• Title: The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction
  • Author: LarryYoung Brian Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781591845133
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Chemistry Between Us Love Sex and the Science of Attraction How much control do we have over love Much less than we like to think All that mystery all that poetry all those complex behaviors surrounding human bonding leading to the most life changing decisio
    How much control do we have over love Much less than we like to think All that mystery, all that poetry, all those complex behaviors surrounding human bonding leading to the most life changing decisions we ll ever make, are unconsciously driven by a few molecules in our brain How does love begin How can two strangers come to the conclusion that it would not only be pleHow much control do we have over love Much less than we like to think All that mystery, all that poetry, all those complex behaviors sur rounding human bonding leading to the most life changing decisions we ll ever make, are unconsciously driven by a few molecules in our brain How does love begin How can two strangers come to the conclusion that it would not only be pleasant to share their lives, but that they must share them How can a man say he loves his wife, yet still cheat on her Why do others stay in relationships even after the ro mance fades How is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person How do people come to have a type Physical attraction, jealousy, infidelity, mother infant bonding all the behaviors that so often leave us befuddled are now being teased out of the fog of mystery thanks to today s social neuroscience Larry Young, one of the world s leading experts in the field, and journalist Brian Alexander explain how those findings apply to you Drawing on real human stories and research from labs around the world, The Chemistry Between Us is a bold attempt to create a grand unified theory of love Some of the mind blowing insights include Love can get such a grip on us because it is, literally, an addiction To a woman falling in love, a man is like her baby Why it s false to say society makes gender, and how it s possible to have the body of one gender and the brain of another.Why some people are likely to cheat than others Why we sometimes truly can t resist temptation Young and Alexander place their revelations into historical, political, and social contexts In the pro cess, they touch on everything from gay marriage to why single mother households might not be good for society The Chemistry Between Us offers powerful in sights into love, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and family life that will prove to be enlightening, contro versial, and thought provoking.

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    1. This book is a blast! It's laugh out loud, nurdy, raunchy fun. It's well written and researched and it's as informative as it is entertaining. If you end up reading it, be prepared to bug the shit out of your friends with all the neurosmut factoids you'll be (over) sharing with them during the coming weeks.I highly recommend this book, but with a word of caution. If you decide to read this thing, prepare to have (what's left of) your puerile, romantic mysterienism regarding love, sex and attract [...]

    2. *A full executive summary of this book is available here: newbooksinbrief/2012/09/30Love and sex play a central role in the human drama. But when we talk about the emotions and decisions that we make in connection with them, we tend to remain strictly at the macro level, referring to people, and relationships, and our freely made choices. However, in their new book The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction social neuroscientist Larry Young and journalist Brian Alexander c [...]

    3. Interesting, albeit somewhat depressing, look at the chemical forces behind love, attraction, and bonding in multiple types of relationships. This book is not anything incredibly revolutionary but it is a readable compilation of scientific studies and has a very good flow for something that involves so many scientific studies. Provides lots of interesting cocktail party tidbits as well! (Shouldn't be read by the hopeless romantics)

    4. The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction by Larry Young PhD, Brian Alexander"The Chemistry Between Us" is a fascinating look at social neuroscience. Neuroscientist Larry Young in collaboration with journalist Brian Alexander provides readers with the underlying brain mechanisms behind how we behave in relation to others. This revealing 320-page book includes the following nine chapters: 1. Building a Sexual Brain, 2. The Chemistry of Desire, 3. The Power of Appetite, 4. [...]

    5. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day", or shall I compare you to my territorial possessions?Surely, attempting to reduce sex to biology and chemistry is a challenge, and attempting the same with love next to impossible, but these authors boldly attempt to do just that. As with similar attempts to naturalize phenomena for which we have a pre-scientific understanding, the discussion often begins with an 'error theory'. In this case it is the assertion that we do not sufficiently acknowledge the [...]

    6. Once every few years a book comes along that summarizes all the relevant science in a field so that the lay person can absorb and evaluate it. This is one of those books. It should stand along side The Myth of Monogamy, and Sex at Dawn on your book shelf. It is great to be living in a time where some of the most profound mysteries of life and humanity are giving themselves up to science. And the science is getting better and better very rapidly. Once, we learned the earth was round, it is not th [...]

    7. The dynamics of human behavior has always been of interest to me. Science has veered between genetic and environmental determinism, although it is now well known recently that these are not rigid separate categories. "The Chemistry Between Us" adds an important dimension to the discussion: viz. the effect of chemicals on the structure and operation of the brain and thus human behavior. Whatever the intentions of the authors, they have pounded a deep spike in the casket of free will. The more we [...]

    8. A terrific introduction to the emerging field of social neuroscience. Because the book is so much more than "the science of attraction", it is a shame that subtitle was chosen. I'm afraid it might put of some readers. At one point in the book the authors compare the revolution in the understanding human behavior that is coming from the field of social neuroscience to those of Copernicus and Darwin in their respective fields. I first thought this was a bit of a stretch, but a week after finishing [...]

    9. Got an uncorrected advance proof of this book.The chemistry between us is well written, making it an easy read, while relying on scientific studies that will try to demonstrate that the mind does not start as a blank slate, but is heavily influenced by genetics and early development (inside and outside the womb)A very good follow up on other titles that deal with the brain such as Ramachandran's Work A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness: From Impostor Poodles to Purple Numbers and Oliver Sack's m [...]

