• Title: Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach
  • Author: Colin Cotterill Kim Mai Guest
  • ISBN: 9781611747607
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Grandad There s a Head on the Beach Jimm Juree who was well on her way to becoming the primary crime reporter for the major daily newspaper in Chiang Mai is less than thrilled to have lost her job and relocated to a place where nothin
    Jimm Juree, who was well on her way to becoming the primary crime reporter for the major daily newspaper in Chiang Mai, is less than thrilled to have lost her job and relocated to a place where nothing ever happens When she learns that a head has washed up on the beach, she greets the news with mixed emotions It s tragic, of course, but this could be the sort of sensatioJimm Juree, who was well on her way to becoming the primary crime reporter for the major daily newspaper in Chiang Mai, is less than thrilled to have lost her job and relocated to a place where nothing ever happens When she learns that a head has washed up on the beach, she greets the news with mixed emotions It s tragic, of course, but this could be the sort of sensational murder that would get her a byline in a major daily if she still worked for one Instead, all she can do is find out who was murdered and why.With her former cop grandfather as back up, she sets out to discover how the poor fellow ended up where he did and why On their journey, with the rest of their disjointed family in tow, they uncover gruesome tales of piracy and slavery, violence and murder in the Gulf of Thailand Are the authorities uninterested because they re involved, or because the victims aren t Thai Whatever the reason, Jimm and her team are going it alone and their lives are under threat And who exactly are those two elegant women in cabin three and why has the engine number of their car been filed away Airport hostages and hand grenades, monkeys and naked policemen once the sublime and the ridiculous clash at the Gulf Bay Lovely Resort and Restaurant.

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    1. I love Colin Cotterill's books. This is the second in his Jimm Juree series. Jimm is a tenacious crime reporter who, for family reasons is stuck in the south of Thailand where (one would think) nothing exciting ever happens. but of course - in crime fiction fashion she not only finds crimes to write about, she also solves them. I've read both books in the Jimm Juree series and a number in his other series, which is about a reluctant coroner in communist Laos. All of Cotterill's characters are ju [...]

    2. Colin Cotterill’s first crime series was set in Laos. The six stories featured Dr. Siri, an ageing coroner and savvy survivor of political war, making do in a resource-starved environment run by corrupt Communist officials. The stories are quietly funny, gently dark. We learn much about an ancient culture in a formerly beautiful part of the world devastated by war which remains largely unknown to western readers. I have read and enjoyed three of the Dr. Siri books. Cotterill’s second crime s [...]

    3. I read the reviews of this book, before I read it. Some folks really liked it, but those who didn't gave it somewhat scathing reviews. Still, I must say this book was much like the first, and I liked it well enough. I think the problem some people have with this series, is that they are comparing the Jimm Juree books with Mr. Cotterill's stories about Dr. Siri. They're nothing alike. That's not a bad thing. The characters in the series are unique, and the tone and story of both series are quite [...]

    4. This author is consistently awesome. It was a funny mystery, and yet now I know a fair amount about the plight of Burmese slaves in Thailand.

    5. It should be no surprise to anyone that Colin Cotterill's way with words has translated easily from the Laos of the 1970s in his Dr. Siri Paiboun mysteries to modern-day Thailand. From the mind of a wily and rebellious old Communist, we now get to enjoy following Jimm Juree, a Westernized Thai woman who has a talent for rooting out stories and surviving one family calamity after another. Although I love Cotterill's humor-- and there is plenty to be found here-- he also deals with serious topics [...]

    6. This sequel provides an entertaining continuation to the tale of Jimm Jurree, the Thai crime reporter who, in Killed at the Whim of a Hat, reluctantly followed her cognitively declining mother to the sleepy coastal region of South Thailand. Readers are likely to enjoy this seriocomic tale, and find Jimm’s nuclear family and neighbors fun to sojourn with, as I did. Yet I was disappointed with the book, which didn’t, in my view, present anything deepening or striking, in terms of character dev [...]

    7. As a huge fan of Colin Cotterill's books I was shocked at how bad this one was. I don't know what went wrong, but it seems as though he just wasn't interested in the plot or the characters and just spent his time making silly jokes. I loved the first Jimm Juree book and I hope Colin returns to form in the next one. In my opinion, the Dr Siri series was absolutely superb, apart from "Love Songs from a Shallow Grave" which was to be the last of that series. He seemed to have lost interest with tha [...]

    8. Get ready to spit out your milk. Cotterill has done it again with a laugh-out loud mystery featuring former crime reporter, Jimm Juree. And her former traffic cop grandfather, her slightly crazy mother, her transsexual computer hacker sister/brother and a host of zany locals in southern Thailand. Oh. And a head washed up on the beach by the last monsoon. Yes. A real head. Juree and her posse take on slavery, kidnapping, corrupt charities and police as they hunt down the fiends and bring them to [...]

    9. If you read a plot summary of this book,you might think "Ah.zy mystery. After all it's an amateur sleuth, small town, quirky charactorsBut add in the enforced slavery and the plight of the Burmese people in Thailand.t so much.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely read more from this author. It does contain plot elements of a cozy read, funny and great charactors, but a little more "heft", I need to read the 1st in this series, (Jimm Juree) "Killed at the Whim of a Hat" and I'd like [...]

    10. I really enjoy how the author uses analogies that don't quite fit, creates off-beat and sometimes bizarre characters, builds tension and mystery while maintaining a tongue in cheek sense of humor, and makes up ridiculous stories. This book had all of this as well as real life issues of how discrimination in Thailand of the Burmese immigrants includes slavery and murder.As much as I have enjoyed the first two books in the Jimm Juree series, I really miss the stories from the Dr. Siri books--I wis [...]

