• Title: Simon och ekarna
  • Author: Marianne Fredriksson
  • ISBN: 9789146149927
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Simon och ekarna This quietly moving story of family friendship and love by the author of Hanna s Daughters has already become an international best seller and will no doubt capture the hearts of American readers
    This quietly moving story of family, friendship, and love, by the author of Hanna s Daughters , has already become an international best seller and will no doubt capture the hearts of American readers as well Simon Larsson is a pensive andd thoughtful boy growing up i Sweden during World War II, fortunate to be safe within a remarkably loving and cohesive community HalfThis quietly moving story of family, friendship, and love, by the author of Hanna s Daughters , has already become an international best seller and will no doubt capture the hearts of American readers as well Simon Larsson is a pensive andd thoughtful boy growing up i Sweden during World War II, fortunate to be safe within a remarkably loving and cohesive community Half Jewish, he is being raised by his Scandinavian aunt and uncle, who adopted him as their own at birth In a novel rich in mystical overtones, his adoptive parents take on truly archetypal dimensions Karin s deep love and compassion is matched by Erik s understated strength and stoicism, and together they create a firm family base from which 11 year old Simon can grow and dream But Simon, who doesn t know the story of his birth and adoption, seems set apart from his Scandinavian world by his dark hair and olive complexion, and he often retreats into fantasies to alleviate his feelings of disconnection When he befriends Isak Lentov, a young Jewish boy from Germany, their families become close in spite of the contrast between Isak s father s religious faith and the Larssons strictly secular Swedish socialism These two opposing viewpoints help form a unique framework for Simon and Isak as they come of age and work toward finding meaning in their lives, and as Fredriksson explores relations between fantasy, myth, and reality Catherine Sias

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    1. Bad Mother No. 1 - Karin's mother had so many children before she (Karin) was born so she was an unwanted child and her mother hated her. Her father loved her, but she was born when her father was old already and he died when she was still very young.Bad Mother No. 2 - Inga was taking care of her old, sickly parents in a house by the lake somewhere in Sweden (where all these stories took place, starting sometime the second world war). In a stream nearby she met a handsome fiddler, a German Jew w [...]

    2. "Hon älskade pojken. Och eftersom hon var en praktisk människa visste hon bortom all tvekan, att hennes kärlek skulle flytta bergen och ändra himlens fästen om det blev nödvändigt för att trygga barnet."Detta är mitt favoritcitat från denna fantastiska bok. Först tänker man att det där med "praktisk" och att "flytta bergen" låter motsägelsefullt, sen tänker man att så är det ju inte alls. Det är alldeles, alldeles sant.Jag gav denna bok fem stjärnor därför att det enda jag [...]

    3. Finally done!! To be honest I have some mixed feelings about this book. There were a few parts I really enjoyed, but most of it, I didn't like. I don't think I would've kept reading this if I didn't have to. It was slow most of the time and I didn't have an urge to keep turning the pages.

    4. This book was a birthday present to my ex from her mother, and I picked it up one night (after shaking off the dust) in lieu of watching the Canucks getting spanked yet again. I had never heard of Fredriksson, nor did I have much of an expectation for this oddly-titled tome - but pleasant surprises are always welcome at Chez Sastre. This nicely written, moving story explores the boyhood and adolescence of a pair of Swedish lads: Simon Larsson, dark-haired and half-Jewish, abandoned by his natura [...]

    5. I really love stories about families - the dysfunction, the normalities/abnormalities, the different ways in which each member of the family acts in relation to other members. So this book definitely fit that profile. I liked that it didn't take place in America or the United Kingdom because I've read a lot of stories taking place in those locations. This book was like a breath a fresh air and Fredriksson does such a good job with imagery that it was easy for me to imagine that I was there, with [...]

    6. I am starting to fall in love with the Scandinavian authors. Marianne's writing is powerful and beautiful. I believe the best books are those who touch you at a personal level and that's what "Simon and the Oaks" did to me. I felt a great connection to Simon and I saw in a Karin someone that I lost a long time ago but was very dear to me.

