• Title: The Little Lame Prince
  • Author: Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
  • ISBN: 9781426407550
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Little Lame Prince This is a pre historical reproduction that was curated for quality Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digiti
    This is a pre 1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process Though we have made best efforts the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience We believe this work is culturally importanThis is a pre 1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process Though we have made best efforts the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.Yes, he was the most beautiful Prince that ever was born Of course, being a prince, people said that but it was true besides.The Prince s christening was to be a grand affair By six in the morning all the royal household had dressed itself in its very best and then the little Prince was dressed in his best his magnificent christening robe which proceeding his Royal Highness did not like at all, but kicked and screamed like any common baby.In truth, though very few knew the Prince in coming to the chapel had met with a slight disaster His nurse not his ordinary one, but the state nurse maid an elegant and fashionable young lady of rank, whose duty it was to carry him to and from the chapel, had been so occupied in arranging her train with one hand, while she held the baby with the other, that she stumbled and let him fall, just at the foot of the marble staircase To be sure, she contrived to pick him up again the next minute and the accident was so slight it seemed hardly worth speaking of Consequently nobody did speak of it The baby had turned deadly pale, but did not cry, so no person a step or two behind could discover anything wrong afterward, even if he had moaned, the silver trumpets were loud enough to drown his voice It would have been a pity to let anything trouble such a day of felicity.

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    1. I loved this book! Once when I was about 8 years old, I got sick while on vacation in California. Unfortunately, it was the day we were all scheduled to go to the beach. I was crying as I watched them leave down the driveway of my granma's house. My grandma, in an attempt to make me feel better, started to read to me from this book. I kept begging for her to continue, and so she read to me most of the day until it was finished. The memory is so precious to me, I wouldn't give it up for a thousan [...]

    2. I would've liked this better if the narrative voice was a little less intrusive. The narrator/author tells us that this originated as an oral bedtime story for her daughter, and the style very much reflects that. It actually reminded me quite a lot of the episodic tales that my mother told me as a very small child. That made be feel warmly toward the story in general, but as an adult, I still found it a bit hmm, not quite condescending, but perhaps a bit too instructive?The prince of the story i [...]

    3. This is a very old book that my mom loved growing up. She found it at an antique store and then made me read it, because it was such a favorite of hers growing up.And I think it's one of those books that you have to grow up loving. It was very sweet- almost TOO sweet, really. The writer addresses the readers directly (a la Jane Eyre) at several points to ask you how you might have felt if such-and-such had happened to you. The poor little lame prince is locked away in a tower until his godmother [...]

    4. I am giving this book an "amazing" rating, however I'll admit that's the opinion of my eight year old self. I had no idea that this 1875 fairy tale was already a hundred years old when I read it. I didn't notice the language to be very "Victorian", but then I was an odd little girl. The story of the little crippled prince affected me so profoundly I simply refused to return it to the library. I wanted to keep him and protect him. Sister Agnes Jerome was NOT amused. I got a lecture on stealing. W [...]

    5. This was one of my favorite books as a child. I owned it, and have probably read it at least 50 times. It was pure escapism for me. All I wanted to do was to get on a magic cloak, and fly away from my life.UPDATE 05-07-2017My 8 year old granddaughter Allison was in the midst of doing a school project, and asked me what had been my favorite book was when I was an eight year old myself. I immediately thought of this book, and re-read it for the up-teenth time. It was very nostalgic.

    6. It's been many years since I read this charming, but bittersweet story. doesn't actually show the edition of the book I own, which was handed down to me from my Grandfather, who received it as a gift from his aunt in 1925 for his 5th birthday.

    7. I went to Art Park back in the 80s, an outdoor theater-on-the-grass, to see a musical of The Little Prince. I was like, “Wait a minute, this isn’t the story! What’s with all the planets?” Silly me. It was an adaptation of the Little Prince called The Little Prince and the Aviator, and not what I was thinking at all. The book I loved was The Little Lame Prince by Miss Mulock (Dinah Maria Mulock Craik). My copy is by M. A. Donohue & Co. and has no copyright date. I'm guessing circa 191 [...]

    8. I'm not really sure what to say about this book I had never heard of this author before Mo's review, and reading it as an adult was quite pleasant but nothing extraordinary. Maybe if I'd grown up with these stories, I may have appreciated them more? I listened to the Librivox recording, but didn't like the narrator's style: she read too fast and included too many silly "squeaky" voices.

    9. VICTORIAN FLYING CLOAK!In ten gentle chapters with simple sketches we meet another charming child--this one lame but royal, and an orphan. (Somewhat reminiscent of Old Testament Jonathan's crippled son.) A healthy baby prince is dropped by a careless nurse enroute to his christening; when both his parents die, he is at the mercy of his ambitious uncle/regent who has him secreted away to a lonely tower on a barren plain. (Reminds me of the Chinese folk tale: The Emperor and the Kite). With only a [...]

    10. Like many others, I read this as a child and my memory of it was that it was spellbinding. I found it in our church library and didn't want anyone to find me in there reading it because I knew they would make me leave it and I didn't know when I would ever get to come back. To this day, when I visit that church, I can't even find the library anymore. (So Harry Potteresque a memory - a missing yet delightful room that appeared when I needed it most - but that is another story.) Again, like others [...]

