• Title: Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen
  • Author: Al Jourgensen
  • ISBN: 9780306822186
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ministry The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen Ministry is a memoir both ugly and captivating revealing Al Jourgensen as a man who lived a hard life his own way without making compromises He survived prolonged drug addiction twenty two years of c
    Ministry is a memoir both ugly and captivating, revealing Al Jourgensen as a man who lived a hard life his own way without making compromises He survived prolonged drug addiction twenty two years of chronic heroin, cocaine, and alcohol abuse, to be precise before cleaning up, straightening out, and finding new reasons to live.During his career, Jourgensen has engagedMinistry is a memoir both ugly and captivating, revealing Al Jourgensen as a man who lived a hard life his own way without making compromises He survived prolonged drug addiction twenty two years of chronic heroin, cocaine, and alcohol abuse, to be precise before cleaning up, straightening out, and finding new reasons to live.During his career, Jourgensen has engaged in all of the rock n roll clich s regarding decadence and debauchery and invented new forms of previously unachieved nihilism Despite this and his addictions, he created seven seminal albums, including the bonafide, hugely influential classic The Land of Rape and Honey, 1989 s The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and 1992 s blockbuster Psalm 69 The Way to Succeed.Ministry imparts the epic life of Al Jourgensen, a survivor who tempted fate, beat the odds, persevered, and put the pieces back together after unraveling completely.

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    1. This is Al Jourgensen:This is my 'review':This book is part of the Book Riot, Read Harder 2018 challenge. You can see it here: bookriot/2017/12/15/book-This is my entry for the twelfth challenge, celebrity memoir. (Does the dude from Ministry count as a celebrity? Sure in some circles, and it’s everything you want in a celebrity memoir, copious amounts of drugs, many bad decisions and a metric shit ton of gossip and trash talk).For a brief period in 1992, I liked Ministry. “Stigmata” was o [...]

    2. 3.75 stars. Thirty years of a band's existence in less than 300 pages, ably pasted together by the co-author from conversations with Al Jourgensen. I laughed out loud and felt the need to quote passages to my roommates and brother. I am happy to have read the book and was pleased that it wasn't the lose-all-respect-for-the-artist horror show I expected, though there are certainly more drugs and debauchery in these pages than I can imagine. It doesn't endorse the indulgences--in the book, Al repo [...]

    3. A few things make me glad I read this at the bookstore instead of wasting money on it 1) Al puts down everyone who helped make him famous.2) Al puts down all the hit songs that helped make him famous.3) If it wasn't for "the Book Club" keeping an eye on him and keeping him straight enough to make the occasional album every 3-5 years, he never would have achieved the fame he attained. 4) They really should have had the editor give this book a serious run-through in the grammar department and the [...]

    4. Savage, brilliant, funny and I could not put it down Even when I desperately wanted too. I love ministry and my only minor quibble is there wasn't enough descriptions of his studio time and those mixing techniques he, ahem, appropriated from Adrian Sherwood. His recounting of his encounter with Madonna is worth the price of admission.

    5. This is a tough book to rate. Al has two personalities. One is likeable, one is repugnant. If you asked me if I enjoyed the book it would depend on the day and which Al I was reading about.

    6. Having worked in the extreme underbelly of the music industry myself, I thought I was inured to tales of debauchery, decadence, and bad decisions - but Al proves me wrong with this incredibly entertaining read. I have met quite of few of the characters in the book - his descriptions are spot-on and hilarious. He hides nothing, and yet doesn't waste our time with rationalizations of his life - relentless drugs, booze and punishingly loud music - an easy read, every page is wonderfully interesting [...]

    7. Once again my stroll down memory lane proves to be a slight waste of time. I loved Ministry growing up, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Jourgensen's face peering up at me at my local book shop. "Al Jourgensen? I wonder what he's up to these days?", I thought to myself. Apparently quite a bit. I'd lost interest in Ministry after Filth Pig, so I was amazed to find out that the group has gone on to make another 8 albums since. Considering he was a hard core junkie for a large part of the past [...]

