• Title: Pillow Talk
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pillow Talk Three firefighters ready for anything One woman ready for everyone The perfect set up for a hot game between friends and it s New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks at her incendiary best Zoe Mi
    Three firefighters ready for anything One woman ready for everyone The perfect set up for a hot game between friends and it s New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks at her incendiary best.Zoe Michaels may be in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Chase , but there s no lack of heat between her and her other two roommates, Brody and Tate After all, the thThree firefighters ready for anything One woman ready for everyone The perfect set up for a hot game between friends and it s New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks at her incendiary best.Zoe Michaels may be in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Chase , but there s no lack of heat between her and her other two roommates, Brody and Tate After all, the three guys are all firefighters Then one night, Chase reveals his number one fantasy for Zoe to perform an everything goes striptease in front of his buddies A turn on for them means a turn on for him And for Zoe It proves to be even , and it opens the door for a secret desire all her own to come true Includes a preview of Maya s new novel Echoes at Dawn, available July 2012.Previously published in Four Play

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    1. This is a typical Maya Banks story in that it starts out hot, but eventually I'm cringing at what poor Zoe is going through. I was hoping at the very least that the guys bought her a gallon of cranberry juice and maybe one of those donut pillows to sit on for a few days.And when they decided to make it a permanent arrangement, I couldn't help but think that in a couple of months Zoe was going to look like a cowboy who's spent 30 years on the back of a horse.

    2. After some less than successful erotic romance, I picked up Pillow Talk. Originally published as part of the Four Play anthology, it has now been released separately by Penguin as an eSpecial. While Ms. Banks' books don't always work super well for me, I find her a reliable read, particularly in the erotic department and this was no exception. Zoe and Chase are a couple and share a house with Brody and Tate. The 3 men work together as firefighters and Zoe is an ER nurse. During some sexy post (a [...]

    3. I knew going in that this was taboo but I think I bit off more than I could chew with this one. Don't get me wrong The sex? It was smoking hot!!!! But they get a bit carried away in fantasy land and personally I eventually cringed coz Zoe's vajayjay took some serious beatings after some of the scenes I was amazed that she could even walk!!! LoL

    4. How does one fall into a relationship with three guys, open communication… Hot, abduction scene.

    5. Pillow Talk the story in this novella by Maya Banks stars Zoe our heroine and three hot heroes Chase, Brody and Tate. The four of them have been friends for a long time and currently live in one house. Zoe and Chase are in a relationship. Zoe and Chase enjoy an adventurous sex life and one night during one of their steamy nights they reveal some of their deeper and kinkier sexual fantasies. Zoe decides to fulfill one of Chase's fantasy and gets help from Brody and Tate in setting up this fantasy [...]

    6. *** This review contains spoilers. ***This book was enjoyable purely for its vicarious erotic thrill, not for any supposed realism. We all have sexual fantasies, right? (I refer particularly to those of us reading romance/erotica and these reviews). Well, sexual fantasies, unlike other fantasies, are powerful for allowing us to enjoy what we can not and should not have in real life.Chase and Zoe have an enviable and openly accepting love life. Chase has voyeuristic fantasizes about "other men wa [...]

    7. Maya NEVER disappoints me!!Chase and Zoe had the perfect relationship-open, honest, fun, respect, great sex, and love (whether they brought attention to it or not). They were the perfect couple always wanting to satisfy the other sexually, and if playing out fantasies is what does it-then so be it!Now I didn't think this story would take the journey it did from Zoe giving her boyfriend and his pals a sexy dancebut I did enjoy it. I knew Chase was going to bend the rules from the time he took Zoe [...]

    8. Zoe Michaels lives with her boyfriend, Chase Hilliard, and their two best friends, Brody McNamara and Tate Winslow. Zoe and Chase have an extraordinary sex life and often shared their most sensual sexual fantasies at night. After Zoe creates one of Chase's fantasies for his birthday, he decides to reciprocate with a fantasy involving additional men. He involves Brody and Chase in the adventure.The title of the anthology is appropriate for this story as it involves the relationship between the Zo [...]

