• Title: The Bachelor's Bargain
  • Author: CatherinePalmer
  • ISBN: 9780842319294
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bachelor s Bargain Can a length of lace air than thread be her family s salvation Housemaid Anne Webster will stop at nothing to save her family from their dire circumstances Even if it means accepting the proposal of t
    Can a length of lace air than thread be her family s salvation Housemaid Anne Webster will stop at nothing to save her family from their dire circumstances Even if it means accepting the proposal of the roguish Ruel Chouteau, Marquess of Blackthorne, who has just returned to England from the Americas under a veil of mystery Both have their own agendas she to use hisCan a length of lace air than thread be her family s salvation Housemaid Anne Webster will stop at nothing to save her family from their dire circumstances Even if it means accepting the proposal of the roguish Ruel Chouteau, Marquess of Blackthorne, who has just returned to England from the Americas under a veil of mystery Both have their own agendas she to use his riches, and he to use her lace making skills but neither could have dreamed what they would discover on the other side of their scheming.As always, society tattler Miss Pickworth has a thing or two to say about this scandalous union Unless they want their plans aired in her column, Anne and Ruel must keep their banter to a minimum and play the role of a happy couple.He s handsome and arrogant she s smart and obstinate But can Anne and Ruel put their differences aside to fend off an unexpected foe

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    1. This is one of my new favorites. There were so many elements to this book, attempted murder, scandal, war, adventure and my favorite love. I did not realize this was book number 2 in the Miss Pickworth series. I hate reading series books out of order. I really wish they would number the books on the covers!! Although if this book was numbered, I probably would not have bought it because the store I bought it at was closing and they didn't have the first book available, I went back and checked. U [...]

    2. I loved the book, quite interesting. it just goes a long way to say that it takes but a moment for someone's status to change.

    3. Started badly with a spelling mistake/typo on page 5 (the 'tony Belgravia district'??), the marriage of convenience that was never properly legalised (marriage without banns or marriage license was deemed an 'irregular marriage', and was only legal in Scotland or Fleet Prison), and a Christian heroine marrying an unbeliever - this book runs the risk of being memorable for all the wrong reasons. The story was very formula Regency Romance - naive virgin meets wearied rake, they agree to a marriage [...]

    4. Now, I've never been a big Regency fan *ducks for cover* so, when I read the first book in the Miss.Pickworth series, The Affectionate Adversary, I was less then thrilled. But, I still wanted to read the other two books in the series , just to see how the story played out. And whoa baby, was I surprised at how much I LOVED reading The Bachelor's Bargain. We first meet Anne webster in The Affectionate Adversary, as the lowly handmaid, whose minister father, is imprisoned and needs her help. Where [...]

    5. Okay, okay, I really shouldn't give this book five stars, because there were things I didn't care for, but I absolutely loved the characters and story so much that I can't help rate it for enjoyment alone. It's definitely my favorite in the series. It is a true romance, and that's where part of my objections come in.First, I thought there was undue attention on her wanting to have relations with her husband and yet not wanting to fully seal the wreckage of her future she knows is coming. There's [...]

    6. This book was WAY better than the first book in the series!Anne Webster needs some way to help her family out Her father was a minister, but he got thrown in jail due to his affiliation with some anti-industrializationists. Yeah, I'm sure that's a word. Anyway, so she's this AWESOME lace maker, and she's crafted a beautiful piece of lace and tries to sell it to Sir Alexander (Ruel Chouteau, Marquess of Blackthorne's younger brother) Except wow, that doesn't go very well and Ruel comes in, back f [...]

    7. Well, this is my first time reading a Catherine Palmer book and I chose it because of the positive reviews written I had seen. However, I tend to be in agreement with the "average" rated reviewers. Personally, I just could not buy into the supposed developing love relationship between hero and heroine. Interestingly enough, I sort of liked both characters Ruel and Anne, and their individual stories, but just didn't see the chemistry between them. And at times I found Anne to be a bit self-center [...]

    8. This was a little unexpected, it turned out to be a little more historical fiction than regency romance, although it did have enough romance to keep me happy. I liked Anne & Ruel’s characters a lot, they have good chemistry and I loved the passages between them, especially early on in their marriage. It was fun to watch their relationship grow and although they had their ups and downs, it only made them stronger. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but at times felt a little bogged down by histo [...]

