• Title: Refugees
  • Author: D.J. Molles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Refugees He has fought the fight and run the race But the enemies never stop coming and the race has no finish line It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder With wi
    He has fought the fight, and run the race.But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish line.It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder With winter looming, Lee is on the verge of establishing Camp Ryder as a hub of safety and stability in the region But not everyone agrees with Lee s mission or his methods GrowinHe has fought the fight, and run the race.But the enemies never stop coming, and the race has no finish line.It has been three months since Captain Lee Harden found the survivors at Camp Ryder With winter looming, Lee is on the verge of establishing Camp Ryder as a hub of safety and stability in the region But not everyone agrees with Lee s mission or his methods Growing tensions between camp leadership are coming to a head, and as Lee struggles amid the dissension and controversy, new revelations about the infected threaten to destroy everything he has worked for.

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    1. When I started this book, I assumed it was the third book in a trilogy. I was wrong. With about 15% left to read, I knew it couldn't possibly get wrapped up in the few remaining pages. I was both crestfallen and thrilled: I had hoped for a nominally satisfying conclusion and thrilled that there would be yet another book - heck - perhaps more! I love this genre - be it post-apocalypse or zombie-related. If the author is reading this, please know that I am frustrated: I have no direct way of givin [...]

    2. I'll likely stay tuned for #4, but I have to say #3 was very uneven. I found myself wishing I was a speed reader so I could fast-forward to the good parts. Don't get me wrong, there were some amazing scenes, and I am still engaged by the characters and their struggles. But I just hope the author finds a good editor to help him tighten things up for the next installment.

    3. The struggle of Capt. Lee Harden to save civilization (As We Know It) continues in the third book in this series, The Remaining: Refugees.A few months after the events described in the previous novel, The Remaining: Aftermath, Capt. Harden is supervising the refugee compound known as Camp Ryder. More people have joined the encampment, creating a small culture of its own. Satellite colonies have been sent out to beyond the protecting barricade. The novel begins with a gruesome method used to clea [...]

    4. SPOILERS!!Well, this installment has improved the overall series in several areas. Character development has finally taken some steps in the right direction. Lee has only once so far in this book foolishly taken off and almost lost his pack. Something that happened all too often in books 1and 2. Yet, he's just about to go out to an area of known danger, fully aware that there's somebody out to get him, accompanied only by a randomly appearing (freakishly similar to original) dog and a guy he's a [...]

    5. You will not be disappointed in the third book of "The Remaining" series. Captain Lee Harden is still Captain Harden, seemingly indestructible and indefatigable. The scope of the book increases to encompass an even larger area of North Carolina. And with that scope increase, so too does the conflict that Captain Harden must deal with. This additional conflict adds quite a bit to the series: it shows that the author has a Plan for this series. You will recall vignettes from book one that suddenly [...]

    6. The Remaining: Refugees by D.J. Molles is the third book in The Remaining series. I'm not an author by any means but I have read hundreds and hundreds of books throughout my lifetime ranging from all different kinds of genre and I can say this much about Mr. Molles: this guy is a winner. All three books in this series has been a blast to read so far and I am, like many others out there as well, eagerly anticipating for the 4th book to be release. Finally, the author addresses what I saw as one o [...]

    7. Lee is beginning to organise the camps of survivors into a network – one that is growing. The foundation of society is beginning to be put in place; winter is coming but they are readBut not all of the survivors agree with Lee and internal tension could rip them apart – and that’s if the Infected’s huge numbers don’t just sweep them away and everything they’ve builtThen there’s what his fellow soldiers are up to…The world building of this series is huge. I really like how here’ [...]

    8. annasalvatoresbuchblogspo- German review -Meinung:Hmm. Diese Rezension wird nicht so einfach.Also ich mag die ersten beiden Bände ja sehr.Es ist meine erste "pure" Zombiereihe, mir gefiel diese schlüssige Logik hinter der Idee sowie die viele Action.An sich mangelt es auch in diesem Band nicht daran, ABER Es wiederholt sich alles irgendwie.Es herrschen immer noch die selben Streitereien im Camp Rider, wie schon in Band 2, und lange ändert sich nichts daran.Zwar haben sich die Rahmenbedingunge [...]

    9. I actually would give this 3.5 stars, but, as I have often complained, still doesn't allow for the 1/2's yet 3 stars it is.Generally speaking, I've enjoyed this series. It's a bit different than the typical zombie fare out there, and while Molles is hardly Steinbeck, he's an above-average author and his military background is obvious in his writing. So yes, kudos to that and his talent and crafting some pretty good action scenes, while improving his prose.The problem with "Refugees" is that it [...]

