• Title: The White Mists of Power
  • Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • ISBN: 9780451451200
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • The White Mists of Power When magician Seymour saves Bard Bryon from the hounds of death the two are forced to flee to the king s palace the one place where they hope to find sanctuary from countless enemies And along the w
    When magician Seymour saves Bard Bryon from the hounds of death, the two are forced to flee to the king s palace, the one place where they hope to find sanctuary from countless enemies And along the way Seymour learns that Byron is possessed by the white mists of power, perhaps the long prophesied bringer of doom to the world.

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    1. Given that every fantasy writer out there seems to be producing trilogies (at least), it's good to get my hands on a standalone novel every so often!In The White Mists of Power, Rusch initially starts with two storylines, one involving a crazy duke who likes to hunt people with hounds (see cover) and one involving a young prince, the son of a figurehead king, who wants to see the real world for himself. In the former, the duke's latest prey is a bard who manages to outwit the dogs, with a little [...]

    2. I've often wondered if fantasy writers, who have beings who are very different to humans, actually have set to and done and whole detailed background and life history that sits in their minds as they write but doesn't get put onto the page at all. I suppose they probably do. When I did a course on writing, we were told that even the bit-characters who make only a small appearance should have a totally developed personality and history that the author knows. That way you keep them "true". But in [...]

    3. This was a spectacular find. I loved this novel and found it very hard to put down. There was no way for the reader to know which direction the novel was going to next as there was a new twist around every turn. The characters are very real, and never stray from the form the author has constructed for them.The story line was also one of the most original I have read to date. Yes, this is set in the time of castles and magic, but you will be amazed at how different the story is from others in its [...]

    4. This book is one of Rusch's first published novels, and it shows. I thought the book had a lot of promise in the beginning--and it wasn't bad--but it got too complicated too quickly, trying to fit too many characters and too many plots into a fairly short book.There are two threads at the beginning of the book, one following the magician Seymour (or really, following the bard Byron, since Seymour is following him after a very short time), and one following the young prince Adric. When they come [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a grand romp through epic fantasy. The one qualm I had with the book was that it was too short. Rusch seems to job around a lot in time, sometimes having a couple months pass between chapters. Yes, I know that's fine, but yet it seemed a little choppy. The book didn't flow as smoothly as it could have. Rusch could have made the book a bit loner, and in doing so made the flow a lot smoother. As for the actual plot, it was superb. Lots of action, lots of fun. R [...]

    6. Overall, I really liked it, the real problem lying in the fact that I loved the beginning/middle and started to get bored through the late middle/ending. The plot started to octopus out of control a bit, and the pacing became a little hectic. Also, the romance angle was just completely predictable and blah.Okay, I'm complaining and I liked the book. First off, I liked most of the characters. They weren't good/bad, there was some depth there. The author had no qualms killing likable characters, w [...]

    7. I bought this book years ago and never got round to reading it then it caught my eye the other day so thought I'd give it a go and was suprised at how much I'm enjoying it. Very easy to read, builds the pace up nicely, there's a feeling that something big is going to happen so it adds tension. I was kind of disappointed by the ending - it was a bit of a damp squib. And it got a bit confusing towards the end until it dawned on me that one part of it was set in the past, then it all became clear. [...]

    8. This book has a parallel story structure (the author is telling two stories set in two different time frames), but it isn't clear until about halfway through. Both stories are enjoyable, so even when you realize what's going on, you're not likely to throw the book against the wall.

    9. I had really liked Rusch's short stories, and Pulphouse. I remember buying this novel with great anticipation and finding it to be generic. I haven't really liked the look of any of her books since then

    10. A simple but decent fantasy novel. The general premise of the book is well done but many parts of the world, magic, and politics could have been expanded on to give a fuller picture.

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