• Title: 13 uur
  • Author: Deon Meyer Martine Vosmaer Karina van Santen
  • ISBN: 9789400501614
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • uur Wanneer een Amerikaanse rugzaktoeriste in Kaapstad verdwijnt en politici in paniek raken over het beschadigde imago van de stad krijgt inspecteur Benny Griessel de taak om de jonge vrouw terug te vin
    Wanneer een Amerikaanse rugzaktoeriste in Kaapstad verdwijnt en politici in paniek raken over het beschadigde imago van de stad, krijgt inspecteur Benny Griessel de taak om de jonge vrouw terug te vinden.De keuze voor Benny is allesbehalve oncontroversieel, want zijn alcoholprobleem is alom bekend, en zijn carri re is na 25 jaar bij de politie nagenoeg tot stilstand gekomeWanneer een Amerikaanse rugzaktoeriste in Kaapstad verdwijnt en politici in paniek raken over het beschadigde imago van de stad, krijgt inspecteur Benny Griessel de taak om de jonge vrouw terug te vinden.De keuze voor Benny is allesbehalve oncontroversieel, want zijn alcoholprobleem is alom bekend, en zijn carri re is na 25 jaar bij de politie nagenoeg tot stilstand gekomen Maar de zaak van het verdwenen meisje biedt hem een kans om nog een keer te laten zien waarom velen binnen de politie en de politiek hem als een ware legende beschouwen.Benny heeft slechts dertien uur de tijd om de jonge vrouw terug te vinden, om twee moorden op te lossen en om tussendoor zijn jarenlange ervaring over te dragen op de volgende generatie misdaadbestrijders, die afkomstig zijn uit alle etnische groeperingen die het nieuwe Zuid Afrika rijk is Dertien uur om een complot te ontrafelen dat een bedreiging blijkt te vormen voor het hele land

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    1. Thirteen Hours Review – ReduxI attended a Deon Meyer book signing this weekend and it played a big part in my decision to expand this review. At the time of writing this, Thirteen Hours is the only Meyer book I’ve read, but that is definitely about to change. I’m not changing my rating, but I think some perspective is in order. South Africa is a country with eleven official languages, which should give you some idea of the cultural diversity. Why is this important? Meyer takes great snapsh [...]

    2. Another great book by this South African writer. Set in Cape Town, post Apartheid, there is a lot of political and social fact in the book as well as a great fictional story. Benny, the main character is yet another alcoholic cop, but I like him. He is actually dealing with his problems (and he has many) and he is making progress with his life and maybe even with his career. There are two main threads to this book, each following a different murder. I was slightly more interested in one than the [...]

    3. this book is good and engaging and fun and informative. it has the mainstay-ish worn-out alcoholic cop and the mainstay-ish young female victim, but unlike in most american thrillers, the story is complicated by the interracial dynamics of post-apartheid south africa. also, the female victim (not the one they kill right at the beginning, the other one) totally kicks ass. i didn't know many things about south africa and now i know some. they are pretty basic things, like that afrikaans is a langu [...]

    4. A gem of a mystery. Read it after a number of "serious" reads and enjoyed very much. A very fast-paced and well-crafted mystery. Bonus was the virtual tour of CapeTown. I am going to read more of this writer.Highly recommend to all.

    5. CORSA CONTRO IL TEMPOTredici ore soltanto: per risolvere due delitti, e il caso di una ragazza sequestrata, e il tentato suicidio di un’ex grande cantante, e un losco traffico, e una vita che va a rotoli, e una carriera che non decolla, e un paese che combatte nel post-apartheid, e…Il tempo incalza per i personaggi e il fiato corto viene anche al lettore che non riesce a mettere giù un libro così, perché rimane incollato alle dita.Ma Deon Meyer non ci racconta ‘solo’ una serie di deli [...]

    6. I hadn't actually heard of this author, who writes in Afrikaans, until I heard him being interviewed on a BBC Radio Programme some months ago. I was intrigued by what he said and by the setting of his novels in Cape Town, one of the relatively few places in the world I have personally visited.An initial synopsis of this novel makes it sound like "crime writing by the numbers". The lead character, Inspector Benny Griessel, is a middle-aged detective with a drink problem and marital troubles, and [...]

    7. Afrikaner Deon Meyer's latest pulse-pounding thriller hits the ground running--literally. In Cape Town, South Africa, at six in the morning, an American teenage tourist is running for her life. Her best friend's throat was slit in front of her and she is bolting from the perpetrators' clutches. The story hits its stride early and swiftly as events unfold over thirteen-hours. Vicious outlaws and the snarl of conspiracy; Afrikaner, Xhosa, and Zulu crime-fighters; and crooners and corporate fleecer [...]

