• Title: The Scribe
  • Author: Susan Kaye Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: None
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    The Scribe MINDJACK ORIGINS SHORT STORY COMPANION TO THE MINDJACK SERIESTwenty three year old Sasha is in search of a mindjacker Clan that won t force him to use his unique skill he can t face the prospect of er
    MINDJACK ORIGINS SHORT STORY COMPANION TO THE MINDJACK SERIESTwenty three year old Sasha is in search of a mindjacker Clan that won t force him to use his unique skill he can t face the prospect of erasing any souls A revolutionary Clan leader offers him a chance to serve a higher purpose, but Sasha s wary that it s only a trick to use his ability When a beautifuMINDJACK ORIGINS SHORT STORY COMPANION TO THE MINDJACK SERIESTwenty three year old Sasha is in search of a mindjacker Clan that won t force him to use his unique skill he can t face the prospect of erasing any souls A revolutionary Clan leader offers him a chance to serve a higher purpose, but Sasha s wary that it s only a trick to use his ability When a beautiful female jacker seeks refuge with them, and her former Clan leader wants her special skill back at any cost, Sasha has to decide if there are any causes worth the price of using his ability one time.The Scribe is a SHORT NOVELLA 12000 words or 40 pages , a companion story to the Mindjack Saga Sasha s POV, read after Closed Hearts , a young adult science fiction series There are three novels in the original trilogy, five novellas that accompany the series, and plans for another trilogy in the works See Susan s latest novella, The Locksmith, for a peek at a new Mindjack character for the coming trilogy Subscribe to her newsletter, and get a free storyADING ORDERMindjack Trilogy novels Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free SoulsMindjack Origins shorts Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, Keeper, The Locksmith The Locksmith is a standalone novella that can be read independently of the trilogy and novellas.

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    1. Don’t read any spoilers. You’ll want to know why this novella’s called the scribe, and the answer involves ethics, powers, brokenness and redemption in almost equal parts. Of the three stories in this set, this is the one I like most, the character I most want to follow, and even, in some ways, the tale that tells me most about this future society.The writing is spare and beautiful, vividly descriptive without being slow, equally at home with the feather of a dove and the mightiest sword o [...]

    2. This short story is about Sasha, who was introduced in The Handler. And isn't he just gorgeous on the cover:) He and Julian have a meeting with a new recruit. Ava is a wisp of a girl that has the ability of a linker. And she can read minds without the person knowing. At first he doesn't trust her, but she slowly gains his trust. They both come from the same Clan leader, Arlis, but they did not know each other as they were in the clan at different time. They both want to stay away from him. But h [...]

    3. Sasha the scribe. When my mentor, Arlis, found me, I was a dazed changeling horrified permanently erasing my gym teacher’s mind. He took me in, helped me recover, and taught me how to control my ability to erase a person’s mind, down to every last memory and personality quirk, and rewrite them into someone new. It took a long time for me to realize that anyone who plucks a thirteen-year-old boy out of school and turns him into a weapon isn’t a savior, he’s a monster.Following Arlis had t [...]

    4. It was awesome to know Shasha's story. I love him! He is my fav character. Getting to read about him and how he and Ava got together was amazing and cute.

    5. THE SCRIBE (Mindjack Origins 2.2) by Susan Kaye QuinnTHE SCRIBE is another short-story (August 2012 release) from Susan Kaye Quinn’s Mindjack Trilogy. In a world where mindreading is the norm (due to decades of contaminated water) those without the ability are known as zeroes, but there are a few who possess a power greater than most. This story takes place between Open Minds and Closed Hearts.Sasha Rimbali has a power that he considers so evil that he is willing to die before he ever uses his [...]

    6. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed the Scribe, Sasha stays a bit of a mysterious character in the full length novels, so it was nice to get to see his point of view. I felt like this novella really explained some things about Sasha and gave us a feel for his character and personality. Sasha has had some hard times when growing up, someone trained him to use his mindjack powers, but Sasha feels bad about the souls he stolen. Now that he joins Julian's revolution he [...]

    7. Now this is Sasha's story and he has the most incredible power I've ever read. I'm not going to tell you what it is. His name "The Scribe" might give you some indication but it is a powerful thing and any of the Clans would want him. But he's escaped to Julian. He wants to never use his "power" ever again. It takes a piece of him every time he uses it and he's used it so many times under his old Clan leader who basically raised him. Now that Clan leader is back and he wants the helpless girl tha [...]

    8. So, so happy to have the chance to tell you about these two short novellas (The Scribe, The Handler) that go along with the Mindjack Series by Susan Quinn. I have reviewed the first two novels, Open Minds and Closed Hearts on my blog. I loved them.I just love when authors give us these novellas. For me, it serves two roles. First, it feeds me need to read more in between the actual full length novels. A little snack at intermission. :) Second, it gives me a glimpse into the lives, emotions and h [...]

    9. It had been long enough since I read Closed Hearts that I couldn't remember much about Sasha until The Scribe made me recall wanting to know more about him. Now I do, and I can say Susan did an excellent job of creating a soul so tortured that he needs more than Julian's skill to make something useful out of the shambles.Susan's symbolism is great. With his life in the toilet, Sasha works to build a bathroom while he tries to rebuild his character destroyed by Arlis, a rival clean leader who for [...]

    10. These short stories are really great additions to the Mindjack series. I'm trying to work through them before diving into the next book so I can get a better feel for all the backstory that is not 100% covered in the books. Sasha is a great character. He's been gifted with a powerful skill but it was twisted and abused by his last clan leader. His motivations are pure, but there are a lot of risks involved in joining Julian's clan. Sure, he says he won't ever use his power again, but the temptat [...]

    11. No Sasha, she thought, I'm here so you can save me.Wow, and finally the Scribe - Sasha.The one that I knew the least about from book 2. I now understand. AND to be intro'd to Ava. Understand her back story, the link between Sasha and Ava.And to see Julian help shape the revolution. and to read of their flirting. It's so sweet and cute. The perfect ray of sunshine in this dark world.

    12. As a short background story to the MindJack trilogy, I enjoyed this. It's short and nothing special, but it does add a little extra depth and understanding to the events recounted in the Mind Jack trilogy, especially books 2 and 3. As a 77pence book, this is worth buying but only if you have enjoyed the main trilogy first.

    13. Loved this snack from the Mindjack world while waiting for book 3. Sasha was such an interesting character, and it was great to see the world through his eyes, and get inside his head (without jacking in of course ;-) ). Bravo!

    14. This was one of the better novellas surrounding the Mindjack series. I've been reading these because I enjoyed the Mindjack world, but I think the characters would be better served by full fledged novels. Sasha, for example, has way more character available than is developed here.

    15. Love it! Sasha is such a flawed and tortured character that we know so little about. It makes me want to read Closed Hearts again (and makes me want the third book to come out even more).

    16. I never truly knew what to make of Sasha before now Its nice to understand why he is the way he is! And why he feels so protective of Ava!

    17. Excellent account of Sasha's time with Julian before the others joined and how he honed his skill.I loved it!

    18. Aw Sasha, you sweet, sweet guy. I'd say this is the most romance I got from this series, and who knew Sasha would be the one to excel in the hot guy department?

    19. I enjoyed reading his story the most. I can't imagine what it would be like to have that kind of power! Ava seems right for him.

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