    8. As a big fan of Ministry, this book proved to be a very difficult read. It is very apparent that Al has read "The Dirt", thought "Oh, I can be more outrageous than that!" and is trying too hard to out-do Motley Crue to the point that he is laying it on far too thick. It seems that every other paragraph mentions "debauchery". There is nothing more frustrating than being told what to think when reading a book. Show, don't tell.There is also something very tragic about this book, if Al is to be tru [...]

    9. You have to give Al Jourgensen a bit of credit- he doesn't care what you think of him, of his music or his life. If you are not part of anything in his daily comings and goings, it doesn't matter to him. That being said, I had heard/read of his attitudes concerning these issues and he does not disappoint in this memoir. Rude, crude and terribly honest, Al tells it like it is. The debauchery, the drug abuse (holy ****!) & the music. I enjoyed the book a lot, but still find it hard to believe [...]

    10. I couldn’t wait to get this book. I’m not the type to read pompous rock star biographies because those books are usually fake and really lame but this was different. I consider myself a huge Ministry fan and to have a book written by Uncle Al himself? Sign me up. I bought this the day it came out. The lady at B&N had to get it from shipping and receiving because they hadn’t put it on the shelves yet. Ha! One of my earliest memories of Ministry is going to a club on The Hill in Boulder, [...]

    11. As far as rock memoirs go, this is a good one. The story is told not so much as homage to excess, but as a black and white tale of excess and its price. Because there is a price, and it’s huge. Al Jourgensen is no dummy. He doesn't try to hide the COST of the hard life he chooses to live. He has stomach ulcers, he hasn’t had much of a relationship with his daughter, and he is currently a 'functional alcoholic’. One of the biggest costs of Al Jourgensen’s many addictions is time. Time wit [...]

    12. I read The Celestine Prophecy in 1994, and have held it ever since as the worst book I've ever read.Until now.

    13. hilarious and unbelievable. "Uncle Al" has led one of rock history's most epic lives. you have to read this.

    14. This book appeals to me because I've been a Ministry/RevCo fan forever. My very first concert was Ministry/Sepultura/Helmet which set the bar impossibly high for all subsequent live acts. That was a terrifying, exhilarating experience, and knowing now what this man's life was like makes it all the scarier.This book reads like you are sitting around drinking with Al, with occasional moments when he goes to the bathroom and a bandmate or friend is planted in the narrator seat to correct Al and/or [...]

    15. This book is garbage. He spends the entire time lengthily describing all the drugs he's done, and who he's done them with and "all the crazy shit" he did with women along the way. It's fucking boring. I'd like to know more about the inspiration behind and recording of the Ministry records, particularly the early ones. Instead it's a tale of which drugs he was addicted to at the time, which cool stars hung out and watching him shoot heroin at his studio and disparaging the other members of the ba [...]

    16. This is Jourgensen's first public offering since he quietly retired from public life around the turn of the millennium, recognizing that his musical potential was played out and continuing to tour and cut albums would put him at risk of becoming a dumb, pitiful self-parody. Is what I like to pretend.This is a fun read. Three stars as "I liked it" seems a rough rating, as 3 of 5, where I teach, is an F. Not some kind of brilliant book, but I'm still quite fond of his music from about mid-'80s to [...]

    17. Time to break out the music againJust finished and now have an itch to play detective on Al Jourgensen's music. A good thing he had a cowriter to provide POVs to round out out his narratives, as a casual listener I loved the story telling. A hardcore Ministry/RevCo may or may be put off by what he had to say about what he was going through when recording or touring but can't say this hasn't been insightful. I personally had no expectations and was digging this,going to recommend this over FIX.

    18. I do like a good music biog, and this is one such beast.Al gives us an unparalleled look into his life, warts and all. He's not afraid to tell it like it is, what he can remember of it! And for the bits that have eluded him thanks to a life of drugs, drink and hard living there are his friends and family to fill in the missing parts.

