves around the X-Men trying to understand the new creatures that develop there, fighting an enemy that pops up in it, and working with S.W.O.R.D. to ensure they can be protected and allowed to f [...]

    13. So Colossus is now becoming the Juggernaut!? Emma lost her arm!? Betsy should be dead forever (personal hate that they brought that dumb B back)!Not sure what's going on in the past but this stuff that KG is writing is horrible. I am trying hard to like it but the story seems overused. X-Men show up on this new island that appeared and it's attacking them, splitting them up and finding out their good guys also. It's nothing but a ton of alien type stories (Breakworld, Negative Zone, etc) and I d [...]

    14. The xmen go on a rescue mission to an enclosed habitat that has evolved over 60 million years in minutes. They then have to fight various baddies from a prison break. This is a decent plot but the first story kind of assumes that you've read uncanny xforce, indeed Magneto knew more backstory than the reader and he wasn't even in that comic. Apart from that it was an ok storyline. The prison break was a lot more fun, and I suspect will have ramifications in the long run. Character wise, Frost and [...]

    15. Kieron Gillen is really becoming my favorite writer at Marvel. Yes, some of his characters don't fully jibe with the way that they've been portrayed recently (Namor sticks out mostly, but I wouldn't be surprised if Psylocke and others were a bit different), but I it doesn't bother me so much because at least I find the writing amusing and fun.This volume is worth it for Hope and Namor hanging out. I'll be interested to see what Unit is planning. I'm sure it has something to do with AvX.

    16. Man, Kieron Gillen is pretty damn great. His work with Loki, his work on Young Avengers. and I am not even bringing up Phonogram, or the Wicked and the Divine.Then. there is his X-men stuff. I just don't get it. I really love Brian Wood and Kieron Gillen, but when they take on the X-men it just feels dull. this book took effort to get through, which was very strange, since the plot is based around events that took place in Remender's superb Uncanny X-force run.

    17. Maybe I am biased because I adore Gillen so much, but this was really good (and you can definitely recognise some of his "paw" in it). Action-packed, and every character gets to shine a little bit and to be developed as well. The storyline was really interesting (I've got to re-read Uncanny X-Force though) and I really liked a certain new character.

    18. Gillen’s extinction-team X-Men is high action/adventure. The result is somewhat shallow, but Gillen writes it well and its fun to read. The Montana arc gains some points as an interesting follow-up to Uncanny X-Force and a neat look at an alien species, and because it contains some nice character focus. The Unit arc loses some points as a transparent lead-in to AvX without much to it.

    19. Wow, there was a lot going on in this. I possibly might be more interested in this if I had read X-Force, which apparently set up the whole Tabula Rasa situation? I was still sort of interested in the condescending aliens. I was pretty interested in all of Hope's Namor puns (Cod Latin! King of Abs-Lantis!)

    20. Continuing from volume 1, similar themes and style, with good art, but many characters that dulls the depth of characterization. Also, reading this in the future where new story lines have come up, it is difficult for me to say how much of this story line "sticks", or is it just discarded for another retcon or reboot?

    21. A set of essentially pointless plot-driven stories. With uninteresting use of characters. And Hope is written as being way too old. And Ilyana might as well be a robot. Unit is interesting and Unit with Hope has some potential. Namor is annoying. Psylocke is a prop but that's not much different than usual. Writing and art itself is okay. The book just should have been better.

    22. Exceeding in quality from volume 1, this story introduces a new jungle-territory for the X-Men to explore and learn about. Plenty of action and worldbuilding that show off the powers (you've got to have some exciting fights of course) and learning how to cooperate with the new beings that were born from a shocking event.

    23. I skipped the Greg Land issues because life's too short to look at horrible, sexist art, but the last story (#9-10) was great. Unit (which Gillen introduced in his run on S.W.O.R.D.) is a great villain and it's nice to see him get more play.

    24. Am I actually reading more of this? Yes, it appears so. I didn't enjoy this volume either so I stopped reading and just skimmed. Not a fan of the art, not a fan of the talking and the jokes just come across as cliches.

    25. Like the artwork and the use of Psylocke in the story. Story itself (Tabla Rusa or whatever) wasn't that great. Namor is written very interesting (if you like sexist pigs but at least it is entertaining). I don't like Colossus as Juggernaut though.

    26. Uncanny X-Men suck after Regenesis. Sorry Marvel, I'm quitting this, I don't see anything that could change my mind. Avengers vs. X-Men? Give me a break. Hope used to be such an exciting character but now? Now nothing. Writers like Aaron and Immonen suck and Gillen started to suck too. Sad.

    27. This book loses the quality of the characterization of Fraction's X-Men. For example, Namor continually referring to himself in the third person was extremely annoying and did not make him sound regal but rather demented. It's these failed attempts at characterization that diminish the book.

    28. I really wish i could get the hang of the plethora of superhero series They're so hard to read in order!

    29. The art was pretty, the plot was cool, the dialogue was perfect. PERFECT. NOTHING I WRITE WILL EVER BE AS GOOD AS THIS DIALOGUE. KIERAN GILLEN FOR THE IRON THRONE.

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