    8. A cracking crime novel set in Cape Town over a Thirteen Hour period. The book conveys the fast pace of murders committed and which are solved in the first day; the police run around, run into dead ends, new tasks are assigned, communication confusion. It also conveys the fragility of South African infrastructure, ongoing tensions between whites and blacks, tribal and language differences and shows the commitment needed to get things done. In the end it also shows if you something done give it to [...]

    9. Benny Griessel, aging alcoholic Cape Town detective, has been tasked with mentoring less experienced detectives. This puts him in the position of running two different murder cases. Swear words, fists, interracial conflicts, plot lines and bullets fly as Benny, Vusi, Dekker and Mbali follow seemingly unconnected crimes and corruption in the city. The pace of Thirteen Hours ramps up to a thundering end. I couldn’t put it down!

    10. My first Deon Meyer book, "Thirteen Hours" was a huge discovery for me. This author is well-loved among crime fiction readers but I was under the impression his stories were all action and no character exploration. I was wrong. The characters in this novel are sensitively portrayed in vivid detail, making it easy for the reader to relate to and sympathise with them.I loved the fact that the story was set in Cape Town and used familiar locations such as streets, hospitals, police stations and nat [...]

    11. My eerste probeerslag met n Deon Meyer boek was ‘n Engels vertaalde sample wat ek by gekry het en vir een of ander rede kon ek nie in die storie kom nie en het dit na die eerste paar bladsye eenkant gesit.Ek het 3 van sy boeke vir die afgelope 6 maande heen en weer karwy na en van my boek club met die beste voorwensels om ten minste een te lees. So toe ek uiteindelik een lees kon myself skop omdat ek so lank gevat het om dit te doen.Hierdie is ‘n vinnige aksie belaaide speurverhaal wat jou [...]

    12. I usually avoid detective novels. I made an exception here, because I was intrigued by the idea to read a book from South Africa, and I don't regret it at all.The portrayal of the different investigators (Vusi Ndabeni, Fransman Dekker and also Mbali Kaleni) was very good, and the main character (Benny Griessel) is very likeable.The plot is generally very suspenseful; this book contains almost as many cliffhangers as pages. But there's much more to it. Many smaller, and sometimes inconsequential, [...]

    13. Rachel Anderson, een jonge Amerikaanse vrouw, wordt opgejaagd door een bende jongeren die haar vriendin zopas vermoord hebben. Deon Meyer schrijft hier een heel goed opgebouwde thriller met een interessante detective (Benny Griessel). Het is een soort city novel (naar analogie van road movie) met Cape Town in de hoofdrol. En passant komt de Zuidafrikaanse maatschappij ook nog aan bod. Vierde ster is te danken aan het feit dat ik vrijwel alle plekken herkende ;)

    14. Thirteen Hours is a fast paced, tension filled novel from Deon Meyer, set in S. Africa. I've read some of his other entries in the series (Benny Griessel) and have found them to be consistently good, but this one really has the feel of a tension-filled ride that keeps you involved. The story really involves two cases treated in parallel, often shifting points of view within every page or two. The title comes from the time-frame in which both crimes are investigated and resolved. This is both a s [...]

    15. I picked this up running through an airport a few years ago. I was sucked into the story on the plane but somehow lost my book between the flight and coming home and couldn't remember the title or the author 🙈 for years my memory of the story would pop into my head and finally I decided to put Google to the test!!! I found it (yay!) and was able to read it now. It was the universe this was the right time for me to read this book!Overall: It's a great book! very fast pace and thrilling with Be [...]

    16. Eine Schande, dass dieses Buch so lange ungelesen auf meinem E-Reader dahin vegetierte. Ich glaube, ich habe selten einen so spannenden Countdown auf ein unerbittliches Finale gelesen, das dann noch durch eine über die Vorstellungen – des Lesers wie der Ermittler – hinausgehende Auflösung getoppt wurde Wow!Bennie Griessel wird um 5 Uhr 37 von einem Telefonanruf unsanft aus dem Schlummer gerissen, da eine Frauenleiche, die sich später als junge Amerikanerin herausstellt, aufgefunden wurde [...]

    17. When we meet up with Inspector Benny Griessel again he is six months sober. There has been some restructuring in the Cape Town police service and he has been assigned as a mentor to less experienced detectives with the hope that his guidance will increase the solve rates. The story is set over 13 hours as Griessel oversees two cases. The first case is focused on a young American tourist who is on the run from a group of men who intend to kill her. There is political pressure from above to find h [...]

    18. One of the best that I have read in the Crime/Mystery genre. If you like the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, you'll definitely like Benny Griessel.

    19. Africa enjoys a number of very fine mystery/police procedural/thriller writers. One of the best is Deon Meyer, writing in Afrikaans, who turns out exciting, fast-paced, well-written thrillers set in today’s South Africa.His latest is 13 Hours, a sequel, in a way, to Devil’s Peak, whose events take place before this book. But it isn’t necessary to read Devil’s Peak before this book, although I recommend it as an outstanding book on its own.Detective Bennie Griessel of the South African Po [...]