    7. This one of my favorite books ever. It's a beautiful story with amazing characters. Marianne Fredriksson is my very favorite author and she does such an amazing job in character building, describing interpersonal relations, weaving events together and adding elements of mysticism to her books. I love it.

    8. The book is interesting and the events in Simon's life keep you turning pages and, in some way, feel involved in it.Again, I'm biased due to certain reasons, hence the 5-star rating.

    9. Fredrikssons roman. Densamma som Gerhard rekommenderade mig i gymnasiet. Jag är minst sagt tudelad efter att ha läst hela verket. Inledningsvis kände jag inget annat än avsmak för Simon som huvudkaraktär. Maken på otacksam och impulsiv slyngel hade jag aldrig råkat på. Det fanns ingen grund för identifikation och en fick lite känslan av Guillou och hans Erik i Ondskan. Jag har väldigt svårt för pojkar som är attraktiva, smarta, musikaliska, bra på att slåss och sexuellt lyckade [...]

    10. Boken beskriver ett udda möte mellan två familjer som vävs samman av tå pojkar Simon och Isak under 1930-50 talet i Göteborg. Historien kretsar kring Simons adoptivmor Karin, som trots att hon ofta är i marginalen har den absoluta huvudrollen i boken. Boken är bra men den pendar mellan att varia riktigt bra till att vara ganska dålig. Så mer än tre stjärnor i betyg kan jag inte ge den.

    11. Marianne Fredrikssons fina karaktärsporträtt får liv på ett fantastiskt vis via Helena Brodins berättarröst. När en ljudbok görs såhär bra så tillför det boken en helt ny dimension.

    12. The novel is much more a saga than the film, chronicling Simon's life from early boyhood into young adulthood and far beyond where the film takes us. Whereas the film ends in Simon's onset into adulthood, the novel takes us into the unexplored regions of his later life including time served in the army and his later archaeological career.What struck me most about the novel is the time it devotes to all characters involved, as opposed to the film which places Simon as very much the focus of its s [...]

    13. Simon is speaking with the oaks. The Oaks are speaking with him. Secrets coming down from forgotten lands, difficult for him to understand. He can't grasp the words they are saying. Until one day when he listens to a symphony of Berlioz. Then it all becomes clear. He sees what the music is telling. It is the story from the Oaks. He sees the old priest, the ancient buildings, the tragedies and the love coming down to him from centuries back.Like all - or many, I have not read them all - books by [...]

    14. I had very high hopes for Simon and the Oaks. I mean a coming of age story set in Sweden during the holocaust and then developing Europe. In theory this should make me salivate but it just didn’t.Simon is Jewish and lives with his Swedish aunt and uncle (there is a reason for this but i’d be giving away half the book) and during his free time he spends hours amongst the oak trees , where he confides his secrets. Later on in the novel Simon is joined by a Jewish refugee, Isaak and the two gro [...]

    15. It's strange how books on the list clump themselves together in small groups of themes and ideas. I wasn't sure I was ready for another novel about people who'd escaped the holocaust, but this book surprised me with it's readability and strong characterisation. Simon has always felt a bit of a misfit in his perfect Swedish family - dark haired and brown eyed. He is young during the war years and though aware of lingering menace affecting his parents, he's not really sure why. As he grows older h [...]

    16. I read this one in its German translation in a bid to improve my German. The story of a half-Jewish boy growing up in Sweden during/after World War II was surprisingly gripping: there was so much human interest; so many opportunities for drama. Not to mention what I think of as the 'filth chapter' which contributed countless words to my vocabulary that I would never have learned in a classroom. There were frequent forays into the surreal, or into the realms of Nordic folklore, which were tough t [...]

    17. This is another one of those books that's been sitting on my shelf for way too long. I feel like I wanted to like this book more than I actually liked it. I feel like it has all the right ingredients to be a true favourite of mine but it just wasn't. There's also a movie version of this available, and I loved the movie when I saw it a couple of years ago, so I think this is one of those rare exceptions where I prefer the movie over the book. There's nothing wrong with the actual story, I guess m [...]

