• Title: Mate Claimed
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mate Claimed Collared and controlled Shifters are outcast from humanity forced to live in Shiftertowns But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertow
    Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertown, Eric Warden knows his own kind When he sees Iona Duncan, he realizes that although she appears human she is a half Shifter wildcat living without a Collar and that if shCollared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertown, Eric Warden knows his own kind When he sees Iona Duncan, he realizes that although she appears human she is a half Shifter wildcat living without a Collar and that if she doesn t acknowledge her true nature and her mating hunger, it may kill her.Iona finds the mysterious and powerful Eric alluring, even though she has vowed never to reveal her Shifter side, lest her mother pay the price for hiding her all these years But her mating hunger is rising, and with Eric so close, she may not be able to resist and her desire may lead to the very doom they are fighting to deny

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    1. "Mate Claimed" is book #4 in Jennifer Ashley's shifter seriesis one was about the shifters in Las Vegas. Eric is the Alpha of the Felines and Bears and he sets his sights on a half human/half shifter woman who is living with the humans unaware that she is part Feline. Iona has tried to deny that she is a shifter all of her life, and wants absolutely nothing to do with them. When Eric comes across her in a bar, they are immediately drawn to each other. Of course Iona fights the attraction, but sh [...]

    2. Written October 8, 20144 Stars - Simply so amazingly good romances with wonderful characters and engaging topicsBook #4It was time for some cuddly shifters in a Shiftertown again. 'Shifters Unboand', is a lovely paranormal m/f series written by a great romances author, Ms. Jennifer Ashley. Good books to pick up now and then. You always get interesting stories, thoughtful topics and sweet grand love. This one was no exception.Another good Shifters Unbound installment. Hetro (adult) PNR perfect fo [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI adore this series!! Right from the start the world and the people inhabiting it captured my attention and refused to let go. I have high expectations and this book lived up to them.[image error]Eric Warden is a Shiftertown leader. As such he has a lot of responsibilities. He's quite used to them, but there are times when the burden is heavier. Like now, some human decided to save money and shut down the second Shiftertown in Nevada, forcing the nearly feral Lupines to move to Eric's t [...]

    4. Review posted on Demon Lover's Books & MoreEver since Wild Cat, I’ve wanted to read more about Las Vegas Shiftertown leader Eric. With so many things going on in his Shiftertown, Eric has a lot on his plate. He has some wolves from a closed down Shiftertown in Northern Nevada moving in. The preparations are insane, the government is closing down the Shiftertown, but hasn’t prepared anything yet. Their insane logic? The shifters can just bunk up and bond. Right. So now Eric has the leader [...]

    5. DNF at 5%Damn (said in a very disappointed Gordon Ramsey-esque tone). Apparently hero has a deceased mate. After doing a search through the book, there are many snippets where he talks about that mate, Kirsten, saying how much he loved her, how amazing she was, how badly he hurt and grieved. This seems like it could be a fantastic story. I loved the opening scene so much that's why I am bummed. I don't like stories where the heroine is second best love for the hero. Or even equal love to a previ [...]

    6. Posted on Under the CoversMATE CLAIMED is book four in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. This book explores Iona’s story. Iona is a half-Shifter, living without a Collar in the human world. The danger of living without any real knowledge of her mating hunger and Shifter side can very well kill her if she isn’t careful. So, Eric Warden, wildcat and leader of his own Shiftertown is now taking Iona into his own hands to care for her. Iona fears the repercussions of revealing herse [...]

    7. This book is seriously HOT.It is the story of Eric the leader of Las Vegas shifter town who is a mateless leopard shifter and who did not look for love until he meets Iona and the story of Iona who is a half panther shifter and who did not look for love until she meets Eric.Their story begins slowly at a shifters' bar where Iona pretends to be human and continues later at a chocolate store. There is this thing with Eric and chocolates by the way. Every time I read about Eric, I want to finish a [...]

