• Title: Woman at Point Zero
  • Author: Nawal El-Saadawi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Woman at Point Zero From her prison cell Firdaus sentenced to die for having killed a pimp in a Cairo street tells of her life from village childhood to city prostitute Society s retribution for her act of defiance de
    From her prison cell, Firdaus, sentenced to die for having killed a pimp in a Cairo street, tells of her life from village childhood to city prostitute Society s retribution for her act of defiance death she welcomes as the only way she can finally be free.

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    1. “A new world was opening up in front of my eyes, a world which for me had not existed before. Maybe it had always been there, always existed, but I had never seen it, never realized it had been there all the time. How was it that I had been blind to its existence all these years?”- Nawal El Saadawi,Woman at Point ZeroI was told by a friend that the German title for this book is translated as “I Spit on You,” and it makes a lot of sense after you read the book, because that will probably [...]

    2. Revisiting my Nobels always also includes guessing and hoping for a favourite to receive this year's award. Nawal El-Saadawi has been on my wish list for the Nobel Prize in Literature for many, many years, ever since she dragged me into the scary universe of Two Women in One, showing the double life of women in Egypt, conforming to rules set by men while letting their creativity and independence gain power within their own minds.The Swedish Academy being what it is, it would be completely unhear [...]

    3. I was surprised when I saw the rating forWoman at Point Zero . To me, it was a solid five-star book. When I scrolled through the reviews, I noticed many, many five star and four star reviews, but there was a pervasive theme of how she seemed unrelatable and fake. I completely disagree.First of all,Woman at Point Zerois a short read, 114 pages at the most. In three chapters, Firdaus' life story is framed by the author's own narrative, which develops from vaguely superior and curious to shocked an [...]

    4. I was hoping that Saadawi would win the Nobel Prize this time round; sadly it wasn’t to be. However I suspect she was not surprised, as she says; “I am still ignored by big literary powers in the world, because I write in Arabic, and also because I am critical of the colonial, capitalist, racist, patriarchal mind set of the super-powers.”However she is much more than just a novelist/writer; she originally trained as a doctor, then went into politics (Public Health). She lost her job becaus [...]

    5. افضل هذا النوع من الاعمال الادبيه الذى يعكس واقع ويخدم بشكل مباشر قضيه انسانيه حاملا رساله واضحه انها ليست مجرد روايه مأساويه انتهت بجريمه او تفاصيل جريئه من اجل التسليه وجذب القراء كما يظن القارئ الساذج، انها تتناول بصدق واقع المرأه العربيه ووضعها مقارنه بوضع الرجل فى مجت [...]

    6. Yazarın Mısır'da Kanatır cevaevinde görüştüğü idam mahkumu bir kadının hikayesi. Karar vermek zor; insan olarak mı yoksa kadın olarak mı daha çok etkilendim? Gerçekliğine inanmak istemeyeceğimiz kadar gerçek maalesef.

    7. Neval El Seddavi'nin biyografik romanı İdam mahkumu Firdevs'in yaşam öyküsünü, onun dilinden duru bir şekilde anlatıyor. Firdevs, Mısırlı bir fahişeKitabı okurken kölelik, esaret, korku, güç, gerçek kavramlarını bir daha düşünmenize sebep oluyor Bi' çırpıda bitip, vurucu ve farklı bir lezzet bırakıyor".rçeği hiç zorluk çekmeden anlatıyorum. Çünkü gerçek kolay ve yalındır. Bu yalınlığın içinde de vahşi bir güç yatar. Yaşamın vahşi, ilkel gerçekl [...]

    8. Ne diyeceğini bilmediği anlar, genelde söyleyecek çok şeyi olduğu anlar oluyor insanın. Şu kadarını diyeyim ki nice devrimci metinden, romandan, söylevden daha devrimci, çatır çatır bir hikaye Firdevs'in hikayesi. Bu fahişenin hikayesini okuyun lütfen. Okuyun ve söylediklerine gücünüz ve dürüstlüğünüz yetiyorsa cevap verin.

    9. Review originally posted on A Skeptical Reader.Woman at Point Zero follows the life of Firdaus, a woman awaiting execution, from her youth to her present condition. It’s a novel that plunges deep into the pit of patriarchy, abuse of power, failures of feminism, and the sex workers industry.El-Saawadi’s narration is clever and precise. At times she infuses a formal mechanism to her poetic form that is both beautiful and horrific to read. It was frustrating that while she can be quite vivid in [...]

