• Title: The Missings
  • Author: Peg Brantley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Missings Aspen Falls Colorado Secrets Secrets within a community Secrets within a family Detective Chase Waters finds himself working the most interesting case of his career one that comes closer to home than
    Aspen Falls, Colorado.Secrets.Secrets within a community.Secrets within a family.Detective Chase Waters finds himself working the most interesting case of his career one that comes closer to home than he could ever imagine Are the mutilated bodies of young men and women the result of cult or commerce

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    1. The Missings is a compelling mystery/suspense set in Aspen Falls, Colorado. The story starts with action and the discovery of mutilated bodies of young murder victims. Chase Waters, the likable lead detective on the case, sees the similarities between the victims and suspects the killings are either the work of a cult, or for commerce (per the book description).Several subplots are woven into the main plot, giving the reader a chance to see different sides of several of the main characters. Whil [...]

    2. After the critical success of Peg Brantley’s debut novel, Red Tide the challenge, as with most sophomore efforts, would be how to maintain that same level of writing. Most authors would, rightfully, choose to play it safe. Instead Brantley’s pulled out a story from an earlier effort, which itself was a reworking from one of her earliest efforts, and completely rewrote it. With that knowledge of the history of THE MISSINGS the reader might indeed think she was playing it safe. Not so.A good s [...]

    3. Peg Brantley’s THE MISSINGS is a solid thriller with a lot of heart. A police procedural at its core, Brantley’s second novel takes a look at organ harvesting in a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Chase Waters is a police detective in the bucolic town of Aspen Falls. When bodies turn up eviscerated, organs gone, Chase and the other two detectives in the department, Terri and Daniel, aren’t sure what to make of the killings, initially thinking they might be ritualistic cult killings. Mor [...]

    4. Review of "The Missings" by Peg BrantleyI proofread a preview copy of "The Missings" for Ms. Brantley with no intention of writing a review. I got so tied up in the story that I had to back up occasionally to force myself back into editing mode. Ms. Brantley's handling of the Latinos in this story is outstanding. I have discovered in my travels in Mexico that the poorer Mexicans would answer any questions with "sí" because if they gave a wrong answer they got jumped on my the more affluent in t [...]

    5. This police procedural (I'd call it a nail-biting thriller) grabbed me from the start and kept me anxiously turning the pages until the very satisfying ending. The premise is relevant, the main topic is controversial and heart-wrenching, and the characters are so real they jump off the page at you. With an issue that tears at your heart, Peg Brantley gives us an insight into a segment of society that needs to stand up for itself and be heard, or continue to be exploited and victimized. Besides t [...]

    6. Please note: The ‘review’ of this book (which was donated to The Magnolia Blossom Review for the sole purpose of a review) was completed by Glen Marcus based on the rubric designed by the owner of The MBR, L. Avery Brown. If you would like to read the entire review which includes an in depth author interview – please visit The Magnolia Blossom Review’s site online today! Glen Marcus has given permission to L. Avery Brown to post the review to .1. Book Title 10 of 10For the Reviewer: Did [...]

    7. Pretty fast read for a not-so-short book. Well-written and edited, characters that were likeable and believable and plenty of action. I rate this one 4.6 stars.

    8. Peg Brantley's The Missings Narrated by Eric Nutting is a Mystery/Detective Procedural that takes place in the small Hispanic community of Aspen Falls, Colorado.When some of the community go missing they are reluctant to go to the authorities out of fear and the legal status of many in the community. When Elizebeth Benavides sister goes missing she challenges the communities silence and demands the authorities do something. Senior Detective Chase Waters looks into the case and when the other [...]

    9. A police procedural with some twists.Don’t confuse the fictional Aspen Falls with Aspen, second home of the beautiful people. If it really existed, it wouldn’t be too far away geographically, but much different culturally. Populated largely by middle and working class families, Aspen Falls might be Anytown, Colorado.When Chase Waters, a detective for the Aspen Falls police, realizes the mutilated bodies showing up around the area aren’t typical murders and are almost surely related, he sta [...]

    10. "A Good Police Crime Drama"I liked The Missings, especially some of the issues that were addressed. There were many issues that take place in this story and sadly within society. The Missings ranks as one of the good audiobooks I've listened to. I liked all the characters so I don't know that I had a favorite. I wanted there to be a character that I was more able to identify with. Eric Nutting was a fine narrator and I look forward to hearing more from him. Also I think that Peg Brantley is a ve [...]

    11. A very engaging and page turning read. I was totally involved in this story and ripped through the pages at a great pace and read in one sitting. I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters – Detective, husband and father Chase Waters and his team of fellow investigators, all were realistic, empathetic, diligent and courageous in their private and business lives. This is a great police procedural where the main story and sub plots are interesting and contemporary. The language and conversations i [...]

    12. Some years ago I began to read a mystery novel by a bestselling author whose previous work I had enjoyed. One of the plot points hinged on a certain urban legend. I don’t think I finished the book, and haven’t read another of that author’s books since. I felt he had “jumped the shark” with that one.Fast forward, and I got the Kindle edition of Peg Brantley’s THE MISSINGS. It wasn’t long before I realized that the same plot point was central to her book. But – THE MISSINGS kept me [...]