    11. What a wonderful find this story was. I imagine it would make a lovely bedtime read-aloud for a child, as it would provide opportunity for conversation on accepting hardship, how one might react when things happen out of our control, and the importance of forgiveness and humility. Very rare to find in a (well-written) children's book.[This rating and review applies to the ten chapters of "The Little Lame Prince" rather than the five short stories I was surprised to find at the end, and didn't en [...]

    12. This is an example of a book you read as a child that stays with you forever. I don't even remember how old I was when I read it, but recall clearly the flights of fancy my mind took as a result. I was young enough to be able to dream about being locked in a tower by an evil uncle and flying to freedom. I remember becoming so caught up in the story that I read it on a folded blanket on the floor that I could pretend was my own traveling cloak. I am delighted that it is still in print!

    13. The little lame prince when I start to read it in the beginning I felt boring but when I read it more I understand each part and what they said about the prince . This book was amazing and I like it a lot because I learned how to deal with ather people and alao it learned us to be nice with people and don't make them imbaresing so I suggest everyone to read this amazing book because it's really interesting .

    14. The stories are a bit involved for small children. However, the stories are nice moral based fairy tales. This Kindle version holds six stories. The Little Lame Prince The Invisible Prince Prince Cherry The Prince with the Nose The Frog Prince Clever Alice

    15. This book examines the prejudices of many societies, and resilience of children with handicaps. I first read this one summer as a child, then again as a teen, and this is the third time. This book deserves to be considered a children's classic.

    16. Loved this book at a child! Several scenes from it made indelible pictures in my mind I have to this day.

    17. This was my favorite book when I was a child. I remember reading and rereading it. I tried to read it with that little girl's mentality and kept asking myself, 'What drew me to this book? Why did I carefully write my name in my best cursive in the front? Why did I keep returning to this one?'I think it's partly the Little Prince's isolation and loneliness. My childhood was turbulentm married three times (the name I wrote was a reminder of one of those husbands). I was often left alone to amuse m [...]

    18. The book came with a sentimental recommendation from a dear friend. I was reading an old, well-read copy with delightful illustrations. Despite all these positives, I loathed the story.Prince Dolor is paralyzed by his nurse, orphaned and locked away in a tower all in the first chapter or two. Before all this tragedy is heaped on Craik manages to create an interesting kingdom rich with traditions but she tosses this all aside to instead create a miserable childhood for her royal protagonist.I rea [...]

    19. Rosemary Wells presents the story of The Little Lame Prince in a cute and entertaining way. In the story, Francisco the pig becomes lame after being dropped by his beautiful but less than vigilant chambermaid. The story becomes sad when the Queen dies and then sadder still when the King dies and Francisco is sent away so that Osvaldo can take the throne. While he is away, Francisco reads a lot and learns a lot. One night he is visited by his Fairy Godmother who gives him a cape to fly on. Many y [...]

    20. Several Years ago, I picked up an 1893 edition of this little book in a little Antique store in Connecticut. It has an inscription on one of the first pages: "Merry Christmas to Maggie, from Nellie. Dec. 25th 1897. What a cool thing. I got it out and read it again the other day, but got to the end and remembered that it was missing about the last three pages. I found the whole story on Wikisource, and copied it to put in the book. Very Cool. It's a wonderful little story about a little prince wh [...]

    21. I found this little old fairy tale at my Mom's house. The inscription which was hand written on the inside cover said, "Ila Carlisle, I am 14 1/2 and I have light brown hair and right now it is fixed like this and is pretty. I have blue eyes and ugly teeth and ugly smile. I am not so hot looking. I had a heavenly time at Marg's wedding."My Aunt Marg got married in August of 1936. I was intrigued about how this young girl felt about herself, and how I felt about myself as a young teenage girl. I [...]

    22. the writing in this book is very formal, and typical to the standard fairytale reading. Because of my disinterest in fairytales generally, I had a really hard time into it, right at first. But, once I got through the main 'fairytale part', then it became poignant, and then, right towards the end, it even became clever. I gave it three stars because of how slow it was in getting to the point, and how inanely formal it also was. but that is my own personal taste. far as qualifying/rating it as a ' [...]

    23. It may not appeal to many young children now, as the voice and story are a bit aged. But it really is an adorable story that stays with you after reading. It isn't particularly exciting, but it draws you in emotionally, and has you rooting for the prince the entire time. It has a lot of themes that children should learn, as well as a great deeper meaning (which I won't spoil). It's really a very cute, magical little story. I recommend it, for children as well as adults, who I also think can appr [...]

    24. Like many others here, I read this book when I was about eight years old, and absolutely loved it. I reread it recently, and found it as wise and well-crafted as I'd remembered. Dolor and the nurse are unforgettable characters, and so is the godmother! It's true that the language is old-fashioned and the narration a bit intrusive by modern standards. It doesn't matter. This gentle story has considerable emotional depth, and it still comes through.

    25. My grandmother bought this book for me when I was a young teen-ager, and she told me it had been a book that she enjoyed as a child. I thought that was pretty special to share books with me, as she did throughout my childhood. I've been looking for this title, and just re-discovered it here - Only going by "memory" in regards to what the story was about, I remember enjoying the story, but it's been so long since I've actually read it. Wanted to get it added to my "shelves" ;)

    26. This book was okay. I thought it was pretty good, but I'm not quite sure if it is proper for children of certain ages considering all the death that happens. But, I guess these things happen and they need to be faced at some point. (view spoiler)[I still could have done without Uncle Osvaldo randomly dropping dead and Isabella crying tears of joy because he died. (hide spoiler)] Overall though, a well written story with a good inspiration base. =)

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