    10. This review could probably just read: Men suck.But then that wouldn't cover the fact that sometimes women do too. But:Men suck (and sometimes women as well)doesn't have the same punchiness.Really though, in this story by Nawal El-Saadawi men do suck. Lots. Whether you are a poor uneducated brute or a more educated sophisticated man; whether you are a pimp or a prince, a near relation or a policeman, if you are a man it is a given that you are going to seriously suck at some point. Sometimes it w [...]

    11. I've loved this slim novel since I read it for the first time in an undergrad literature class. It's beautifully written, addictive as heck and features a harrowing main character. It's simply written and that gives room for the complex narrative (this my favorite type of writing). This book was an enormous influence on my own novel Who Fears Death. And rereading it really reminded me why.

    12. I was reluctant to read this book. First and foremost, I am not a fan of biography, nor do I enjoy fiction. And this book sounded like the kind that crosses the boundary between both. And when I learned the book was a biography about one woman's execution for killing a man, I was convinced I would not enjoy reading it. Intellectually, I am a sociologist. I am intrigued by structures of power, by the structure of inequality and inequity. I am always looking for the forest, not the trees. I seek t [...]

    13. terlalu pahit untuk ditelanKurang lebih sepuluh tahun yang lalu Uda Ari, tetangga kos di pogung 37a, menyarankan saya untuk membaca buku ini.Katanya, akan banyak pelajaran dalam menjadi seorang wanita yang sesungguhnya dari buku ini.Sangat cocok untuk saya yang ketika itu sangat tidak ingin merasa kalah dari siapa pun, terutama lelaki."Trus, maksudnya titik nol di judulnya itu apa, Da?""Baca dulu makanya, Diet. Nanti pasti ngerti deh maksudnya apa."Kurang lebih sepuluh tahun setelahnya, saya mem [...]

    14. Firdevs Hiç de yabancı değilsin.İçerisinde çok iyi tespit edilmiş toplum eleştirileri bulunan bu kitabı okurken Cem Keçe hocamın sözleri devamlı aklımda uçuştu."Bu topraklarda çok fazla kız çocuğu var çok fazla anne var. Fakat nereyse yok denilecek kadar çok az kadın var. Toplumun yarısı kadınlardan, diğer yarısını da kadınların yetiştirdikleri erkeklerden oluşmakta. Yani anlayacağınız kadın demek toplum demektir. Eğer kadın sağlıksızsa, eğitimsizse, b [...]

    15. In the early 1970s, Nawal El Saadawi lost her job as the Director of Health Education and Editor-in-Chief of Health magazine because she did something really horrible: She wrote a book about women and sexSP.She turned to the research of neuroses in Egyptian women which led her to meet a doctor at an Egyptian prison who would talk to her about his experiences and some of the inmates. Through this friendship with the doctor, she met Firdaus, a woman imprisoned for killing a man. Firdaus was awaiti [...]

    16. بعد اطالعك على سيرة نوال السعدوي ستلاحظ!فرق جد رهيب بين حياة هذه العالمة المتعددة المواهب والتخصصات وشخصيات روايتها.تحديداً فيما يخص طفولتها وشبابها فيما بعدلا داعي للسؤال فالقارئ سيكتشف من خلال هذه الرواية أن السيدة نوال كانت تحاول نقل الحركة النسوية الى العالم العربي ع [...]

    17. My virtue, like the virtue of all those who are poor, could never be considered a quality, or an asset, but rather looked upon as a kind of stupidity, or simple-mindedness, to be despised even more than depravity or vice.Nearly three years between adding this and reading this was long enough to shift from being myopically proud of my "cultivated" tastes to becoming suspicious of why I'd want this author in particular to win the Nobel Prize for Lit without having even read them. There's nothing w [...]

    18. Nawal El Saadawi is an internationally renowned writer, novelist and fighter for woman's rights, who was born in a village outside Cairo, Egypt. When she was practicing as a psychiatrist in the 1970's she had the opportunity while conducting research into the neurosis of Egyyptian women, to meet with a woman who had been imprisoned for killing a man, a woman who was to be executed by hanging. The woman had refused to speak to anyone until that point, had also refused to sign an appeal to the Pre [...]

