• Title: O Corsário do Rei
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist José Remelhe Rui Azeredo
  • ISBN: 9789896374631
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Cors rio do Rei Tudo o que um f de fantasia poderia esperar Este um livro a ler mesmo para quem n o leu a saga anterior H muito recomposto da guerra da brecha a terra e o povo do reino das ilhas floresce Nicholas o
    Tudo o que um f de fantasia poderia esperar Este um livro a ler mesmo para quem n o leu a saga anterior H muito recomposto da guerra da brecha, a terra e o povo do reino das ilhas floresce Nicholas, o filho mais novo do Pr ncipe Arutha, um jovem inteligente e dotado, mas foi sempre protegido pela vida na corte, em Krondor Para que aprenda mais sobre o mundo paraTudo o que um f de fantasia poderia esperar Este um livro a ler mesmo para quem n o leu a saga anterior H muito recomposto da guerra da brecha, a terra e o povo do reino das ilhas floresce Nicholas, o filho mais novo do Pr ncipe Arutha, um jovem inteligente e dotado, mas foi sempre protegido pela vida na corte, em Krondor Para que aprenda mais sobre o mundo para l das paredes do pal cio, Arutha decide enviar Nicholas e o seu irreverente escudeiro, Harry, at r stica Crydee, onde Arutha cresceu tempo de mostrar uma vida sem privil gios Mas poucas semanas ap s a chegada deles, Crydee brutalmente atacada O castelo fica reduzido a ru nas, os cidad os s o chacinados e duas jovens nobres amigas de Nicholas s o raptadas Ao aventurar se para longe das paisagens familiares da sua p tria em persegui o dos invasores, Nicholas compreende que est em jogo algo mais do que o destino das suas amigas, e mais at do que o destino do Reino das Ilhas, pois por detr s dos piratas assassinos esconde se uma for a bem mais poderosa que p e em perigo todo o mundo de Midkemia E apenas ele poder vencer essa terr vel amea a ou perder o reino por inteiro.

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    1. I think I am running out of reviews for fantasy books that pretty much consist of "I liked but didn't love it." This is better written than most of the ones I've been writing about, and the plot at least takes the quest of a motley crew someplace reasonably new, but at its heart, it's another "unlikely companions go on a quest for something." Again, if I hadn't read so much fantasy recently, that would roll off my back.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in polic [...]

    2. Δεύτερο μέρος αυτής της διαφορετικής διλογίας του Raymond E. Feist, ένα βιβλίο που μπορώ να το θεωρήσω ως τον καθρέφτη του πρώτου μέρους. Σε αυτό έχουμε ξανά μία ιστορία ενηλικίωσης, με φόντο μία περιπέτεια που οδηγεί τους ήρωές μας σε ένα εξωτικό μέρος, με περίεργα ήθη και έθιμα κα [...]

    3. The King's Buccaneer, the fifth book in the Riftwar Cycle, is another largely standalone story. Having read the previous books definitely enriches the experience, but it can certainly be read on its own. I have a soft spot for Nicholas, the protagonist of this book. His overwhelming need to be good enough, to get his father's approval, was something I strongly identified as a teen when I first read the book and my sympathy for Nicky has never left me, even if like Nicky, I mostly grew out of hav [...]

    4. Depois de ler "Príncipe Herdeiro", tinha de ler "O Corsário do Rei". Tendo em conta os quatro outros livros de O Mago, e como já referi na review de "Príncipe Herdeiro", não fiquei muito arrebatada pelo Príncipe e por isso estava com um pouco de receio de também não o ser pelo Corsário, uma vez que gostei bastante dos livros de O Mago e gosto de reviver boas histórias, onde me sinta arrebatada pelas personagens e pelo enredo, algo essencial para o gosto pelo livro em questão. Pois bem [...]

    5. This was a good read. It's well written, but fairly standard stuff. I thought it was a significant step above Prince of the Blood. It follows Nicholas, the youngest son of Arutha of Krondor. He has a deformed foot from birth, and has always felt inadequate as a result. His father sends him to his uncle in the rougher backwater of Crydee for some seasoning. After some brief hardship as his uncle's squire, the town is raided and two of the royal women are kidnapped. They go on a quest across the w [...]

    6. Considering that Feist wrote this book over 20 years ago, it was wonderful to see the character and plot devices. That said, for all of my enthusiasm with the early plot twists and character development, I was left flat on a few aspects. The first (after now having read six Feist books), I am disappointed to see how he creates strong women characters, only to weaken or subvert them to minor roles, or poorly characterized actions by the end of each book. When will one of these women be allowed to [...]

