• Title: Chemistry
  • Author: Lewis DeSimone
  • ISBN: 9781560235590
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
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    Chemistry This is a bittersweet emotional story of love life and the chemistry that affects behaviour Chemistry is the emotionally charged story of Neal and Zach passionate gay lovers torn apart by mental il
    This is a bittersweet, emotional story of love, life and the chemistry that affects behaviour Chemistry is the emotionally charged story of Neal and Zach, passionate gay lovers torn apart by mental illness At first meeting, they discover a sexual and emotional chemistry that cannot be denied Then, as illness consumes one, each must grow, repair himself, and work to beThis is a bittersweet, emotional story of love, life and the chemistry that affects behaviour Chemistry is the emotionally charged story of Neal and Zach, passionate gay lovers torn apart by mental illness At first meeting, they discover a sexual and emotional chemistry that cannot be denied Then, as illness consumes one, each must grow, repair himself, and work to become stronger and independent to ultimately conquer the life crushing consequences wrought by mental illness and emotional dependency This touching, introspective story will move readers and have them thinking about the motivations and events in their own lives Neal Bauer is an intellectual and rather controlled gay man, in love with the idea of being in love His past holds an unhealthy relationship which he struggles to come to grips with Now he is faced with another relationship with a man in which he can lose himself, a descent of self into the inevitable trap of co dependence The story of the chemical attraction between lovers, the brain chemistry that determines personality and mood, the medications needed for regaining mental health, and the relationships between people who care for one another, Chemistry is an enthralling and compelling novel of courage, liberation and self realisation.

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    1. Finding the right guy is hard enough! What do you do when the guy that you meet and fall for suddenly changes? When Boston transplant Neal meets Zach at a country bar in San Francisco, the last thing that he expects is that Zach will change the way that he does. If you fall for someone, what obligations do you have if they become someone else? This is just one of the issues in this thought provoking novel. I'm sure that some of the questions that it brought up will be with me long after I've for [...]

    2. OK, so why not a little self-promotion? Chemistry was recently reissued by Lethe Press in a new edition. Check out the "perfect paperback" link on for a peek at the sexy new cover.

    3. Wow. This book sucked me in directly from the word go. It’s beautifully written, and beyond that it’s a haunting, sad tale about love, mental illness, and trying to survive both. While this isn’t a light, happy read, it’s certainly interesting. In addition, while this is a novel where a gay relationship takes center stage, I didn’t really feel like it was a “gay novel.” The fact that the two main characters are homosexual takes a backseat to the fact that they are two people in a r [...]

    4. At various times throught out the book, I found myself angry with both Neal and Zach. At other times, I just wanted to hold them. These are well written characters full of complex emotions and, to me, a sign of a well contructed novel.There are parts of the novel that seem like a typical coming of age tale. But, there are many others that feel more like a confessional. As I read the book, I wanted to put it down and read something lighter because I didn't want to share the pain being exposed at [...]

    5. Just finished it and loved it! The prose is beautiful and the characters are so real they brought me to tears. It's a book that I will be giving a second read.

    6. This m/m novel is not an upbeat read, since mental illness is the main plot element. However DeSimone is a skilled and obviously intelligent writer who does a beautiful job with the difficult subject matter. All the characters are flawed and feel very real; the turns in the plot are believable and propel the story forward. One downside is that the book started a bit slowly; the initial character-building might have happened more quickly. The only other downside was that the story had some occasi [...]

    7. A truly fantastic story. Lewis DeSimone portrays Zach's mental health with honesty neither trying to fix the problems or blowing them out of proportion to sensationalise this fantastic story of love and co dependancy. His prose is beautiful. He describes and illustrates a San Francisco that I could easily visualise without having been there, a place I would like to visit one day.A character I really liked was Martin and I dare anybody who reads this great novel not to feel a genuine warmth for h [...]

    8. Problematic structure to story-telling - moving constantly between past, present and future. Any forward momentum in the story was consistently stopped by the narrator over-thinking or going off in another direction. Problematic narrator - self-absorbed, melancholy, fearful, and basically empty. I had a huge problem with story, and wonder that the author chose this lesson in a story about depression. (view spoiler)[Essentially, the crazy depressed boyfriend was a phase of his life, and it was a [...]

    9. This is a very good book that really puts the main characters (and the reader) through an emotional wringer. Neal and Zach's relationship is so stressful and claustrophobic at times that I just had to put this book aside for a few days before coming back to it. If you've ever dealt with a loved one who is mentally ill (and I have so I know), it's a difficult and delicate process. DeSimone gives a very detailed and vivid account of the ups and downs of falling in love with someone who has mental [...]

    10. "Everybody's gotta go through their own private hell." - Brick in Tennessee Williams' 'Cat on the Hot Tin Roof.''Chemistry' offers an intimate portrait of a relationship gone awry, when the love interest of the narrator suffers from mental health problems. While inconclusive in its structure, perhaps that's appropriate as a reflection of the two men's attempt to be together, and its inevitable dissolution.

    11. This was a book that as a kid, I don't think I got into to it too much. I honestly don't remember why I bought this book, I was only 15 at time discovering a new world. Back then, it took me months to get through this book. But after rereading this book now, I see why I bought this book. It is truly a phenomenal book. And will with me forever.

    12. Well written book. This is the story of fast and furious love complicated by mental illness. The characters are fairly well developed with a bit of mystery. The writer does a very good job describing scenes and what is going on in the main character's head as he wanders through his lover's mental problems.

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