• Title: The Sun Sword
  • Author: Michelle West
  • ISBN: 9780756401702
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    The Sun Sword Now at last the Sun Sword has been delivered into the hands of its rightful owner and the armies of the Dominion and the Empire are about to rendezvous for their final battle But no one can know how
    Now, at last the Sun Sword has been delivered into the hands of its rightful owner, and the armies of the Dominion and the Empire are about to rendezvous for their final battle But no one can know how the Lord of Night s daughter Kiriel will change both the nature and the course of the war And no one can foresee whether mortals or the demon Kialli will prove the final viNow, at last the Sun Sword has been delivered into the hands of its rightful owner, and the armies of the Dominion and the Empire are about to rendezvous for their final battle But no one can know how the Lord of Night s daughter Kiriel will change both the nature and the course of the war And no one can foresee whether mortals or the demon Kialli will prove the final victors.

    One Reply to “The Sun Sword”

    1. I picked this series up used. Read it straight through, non-stop. I couldn't put it down. In fact, I considered it one of the best fantasy series I'd read.Unfortunately, as beautifully written and unforgettable as they are, nothing nothing on this earth would coerce me into giving them more than 1 star. I will never read another MSW novel again. As soon as I finished the last book, I nearly threw them away. Instead, I traded them in at a used book store for the next sucker to fall into her trap. [...]

    2. I always think it's a bad sign when an author intends to finish a series but can't stop writing and feels compelled to add another nearly 1000 page book to the pile. That's what West did with The Sun Sword books 5 and 6. Instead of one book that actually followed the characters in a reasonably efficient fashion that didn't leave me wanting to stop reading before the ending, she chose to write two extremely long-winded tales that cover so little ground for so many characters I felt like she shoul [...]

    3. As someone who fell in love with this series when the first book (originally promoted as part one of a trilogy) was published, I was frustrated and disappointed that I waited through seven years, three extra books, and a lot of unnecessary fluff only to have the final book in the series leave half the plot hanging.Anyone trying them now that they're all out may have a better experience. But after the way these books and their publication played out, I haven't been able to bring myself to read ei [...]

    4. It's been years, seven at least, since I started Michelle West's Sun Sword series, and coming to the end of a long-running series is always bittersweet. While there are other books in this universe, finally getting to the end makes it all the more difficult to review.In short, I wouldn't have come this far if I weren't deeply attached to the characters and world West has created here, and I was unlikely to give a poor score to this book. That being said I do wish I could give it a perfect score, [...]

    5. I'm not going to lie: I couldn't get through this series the first time around. I stopped reading around the fourth book, for two reasons - one, I didn't know if I could stomach any more of the subtlety inherent in every single scene, and two, I was probably just too young. But now I'm glad I reread it all and reached, at long last, this final chapter in a really intense, emotion-filled epic.[return][return]In THE SUN SWORD all the characters are finally coming face-to-face and learning to deal [...]

    6. Notes on rereread: One thing that's different about reading ebooks is that you aren't always faced with a sense of how far along you are, the way you are when you're holding a physical book. I got to the end of Jewel's part here, and happened to check where I was. Shocked to see that I was barely maybe a fifth of the way through. What could possibly follow that? Oh, right, the whole war thing, the sword, the girl, the end of the world.*spoilernotspoiler* Falloran! Good dog!

    7. By this point, I was just reading the series to finish it. There were very few characters I liked, and about halfway through Jay just disappeared. As if West forgot about her.

    8. he loved the plants, he had said, because they demanded nothing. "they demand your care, your time, your attention; even though they are mute, they sepak to you.""yes, but the answer i offer in return is of little consequence. they grow, with or without me." she raised a brow, and he smiled. "i did not say they grew well without me. but i am free to let them grow and wither in their season. they are my responsibility. but failure of that responsibility is one i can live with. i have no dreams of [...]

    9. This last title in the Sun Sword series ends with a bang! Luckily, it is only the end of the second arc in a larger story sequence. If you like juicy sagas with intelligent writing, rich characterisation and a depth that surpasses the more traditional fantasy, then look no further. One of the things that captivates me about this author is her unique ability to string a sentence together, gradually unfolding a story and presenting distinct ideas, cultures and philosophies. Although her prose can [...]

    10. I only meant to re-read Jewel's part of this book (that leads into Skirmish) but got caught up in the characters, and I had no memory of how this book went. The Terafin house really does disappear in the narrative in the first quarter of the book. There is a cast of hundreds. I count the most important as Kiriel's story--she gets the central cover art, and she's the one whose story travels in less predictable fashion. Her genetic destiny to be Queen of the Hells clashes with her loving upbringin [...]

    11. I found this book to be a disappointment as the final book in this exceedingly long series. Despite this volume being nearly 1000 pages long, a number of plot threads were left completely hanging- including at least two to which a considerable amount of the preceding 5 novels had been devoted. Perhaps West is planning sequels. In any case, while a couple of the major plot threads were indeed resolved, enough were not that I was left feeling like I had just finished the world's longest and most c [...]

    12. I devoured this series as whole, so my review of one book has to cover my review of all the books. This is one of my favorite series (and Michelle West is one of my favorite authors). When I finished the series the first time through I was compelled to go back and re-read just the parts that featured my favorite character (Jewel). I keep this series handy, because it's one I reach for time and again when I'm in the mood for a good book. Sometimes I re-read the whole series and other times I just [...]

    13. Where did my previous go? Anyway, the Sun Sword saga blew me away from the git-go. Battlefields subterfuge the whole non yards. Its appealing to men too cuz there battle scenes and MAPS! (Which I love) sadly not all Sun Swords are on Kindle which is kind of bizarre, but it looks lile The House Wars batch of books are on kindleABSOLUTELY READING IF YOU'RE INTERESTS FALL INTO THE TYOE OF BOOKS THAT GO FROM THE PLANNING OF A COUP TO THE ACTUALLY PLANS FOR WAR *with- maps

    14. The entire series rates a 6. I'd have read it years ago, but it isn't available electronically. With the publication of Skirmish (perhaps the most beautiful story I've ever read) it suddenly became imperative to read Sun Sword. $64 later and a mixed bag of new and used books ($32 for the 5th book "The Riven Shield"!!!)I have now read Sun Sword and have a better understanding of the House War series.I hope the teasers in Sun Sword will be fulfilled in House War!

    15. I love Michelle West's books, and in particular, I love the world she has created in The Sun Sword and The House war books. Having said that much, I don't think this was her best work. West has a rather stately way of writing in The sun sword books, and in this book, it tends to bog down a bit.

    16. Ah, finally, a series finished at last!Oh, I do like most of these characters. So noble! So heroic! So twisted! I'm sure she can write another 6 book series of Auralis' history alone. Definitely enjoyed this and will be waiting anxiously for her to finish the Elantra series and the House War series.

    17. After reading the entire saga, I have to say some parts didn't surprise my like the true identity of Auralis. Overall, fairly satisfying, though I still felt like this was a drop in the bucket of a longer saga.

    18. This book wraps up Valedan's story but the larger issues of House Terafin and the Lord of Night are still open for future novels.

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