    10. Such a great series. I believe this book is so good because of the constant introspection, the reflecting, and the appropriate language used for the appropriate situation. The action is good, sturdy, gripping--but too much of it would be useless without the outstanding use of introspection from the characters. This makes the book memorable, making you wonder turn after turn of what you would do if shit hits the fan and the world collapses. In this sequel, Captain Lee Harden is faced with the col [...]

    11. Love love love this whole series. I'm putting the same review on all of them because I listened to the audio versions back to back so the books are all one long story to me and each one is better than the last. These books are very well written, great attention to detail, heavy on the military/survivalist run and rebuild side, lots of characters you really grow to care about, and wonderful character growth. Not traditional zombies, more the "infected" type, but I like both so fine by me. No mush [...]

    12. This series gets better with each book and has quickly become one of my favorites. Unlike, some other zombie series I've read, it maintains a even balance with world building, character development, terror created by the zombies and other hostile characters. The plot of each book builds upon the previous instalment, while creating more layers and complexity. It's incredibly amazing this is the author's first series, his writing is exciting and addictive. I've read, and enjoyed, other zombie/ mil [...]

    13. The saga continues as Captain Lee Harden tries to rebuild society after a zombie apocalypse. The first two stories were fine, with Harden battling to survive. This books turns towards rebuilding, politics, and the underbelly of society.Unfortunately, Harden starts becoming more of a superhero in this book, and becomes less interesting. The other characters also become flatter. On the plus side, the saga takes on some new and interesting directions. Unfortunately, they are far-fetched and some of [...]

    14. Damn you sir! How dare you make me wait to read book 4! How can you leave me hanging like this? I must know what happens next! Ok, now that I have the exclamation points out of the way, I loved this book. I felt a sense of dread all through this because i knew how it was going to end. There were too many clues leading up to the event. Its rare that I get an emotional response from a book. In my way of evaluating books, a zombie book is never going to hit 5 stars, so for me, a 4 stars zombie book [...]

    15. I'll give it 3.5 stars. I was not satisfied with how it ended. Will I read on, yesbut I am going on and move away for a while. I love the story, love the protagonist and love that the author is getting other POV characters BUT, I was let down by the arc of this book was not a complete plot arc. I was left holding the baghaving to buy the next book to satisfy my enjoyment of this book. Not happy about that.

    16. OK, this whole book was kind of pointless. Nothing developed or even remotely happened until the last 3 chapters! The rest of the book was day-today boring events that could have been summed up in about 10 pages. It really frustrates me because I very much enjoyed the first book, but the series is going down hill fast. Also, is this going to be never ending?- because I would appreciate some closure.

    17. I really like this zombie series. Most of it feels more realistic (if there was a zombie apocalypse of course). The ending was a big cliff hanger and I did not see it coming. If you like zombie novels these are worth the read.

    18. Frustrating writing at times. Some of the MC's actions seem out of character for someone with this training. (3 star story - 4 star narration = 3.5 star overall) Listened to audiobook with hubby.

    19. Fantastic. By far the best of the series, if not the best zombie book my geeky eyes have ever been set upon

    20. Love this series, never thought I would be one to read books with Zombies, but these are great!

    21. This series has me hooked. Mr. Molles certainly knows how to keep the reader interested in what is coming around the next corner. He manages to keep the creepiness of the first two books, while also introducing more twists and turns with the human survivors. This is a rare series. It has tons of action, but also has likable characters and a plot that thickens as the story goes along. But not bogged down or overly complicated.My only complaint is the lack of diversity in the survivors and a lack [...]

    22. Book 3 Poor Lee! It seems three groups of ppl are after him and all he wants is to keep some semblance of society alive! But even now his pride for America is wavering and he is questioning why? Why was he still fighting! Lost some good people I picked up this book.ars after reading the first two, and I still remember the gist of the story! It means a lot that I remembered, especially since I know I enjoyed the first two books. I think it refreshing that there is still a "military" plan for the [...]

    23. This is a synopsis, not a review.Spoilers inside.Book starts out with Lee and a few people clearing out a town Lillingsomething. They bait the infected in with a bag of guts on a grill. When the infected come in close, they set off claymore mines and then open fire from rooftops. They set this town up as another outpost that is part of the greater Camp Ryder Hub. Professor White and his students (who don't like Lee) stay here. Lee gets a call on the radio from Camp Ryder that someone showed up l [...]

    24. I like that this series is focused on the infected and their evolution as it pertains to Captain Harden and his people. This issue also throws in a new major player, hopefully, and more twists and turns that will change the Camp Ryder hub for the worse! Secrets, lies and the infected but who's more dangerous man or infected?

    25. Enjoying the series so far - and it is definitely taking a "long view" on plot development to span multiple installments in the series.

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