    7. Hmm I have mixed feelings about this book. Taken alone, the plot is ok - although it sometimes feel like a teenage boy's kind of story, where the guys get to save the girls, and while the girls are the intelligent and strong kind, they still need boys to rescue them. It starts off well, and in Feist's great style of character development. Unfortunately, a third into the book, and things start to get very cliched - including the almost classical bad-but-not-evil pirate archetype. Still, there are [...]

    8. Well, I think that this book has been my favorite of the entire series so far! Adventure on the high seas, intrigue in yet another foreign land and all with Amos Trask and Nakor, the orange-eating trickster in the forefront!! The only one sadly absent was Jimmy the Hand! Once again, through masterful plotting and lovable characters, Feist crafted an exciting read. A wonderful addition to the series - and with more strong female characters like Brisa, which really rounded out and completed the st [...]

    9. The Kings Buccaneer, Raymond e Feists 5th book in the order was the second best book i've read so far. Nicholas, Arutha's last son adventures to crydree with his squire Harry. I found Nicolas's journey was better than both his brother's in the previous book. I found Nicholas as a young man in the beginning but as it goes through the book, he is just like his father. Good read and worth buying for the series.

    10. I enjoyed this book more than it's predecessor, The Prince of the Blood, for several reasons: the characters were more likeable, the plot was less of a murder/mystery and more of a traditional fantasy/quest storyline, and it also picked up a storyline that Feist had been developing towards the end of The Riftwar Saga. Feist, however, still hasn't quite lived up to the first 8 books that were the Riftwar Saga and Legacy.

    11. Dit verhaal leest als een proloog voor een veel groter verhaal, maar dan wel een zeer aangename proloog. Prins Valentijn als hoofdfiguur vind ik veel sympathieker dan zijn tweelingbroers in het vorige boek. Boekanier des Konings was een echte page-turner voor me en ik heb het Feist-virus nu eindelijk te pakken. Voor ik aan de Slangenoorlog begin duik ik eerst nog even terug in de tijd met de Keizerrijk Trilogie.

    12. Another good Feist book! He can spin a great tale of fantasy adventure and I have yet to grow tried of the characters in this series' universe. If you were a fan of Amos Trask in the earlier novels, this is the book for you!

    13. Mais uma fascinante aventura, cheia de ficção e carregada de imaginação. De ler e chorar por mais!

    14. Warning: The following review may contain spoilers for Magician, Silvethorn, and a Darkness at Sethanon!The King’s Buccaneer, formerly part two of the mini-series Krondor’s Sons, but now officially the last part of the Riftwar Series – a change of heart I greatly support, because without being part of a larger series, the Krondor’s Sons books are a bit lacking – is a nice closure piece for said series, but also a prelude for what is to come. The problems Nicholas faces when two of his [...]

    15. After the difficulties experienced in Prince of the Blood, The King's Buccaneer represents more of a return to form for Feist. While at first glance it might have been a bit worrying that he was resurrecting some characters (Amos in particular) when it would have been reasonable to assume they'd either retired or shuffled off the Midkemian Coil altogether, they are good characters and they made a welcome addition to a fantasy adventure tale that was pretty decent for the most part.Sure, certain [...]

    16. Passaram-se diversos anos desde a jornada dos gémeos Borric e Erland, filhos do Príncipe Arutha, que marcou o primeiro livro de Os Filhos de Krondor, O Príncipe Herdeiro, trabalho que encaixa na Saga O Mago, e mais uma vez algo de grandioso se prepara para despontar…e assim iniciamos mais uma aventura em Midkemia!Desta vez cabe ao filho mais novo de Arutha, Nicholas, salvar o Reino! Ao ser enviado para perto do seu tio Martin em Crydee, com o objectivo de amadurecer competências, Nicholas [...]

    17. Set ten years after the events in "Prince of the Blood", this book is a remarkable adventure of mystery and magic. In Amos Trask's ship, Prince Nicholas and Squire Harry set sail for a friendly visit to Uncle Martin in Crydee. But while the two are guests in Crydee, disaster strikes. Nicholas, third son of Prince Arutha, is a gifted youngster, but sheltered by life at his father's court in Krondor. To learn more of the world outside the palace walls, Nicholas and his squire, Harry, set sail for [...]

    18. Weer vol spanning en deze keer is Valentijn, de jongste zoon van de prins van Krondor de "held".Las hem weer een een ruk uit zullen we maar zeggen. Gelukkig heeft Raymond Feist nog meer boeken geschreven en staan ze ook nog bij mij op de plank te wachten totdat ze aan de beurt zijn.

