• Title: The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill
  • Author: Dorothy Wall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill Blinky Bill is an anthropomorphic koala and children s fictional character created by New Zealand born Australian author Dorothy Wall The character of Blinky first appeared in Brooke Nicholls boo
    Blinky Bill is an anthropomorphic koala and children s fictional character created by New Zealand born Australian author Dorothy Wall The character of Blinky first appeared in Brooke Nicholls 1933 book, Jacko the Broadcasting Kookaburra, which was illustrated by Wall Wall then featured Blinky Bill in a series of her own books, including Blinky Bill The Quaint LittleBlinky Bill is an anthropomorphic koala and children s fictional character created by New Zealand born Australian author Dorothy Wall The character of Blinky first appeared in Brooke Nicholls 1933 book, Jacko the Broadcasting Kookaburra, which was illustrated by Wall Wall then featured Blinky Bill in a series of her own books, including Blinky Bill The Quaint Little Australian, Blinky Bill Grows Up, and Blinky Bill and Nutsy The books are considered quintessential Australian children s classics, and have never been out of print in Australia.While telling the adventures of Blinky Bill, a naughty little boy in the form of a koala, the stories also present messages of conservation Blinky Bill is known for his mischievousness and his love for his mother His friends include his adopted sister Nutsy, his kangaroo friend Splodge, his platypus friend Flap, Marcia the marsupial mouse, and his mentor Mr Wombat or Wombo, as Blinky prefers to call him In general throughout the stories he does things that are realistic for koalas as well as things that child readers would like to do Wall tells the stories directly to the children and Blinky often interacts with the readers in an introduction Her dedications are often to All the Kind Children , with her own son Peter and other common Australian names of the 1930s appearing The books are also fully illustrated by Dorothy Wall herself.

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    1. I really dont think this is a childrens book, there are some rather violent themes in it, including murder. I diddnt like Blinky as a character, i thought he was so rude to everyone he met for no reason. I also think there was animals in the bush that shouldnt be there? like for one, there are no hedgehogs in Australia. Besides little details like that it was a cute story.

    2. I loved reading this with my kids. I wish I could fake an Australian accent. Blinky is not a good role model and many of the other characters are selfish, but we thought the antics were cute. We listed the animals as they came up and looked them up later.

    3. Very sad to say that this childhood classic is not to be a classic for my children. We stopped at p 138. I don't usually let the kids stop reading a book part way through, however, they honestly didn't like reading it and found it boring. I was disappointed as the movie was coming out last holidays and I had wanted to read it before we went to the movie, but that proved to be no further motivation. The movie, was nice but lacklustre, and did not provide additional incentive to finish.

    4. I loved to watch the animation series of Blinky Bill when I was a kid. The book isn't quite as funny as the TV show but it is really worth reading anyway. It has a slightly different focus - at least at the beginning. A lot is told of the danger the koalos and the other animals are living in. Kids can really learn a lot about Australian nature and animals from this book.

    5. Blinky Bill, the mischievous anthropomorphic koala, is well known around the world through the TV cartoon and movies, but the book version is a little darker. He runs away from home several times and constantly disobeys his mother, who of course beats him when she catches him - this would have been a normal punishment at the time it was first published in the 1930s. His father is brutally murdered by a man with a gun quite early in the story. The animals are often cruel to each other: for exampl [...]

    6. I would recommend this book to an older kid but as bedtime reading for younger kids. Blinky's behaviour in the story was quite inappropriate in my view, which are difficult for kids younger than eight to understand and may negatively influence their behaviour as a result. For example, Blinky Bill stole cabbages from Farmer Scratchet but defended himself by saying that it was "borrowing".Moreover, the use of language in this book was quite colloquial and is not suited for young kids who are just [...]

    7. I listened to the audiobook because I wanted to check out literature to read with my son when he's older. Blinky Bill entertains and delights; he's the same kind of mischievous character as Peter Rabbit or Curious George. Australian literature often falls through the cracks so I'm pleased to have stumbled upon Dorothy Wall's creation. My son is only 5 months old but I'll read this with him when he's 3 or 4.

