• Title: Mistletoe Magic
  • Author: Stacey Joy Netzel
  • ISBN: 9781939143044
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
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    Mistletoe Magic Major Mark Riley plays Court Jester to Janelle Walsh s Snow Queen at the Christmas Parade and is instantly captivated by the cute redhead whose grandpa just happens to be Santa When Mark learns she s
    Major Mark Riley plays Court Jester to Janelle Walsh s Snow Queen at the Christmas Parade and is instantly captivated by the cute redhead whose grandpa just happens to be Santa When Mark learns she s the tenant he evicted from his newly purchased property, it s going to take a little bit of Santa s mistletoe magic to save their romance.

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    1. Absolutely charming and lovely story, a bit on the short side for my taste, but then, most books are. Janelle, who's changed her home into an animal rescue place, is quite taken by Mark, newly come back to town after his time with the army, and the feeling seems to be quite mutual. That is, until they find out that Mark is the new owner of her house and has just sent her an eviction notice to vacate the premises by Christmas Eve.Sparks fly between the two, and although the ending is quite predic [...]

    2. Major sweet sexy romanceMajor Mark Riley buys a property upon leaving the military. Too bad the sellers misled him about the so called crazy living there. Janelle is just trying to keep the abused pet rescue viable. the one she and Maggie were running before Maggie passed away and her greedy relations sold the property.

    3. This is a sweet story. A little unbelievable that they fell in love in less than two weeks especially when they spent most of it not talking. The characters are really enjoyable and I liked that Mark realised that he could have his retreat and help the rescue animals at the same time. Christmas miracles do exist.

    4. I loved the characters in the first book in this series. Unfortunately this time around, the characters just weren't as engrossing. Mark and Janelle were boring and just didn't fit with each other to me. Hopefully the next book in the series will rebound and be better.

    5. Kenna is back and more troubles follow! This is the third book in the series and all are excellent! Well written, with a great plot and characters. Loved it!

    6. I liked the town, the people, and the Christmas spirit everyone had. This was a good story about a couple meeting again after years living in separate places. Really enjoyed this story.

    7. ExcellentA lovely Christmas wedding. I enjoyed the story and all the details. Wish I could have been there, it sounded so lovely

    8. A very short story. They fall in love in less then two weeks. Really hard to believe as they spend a large portion of their time fighting. Didn't love the story.

    9. Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4 StarsAnyone who reads my reviews regularly, knows I’m a sucker for series books; especially those that revolve around families. When I downloaded the first book in this series for free, I knew I’d be purchasing the next two if the first book was any good. Since I enjoyed it, I downloaded the next two immediately. To me the first book in a series is like the appetizer of a meal; it’s good, it fills the void, but it’s doesn’t completely satisfy [...]

    10. The characters were detailed, but the depth wasn't there. Felt like an outline rather than a completed story. Conflict needs to be ramped up and the first part of the meeting fell flat.

    11. Got some free Christmas books, I figured it was time to read one of them I didn't like it. It was ok overall, but nothing special to make it stand out, it didn't really draw me in. In general holiday stories are strange, but this one played on the hole Santa is my Grandpa theme too much for my liking. Their moving in together felt off. His reasons for moving back home and taking her dreams from her was forced. Maybe if I had read book 1 this would have felt more complete as a story, but then aga [...]

    12. Mistletoe Magic by Stacey Joy NetzelRomancing Wisconsin Series Book 2In this book we are introduced to Major Mark Riley, plus Santa Butch & Judy’s granddaughter Janelle Walsh, and other family members.Major Mark Riley is there to play the Court Jester to Janelle Walsh’s Snow Queen at the Christmas Parade and he is captivated instantly by the cute redhead. Only much later he realized that she is the tenant he is evicting from his newly purchased property and that does not play well in his [...]

    13. A cute, heart warming short story that will have you melting long before you are done reading. Mark is home for good, after serving fifteen years in the military, with the last tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He figures his luck is about to run out after watching most of his crew either loose their lives in service, or wounded to the point that the choice to serve is no longer theirs to make. He's bought a resort property in the outskirts of his home town with great plans to make it prosper and h [...]

    14. In this Christmas Romance, Mark has left the military life and purchased property in Pulaska with the hopes of turning the property into a lakeside resort of sorts, bringing jobs and tourists to the community who will no doubt bring money with them and part with it there. When he has a flat tire on the way to the Christmas parade, he hitches a ride into town with Janelle Walsh and her wagon and team of horses. There is major attraction between the two of them but it seems Mark has a way of putti [...]

    15. This was a good romance to read at Christmas time. Mark Riley and Janelle Walsh met when they were last minute fill-ins for the Court Jester and Snow Queen parts in the Christmas Parade. Their attraction for each other was a problem when they realized Mark was the new owner of the property Jannelle used for rescue animals and was evicting her on Christmas Eve.This Christmas story definitely helped put me in the holiday spirit with the mistletoe, parade and Santa Butch. Janelle is a loving woman [...]

    16. After reading the first book I couldn’t wait to read the other two in the series. This is the second. It was even better than the first. I love how the story starts out and then how the two characters realize they have a connection related to the land that Janelle is living on. They have different ideas about how it should be used. It was great reading about Marks’ torment when Janelle has to leave. Mark was definitely a good character but one or two of his statements about animals were kind [...]

    17. This was my first SJN book, and I'm already looking forward to the rest of the Romancing Wisconsin series. My son was born in Wisconsin, so I was ready to like this book before I even started it. I also have family in the military who have served overseas, so I enjoyed the military references. When I read a shorter story, I'm usually left wanting more backstory or more character development, but I feel like this book gave me everything I needed, along with a satisfying ending. It reminded me of [...]

    18. Fun Short ReadI liked this story by SJN. I thought she did a great job bringing her characters to life. I feel it would interest several different groups. She is staying with her grandparents who play Santa, is involved in animal rights work and is attracted to a returning marine. It kept my interest throughout the book. What a great way to spend a snowy afternoon. I recommend this short novel by Stacey Joy Netzel.

    19. Mistletoe magic book 2This warm romance I found innovative. Janelle operated an animal rescue. She was surprised to discover the handsome vet she'd recently met and was attracted to is responsible for her soon eviction by Christmas. Will the vet reconsider or will Janelle have to move to a new location?

    20. This second in the Romancing Wisconsin Series by Stacey Joy Netzel is a fun romantic read. I love the recurring characters in series and especially this one. It was like running into old friends. There is plenty of chemistry between Mark and Janelle and the whole story is just charming. I can't wait to read the next one. I'm beginning to think that Butch really is Santa. :-)

    21. Love this cute story.Mark and Janelle meet and really like each other until they find out exactly who each other is. They are actually sort of enemies. It is a cute and funny romantic story. At point the descriptions of the animals are sad. Love this story with the ups and down. Can't wait to read about Derek.

    22. Book 2 in the Wisconsin series. Cute and quick. Perfect read for a snowy afternoon or evening. This one focuses on the older brother. Pretty typical romance story. I appreciate that it doesn't go into a lot of sex scenes and instead focuses on the characters and how their love evolves. Sweet story.

    23. Loving SantaA Beautiful Christmas story for everyone, filled with beautiful description of scenes of love, protecting those you love and fun to read animal lovers will appreciate this book.

    24. It felt and read like a novella, though it's 289 pages in my copy. Super-quick resolution to the problems that had me wondering why the heroine hadn't implemented it previously. Very shallow, cutesy small-town romance.

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