• Title: Longnecks & Twisted Hearts
  • Author: George Wier
  • ISBN: 9781476263229
  • Page: 383
  • Format: ebook
  • Longnecks Twisted Hearts What is the blue bone and what does a seventeenth century French ship have to do with East Texas When Bill Travis gets the word that his best friend has been murdered he not only must take a trip bac
    What is the blue bone and what does a seventeenth century French ship have to do with East Texas When Bill Travis gets the word that his best friend has been murdered, he not only must take a trip back to the town where he grew up, he has to go up against some old ghosts who were better left alone.

    One Reply to “Longnecks & Twisted Hearts”

    1. Love this main characterReally love the main character, and his wide assortment of friends and cohorts. Very entertaining book. The style of writing catches you right up and carries you along! Hard to put down.

    2. Pretty adventurousA wild and twisted tale Pretty good but not as good as the first in this series But definitely recommend reading On to the next Bill Travis adventure

    3. It's been a long time since I read my first George Wier book and what I remember about it is that I really enjoyed it. This one, not so much. Yes, I still think it's worth reading, but I just am not as enthusiastic about it. I rate it 4.3 stars.

    4. I've been devouring the entire Bill Travis series by George Wier with gustod a couple of longnecks if I'm honest. I am reviewing each book individually, but I've been reading the first four from the Bill Travis Omnibus for Kindle. Longnecks & Twisted Hearts is a good one and perhaps as a stand alone novel this would rate five stars, but in comparison to The Last Call and Capital Offense it warrants four stars. Why? The other two books were faster, longer and funnier. Longnecks is not lacking [...]

    5. And it's another hit!Reading one of George Wier's books is predictable in only one way - you are going to love the book! My first book by this author was a kindle freebie, and I've been hooked and reading them ever since. I love his Bill Travis series, love the mystery, enjoy the repeating characters and have passion for the plots. You can't go wrong settling in for the night with one of these books, they will entertain you.

    6. Another great read in the Bill Travis seriesBill Travis seems to always get himself in a fine fix on a regular basis, and this time is right up to par. This is a very interesting premise, somewhat far out, but fun to consider. In comparison to the first 2 books in the series, this one is not my favorite, but still a great adventure. As always, I wish it were longer, but it's on a par with other ebooks. Well worth reading.

    7. I enjoyed the story and following Bill's adventures and life changes. I didn't like his wife in the first story but have grown to accept her place in his life. I sometimes have trouble with all the characters but still enjoy the stories.

    8. TexansBecause I am a Texan it was a little corny but I enjoyed it. Probably would be enjoyed more by younger age groups interested in the western lifestyle. Folks that like Walker Texas Ranger will love this series.

    9. Good readEntertaining story with unexpected twists and turns. The Travis mysteries make it difficult to stop reading until you. Finish with the last page.

    10. great character!I really like the protagonist in Travis' books and the plot lines are interesting, but I have a hard time following the story as it unfolds.

    11. Great 2nd bookEnjoyed this Bill Travis book, I thought it was better than the first one. Very good book, looking forward to the next one.

    12. A quick reader friendly book of 216 pages odd.A story that travels back in time with interesting twists and turns.Another good book by George Wier.

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