    19. The characters are all fun to read about and the plot is excellent! I really think if i were to crash on a desert island and bring one book this would certainly be it. My favorite round character would be Amos Trask, because he always is just a fast thinking person with many challenges, even though Nick is the main character.This book is about how Nick, the youngest of Arutha’s 3 sons, goes on an adventure to what is the 'end of the world to rescue the captured people of crydee and bring them [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book much more than its predecessor - Nicholas is more likable and less of a spoiled brat as well as several of the girls in the story are actually not quite the prototypical airheads. This is a straightforward quest novel and is quite adequate, but you still wonder why the bad guys feel the need to indulge in such a ludicrous plot device in the form of replacing people with plague carriers. They would have been as well served in infiltrating and/or replacing royal servants. Were [...]

    21. Overall, I really did enjoy this book. That being said, it was really long! There were times when it would drag and I would find myself putting it down in favor of something else. But I never felt like I would never finish it or didn't want to finish it. There were also times when I couldn't make myself put it down! So it had good balance overall. This book tells the story of Arutha's youngest son, Prince Nicholas. This is the 15th book I've read in the Riftwar Cycle and still am not sick of it. [...]

    22. Alas, this is where I'm forced to end my reading of Feist, as I'm so bored that I'm refusing to finish the final quarter.Away from the 'strength' of the lore and settings we know and love, this story is hard. There's a bunch of things in this book that don't make sense to me - when Nick took over captaincy, the relationships between characters what little characterisation there was before has vanished and in its place, a dodgy plot remains. Plot 'twists' magically pop up with no seeding whatsoev [...]

    23. Buccaneer is, in a nutshell, a pirate adventure in Feist style. Which isn't a bad thing, it's a great idea to shake things up a bit without abandoning your world and story. I loved this book a lot more than the last one, where I found Borric and Erland annoying, I quite liked their brother Valentine. The new characters are great and the old ones deliver. We get a good helping of Emus Trask in this one and that always goes down well. Like it's predecessor it seems on the surface a light hearted a [...]

    24. For me this was the series that got me hooked on reading. I had an English teacher in high school that would let us write 2 book reports per quarter which got you a C over all in the class. So all I did for a year was read in class, write the reports and take the test blind. Got an A ;-)I tore through this series and have been reading since.Feist is an amazing story teller and his world of Midkemia sets the stage for some really crazy and beloved characters. Of all the series I have read I think [...]

    25. Feist always creates interesting and enjoyable stories to read, even if they do follow a similar formula. Much like the last book Prince of the Blood, one of Arutha's sons is tried and his worth as a prince is tested. It was nice that Feist brought in a new world in this story, and he probably explores that in his later books. However with this book I found it particularly hard to emotionally connect with any of the characters this book. In the resolution I didn't empathise with Iasha's maids or [...]

    26. The second book in the Krondor Sons series is another coming of age story, but unlike the first presents a likeable protagonist and increases the action. If you enjoyed The Blood Prince you will likely appreciate this addition even more.Still it has its faults which prevent it being great. Some characters are introduced at great length to then disappear, while others are either overly convenient or caricatures. There are not too many surprises here and that will leave some readers feeling gettin [...]

    27. This is by far the better of the two books in the Krondor's Sons series in my opinion. The mix of humour, the resurgence of Pug, dragons, and sea-style adventure won me over. This book focuses on Nicholas, the youngest son of Prince Arutha, who is a bit of an underdog in the family (of course) -- but who makes personal and heroic strives throughout the novel. Feist's use of supporting characters to reach my heart and to add a sense of humor occurs once again in this book. Readers are once again [...]

    28. Feist já me habituou aos seus personagens espirituosos e neste livro adoro mais uma vez a presença do Nakor.Nickolas tem neste livro o seu papel principal, um personagem que me cativou e prendeu porque ao longo do livro sinto que fui crescendo com ele.Embarquei nesta longa viagem ao outro lado do mundo conhecendo novos povos e cidades. Mais uma vez atentam contra o Reino e Nicky está no centro da resolução de mais uma contenda.Os arranjinhos também estão bem feitos embora um pouco previsi [...]

    29. Compôs-se. Mesmo. Se o primeiro desta série desiludiu e se as primeiras 90 páginas deste se arrastaram em meandros pouco interessantes, certo é que, daí para a frente, o livro adquire um ritmo e uma história extremamente cativantes.Feist parece arriscar em terrenos mais maduros, deixando de parte alguma "inocência" que vinha dos livros d'O Mago, e o resultado é aprazível. Boas sequências de acção, bons twists e novas personagens a manterem-me agarrado às últimas centenas de página [...]

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