    19. من الطرائف في مجتمعاتنا العربية أنه بدلا من مناقشة مشاكلنا والبحث عن أسبابها وكيفية حلها، يتم الاستخفاف بمثيري المشاكل وإسكاتهم تجنبا لبذل الجهد ووجع الدماغ. المثال الكلاسيكي لذلك هو قضية المرأة. حالهاعندنا -مقارنة بدول العالم الأول والثالث- متردي دون شك، ولا يجادل في ذلك ع [...]

    20. Arabic & English :احترت في تقييم الرواية ما بين نجمتين و ثلاث !أسلوب الكاتبة بوجه عام ممل و به كثير من التكرار مما جعل قراءة الرواية في جلسة واحد عسيراً بالرغم من صغر حجمها!تناقش الرواية أشكال قهرالرجل للمرأة جسدياً و نفسياً ، و ذلك من خلال شخصية واحدة محورية (فردوس) ،التي نشأت و مضت [...]

    21. My first YA book for young girls, and had helped girls finish college and avoid early marriages and teen pregnancies."Firdaus" is its alternative title because it is based on a real character by that name, an Egyptian woman who was imprisoned and executed in 1974. She had suffered physical and emotional abuse from all the men in her life: from her own father, her husband, her customers as a prostitute and her last tormentor, the pimp whom she killed and for which crime she lost her life. The pro [...]

    22. "I have triumphed over both life and death because I no longer desire to live, nor do I any longer fear death. I want nothing. I hope for nothing. Therefore I am free. For during life it is our wants, our hopes, our fears that enslave us. The freedom I enjoy fills them (the patriarchy) with anger."I could not help but make a strong connection between the main character Firdous and Camus's philosophical approach to The Myth of Sisyphus. Firdous truly is, as El Saadawi concludes, "more courageous [...]

    23. اكتر من رائعة شخصية فردوس تجبر كل من يقرأ هذة الرواية ان ينحنى لها احتراما هى ليس مومس هى ببساطة ضحية مجتمع قذر مليىء بالوسخات

    24. This novel (described as 'creative non-fiction' in the Foreword) probably describes the grievous and appalling conditions facing millions of women and children around the world today. The subject matter and message are important, but as a novel, it didn't hit the right spot for me.There are quite a few instances where entire passages are repeated or substantially reproduced with only some minor word changes. Struck with a sense of deja vu, at first I thought I had somehow accidentally flipped to [...]

    25. Hati-hati jika Anda ingin membaca buku ini, terutama kaum perempuan. Karena begitu Anda terbius di kalimat pertama, maka Anda tidak akan berhenti sampai halaman terakhir. Isinya begitu memabukkan dan membius pikiran-pikiran wanita tentang feminisme. Firadus, seorang perempuan yang memiliki masa kecil menyedihkan, hanya karena dia perempuan. Ia mengutarakan kisah hidupnya, bagaimana gambaran kehidupan perempuan di negeri-negeri Dunia Ketiga. Ada suatu kalimat di novel ini yang mungkin dapat membe [...]

    26. This book deserves a solid five stars, I thought it was wonderful! Basically, the story is said by the main character, Firdaus, which takes place in the second chapter, but it's her speaking to a doctor that wants to learn about her life. In this book, you learn about a girl that gets abused by men, at a young age, she was taken advantage of by a boy and his uncle because she was still too young to understand the private parts that she should be aware of. Hey uncle would secretly touch her above [...]

    27. This translation by an Egyptian female author gives us a traumatic picture of how a young woman is brutalized physically and mentally by just about every man, relative or stranger, that she runs into. She runs away from a brutal husband and becomes a prostitute to survive. At first she turns cheap tricks but later she learns to turn men down, becoming more exclusive and expensive, raising the level of her clientele. She works her way up to being a prostitute who caters to the wealthy political a [...]

    28. "I knew that my profession had been invented by men, and that men were in control of both our worlds, the one on earth, and the one in heaven. That men force women to sell their bodies at a price, and that the lowest paid body is that of a wife. All women are prostitutes of one kind or another. Because I was intelligent I preferred to be a free prostitute, rather than an enslaved wife."Powerfully evocative. Powerfully true. A society that teaches this, that condones this, is powerfully wrong.

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