    9. Pillow Talk is the first book of Maya Banks that I have read. It’s a story of four friends who have been friends for forever, but two of them are in a committed relationship. Zoe and Chase are two people with their own kinks who fantasize of bringing other people into the relationship. Chase likes to watch his lady love being handled by other men and Zoe wants multiple partners at the same time. At first, this wasn’t a problem as it was only fantasy, but then the other two roommates got invo [...]

    10. 3 stars for Chase for being an understanding and loving man who would go to great lengths to make his woman happy.There are steamy scenes in there but i just skipped after the first one in the hunting cabin. I don't think one woman with three men she would live with and have sex with can still walk normally after night after night of sex. I went to the ending because it was too painful to read. I don't think it is feasible to live this lifestyle for real because there would be a lot of issues th [...]

    11. Pillow Talk involves Zoe Michaels and Chase. A couple who live together along with their roommates, Brody and Tate. During their pillow talk Chase and Zoe share their sexual fantasies and it simulates their pleasure together until Zoe decides to make one of Chase's fantasies come true with the help of Brody and Tate. Then Chase decides to make Zoe's fantasy come true and employees the help of Brody and Tate. Brody and Tate share Zoe in a menage while Chase watches and then also particpates. Zoe [...]

    12. This was a super spicy read. Not that I expected anything different from Maya Banks.I'm kind of morbidly fascinated by the idea of a permanent threesome - or foursome, as the case may be. I'm not entirely sure this could work in real life. Aside from the jealousy and trust issues associated with such an arrangement, there's society's take on it and what that means for the parties involved. It's easy enough to say "We don't care what others think of us" until you're actually living that life. The [...]

    13. Very Hot!! I read a lot of reviews that delve a lot into story line and "could that really happen" type analysis. This is NOT why I read erotica. Erotica is about the fantasy and Maya Banks delivers this is a very fun, sexy, playful way. It has a few surprises and twists that make you stop and just say 'wow'. Reality is suspended for a few hours and you live in a place where fantasy rules. Chase is the amazing wonderful boyfriend who wants whatever will make his girl happy and boy does he ever m [...]

    14. was good. I wasn't sure if I liked Chase at first the way he invited their friends(Brody & Tate) into his relationship wit Zoe. His being a voyeur was interesting in a way, but I didn't care for him bringing Dillon into the mix. The fact that he & Zoe lived with their 2 best friends wasn't important at first but afterwards it made sense that he brought them in because they both loved Zoe as much as he did & Chase knew. It wasn't my favorite book by Maya Banks but it was still good.

    15. I must admit I thought that this book was going to go in a different direction. It had some moments that were awesome to read. But then there was others that I just felt like I couldn't finish the book. It was definitely a hard read for me, and I tend to go through books like candy, so that is saying a lot. If you are into a lot of situations that are intense and pretty insane kink scenes, then this book is for you.

    16. I really enjoyed this story. Maya Banks ability to craft characters such as Zoe, Chase, Brody and Tate in a condensed novella and build an enjoyable plot was well done. The story, characters and sex scenes were over the top. Without a doubt one of the best Menage books I've read.

    17. Very hot read. Such details Make you feel like in the middle of a great love triangle. Didn't expect the story to go this way. But this surprise was a GOOD ONE! VERY HOT & STEAMY. FANTASIES.

    18. 3/4 hot guys worshiping your body to complete exhaustion is a girls dream. This can cause a bit of discord in the home when one of them don't belong. This is where communications become key. Banks makes fantasizing fun and places caution on how much making them come true can change things.

    19. I love that she was so open with her sexuality but it was a little over the top. I know it's a taboo book and subject matter but some of it was just to much fantasy. It was a good read so that is a plus.

    20. Was definitely a hot read. Not sure that this type of relationship would work in real life. But it makes good fiction!

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