• Title: Reckoning
  • Author: Amy Miles
  • ISBN: 9781477471920
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reckoning Gabriel is gone Roseline is left with questions that refuse answers and only the memory of a man she vows to hunt and kill But to do so she must call a truce with her sworn enemy Together Roseline a
    Gabriel is gone.Roseline is left with questions that refuse answers and only the memory of a man she vows to hunt and kill But to do so, she must call a truce with her sworn enemy.Together, Roseline and Nicolae track Fane to the underbelly of London, in search of Gabriel s kidnappers But when Malachi an Immortal with mystifying origin presents himself as their guide, RGabriel is gone.Roseline is left with questions that refuse answers and only the memory of a man she vows to hunt and kill But to do so, she must call a truce with her sworn enemy.Together, Roseline and Nicolae track Fane to the underbelly of London, in search of Gabriel s kidnappers But when Malachi an Immortal with mystifying origin presents himself as their guide, Roseline discovers she is not the only one looking for Gabriel Buried within the secret chambers of the infamous Hellfire Club, Roseline discovers a grim truth Gabriel isn t just a pawn being used by the Arotas prophecy, and those who seek to control its power He is Arotas.Everything Roseline has ever known about her brethren is about to change Emotions flare, friendships sever and the newly formed bonds between enemies are tested as she delves into realms hardly conceived They are trapped in the midst of a battle that has been waging since the beginning of time.The prophecy binds them all together But will they break before the end

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    1. I know I am totally biased, but I feel very proud of this book. I hope it is an enjoyable read for anyone who picks up a copy :)

    2. Actual Rating: 3.5After reading Forbidden, Book #1 in this series, I was excited to dig into Reckoning. Though the story had many great moments and I will read the next book to see what happens, there were some things in this book that I considered a let-down after finding book #1 so enjoyable. The story picks up where the battle at the end of the first book left off. During the aftermath of the battle, Gabriel is kidnapped and Roseline sets off to find him with the help of her friends, both old [...]

    3. 3.5 starsThis is the second book of The Arotas Trilogy by Amy Miles. At first, I was super excited because I liked the first book so much. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this one too, just not as much. I get this is like a transition kind of book, but it was kind of slow for my taste. I still enjoyed it though.In this book, you get to see Roseline and Gabriel grow a little bit more as characters, the same goes with Nicolae. Here, the characters get to have a development a little more profound sin [...]

    4. Nothing short of magical. I read the first two of the trilogy just today, and amd totally bummed i have to wait for the last one!! Amy, awesome job. my son, who is 6 and has autism, has an ipad that is a godsend. Bless you bless you for your heart.

    5. 4 starsThis story just keeps getting better! There are so many twists and turns that this story is taking, yet at the same time everything is slowing being pieced together. The fight scene in this book is epic. Although the amount of grammatical errors in these last two books is shocking!!! At times it's even irritating.

    6. This is book can not be read with out first reading Forbidden. There are so many pieces to the puzzle and a lot of unanswered questions. I feel that in order to fully appreciate Reckoning, you must read Redemption. With that being said, it does keep your attention and leaves you guessing.

    7. This is not my typical read, but I really have enjoyed this series. I couldn't wait to see what happened next so I had to buy all the books at once. I loved the characters and I got so involved, it was hard to see anything happened to any of them.

    8. AwesomeCan't wait to read Redemption. This book kept me wanting more and more is what I got. Awesome book ever!!!

    9. Well. It's still not the good romance I'm waiting for. I feel it. It's somewhere, but this author sure likes wars, blood, and violence! Still moving onto 3rd book. Must know ending now.

    10. This book started by breaking my heart and it ended with shattering it into tiny pieces. I hated how the monks attacked Rose to get to Gabriel and when she crawled over to him and laid her head on his chest right before they took him from her the tears were flowing so much I couldn't see the words to read any further. I don't like how Nicolae thinks she is such a monster when she has shown him over and over again that she could be around humans and not attack but then finally he begins to see he [...]

    11. Oh my freaking immortal infested world! I want to simultaneously scream and cry at this book. Just like the first in the trilogy, Reckoning sucked me right into its pages. I did manage to take some breaks from it just to save my sanity, but those breaks weren't long. I could write a novel about what I think, but most of my sentiments are the same concerning the first book (so I will not reiterate my review for it since it will be pretty much the same). Well we finally see what becomes of our cha [...]

    12. 3.5 stars!I’ve already confessed to being a cover whore, and like the first book…I really liked this cover too. I’m hoping the third book will match the first two, and with a release date of “2013” I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long to find out. So, here’s what this book reminded me a little of. Have you ever watched a tv show and been really into the main characters and plot line? And then every once and awhile they go off onto other characters and plot lines and even tho [...]

    13. After reading forbidden (Book 1 in the series) I was blown away by the characters, love interest but most of all the gripping storyline. After reading such an amazing start to the series, as you can imagine I had great anticipation for book number two. Did it disappoint? Yes! This book shocked me so much, the fact that I was not driven every night to read page after page like I was the first instalment. The main focus of this book is the journey that Roseline and friends (and one foe) take in se [...]

