• Title: Os Anos Perdidos
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9789722525107
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Os Anos Perdidos Jonathan Lyons um estudioso da B blia e julga ter encontrado uma rel quia inimagin vel uma carta em papiro que pode ter sido escrita pelo pr prio Jesus Cristo Roubada da Biblioteca do Vaticano no s cu
    Jonathan Lyons um estudioso da B blia e julga ter encontrado uma rel quia inimagin vel uma carta em papiro que pode ter sido escrita pelo pr prio Jesus Cristo Roubada da Biblioteca do Vaticano no s culo XVI, pensava se que estava perdida para sempre.Agora, sempre com um pedido de sigilo, consegue confirmar a sua descoberta junto de v rios especialistas Mas confidenciaJonathan Lyons um estudioso da B blia e julga ter encontrado uma rel quia inimagin vel uma carta em papiro que pode ter sido escrita pelo pr prio Jesus Cristo Roubada da Biblioteca do Vaticano no s culo XVI, pensava se que estava perdida para sempre.Agora, sempre com um pedido de sigilo, consegue confirmar a sua descoberta junto de v rios especialistas Mas confidencia tamb m a um amigo de fam lia a suspeita de que uma pessoa que em tempos foi da sua confian a queira agora vender o artefacto para fazer muito dinheiro.Passados poucos dias, Jonathan encontrado morto no seu est dio Na mesma altura, a sua mulher, Kathleen, que sofre de Alzheimer, tamb m encontrada, escondida no guarda roupa, a balbuciar palavras sem sentido e segurando a arma do crime Apesar da dem ncia, Kathleen sabia que o marido tinha h muito tempo um caso com outra mulher Ter ela matado o marido num acesso de ci mes, como alega a pol cia Ou estar a morte dele relacionada com uma pergunta mais ampla Quem tem em, sua posse o pergaminho de valor incalcul vel que agora desapareceu Caber filha de ambos, Mariah, ilibar a m e das acusa es de homic dio e desvendar o verdadeiro mist rio que se esconde por detr s da morte do pai.

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    1. Life is too short to read a bad book.I generally like to finish what I start. I tend to fall asleep on movies, but I'll rewind them (do you rewind a DVD?) when I wake up or start them again the next night--or nights--until I see the whole thing. I read most books all the way to the end, even if I find parts of them dragging.I had to stop reading this book. It was that bad. If it had been submitted to an agent or editor by a new writer rather than Mary Higgins Clark, it would have gotten a form r [...]

    2. Mary Higgins Clark is reliable, if nothing else, for serving up bland murder mysteries for the Matlock set. I didn't go into this thinking "hard-hitting think piece" so much as "of the Golden Girls, I really wish Dorothy would've been the last one. Love me some Maude." Her books aren't terrible, however, and can help you pass time you'd otherwise spend chewing your nails or pondering self-tanner (don't.) Also, she has a free pass for "All Around the Town," and always will, as it was the first bo [...]

    3. Several years ago, I had read and loved everything Mary Higgins Clark had written. For many reasons I had not attempted to read one of her books over the past 5 or 6 years. However, the premise of The Lost Years intrigued me so I decided to give the author another try. To my great disappointment, I found this book too difficult to complete.I stayed with the book for about 100 pages and could not go further. I found myself dreading picking it up to finish it and I, once started, rarely do not com [...]

    4. Let me make this clear: IloveMary Higgins Clark. I've read plenty of her books and never given any of it below 3-star rating but giving 2 stars to this one feels too generous.First, this book started off with aDa Vinci Codetype of plot which was not needed at all. Instead of that letter written by Jesus stuff, easily there could have been something else used to define the story. Suspense was carried out in classic Clark-style which was a good thing but I don't think she is capable of mixing hist [...]

    5. Let me preface this review by noting that in the past I have read Mary Higgins Clark. In the past I enjoyed her writing, enjoyed her books, her style. Touted "The Queen of Suspense" Mary Higgins Clark wrote novels that were pleasant summer reads, books to be read while basking in the summer sun while lounging by the beach or the pool. Sadly, that time seems to have passed. With "The Lost Years" Mary Higgins Clark introduces us to her ghost-writing hack. Poorly written, with laughable plot, ridic [...]

    6. "The Lost Years" is the only book I've ever thrown a fit over having wasted money on ($7.99 plus tax? Should've bought three Chick-fil-As at the airport instead more appetizing). It's also a book I'll keep in my library to remind myself what authors can get away with once they've established themselves. She's Mary Higgins Clark so she can write what anyone else would get a form rejection for?Disappointments/Outrages:- Bought this book because I was intrigued by the idea of a "lost letter written [...]