    11. Poorly narrated by the german audiobook narrator. The story is trying to be quite educating about Burman people in Thailand - often too obvious, so the story has to stand back behind the "and this is how Burma's are treated in Thailand", or "this is how much influence the Thai aristrocacy has on poor other Thai people", and "look, how many transsexual beautiful people there are in Thailand (I must admit that is very true)" - just always a bit too . Well, after the Dr. Siri series are the stories [...]

    12. I haven't laughed so hard at murder and mayhem in some time.Jimm finds herself enbroiled in a mystery on the very first page. Cotterill's descriptions are hilarious and had me laughing out loud frequently. Honestly, I don't know how Cotterill does it. He manages to take violent death and make it screamingly funny. Still, the mystery pulled me in and kept me turning pages until all was revealed.I wait with bated breath for more from Jimm.

    13. This funny but touching book will give any reader front-row seat of life in rural Thailand. Cotterill captured the Asian family values and love for Karaoke introducing each chapter with a mangled version of popular songs. More importantly, I love how this book revealed the plight of the Burmese in between chuckles and laugh-out-loud lines.

    14. TextsicherBei einem Morgenspaziergang mit den Hunden findet die ehemalige Kriminalreporterin Jimm Juree einen menschlichen Kopf. Nach einer oberflächlichen Untersuchung will die Polizei die Sache ad acta legen. Doch die haben nicht mit Jimm gerechnet. Auch wenn ihre Karriere ziemlich den Bach runtergegangen ist seit ihre Mutter mit Jimm und ihrem Bruder Arny in dieses verschlafene Provinznest zog, ihre Fähigkeiten und ihre Neugier hat sie nicht verloren. Neugierig machen sie auch die einzigen [...]

    15. Got this as an audiobook. I really really like Cotterill's Siri Paiboun series as audiobook. I have listened to 9 of them. It not deep but it is enjoyable. But I just cannot get into this character or the story. I could careless so I am going to have to let this one go and stick to his other series.

    16. Although this was a bit more preachy and a bit less fun than the first, I'm still really enjoying this series. The side characters are all great, and I find myself laughing out loud while I listen to them.

    17. This audiobook was not as entertaining as the first one in the series. In fact, except for the interesting info about the mistreatment of the Burmese immigrant workers, I was bored. However, I persevered and finished the audiobook to give it a fair chance.

    18. I'm falling in love with Colin. He provides a clear picture of the plight of the Burmese while making you laugh. That's quite an achievement. Read his biography, then read this book. Fascinating.

    19. Still struggling to get comfortable with these characters but I would read another in the series.

    20. Wacky and fun--and you learn about Thailand and Burma and the fact that there are diversity problems everywhere and prejudiced attitudes about "others" who come to a country to improve their status.

    21. I have loved Dr Siri for years but I didn't find Killed At The Whim Of A Hat as good so it's taken me a while to get round to this but wow! I'm impressed. Jim, former crime reporter, finds a severed head on the beach and her ensuing enquiries lead to slavery and mayhem. This book is laugh out loud funny but at the same time manages to highlight the dual problems of illegal immigrants and slavery without being either polemical or mawkish. To my mind this is an astonishing feat. This is one of the [...]

    22. This series is a cute and funny Thai version of cozy mysteries set at a small out-of-the way and struggling to stay afloat beach resort. This one also takes on a more serious subject matter, the plight of Burmese immigrant workers in Thailand (or, really, the plight of all immigrant and undocumented workers every where in the world.) It does a good job of depicting the issues in a small context, more understandable and easier to imagine solutions for, than the news stories about hundreds of thou [...]

    23. Where to begin The main character, Jimm Juree, is suppose to be a 34 year old single Thai woman reporter, living w/ her family @ a dilapidated beach resort. Her Granddad is a former Traffic Officer, who sits & watches local traffic and counts violations all day. Her brother helps around the resort (and I forget what else) and is in love w/ a female body-builder his mothers' age. Her mother haphazardly runs the resort, which is now in the midst of a monsoon.Jimm finds a man's head on the beac [...]

    24. Book 2, in the Jimm Juree MysteriesIf humour is the essence we find here no shortage of it, actually we have plenty to make us laugh, a bit too much for my taste but again this is Colin Cotterill, a prolific and eccentric crime writer and cartoonist who is more than able to produce stories that will certainly throw us off guard, bring a sort of escape, provide an exotic ambiance and strike the right nuance between funny and subtle.Told in the first person by Jimm the story opens with the discove [...]

    25. I had read the first and third books in this series so was pleased to get hold of this one. Jimm and her eccentric family live in a small town in Thailand and this is pretty much light hearted stuff though there are some nasty villains and people do get killed. An entertaining read with a bit of a message about the plight of the Burmese people.

    26. I have read all of Colin Cotterill's Dr Siri books as well as the first of this new series featuring displaced journalist Jimm Juree, so I came to this one with high expectations of being well entertained. I was not disappointed. Great literature it is not but it is not intended to be. It is light entertainment with a bit of an edge. The entertainment comes from Jimm, her family and the various characters that live around the distinctly shabby holiday resort called ironically "Lovely Resort". Th [...]

    27. I missed reading the first book in this series so it took a little bit to catch up on this one. Jimmi Juree is a former crime reporter who has given up her career and moved to a small town on the gulf of Thailand to help out her mother and her family. Her family and friends are very, very eccentric to say the least.Per the title, the book starts with Jimmi discovering a head on the beach. After this lunacy ensues as Jimmi tries to navigate her family, mysterious visitors and all kinds of shenani [...]

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