    8. This review was written by A, 6 years old. Blinky bill is a koala who is a bit cheeky and he runs away from his home and comes back but he always runs away again. Once, they got caught and taken to the zoo. The book is set in the Australian bush.🐨🇦🇺🍃🌾🌸🌼🌷🐍🐝🐺🐄🐐🐏🐖🐎

    9. Blinky Bill the naughty Koala is one of the most well loved characters in Australian Children's fiction. There is never a dull moment for Mrs Koala having Blinky as her cup. Traveling with Blinky on his adventures through the bush as he meets new friends and has many funny adventures and misadventures is an Australian write of passage.As an Australian I grew up reading Blinky Bill, so I was really looking forward to re reading this book and seeing Blinky through adult eyes. Reading this book tra [...]

    10. This is an omnibus containing Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little Australian (1933), Blinky Bill Grows Up (1934) and Blinky Bill and Nutsy (1937).I fondly recall the Blinky Bill character from my childhood – but never remember reading the original stories. Having now read the originals I suspect that my fond memories come from the various adaptions that have been made over the years.I must say I was shocked by the mature themes contained in the first couple of chapters in Blinky Bill. First he is b [...]

    11. I enjoyed these children's tales of a little koala bear. It was fun to see a little community of Australian animals, versus the British, European, or North American animals we usually see. It reminds me of how Kipling's tales bring the animals of India closer.This book is a compilation of three books, "Blinky Bill," "Blinky Bill Grows Up," and "Blinky Bill and Nutsy." The last was my favorite, because Nutsy was my favorite character. She nicely balances and tempers the impulsive, mischievous Bli [...]

    12. Either I never noticed/remembered what a little shit Blinky was as a kid, or the TV show portrays him as far more cheeky than downright awful. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book, especially seeing how all the characters became friends. The sudden and sometimes violent and/or graphic deaths were minor shocks, though, which would deter me from maybe reading those parts to younger, less mature children. However, I did give the book 4 stars because I loved the anthropomorphic society the Bush had, and [...]

    13. I was excited to finally read this book to my 10 year old son. but we stopped just a few chapters into the second book. It was well written, though it felt a bit silly.but sadly we just did not like Blinky Bill. We were both quite shocked at his nasty behaviour and how he disregarded everyone around him and their feelings.We soldiered on, after all this is a famous Australian story, but it was the graphic images of death that kept jumping up in most unexpected places that finished it for us both [...]

    14. Blinky Bill was a childhood OBSESSION. I mean, you could get those plastic figures that some people put over their towball (plus the Land before time ones!) and the show was on Saturday (?) mornings and just much goodness for kids. Like, Blinky is naughty, but it all works out OK for him in the end. I remember sitting in Library class looking at the pictures in this one, the beautiful illustrations, and wishing I owned my own copy. As an adult, I do! A beautiful 90s printing bought from a swap m [...]

    15. This is an absolutely delightful children's book. Dorothy Wall first introduced Blinky Bill in the 1930s, and the books have never been out of print since. A firm family favourite for three generations in my family. I've posted a review on for anyone interested:tinyurl/2vneh2

    16. A tale of bad discipline, stealing, rudeness and murder most foul is Blinky Bill. This trilogy is repetitive and lacks a good message for children. Also spreads the tale of drop bears, or croppers, as the term is coined. I can see its place in Australian history but a very basic writing style lessens enjoyment.

    17. Awesome. First book I ever read. Aged 5. Too busy reading other things to re-read it (besides I don't re-read anything - ONE EXCEPTION Ki Longfellow's The Secret Magdalene). So that 5 star is a retro-rating. I'm stickin with it though.

    18. Cute and quaint stories. Quite different to kids books now. The author does not shy away from death or violence at all. Honestly, while I found it a tad unexpected, it was quite refreshing. Some minor mistakes in animal names, such as an echidna being called a porcupine.

    19. it was a very interesting story it had a lot of charter for a litter koala and involved a lot of adventure it is more a book for children aged from 8 to 10 (primary school)

    20. I don't own this, but I wish I did. The one with the red cover that I used to get out of the school library week after week

    21. Really grew up on a solid diet of this one :) And never failed to cry when Blinky Bill's father was shot :( Ten thousand times worse than Bambi!

    22. Blinky Bill was one of my favourite shows as a kid and it still makes me smile when i see it on TV. The book is just as well crafted and written. It is simply 'extraordinary' :)

    23. The book isn't as funny as the tv show but still a childhood favourite of mine. Many fond memories of this mischievous Koala.

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