    20. Na het lezen van Duivelspiek, het eerste boek met inspecteur Bennie Griessel, ben ik gelijk verder gegaan met het tweede boek 13 uur.En dit was wederom een zeer prettige leeservaring! Deon Meyer is een enorm goede schrijver, alles wordt tot in detail beschreven alsof je er zelf bij bent en alle karakters zijn zeer overtuigend. Het leuke en mooie van dit boek vond ik ook dat het zich afspeelt op 1 dag. Er wordt een jonge vrouw vermist, aan inspecteur Griessel de taak om haar terug te vinden, dit [...]

    21. I got this book through First-Reads.Thirteen Hours was a very intriguing read and forced me to really focus. The characters are well defined, great detail throughout the book, and the overall story was really good. Everything in this book takes place within a thirteen hour period. The book is a long read at 584 pages, and jam-packed. I know literally nothing about South Africa, which is the setting of the story (Capetown), or the language. Although this book was translated from Afrikaans to Engl [...]

    22. This was my first Deon Meyer, & I came away with mixed feelings. Within the genre of 'crime fiction', I'd say 'Thirteen Hours' is best described as 'hard-boiled detective fiction'. What it lacks in forensic sophistication à la Patricia Cornwell, it makes up for in Dan Brown-esque suspense & pacing. As a fellow South African, I enjoyed Meyer's use of colloquialisms & local references, & had a good chuckle at his scathing sociopolitical commentary on the country via various charac [...]

    23. This is a sophisticated, well-written suspense story set in Cape Town, South Africa, though it might have been in any town but for the details. For those who like this genre, the author should be well known and loved. He writes so much better than many in the genre. The story details are well-researched and the plot flows along with natural dialogue, keeping the reader guessing at every turn, and there are many. The characters seem real; I know people who could step right into some of these role [...]

    24. Ek moes lank wik en weeg oor watter ster ek die boek wou gee. Ek dink dat ek laas in Afrikaans gelees het toe ek op skool was en was nie seker of ek die wou aanpak of nie.Deon Meyer se 13 Uur gryp jou van die begin af en ek kon net nie opbou lees nie. Die karakters is ryk, en mens word vining betrokke by elkeen. Die menslikheid van die ou man om 'n onbekende jong meise te prober red (en met 'n Ma van dieselfde ouderdom kan ek vir jou se sy sou presies dieselfde gedoen het!). Die intense ondersoe [...]

    25. I don't know why I've never read Deon Meyer before, perhaps because he writes in Afrikaans. but I'm so pleased to have discovered English translations, they've been out for a while of course. I am now slightly obsessed and have read five of his books in the last month. As a South African born author myself, I do find it hard reading about the old 'homeland' but understanding the politics and language only makes it a better read for me. The stories are gripping and the flawed heroes make the book [...]

    26. Another super thriller that tested my powers of self-restraint from reading in less than 13 hours, as I wanted to savor it. Life and death struggle to find a missing girl. Two murders. The chief investigator, Griessel, is a familiar face struggling with personal demons. We are introduced to some new subordinates who are trying to figure out just who this burned out white guy in charge of them is. Lots of suspense and twists in this one-the motives are a complete surprise. Should be a movie just [...]

    27. I'm fortunate to live in Cape Town, but don't read much South African fiction due to the generally poor standard of such writing.What a huge thrill, then, to watch the places of my town leap to life off the pages of 13 hours in Deon Meyer's sensational book.I'd heard the rumours about Deon Meyer's books being of international quality, but was still skeptical - well I needn't have worried. A tight and and harrowing storyline, outstanding characters and Meyer's ability to set a world class book in [...]

    28. Fast paced detective thriller set in Cape Town with Bennie Griesel working 2 murder cases during the course of a dramatic day. Good characterisations of the various police officers, suspects, victims and bystanders, coupled with sharp descriptions of a wonderful setting and great pacing make this one of my favourite reads so far this year. The only downside seemed to be an unconvincing explanation why the victim chose not to trust the police from the start.

    29. One of Deon Meyer's best but, as a South African expat, I like nearly all of Meyer's books. I have just heard that British actor, Sean Bean, will portray Detective Bennie Griessel in an upcoming movie to be shot in Cape Town in September. Producer Michael Murphey's credits include District 9, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Nightmare on Elm Street.

    30. Disappointing, after the solid first book in the series. Too many ten-line scenes jumping from POV to POV, too little Benny, and I'm growing weary of the female rape/torture motif without any corresponding strong female characters to alleviate that. You know sometimes you see a horror movie and you think, the writer/director really has some problems with women? I'm thinking that with these books.

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