    8. Mate Claimed4.5 StarsIona Duncan is a half-shifter raised as human and taught to keep her wildcat identity secret. Unfortunately, she has entered the transition stage and her animal instincts are raging out of control. Shiftertown leader, Eric Warden, not only recognizes Iona, but is well aware of the fact that her failure to accept her true nature will have disastrous consequences. Not only is Eric and Ione’s story a huge improvement on the previous installment, but it rescues Ashley’s Shif [...]

    9. This was an exciting addition to the Unbound Shifter series, in this one we have Las Vegas Shiftertown leader Eric, a wildcat. He meets and become drawn to Iona, an uncollared half shifter that has gone undetected by the government. Iona is trying to keep her life as fully human, while trying to let out her shifter side and keep it from everyone. While Eric wants to help Iona with her shifter side, Iona does everything she can to keep Eric away and her shifter side in control. She doesn’t want [...]

    10. What an annoying heroine. Why did Eric had so much freaking patience with her? This is a woman who's half shifter (who are treated like second class citizens) and refuses to believe the hero when he tells her that she's about to go feral and she's running the risk of hurting her family not only physically but legally too. Because you know what happens if it's discovered that they've been harboring a shifter? They all go to fucking jail!!! But no, she doesn't recognize the hero's authority, even [...]

    11. Rating: B+ Heat: HotReview: I love Jennifer Ashley’s historical romances. In fact, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is one of my all-time favorites. So why on earth did it take me so long to try out her PNR novels? I honestly have no clue but it was definitely long overdue! And, even though I’m starting with book four (such a bad habit of mine, I’ll admit), it was so easy to immerse myself in the Shifters Unbound world.And, wow, what a world. Miz Ashley hits you with sensual and arousing [...]

    12. While the main couple had captured my attention since the scene when they first met in Wild Cat, I wasn't all that engrossed in their story, unfortunately. That is mostly because of Iona, who for a big part of the book just refuses to listen to reason.I found her very frustrating and so had a difficult time getting into their story, even after she stopped being so belligerent.Eric has quite a lot on his plate, with a new alpha and wolf shifters moving into his shifter town and dominance issues a [...]

    13. 4.5 starsDespite my frustration with the heroine, this was a great book and one of the better ones in this series. This id Eric and Iona's romance but the story was much more than that. New shifters, a new swing in the storyline and some very interesting shifter dynamics all made this hard to put down. You could read this as a first book but I think you'd get much more enjoyment if you follow the series in order. Ashley is a great author - making me cry, allowing an antagonistic character to bec [...]

    14. 3.5/5; 4 stars; B+Eric and Iona's story was pretty good. The story line that introduced Tiger was a good hook for further stories.

    15. Review originally posted at fictionvixen/review-maI am a huge Jennifer Ashley fan. I discovered her when she writing erotica for Ellora’s Cave under the name Allyson James. That sci-fi erotica series is still an auto-buy for me. Since then I’ve read a paranormal dragon series, the insanely awesome urban fantasy Stormwalker series, one of my all time favorite historical romance series, Highland Pleasures, and finally the Shifters Unbound series, in which Mate Claimed is book four. She also wr [...]

    16. 4.5 StarsRecommendation: If you loved the other books in the shifter unbound series you will love this one as well. Eric is one Badass Shiftertown Leader! Iona is ready to challenge him at every turn.Hot Damn! Did you see that cover?! Just looking at it makes me want to buy it. Win for the marketing team!Now moving on to what really is in the 4th book in Ms. Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series.Eric Warden has badass written all over that sexy body of his. We learned from the last book that Eric f [...]

    17. Half panther-shifter Iona has been living and passing for a human, but now Shiftertown Leader, leopard-shifter Eric Warden, has her on his radar and he won't go away. All of Eric's primal instincts take notice of Iona as he tries to convince her that her 'human' days are at and end, because if she's not careful, her delicious scent is going to attract the attention of other shifters far less civilized and with far less control than Eric - and with the residents of a 'wilder' wolf Shiftertown bei [...]

    18. Review Courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyJennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound stands out as one of my top paranormal romance series with its complex political and social issues and some intense, hot romances. MATE CLAIMED, the fourth in the series, continues this trend with a spicy romance and intense action. I love the depth and layers of all of the politics between shifter communities and humans. What makes me really care about these characters is all of the little ways the shifters find to [...]