    18. I added this book to my to-read shelf so long ago that I'd forgotten what about it initially caught my interest. The story itself is basic, the story of several generations of a Swedish family from the onset of WWII and beyond. Basic themes are tackled: love, death, depression, memories and war.What got me about this book was just how well Fredriksson drew out an intense story without having to create intense scenarios (though there are plenty of those too.) Even relatively minor events and subp [...]

    19. I always appreciate a book that tugs at my heart strings, plays with my emotions and makes me think. This book did all that. I enjoyed my time in Sweden with the Larsson and Lentov families. It is a coming of age story of Simon Larsson and Isak Lentov, two boys growing up during and after WWII. Simon is described as “the boy who was lonely amid his happy family” and Isak was traumatized by the Hitler Youth when he was 4 years old, which haunted his youth and adulthood. Family is at the heart [...]

    20. Jag är väldigt, väldigt kluven till vad jag egentligen tycker om den här boken. Den var verkligen inte vad jag trodde att den skulle vara, och stundom fascinerades jag av historien och karaktärerna, men stundtals blev jag mest irriterad och frustrerad när jag fick svårt att se kopplingen till själva "huvudberättelsen". Simons extremt långa malaria/syra-tripp är alldeles för utdragen.Berättaren lyfter berättelsen, och ibland är den otroligt träffande, men de många passagerna och [...]

    21. This summer a purchased a large quantity of books from my local library. When I picked up this book I had no expectations as I have never heard of either her previous books or the author herself. In saying this it was an enjoyable read. The details and the twists were nice, the family lineage was a bit hard to make sense of at points, but perhaps this was just me. I would recommend this book to persons I know would appreciate it.

    22. It takes place in Sweden which is a country I don't usually read about, so that was interesting. I also enjoyed the author's style of writing, and the characters were very interesting and well developed. I thought the elements of myth and fantasy that came up within the progression of the novel were well suited. It took a few chapters to find out where the book was going, but after that I enjoyed getting into it!

    23. Originally written in Swedish, this translated edition is set in Sweden during World War II and tells the poignant story of Simon and his family. I found the early chapters a bit confusing, until an "aha" revelation made things clearer. I also found the movement between reality and mysticism throughout the story disquieting. However, the development of strong characters and insight into an important time and place in history kept my interest until the story's inevitable conclusion.

    24. Jag väntade mig av någon anledning något helt annat av denna bok, så jag blev överrasked men inte besviken. Fina människoöden men i vissa fall hade jag velat veta än mer om karaktärerna. väldigt "kunnig" bok, med musiken och forskningen. Jag blir inspirerad till att lära mig mer, samt att boken väcker en hel del tankar om livet.

    25. 4.5Not at all what I expected, better! Complicated, elegant, poetic and just brilliant in so many more ways than I can describe here. In many ways it is a coming of age novel, in some ways it is the story of Man since the beginning of time. A story about relationships and family and all the complex feelings that arise. I cried and laughed and got sick. I loved it.

    26. I read the French translation as I couldn't find an English version anywhere. A wonderful book on the permanent quest for identity most young people face, when survival is not an issue. I really admire Marianne Fredriksson's ability to weave pragmatic, down-to-earth perspectives, with the mythical and emotional influences affecting our subconscious. A book to read and re-read.

    27. What is it about translated story that makes it feel foreign? Something about language is not changed when it is translated, bringing along the atmosphere of the original language. Set in another country, in another time, this story contains enough truth to draw one in, and enough reality to leave one slightly sad.

    28. I found the blurb set the stage for a certain plot, but while the book seemed to start out in that direction, it was soon derailed and ended completely differently to what the blurb and first half of the book lead you to expect. I found this very disappointing. This book showed a lot of promise but didn't seem able to deliver on that.

    29. Tänk att jag missat en bok som är så här bra och som alla verkar ha läst när jag nämner den. Varför har ingen tipsat mig om den innan? Varför!? En typisk bok som får mig att undra hur mitt liv hade sett ut om jag hade läst den tidigare, kanske för en sisådär 10 - 15 år sedan. Men, livet hade väl fortfarande varit hårt - det är det alltid.

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