    13. Good Plot - Good Writing - Well-defined Characters. The Missings held my attention throughout. Every character was fully drawn and believable. As far as the plot, I know these things happen in Third World countries, and it wouldn't stretch credulity to find instances in the US. Money, power, and greed control the world. I particularly liked the relationships between Chase Waters and everyone else. He's the kind of lead character who doesn't grate on my nerves and would make a solid series protag [...]

    14. The beginning was very slow. I was in chapter twelve thinking. I want to keep reading this. I stayed with it and it picks up. The ending had my heart pounding. Hispanic bodies are piling up mutilated and harvested. Someone is collecting body organs. It's the detectives of Aspens Falls job to solve the case and figure out just what the cause of the body pile up is. I'm torn about what to say about The Missings. There were parts that I really liked and there were parts I found completely unnecessa [...]

    15. A suspenseful book about the investigation of missing/found Latino undocumented men, women and children who are kidnapped and murdered to support an illegal organ transplant business for the wealthy. It is an intense story of one young woman's determination to find out who killed her 17 year old sister. There are several story lines in the book that are equally compelling. Good writing and well paced. Along the way you are reminded of the perils of the undocumented and citizens who are of the sa [...]

    16. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. it captivated from the start, and I obviously had a hard time putting it down. this boo has it all: intrigue, secrets, mystery, a beautiful Colorado backdrop, real flesh-and-blood characters with the kinds of human frailties and emotions with which one can daily identify starts with the discovery of mutilated young. unidentified bodieson brings in the disappearance of a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of her, and before l [...]

    17. I read this book, I LOVED IT. How do you make something awesome better? I know, have one of the best voices I have ever heard read it to you! This is a fabulous book, I already did a review of the book after I read it, but the audio version is a truly great experience! Peg Brantley is a terrific storyteller, this audio version is one of the best I have ever heard yourself a favor, listen to this story's available at Audible.

    18. This story is an eye opener and sheds light to a serious problem world wide of the lucrative and illegal "cash for organs" enterprise. As a Hispanic woman I empathized with the victims and although I am a US citizen, I do not condone the abuse perpetrated against the illegal Hispanics depicted in the story. Horrible to kill them for their body parts so wealthy people can live! Solid, good writing and the chapters are short making it a pleasure to read on the Kindle. Recommended!

    19. Interesting mysteryInteresting mystery story about the illegal harvesting of human organs. This takes place in Colorado making it close to home. The mystery comes in on who are the victims and why they are targeted. Although it was a quick read it was filled with information. Could have used a little more mystery to keep the reader on their toes thinking of the motive or the next move. Still, I would recommend reading The Missings.

    20. The precise rating from me would be 3.5, but I am sure it would be higher for someone who enjoys this type of story more than I do. It is pretty well done for what it is, although I don't enjoy hopping heads this much. But the main thing is just that it is bloodier and scarier than I tend to like. Closer to thriller than mystery, in my opinion, and tend to prefer puzzle rather than fear.

    21. This was a really interesting read and definitely started out at a quick pacerder after murder start showing up in a small town and they're all connected. Chase Waters is on a mission to figure out what's going on. A good read that hits things right on the head in this genre. Great mystery and great detective work.

    22. This book got me drawn in quickly, and kept me there. I love a good detective story, and this one had a good mix of characters, suspense and twists. There were a few attempts to dig deeper into the characters that had no bering on the story really, and could have been left outbut maybe that was the purpose keep me looking for something that tied into the story. I guess it worked.

    23. When hispanic bodies are turning up mutilated and dumped, the detectives of Aspen Falls are in for a shocking discovery. This is a fast-paced, thrilling read that deals with something we'd probably rather not know about. The character's lives are intertwined to make the plot more compelling and full of suspense. I couldn't put it down once I started reading!

    24. I don't read too many detective books but this one was really good.It was fast moving and I likes the way the author got you involved in all the characters.If you like murder mysteries this is a really good book to read. If your like me,not all that interested in this type of book you may change your mind after reading The Missings.

    25. Great read!I loved it! Couldn't put it down! Great mystery without the awkwardness of most stories that have sex thrown inayed strong with characters without adding too many that you couldn't keep them straight. The author did a great job on the topic of illegal immigrants without being preachy. I highly recommend this book.

    26. Very good thriller. This is book 2 in a series, although except for the fact that it takes place in the same town it isn't connected at all So you can read it before Red Tide The character Max from this book is the main character in book 3 "The Sacrifice"

    27. Great story lineFinding bodies missing all their organs, send the detectives on a search of the illegal community. The story of people needing healthy organs can bring out both the good and bad in people.

    28. I am not a detailed reviewer. I enjoyed this book. It held my interest and was easy to follow. It was a very exciting book to read, holding my interest. I am a bed reader for 30 mins at a time, so it does take me a while to read a book. I found myself looking forward to reading this book,

    29. Page TurnerMs. Brantley does a wonderful job of story telling. She keeps the reader engaged and connected to her characters. I really enjoyed this book and will be anxious to read other books by this author.

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