• Title: A Young Man's Passage
  • Author: Julian Clary
  • ISBN: 9780091908720
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Young Man s Passage This is Julian Clary s story in his own words the tale of an awkward schoolboy who became a huge worldwide success on stage and screen After a sheltered suburban upbringing Julian was sent to St Ben
    This is Julian Clary s story, in his own words the tale of an awkward schoolboy who became a huge worldwide success on stage and screen.After a sheltered suburban upbringing, Julian was sent to St Benedict s, where beatings from holy men gave him some brutal life lessons, and other unholy boys his first awakenings of sexuality He had just one true friend and ally, NThis is Julian Clary s story, in his own words the tale of an awkward schoolboy who became a huge worldwide success on stage and screen.After a sheltered suburban upbringing, Julian was sent to St Benedict s, where beatings from holy men gave him some brutal life lessons, and other unholy boys his first awakenings of sexuality He had just one true friend and ally, Nick to his other school peers, Julian s aloof demeanour made him an enigma or simply a figure of ridicule In school he was just another pained adolescent, but inside Julian was a new Jean Genet or Quentin Crisp bursting to get out.Leaving St Benedict s thankfully behind him, Julian went on to college where he found his true vocation as an entertainer with a peculiar comic brand of smut and glamour At the same time, he was finding as much sex as he could, sometimes with remarkably less than glamorous characters.Periods in community theatre and the singing telegram industry followed before Julian hit the big time with cabaret co star Fanny the Wonder Dog as The Joan Collins Fan Club Soon, the world was his oyster But fame came at a price, as Julian struggled not only with the reality of being a high profile gay man in the 1980s but also the pain of losing his lover to terminal illness.Far than just another celebrity autobiography or funny book , this is a touching, beautifully written and wryly witty account of a unique progression from shy child to comedy icon.

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    1. Very good.Delivers the expected camp humour - along with some insight into the man beneath.I found especially poignant the parts covering his schooling. As a pupil at the same school (a small number of years after him) I found especially telling how he recounts the sheer violence of the place. The rampant sexual abuse that carried on there for years is well documented (and might yet reach closure if Interpol catch the last bastard who is still on the run) and Clary hints at this. But for any one [...]

    2. No offense Julian Clary, but you bored me intensely when you weren't making me laugh, which sadly wasn't much.

    3. Slow to get going but left me feeling quite fond of Julian Clary and wanting to read more about his life

    4. This could have almost been entitled ‘Julian Clary’s Sticky Moments’ after his sit TV show or even ‘Moments in Love.’ But anyone expecting a very salacious read will be disappointed as, although it doesn’t shy away from details of Mr Clary’s love life it doesn’t dwell on them.I bought this book to cheer myself up and it certainly did that. Wry and witty, it begins on the night of the infamous ‘fisting Norman Lamont’ incident at the British Comedy Awards which led to a lifetim [...]

    5. A Young Man's Passage by Julian Clary I like biographies because a good one will reveal more of a person that you think you know something about. I think a good biography should consist of several elements.1. What happened to them.2. What they did with that.3. What they make of it all. What happened to them.This is the mundane details of their life like: where they were born, what their family was like, what school was like etc. What they did with that.This is normally the full description of [...]

    6. Clever, witty and often hilarious I found myself in fits of real laughter a good few times reading this, Julian Clary is an absolute legend and such a likeable person, he draws you right into the events of his life upto the point of writing, there are touching moments, tortured moments and laugh out loud moments along with frequent dirty bits in there as well in his own outrageous and comical style, a very clever and intimate read, very enjoyable and a great purchase he has lived an interesting [...]

    7. For someone like me who remembers watching Julian Clary back in the days of Friday Night Live and Sticky Moments this is a great read. He describes his early life and the journey he took to become the well known household name. It's impossible to read it without hearing his voice.He writes with the pithy humour you'd expect but is also very moving and often startlingly candid. Truly a warts and all autobiography (literally)

    8. I'm not a fag hag but I do find something quite endearing about Julian Clary, despite his increasingly botoxed lop-sided leer. His biog contains plenty of witty asides and double entendres as you would expect - it's also a bit sad in parts about his meltdown around the tasteless Norman Lamont joke which I can't even remember. Not sure he should bother with part 2: 'Even further up a young man's' however.

    9. This was a wonderfully funny and literally warts and all tale of Julian’s life up to 1993. If he amuses you on screen he’ll amuse you just as much in print. The early years of Fanny the Wonder Dog are covered and the middle of the book has some great photos of young Julian in costumes which still look flamboyant and a half today.

    10. Bear in mind that JC doesn't mince his words (unlike all his mannerisms), so if you are easily shocked, this book probably isn't quite for you. It certainly reveals a softer, more deeply emotive man than comes across in his screen/stage persona. It was a good read and I loved learning more about him. His comedy is vulgar, but I love it/him!

    11. I read this book on holiday, and found it hilarious in parts. There's something about Julian Clary that makes you want to watch him on TV, and his book makes you want to read more. There are some parts where he is a little too honest(!!), but on the whole its a good read.

    12. Uncompromisingly as open as you might expect from someone of Julian Clary's long standing. Other than the TV shows and Lamont remark, I knew pleasingly little but have since come over all familiar. And as I've just proven, its a lot harder than it looks.

    13. I've long been a fan of Julian Clary, and I loved this book. It is a witty account of his life with some laugh out loud moments. There are low moments too. particularly the death, from AIDS, of his boyfriend.Julian is a queen, a bit of a slut but he is very likeable and a very witty man.

    14. A great read. Julian holds no punches - he tells it as it was. This is a sometimes painful sometimes amusing tale of life and loves, as well as the obligatory puns, quips and lashings of sexual encounters with just short of too much detail! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    15. Julian Clary = intelligent, extremely funny and amazing. This book was written with absolute honesty, pouring his heart out to us readers. I feel like I need to read more of him

    16. A biography of the infamous comedian - Not as funny as it could have been but lays bare his early years before the infamous Norman Lamont incident.

    17. Honest, although not completely frank (e.g. the depression is skated over). Not as funny as I'd hoped, but still illuminating.

    18. Brilliant read, very funny, and touching in places. He's such an interesting guy, and with what he's been through, you do feel sorry for him. He seems like such a nice guy, with a heart of gold.

    19. This was a really good book. It was really funny and interesting reading about his life. It was honestly written and I hope he will write a continuation from this!

    20. I just loved this book. Clarys style of writing is the same as you know him to be. I was quite astounded to read what a hard life he has has and the book left me wanting to read so much more!

    21. Never thought I'd be devouring A Young Man's Passage over two days (if you forgive the pun!). A humorous and revealing read that's fabulously filthy yet heartwarming - much like Julian himself.

    22. Awful. Really vulgar and I'm no prude. I found this book so bad I threw it on the ground and stamped on it before I threw it in the bin. Julian Clary should stick to stand-up.

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