    10. Although I was interested in the overall concepts of the book, there was a bit too much scientific jargon and focus on rats and voles for my tastes. Still an interesting read

    11. A very fun book to read and laughing out loud about how animal behaviors could reflect to human's.If you wish to see the grandness or beauty of human love in this book, you might be disappointed!We are after all the product of chemistry. Our love is control by hormone, only the rationality couldstop us from cheating our partners and spouses( if hormone and alcohol not in the way) In the book, at the very beginning, i am already attracted to the "Pseudo-Heroic: The Wonderful Case of Salinas in La [...]

    12. The fact/this book is about how neurobiological variation can effect a persons behavior when it comes to love, sex and desire.I like how the author in the end takes up the fact that the society/medical industry/we are trying to change people's brain to the better by making them take medicines. When the authors writes "what if we cured genius?" It makes me wonder what it is that we actually is trying to change? "The price of genius often does come with antisocial, crummy relationship, and persona [...]

    13. This is not what u was expecting when I purchased this book but I was pleasantly surprised with it regardless. I was expecting this book to outline more of a guide for how to take advantage of the subjects discussed and it was more like an overview of the research regarding the issues. I enjoyed reading this and I learned a plethora of new information that I will be able to use throughout my life. One thing in recommend when it comes to this book is that you are completely focused on what you ar [...]

    14. Man, reading this has been a humbling, mind-steadying, emotional-balancing experience. It annoyed the hell out of the psychologist in me, but in a good way. It annoyed me in the way that the Universe does when it's telling me to calm down. It annoyed me in an encouraging way that doesn't make me feel defeated or stupid for my life choices. And getting the science on my fluid gender and sexuality did not hurt either. Delivered in a tone of suppressed giggles, it was easy to forgive even the nurdi [...]

    15. Found interesting: - Exposure to hormones have strong effect natally and post-natally (determine sex characteristics and behavior in rats) - Large percentage of humans in monogamous relationships admit to cheating (anywhere from 20-50%) - Oxytocin is responsible for bonding in all kinds of situations and helps couples bond after sex and throughout the relationshipDubious claims: - Seems to claim that gender is only shaped by biology instead of culture. Both seem to have a strong effect to me - S [...]

    16. This book was a nonfiction read that was rather forgettable. It didn't leave an impression one me at all. I remember that there was a lot of emphasis on the evolutionary and biological perspectives. This book was very lopsided in its discussion and critical thinking regarding attraction and love. There were chapters that were really FUBAR and disturbing towards the end of the book. Honestly, if I could have deep cleaned my brain cells after this read I would gladly have done it! And per usual th [...]

    17. Most of the book explains the results of various scientific experiments literally about chemistry — what proteins, enzymes, etc. do what in different parts of the brain, and how that is related to love in animals and humans. There are still a lot of questions left, but some answers are given here. The first 3–4 chapters were quite boring, and the rest was more interesting.

    18. An absolute MST READ for every person out there. This will give you a much better understanding of why everything about humans is chemical, how to work with what you've got, and how to explain weird reactions that make no rational sense.

    19. Warning, this book will change your outlook on romantic love. Forever. It will take away the inherent soul out of love, and rob you of its divinity. And then you'll have to remind yourself to create that meaning for yourself. If you're like me, that's not a bad thing. Better understand now why no matter who you are, you will likely experience the Coolidge effect; how being with one spouse will ultimately reduce your sexual attraction to that person, but not to attractive others outside the monog [...]

    20. Very informative & definitely a LOT of science. I felt like I was back in my Psy 101 class. My main takeaway is that Oxytocin affects many aspects of human behaviour!

    21. Also abandoning. I was listening to the audiobook on Hoopla, which I can not recommend to anyone at any time, and the glitchy garbage app reset it to the start and I just did not love it enough to go back and try to figure out where I left off. For smug defenders of book books, YOU WIN THIS ROUND.

    22. There was a lot in this book that I found quite interesting, and for me, learning more about how chemicals can alter our behavior and how we feel, reveals the importance of mindfulness, coupled with strong convictions, integrity and character. For otherwise, like so many, we too will become the marionette of the chemicals in our brain that pulls the strings; causing us to do irrational things; hurting ourselves and others. So many people I think are like blindfolded folks in inner-tubes drifting [...]

    23. This book had a lot of interesting and intelligent things to say, and I'm finding that I am having a lot of trouble finding anything interesting or intelligent to say about it, although it's one of those books I found myself telling people about a lot. Because doesn't everyone want to know how love REALLY works?This book is a more comprehensive look at the "science of love" than anything else I've ever read. It spends significant time on the initial attraction and sexual priming stage, but it go [...]

    24. It's pop-sci book about neuro-science of human relationships (or rather: it aspires to). First of all, I don't have any biology/neuro-science background. Secondly, I was motivated to read this book because of other book I've read, namely: Art of Three Loves. AoTL revolves around topic of love, though author presents it in many dimensions like psychological, social, individual and spiritual. The basis for further investigations is based on premise we mistake love with lust. Effectively nature of [...]

    25. Interesting book for those inclined to understand humanity in a scientific wayOS:This book is approaches non-scientific topics as romance, infatuation, love, marriage, and gender from a very scientific approach. You will be surprised by the number of scientific discoveries made in those areas, and surely you will learn a lot by reading the book. The author writes in a very understandable way and there is also a clear connection between chapters, you will feel excitement to go on to the next chap [...]

    26. Most of the stuff in The Chemistry Between Us I had encountered in blogs and my news feed, but it was great to see it aggregated in a cohesive way. Young's writing is brisk and easy to read, which a punchy touch of humor every so often. The chapter on pair-bonding and monogamy was the most insightful, interesting, and fresh for me. I always believed the supposedly enlightened and utilitarian arguments saying how monogamy was unnatural. To spread out genes most efficiently, one would be a polygam [...]

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