    7. Gosto muito de MHC, no entanto este livro não foi, de todo, do melhor que li dela. Este não vai além das 2,5*.Comecei com vontade, mas fui desanimando ao longo da história. Adivinhei cedo quem era o assassino e tornou-se demasiado previsível. No entanto é uma autora que gosto muito e voltarei a ela sempre que possa.

    8. I used to love MHC when I was a teen so I thought I'd like The Lost Years, her latest novel. I don't really remember any of her previous characters or plots so I can't compare this one to her past bestsellers. As I was reading I felt like I knew these characters from previous books, but as I said, I can't really remember them. MHC never develops her characters in this novel and pins the murder on the weird, quiet, shy guy who's obviously the murderer because all introverts are psychos, right? Th [...]

    9. Normally, I read MHC as a sort of "palate cleanser"--light, easy reading in-between heavier subject matter. I enjoy her mysteries and her characters normally hook me. I first read "Where are the Children?" more than 20 years ago and I still recall how drawn into the story I was, so much so that I was surprised to find out it was hot and sunny outside when I put the book down. I felt such a part of the story, I thought it was cold and gray and ominous outside. Not so with her latest, The Lost Yea [...]

    10. As usually Mary Higgins Clark keeps you guessing, she really is the queen of suspense. From the description I was afraid it would be different than her usual works (or too Dan Brown-y) but it wasn’t it was another great mystery/suspense and with the bonus of Alvirah who was not even mentioned in the synopsis which I don’t understand, I am a fan of Alvirah so was happy when her and Willie showed up!Yes there is a supposed letter/parchment written by Jesus but as I said it doesn’t go into a [...]

    11. I admit that I am quite biased where Mary Higgins Clark is involved. From the time my mother, grandmother and I began reading her books, I fell in love with her mesmerizing storytelling and the endless ideas she comes up with. The Lost Years tells the tale of Mariah Lyons, whose father, Jonathan, is murdered one night, shortly after finding what he believes to be the only letter written by Jesus Christ to his faithful follower, Joseph of Arimathea, which had been stolen from the Vatican Library [...]

    12. I like Mary Higgins Clark. Maybe its because she lives in my area, or that I see her shopping at the A&P, or that her grandson went to school with my daughter, or that I've heard her lecture many times (along with Harlen Coben who also lives in my area - I see him pounding away at his laptop at the local Panera). Whatever it is, I like her, and I like her writing. This time, however, she really disappointed me. Mary says that she usually comes up with her plot ideas from reading the newspape [...]

    13. This is the first Alvirah and Willy book by Mary Higgins Clarke that I have read (apart from Santa Cruise many years ago which I didn't enjoy and don't think I finished) and I believe is the 9th in the series. I don't know how Mary comes up with so many different story lines but she does and this was really interesting involving a missing possible religious parchment written by Christ and the death of a professor who had unearthed it. I love Mary's books and have read many - they are always easy [...]

    14. 2 Sterne Abzug, weil ich nach 100 Seiten wusste wer der Täter ist und weil es viel zu viele Charaktere gab die nur schwer auseinander zu halten waren.

    15. The plot of this book by respected and prolific novelist, Mary Higgins Clark, centers around a letter supposedly written by Jesus to Joseph of Arimathea, the only letter penned by Jesus. Clark says in the forward to the book that the idea came from her longtime editor (and writer), Michael Korda. She shouldn't have listened to him. Clark crafts an interesting and very readable mystery without the Biblical factor, which I found to be rather distracting and "DaVinci Code"-esque. Did Jesus know how [...]

    16. I bought this as it was on offerd Mary Higgins Clark has never let me down before. Even though had no real synopsis listed which made me wonder. When she mentions in her acknowledgements that her editor had suggested a biblical background to a book my first thought was "oh noooooooo, I hope it isn't" but it sadly was getting that way and I lost interest and packed it in at 26% when we were being told all about Pontius Pilate. To say I lost all interest and would never have picked this up if I'd [...]

    17. I've read almost all of Mary Higgins Clark's books. I was very disappointed by this one. Normally her books are fun, quick reads that keep me guessing until the end. I had to force myself to finish this one. I figured out the ending well before I read it, which was a let down because I always look forward to a good plot twist and surprise ending with her books. She spent a good deal of time describing what the characters were eating and wearing as well as repeating information that had just been [...]

    18. I don't know if Mary Higgins Clark is slipping or if I've overestimated her in the past, but this book was awful. The entire thing is narrated by various characters terribly - everything is told, not shown. It reminded me a lot of Carol Higgins Clark, actually, making me wonder if she's doing some ghostwriting for her mom. Usually Carol's books are redeemed by being a fun romp, albeit a poorly written one, but this was neither fun nor a romp.If you want to read Mary Higgins Clark, definitely rea [...]

