• Title: ಅಂಚು [Anchu]
  • Author: S.L. Bhyrappa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: None
  • Anchu Anchu is a unique novel based on two characters An educated woman being deceived in life takes out all her anger and frustration on the man who loves her with honest dedication The novel concentrate
    Anchu is a unique novel based on two characters An educated woman, being deceived in life, takes out all her anger and frustration on the man who loves her with honest dedication The novel concentrates on inner subtle psychological and emotional dynamics of the characters without perceivable external incidents and actions.

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    1. Amazing, Wonderful, Profound and Elegant. Words are short to describe this novel. Its not just reading, its a psychological roller coaster ride of two persons. SL Bhyrappa sir has amazingly captured the intricate details of a relationship of an illegal state. Two persons, a well educated woman, but a suicidal tendence woman, that was deceived by her own family and closed ones. Another person, a well settled architect, who is not courageous, not able to express hia feelings. The story runs betwee [...]

    2. Anchu means edge or boundary of something. This novel deals with two main characters: one is an educated lady who is deceived in life, and another one is a professionally educated man who has lots of enthusiasm in life. The novel has the love story between these two characters and how the lady shows all the anger and frustration on the man who loves her honestly.The novel focuses on inner details of the psychological and temperamental variation of the characters without perceivable external even [...]

    3. it revolves around the emotions of Amrutha. The lecturer who appears to be dignified and normal to the outer world but filled with the emotions running roller coaster in her.Few moments which are described to happen in Chamundi hills are amazing. The narration, the bondage of oneself with the nature, the human psychology are phenomenal.

    4. The theme of the story is very simple , when a person is very sensitives to emotions and in the edge of death(suicide) due to scared to face reality or due to guilt or what ever , what would be running in their mind at that particular instance. How the loved one should understand their behaviour and actions help them to live in reality. I really love the character narration of Somashekara for his chivalrous attitude and last but not least the life in Mysore has turned out very well.This is my al [...]

    5. My first of SLB. author tries to capture the psychological variations of lonely women who is separated from his husband living with her children when she falls in love with a man who lost his wife.I don't think author succeeds to justify the characters he created as throughout the story female character pictured like psychic women with psychological disorder and men who endures all the tortures she gives to him.Author presents thin story with not much to expand beyond their physical relationship [...]

    6. An amazing read. The author has written such a wonderful story with just 2 dominant characters. The book is mainly about the illegimate relationship between a smart, bold but confused woman and a honest, weak-minded man.

    7. an interesting bookings out the feelings of an woman deceived by life. a psychological and emotions of her towards her loved one's in been narrated fantastically

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