    19. It starts out with half shifter Iona Duncan, being chased by the shiftertown leader Eric Warden, who has constantly been chasing her of late. Iona, is a shifter without a collar, and refuses to go through the collaring, she wants to be free. However Eric knows the danger that Iona is in, if she doesn't put on a collar, soon her shifter side will take over and her common sense will be gone, and all will remain will be her panther side. However even though Eric's argument is a good one, Iona knows [...]

    20. Eric knows right away that Iona is his mate. Iona is struggling to keep her half shifter status a secret so that she can continue to live in the human world with her construction company and family. The more time Eric spends around her though, the harder it is for her to restrain her wildcat.Eric goes to work trying to help her and to keep her around he decides to hire her construction company to build homes for all the shifters that have been sent to live in the Vegas shifter town. That means r [...]

    21. I was ecstatic when I was given Mate Claimed to read and review! Jennifer Ashley’s Shifter Unbound series is one of my favorite’s paranormal romances. She has such fascinating characters and a unique shifter plot line that I just gobble up her books.Mate Claimed focuses on Eric and Iona’s developing romance. Eric is a widower and the leader of the nearby Shiftertown. He discovers that there in an uncollared shifter living among the humans one night while visiting a bar. Only Iona’s mom a [...]

    22. Iona is a panther-shifter/human and has been living and passing for a human her whole life.Shiftertown Leader, leopard-shifter Eric Warden wants her safe in shifter town, but that’s not the only reason he wants her. Iona’s shifter half is coming forward full force and is going to take over. Eric worries she will go feral, but more than that , he worries another shifter male will claim her. If that’s not enough stress on Eric, he has to deal with the Humans relocating another shifter town w [...]

    23. decided to skip to Mate Claimed because I loved the sound of an Alpha finding his mate in a half-breed shifter who is pretending to be a human in order to go undetected by the government, would like nothing more than to collar her and throw her into a Shiftertown. While the synopsis sounds all good and dandy, there is so much more to this story. There's an entire shifter population about to move into the local Shiftertown. While you would think this would be fine, each Shiftertown has it's own l [...]

    24. Gosh, I totally forgot how much I enjoy this series as I read the last book (book 3) in 2013. Glad I finally circled back to this series. It’s still enjoyable.

    25. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2012/10/10/Publisher: BerkleyPublish Date: Out NowHow I got this book: ARC from the publisherEric Warden knows that half-Shifter wildcat Iona is passing for human, living without a Collar in the human world. He also knows that if she does not acknowledge her Shifter nature and her mating hunger, it could kill her. Iona finds the mysterious and dangerous Eric, a wildcat and leader of his Shiftertown, haunting her dreams, but she vows never to “come [...]

    26. TITLE: Mate Claimed SERIES #:Shifters Unbound #4CHARACTERS: Iona Duncan, Eric Warden & shifters AUTHOR: Jennifer Ashley PUBLICATION DATE: Oct 2, 2012BOOK SYNOPSIS:Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns. But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain…As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertown, Eric Warden knows his own kind. When he sees Iona Duncan, he realizes that although she appears human, she is a half-Shifter wi [...]

    27. Another winning novel from gifted author Jennifer Ashley. Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Feline Shifter Eric Warden is the alpha or leader of his clan in Shiftertown. With two shifter clans in Nevada, they are being consolidated into one to make them easier to keep tabs on. The other clan, consisting of lupines or wolf shifters and led by an alpha named Graham, is being moved in with Eric’s clan. With the lupine shifters being a more feral clan and used to having their own way, the tra [...]

    28. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: 3.5/5Iona is a half-shifter trying to live as a full human, but she’s moving into a transition stage that has her crawling out of her skin, the need to mate is intense and her animal side is becoming stronger every day. She’s trying to suppress it but that will only lead into her turning feral and pretty much going crazy. Eric feels the mating bond with her and vows to protect her no matter the cost while she makes the transition into the [...]

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