    14. This book is the 2nd in the Arotas trilogy by Amy Miles. If you have not read my review for book one please refer to it so you will know what I am talking about, its on both and my blog (link is on profile).ReckoningOk so this book picks up basically where book 1 left off, which I liked. It doesn't stay that way though, its actually a lot different than book 1, there is more action, enemies become friends, new character's are introduced, What I especially liked about this book was the newly mad [...]

    15. Ok so, I feel bad for what I'm about to say because I feel like I've gotten to know this author on a more personal level through Facebook. But, I feel that constructive criticism is a good thing, even if we don't want to hear it. So, here it goes What I liked: The action. Very fast paced and the writing was very descriptive. I also thought the battle scenes were pretty gory, which I think is hard to do, but there were many parts where I cringed, and not in bad way either. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!I li [...]

    16. Reckoning takes off right were we left off in Forbidden…Roseline has turned Gabriel into what she is to save his life but now he is gone and she has no idea were to find him or even begin to look for him. She teams up with unlikely ally Nicolae to get Fane out of the downward spiral he is descending into after knowing that he no longer has all of Roselines love. The three of them are introduced to Malichi who is also looking for Gabriel but he is very secretive, works for a mysterious man, and [...]

    17. **This review contains spoilers for book 1 so please do not read any further if you have not read it**Reckoning starts off right were Forbidden ended. After the battle with Vladimir, the only way to save Gabriel's life was to turn him. In my opinion, that book ended in a cliffy because you didn't know if it actually saved him or what was in store for them next. Right off the bat Gabriel is taken from her. She enlists the help of an unlikely ally in order to find Gabriel. The book alternates betw [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book overall and kept me on my toes with fast paced action. I loved that Roseline has a wit to her that allows for funny moments in the book that had me giggling. Especially the scene in the hotel with Nicolae. She is a badass character with soft edges to her and yess!!! One of the best YA heroines I have the pleasure to read. And poor poor Fane, my heart just goes out to him because he's still in love with her but I'm so glad he's still part of the adventure because he is one gre [...]

    19. It got a 4.5 from me.It was really good trust me, but I was looking forward to Gabriel and Rose being together after everything that happened. Now with Gabriel being an immortal and all, but nope there was no time where they were together except for one moment when they see each other from a distance and that's it! Ugh it bugged me, but I was happy to see Fane and Rose together which made up for it a little bit. It was also not as realistic as the last one which I had adored, but I guess that yo [...]

    20. This series does need to be read in order for better understanding. You have not read book 1 this review will be a spoiler. In book 1 we meet Rose who leaves her abusive husband, Dracula. Rose finds she enjoys her life away from him and quickly makes new friends and falls in love with Gabriel. At the end of book 1 she kills Lucien, Dracula's brother and is ripped away from Gabriel. In book 2 we follow Rose on her journey to find Gabriel. The book starts at a slow pace with her finding people tha [...]

    21. Roseline is determined to save Gabriel’s life, the transition is taking place but in order to make sure he survives it she has to find him. Nicolae wants to call a truce between vampires and hunters but not everyone will agree to it but for the meantime a truce between himself and Roseline needs to work. They must work together to find Gabriel. Along the way they meet Malachi and he tells them he can help them and provide them with the answers they seek but he seems to have his own agenda. Is [...]

    22. I received this book from the author for an honest review. I was so glad I had all three of these books to read in a row as I wouldn't have wanted to wait to read them separated! The author continues to improve on character development and brings in a host of new characters that begin to really shape the story line. I am amazed at the fight scenes as really Roseline is bad a$$! She was trained as a fighter and this books shows exactly what she can do. No damsel in distress in this one at all! Ni [...]

    23. I do enjoy this Trilogy thus far but again, way too many typosI definitely like this Trilogy but just like the first book, it has entirely too many typos which I do not understand how that can be acceptableSomeone is not doing their job well AT ALL when proofreading before book is publishedAlso, Reckoning was slow getting started, unlike the first book which was GREAT throughout the entire bookReckoning definitely got much better and exciting towards the middle of the book and kept going to the [...]

    24. Wow! The bad guys in this book are really, really bad. I thought Vladmir should've won Creepy Jerk of the Century Millennium but he may not even be the worst one!! In fact at this point, I don't know if there's anyone they can trust! Somehow Rose has managed to turn some of her enemies into friends but then some of her friends can't seem to be trusted at all! Both Rose and Gabe still need a lot of answers that they don't seem to be getting from the people that know. And I need answers, too! What [...]

    25. I love this series! It took such a turn from what I though it was going to be like. Initially, I thought it was going to be a reversed Twilight situation. This whole Dracula but not Dracula thing is awesome. I knew Gabriel was different but I didn't know how so and seeing his character develop is super cool. I just want to hug him, so much has happened to him, he's so confused and basically just going along with everything. These angelic beings are amazing. This second book was literally "action [...]

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