    19. A very candid look into Al’s life. Some very funny, disturbing and surprising events are told. The most surprising thing to me is how articulate and intelligent Al is. A good book to be thankful for living a boring life, but maybe a bit of envy regarding his ability to live an unabashed, balls to the wall style of existence. Makes sense that the grays have been so interested in him. He he.

    20. This is a rock biography that has all the filth you expect from a junkie rock star. Quite interesting since I really knew nothing about Al Jourgensen. Kinda sad but also quite entertaining. I thought Led Zeppelin were out of control but this has raised the bar on rock star outrageous adventures.

    21. Al Jourgensen's memoir (occasionally given perspective with an intervention (an interview conducted by the editor with a person significant to Jourgensen's career is interviewed considering the author is reflecting back into a time in which his cognition was heavily altered another party (even if some of their minds were significantly altered as well helps to provide countenance or sometimes clarify certain things that dematerialize into abstraction when one's influence is altered byAddictions: [...]

    22. First off, it should be noted that though this is billed as being about Ministry, the book actually contains very little actual information about the music, or really much of the inspiration behind the music. If you're a Ministry fan and are looking for that kind of info in this book, wellrry to say this isn't that. This book would be more accurately titled if Ministry were not in the title, and if instead it were presented as a rock n roll autobiography of Al Jourgensen. For a more critical ana [...]

    23. In high school, I was thrown off of a public transit bus by the driver, because apparently I had Ministry's "Stigmata" playing too loud on my Walkman. I didn't make a big deal over the fact that he never asked me to turn it down, because it was only about a 10-minute walk home, anyway, & I could still enjoy the music during that time. That's essentially how this rock autobiography of Al Jourgensen, lead singer of Ministry, played out for me -- it was kind of a hassle to get through, but ulti [...]

    24. When I first started getting into Ministry as a high schooler in the late '80s, someone described Al Jourgenson to me as "a weird fashion model looking guy who fakes a British accent". At the time, this description was intriguing to me if not somewhat inaccurate. One thing is for sure: that description has nothing to do with the man today - except for the weird part.Reading Jourgenson's memoir gives me a better idea of the freakazoid behind all the distorted vocals and gnarly album art. While I [...]

    25. I first listen ended to Ministry in 1992 or 1993 when "Psalm 69" was blowing up. I remember how fascinated I was with the sound. It was like noting I had heard before, and there was this sonic biker cowboy whatever Al Jourgensen was singing distorted lyrics to the face-smashing guitars and machine gun lyrics on "Just One Fix" and "N.W.O." I was hooked. I started listening to older stuff like "Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" and "Land of Rape and Honey." Years later, I am still blown away by M [...]

    26. This is one of my all-time favorite rock biographies. Jourgensen, with the help of co-author Wiederhorn, tells his life story in an unapologetic, no-bullcrap manner, with lots of raunchy verve, humor and self-aware observations (this latter element is something that many people seem to lack in their day-to-day lives). This adds zing to this fast-moving book, which is one of the rawest, craziest autobiographies I've read.There will likely be some tempest-in-tea-cup controversies regarding Ministr [...]

    27. I've been a fan of Ministry (and the endless side projects) for decades. I've seen them live countless times. But I've always thought Al was a douche. After reading the book, I still think he's kinda douche-y, but he even admits, many times, that he's an asshole, and I can respect that. It always amazed me how he could put on great shows even though I knew he was riddled with drugs. Seems he's continually surprised by that as well, and that he's still alive. I found myself LOLing a lot at the an [...]

    28. How and why is this man still living?? After two decades of inhaling hard drugs he is now in the late stages of alcoholism. He says it's because God wants him here for something. Hm. Surely God would not endorse his idea of making industrial reggae metal in his golden years. At any rate, he's a class-A dbag who I can't help but strangely like at the end of this book even though he's a self-centered, hopeless addict and alcoholic who blames every one else for anything that happens in his life. He [...]

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