    9. A very engrossing read. As Anna and Ruel grow closer in their marriage, the danger grows closer. At one point, each person believes the other killed at Waterloo. This book introduces Miss Prudence Watson and her affection for Mr. Walker, an American Indian. (view spoiler)[ Ruel is the older brother, and his mother believes that the title should go to her younger son, as does the younger son, Alexander. Many attempts are made on Ruel's life before being exposed and dealt with in a most distressin [...]

    10. This book was absolutely amazing. At points the story is touching and will put you in tears and at others you are screaming at the characters. This story is wonderful! Two stubborn people can not resist the temptation to fall deeply in love with each other but they both cover it up like a charade pretending their "Marriage" is fake. Can they overcome their deep passionate feelings for one another or will they part their separate ways?

    11. I found it took me a couple of tries to get past the first few pages, but once I managed that it was a very great read. The relationship between Anne and Ruel, when they met and thereafter, was truly fun to read about. I have to admit, the fact that it was Alexander trying to kill his brother felt a little too obvious to me, but it was still really interesting to read all the same.

    12. 3.5 but 4 stars because it was so clean racy love scenes, no language at allwhich is rare. I felt like the beginning was a little slow, not too bad, the mid to the end it became "couldnt put it down" was frustrating to read at parts because you just want them to move past the "bargain" stages but its really a good book. i read it in two days.

    13. So overall I liked this book. I found it kind of hard to believe that a Marquess would marry his housemaid when he didn't know her but for a couple of days. So what they ended up having a happily ever after. A little far fetched for me. But I guess most romances are. I liked it because it was a clean romance.

    14. This beat all!!! From the battle between classes and the battle inside their home to the real battlefield. Their tag of words and love/hate relationship her wish for annulment and his desire to never let her go bring them both to the altar of our Almighty God that heals hearts, does justice and brings ultimate happy ending Perfect blend-- my favorite of all Palmer's books. :)

    15. Some parts were hard to follow, but I wasn't sure if that was just because I was so eager to keep finding out what was going to happen. I really like how well-researched the history seemed to be. The storyline was questionable at times, but overall, I was really engaged the whole time and enjoyed the story and its characters.

    16. This is not normally the type of that I would even enjoy (a non-believer marrying and believer as part of a deal) however, the author used it to make a point about following God's will (as in the girl God it wrong and got herself into the mess) and I really enjoyed the story. Not for younger readers.

    17. A great read. The story of the Earl of Blackthorne and his unexpected bride. The Earl looks to the financial future of his estate through the skill of his low born wife who is a master lace maker and designer. A close look at the battle between the industrial revolution vs the workers, plus the Battle of Waterloo. I enjoyed this novel.

    18. Intriguing just because I am always curious how the guy and girl get together. Completely impractical, unbelievable, and sensational how it happens though. And the conversion of the guy is so not present. It just happens at the end. Like, literally, he shows up one day and believes in God. Did not care for the plot.

    19. A thought I'd give another "christian" author a try that was recommended to me. I thought it was quite contrived, predictable and fairly lame. While the author had some good lines written for her heroine, I couldn't get over the "hero" in the book being a loser. Not one of the better authors out there. Not even worthy of my suggesting it for a "brain candy" read.

    20. This was so much better than the prior book in the series. Christian lit with not as much preaching. The characters were fun and likable and actually grew and evolved so much in the story. Fun marriage of convenience book with a HEA :)

    21. A housemaid agrees to a fake marriage to save her family. Fun read, but not sophisticated or well-developed. Some parts had great promise, but I felt that it is so pale in comparison to an author like Georgette Heyer.

    22. This is one of those books that won a Christy Award. The Christian authors thingy. Anyhoo no sex except kissing and hand holding but the story engaged me and I have checked out another one by the same author to see if it was a fluke!

    23. I really like this book! It's actually probably not that well written (I read awhile ago at the same time I was reading a bunch of other books so I can't remember all the details like that) She is so sneaky!

    24. Setting: England 1815Characters: Ruel and AnneThe end was good, but through most of the book I did not like Anne. She was so negative and didn't trust anyone. She wouldn't see the truth even when it stared her in the face.

    25. it's okay, but once again, don't buy the book. If you can't borrow it from someone, just skip it.

    26. 5 stars maybe a little much, but it was a romantic story with murder attempts, war, jealousy and loss. I'm sure I'll read it again sometime.

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