• Title: Triple Play
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9781612180922
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
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    Triple Play Since he first appeared on the literary scene in True Detective hardboiled Chicago PI Nathan Heller has tackled some of the toughest cases the Windy City has to offer Now the gumshoe returns in Tripl
    Since he first appeared on the literary scene in True Detective, hardboiled Chicago PI Nathan Heller has tackled some of the toughest cases the Windy City has to offer Now the gumshoe returns in Triple Play A Nathan Heller Casebook, a gripping collection based on real cases of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s In Dying in the Post War World, Heller returns from combat to find hSince he first appeared on the literary scene in True Detective, hardboiled Chicago PI Nathan Heller has tackled some of the toughest cases the Windy City has to offer Now the gumshoe returns in Triple Play A Nathan Heller Casebook, a gripping collection based on real cases of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s In Dying in the Post War World, Heller returns from combat to find his marriage a shambles and himself square in the middle of the notorious Lipstick Killer case of 1946 Kisses of Death follows the PI into the 1950s, when he is hired to guard Marilyn Monroe The famous starlet s intellectual pursuits eventually lead to Greenwich Village and the grisly murder of an early beatnik And in Strike Zone, Heller is hired by baseball boss Bill Veeck to investigate the 1961 murder of a famous pinch hitter whose private life will pull Nate into a dangerous new world of little people and big sins Heller s trademark cynicism and knack for keen social observation are on full display in this trio of short novels, offering a gritty insider s look at some of the twentieth century s most shocking crimes.

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    1. Another winner from Max Allan Collins: three Nathan Heller pieces of longer length.DYING IN THE POST-WAR WORLD finds Heller getting back into the PI business after serving his country in WWII, a pregnant wife feeling less than glamorous, and looking into the "Lipstick Killer" caseSSES OF DEATH starts with Heller's first meeting with a young Marilyn Monroe, being her bodyguard, and eventually to the murder of poet/novelist Maxwell Bodenheim and his wife at the time STRIKE ZONE finds Heller workin [...]

    2. This was an engaging collection of three real-life murders fictionalized to add Collins' detective to the mix. I prefer Collins' Quarry noir stories, but these totally entertained me and made me interested in the history of the real crimes. So if you like that sort of thing, I recommend this book to you. Note: Really surprised by the number of typos/missed words in this ebook. Author's nightmare when this sort of thing happens.

    3. Max Allan Collins has given us a number of Nathan Heller novels. In this book he collects three novellas from the world of Nathan Heller. There is a grand tradition of these stories that are longer than short stories and shorter than novels. Once it was common to feature these in short story magazines. Authors (or publishers) would often collect three of these novellas and publish them in a single volume. Collins points out that this was a standard practice for Rex Stout. As short story periodic [...]

    4. Triple Play is a collection of Max Allen Colllins’ short novels featuring detective Nate Heller, who seems to be involved in every historical mystery of the 20th Century. Collins is an expert of genre, both of the Private Eye story as well as the historical mystery story and these three stories (two novellas and a short story) as well done, fast paced reads that keep the reader moving rapidly to get to the well planned conclusions.The stories are told from Heller’s perspective and lean heavi [...]

    5. Three hard-boiled novellas reminiscent of those found in the pages of a pulp-fiction magazine. In these three stories Nate Heller, president and founder of the creatively named A1Detective Agency, finds himself once again caught up in three distinct and newsworthy events of the last half century. In the first he is quite literally caught up in the brutal lip-lipstick killings though an acquaintance whose daughter has been abducted. Heller finds realistic justice in the end as was once again he d [...]

    6. Triple Play includes three Nathan Heller stories: Dying in the Post-War World, Kisses of Death, and Strike Zone. Dying in the Post-War World is based on the exploits of the Lipstick Killer, and it is the most violent and entertaining story in this collection. Heller is hired by a business acquaintance to find his kidnapped daughter, and it turns into a search for her killer, which leads him in several different directions. This one is a real page turner.Kisses of Death starts out with Heller gua [...]

    7. I'll say it again--not a fan of mysteries, and not of fan of this genre, but I love a good story with solid characters and every ONE of Max Allan Collins' books deliver.This installment has three more Nathan Heller stories. They are too long to be short stories, but not long enough for their own covers. They are not sequential, giving us a different glimpse of Nathan Heller each time. My favorite is the last one, STRIKE ZONE. It's about a little person (book uses "midget") who at one point playe [...]

    8. 3 shorter pieces; one recycled; one with a nod to MM; and the third with a baseball background; hence, the title. This isn't the usual detailed exposition one gets in a Nate Heller novel.Under other circumstances, I would be rating this 3 stars or less, but the shortcomings are balanced by a very interesting introduction where Collins discusses the role of the shorter story, particularly in the context of crime fiction. Further, the story of Eddie Gaedel (who will always be remembered as the sho [...]

    9. This is a collection of three novellas featuring series character Nathan Heller. I'm a big fan of the Heller novels, and while these are of shorter length they don't disappoint. Heller takes on the Lipstick Killer in the first novella, and in the latter two crosses paths with such celebrities as Ben Hecht, Marilyn Monroe, and Bill Veeck. As always, Collins appends an afterword discussing his sources and delineating fact from fiction. Recommended!

    10. Three excellent Nathan Heller stories -- billed as three short novels but really one short novel and three long short stories. Each, as with the regular novels in this series, puts Heller in the right place and right time to solve a real-world, historical murder case. All three feature vivid characters, brutal crimes, and more than a little bit of humor. Equally as good as the full Heller novels and worth a read.

    11. I haven't read Max Allan Collins before but really enjoyed this, a cheap deal on Kindle. Collins writes an introduction about how the market for short, pulp fiction has changed since its heyday. The best story is the first, about Chicago's so-called Lipstick Killer. The second features Marilyn Monroe in a cameo role. The final piece is a bit short, but otherwise an entertaining read.

    12. I really get tired of the name dropping in these Nate Heller books. The dude knows everyone from Elliott Ness and Frank Nitti to Marilyn Monroe. Give me a break. I prefer my hardboiled detectives be a little more obscure.

    13. great readingof an audiobook. Dan John Miller is superb as Nathan Heller. great voice. great acting. I love these books :)

    14. I like the way the book has started out. It makes me want to keep reading. The three stories were unrelated but each one was interesting and well written. I want to read more by this author.

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