    19. As much as I loved to see Alvirah and Willy back, I found this to be a very predictable plot. My mom didn't figure out the killer until the end, whereas I knew who the killer was by the end of the first few chapters. Perhaps I've read too many MHC books that I can guess her patterns. Found it only okay and not overly exciting.

    20. Another wonderful novel by Mary Higgins ClarkMs Higgens Clark has wriitten another suspenseful novel involving endearing characters as only she can. She weaves a wonderful story. I admit I wasn't able to solve this who done it until the last few pages. This is a light novel and those looking for more depth might be disappointed. It is, however, a very enjoyable read and Mary Higgins Clark fans won't be disappointed.

    21. The Lost Years by Mary Higgins ClarkPublished by Simon & SchusterPublication Date: April 2012ISBN-10: 1451668864ISBN-13: 9781451668865Pages: 304 pagesReview Copy from:Edition: HCMy Rating: 5Synopsis (from Publisher):In The Lost Years, Mary Higgins Clark, America’s Queen of Suspense, has written her most astonishing novel to date. At its center is a discovery that, if authenticated, may be the most revered document in human history—“the holiest of the holy”—and certainly the most co [...]

    22. I guess I’m in the minority, but I think that this is MHC’s best book ever! Biblical scholar & archaeologist Jonathan Lyons has found, in an old church, what he believes to be a letter written by Jesus Christ!! Within days he is murdered & his wife, Alzheimer sufferer, is found hiding in a closet clutching the murder weapon & totally incoherent. Within Jonathan’s tight circle of friends who is the villain?? I read at least the last 100 pages non-stop enthralled with the plot, c [...]

    23. Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons has come across the most coveted and valuable object in the world, a letter written by Jesus. But before he can do anything, he is murdered and the document taken. Kathleen, his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's, is accused of the killing. Mariah, his daughter, knows that isn't possible, but which one of the four colleagues, Greg, Richard, Albert or Charles did this? Or was it Lillian who had been Jonathan's lover for the last five years. Alvirah and Willy, detect [...]

    24. Although i am a fan of Mary Higgins Clark her books for me in recent times have become quite predictable and similar. As a result ive put of reading this one for the fear of being disappointed. But thankfully this was not the case for despite not being a total return to form does give me faith that she can still produce top notch crime thrillers.The lost years is the story of Mariah Lyons whos father Johnathon is was a well respected academic who comes across a parchment said to be written by Ch [...]

    25. The Lost Years2 StarsBiblical scholar Jonathan Lyons is murdered in his home after consulting several experts on a rare parchment supposedly authored by Jesus Christ. His wife, Kathleen Lyons, an Alzheimer sufferer, is accused of the crime, but his daughter, Mariah is convinced of her mother’s innocence and sets out to prove that her father’s death is related to the missing document. Mary Higgins Clark was once a must buy author for me, but I appear to have outgrown her writing style. The na [...]

    26. Great story. Keeps you guessing the whole book long.The Lost Years -- At its center is a discovery that, if authenticated, may be the most revered document in human history—“the holiest of the holy”—and certainly the most coveted and valuable object in the world. Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons believes he has found the rarest of parchments—a letter that may have been written by Jesus Christ. Stolen from the Vatican Library in the 1500s, the letter was assumed to be lost forever. Now, [...]

    27. A good idea wrapped in a lot of superfluous schmaltz sums up this latest effort by Mary Higgins Clark. The plot involves the discovery by a Biblical scholar, Dr. Jonathan Lyons, of the only letter supposedly ever written by Jesus, and Lyons’ subsequent murder, presumably as a result. The mystery, of course, is which of his various friends and co-workers wants the manuscript to sell on the black market instead of it being returned to the Vatican library from which it was removed in the 1400’s [...]

    28. I enjoyed this book, but I must be getting too old. I could not keep up with the days as Mary set them up. She was telling the story from many people's angle.Mariah is an investment banker and lives in New York. Her parents are older, they were married 20 years before she was born. On a Monday night, while getting ready for bed, Mariah gets a phone call that her Dad is dead and they suspect her Mother has killed him. Her Mother is getting dementia and is very confused when Mariah finally gets to [...]

    29. I’ve read all her past books including her memoir, so it pains me to rate this so harsh. Mary Higgins Clark was never known for literary writing, but she was solid and told a good story. Over the years, little writing faux pas showed like point of view shifts, adverbs or several sentences starting with the same words. This tended to be minor and the story carried the day anyway. The Lost Years has so many things that creative writers avoid that I couldn’t get past page 60. I never flip to th [...]

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