• Title: Murder Most Fab
  • Author: Julian Clary
  • ISBN: 9780091914493
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder Most Fab Hello I m Johnny Debonair and this is my book Murder Most Fab Buy it You won t regret it Everything that has happened so publicly is explained Of course I d prefer it if you remember me as I was at
    Hello, I m Johnny Debonair and this is my book Murder Most Fab Buy it You won t regret it Everything that has happened so publicly is explained Of course, I d prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past caught up with me so spectacularly TV s Mr Friday Night with an enviable lifestyle and the nation at my feet My fame might have looked easyHello, I m Johnny Debonair and this is my book Murder Most Fab Buy it You won t regret it Everything that has happened so publicly is explained Of course, I d prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past caught up with me so spectacularly TV s Mr Friday Night with an enviable lifestyle and the nation at my feet My fame might have looked easy to you at the time, but getting to the top of the celebrity ladder is hard work It took talent, beauty, commitment and, uniquely in my case, a number of unfortunate deaths If we were being picky you might describe me as a serial killer, but I really don t see myself that way It sounds trite to say one thing led to another but it s true.As you ll discover I owe something of my rise and my fall to three individuals my mother, an eccentric country girl who taught me exhibitionism by hanging naked from the clocktower of Hythe town hall Catherine, my best friend, then partner in business a devil in red heels, who, in her clear Essex accent, taught me how to look after number one and Timothy, who broke my heart and caused me to seek refuge in sex, money and celebrity.But in the end you have to take responsibility for your own actions No one was forcing me, were they I hope you, the public, can forgive me and enjoy this sordid tale for what it is my final entertainment for you.

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    1. Trashy camp comfort reading fun. All the way through, I enjoyed it 4-stars-much, and had been thinking this would be a semi-apologetic rating, esp. given the erudition of some of my GR friends. However, whilst Mr Clary is unlikely to trouble the bookshelves of those who subsist on wall-to-wall Dalkey, I realised near the end that this book is a somewhat cleverer subspecies than I first took it to be. (BTW, a little bird told me that JC has used a ghostwriter at times, though I neglected to ask w [...]

    2. When you're studying an English degree sometimes you need something light to take your mind of all the really heavy existential stuff; this is a perfect example of that thing!Very cheesy and totally depraved, this is exactly the sort of read I thought it'd be. Don't take it too seriously though and it'll give you a few laughs and a lot of light relief!

    3. Entertaining.Something a little bit different. An enjoyable read, funny and also sad but as easy read to while away a few hours.

    4. Well, let's get the downsides out of the way first it features a lot of homosexual activity sometimes described in graphic detail (well what did I expect from a book written by Julian Clary?) especially during the character's role as a male prostitute. However, if you can put this to one side, it's quite an enjoyable tale of celebrity life spiced with a little murder (or two or three). Whoever would have thought that a children's TV presenter would be involved in kinky sexual activity, drug-taki [...]

    5. The book started off well I thought and the jokes were kinda funny but this soon went flat after about 50 or so pages in. I read the way to the end just because I never leave a book unfinished. I really was disappointed with the main character, I hated him, he was so easily led, no morals, selfish and stupid. His friend the nurse/prostitute/blackmailing murderous wretch was an awful character also, and I've no idea why the main character sill had so much respect for her after so long. I felt no [...]


    7. This book is quite funny if you can have a twisted sense of humour at times. I started reading this book as something to read on the train without particularly high expectations but found it quite enjoyable despite not me being more of an urban fantasy fan. I managed to find myself sympathising with a murderer, and find myself seeing how one thing could lead to another. The sex scenes were probably the most intensely described scenes in the book, some of the other scenes/settings could have been [...]

    8. I will shamelessly admit that this is the third Julian Clary book that I have read. After devouring A Young Man's Passage (if you'll forgive the pun) and Briefs Encountered (and again), I suppose I'd delve into his other literary works. Murder Most Fab is salacious, slutty and, as always, superbly written. The narrative is constructed as that of a celebrity autobiography but the difference is it's told by a celebrity murderer. We follow Johnny Debonair - the most empathetic murderer in fiction - [...]

    9. This was a very funny novel and I couldn't put it down - just loved it. Very camp and filthy humour but a real page-turner. If you like Clary on stage you will love his book.Back Cover Blurb:Hello, I'm Johnny Debonair and thank you for buying my book. You won't regret it. Everything that has happened so publicly is explained. Of course, I'd prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past caught up with me so spectacularly - TV's Mr Friday Night with an enviable lifestyle and [...]

    10. This was a fun book from Julian Clary. I guessed I would like it as I loved his autobiography - A Young Man's Passage. I liked the fact that the man relationship in the book is between Johnny, the protagonist and his evil flatmate/svengali Catherine. I love all things camp and this book ticks all the boxes. If you're easily offended by gay humour and descriptions of gay sex avoid like the plague, but if you have an open mind I'd recommend this.I thought more could be made of the murders consider [...]

    11. This was almost a DNF but I make it a rule to plough through just in case. I have enjoyed Julian Clary's humour and observational comedy and on that reputation I plumped for this book. Form me, it just didn't click, I can't knock the writing, comedy or plot and it certainly wasn't the subject matter. I'm a crime fiction person but this was unfortunately one of those books I found difficult to connect with.

    12. This was quite possible one of the most random books I have ever read. I picked it up in a hotel as it was the only one in English. The story was ok and quite entertaining, but a bit too much for me. I am not homophobic, but there were a few too many references to a lot of crude things, which I guess I should have expected being written by Julian Clary. I am not really sure I would recommend this book, but i think you have to read it to understand my review on the randomness of the story.

    13. As someone who finds Julian Clary on screen only mildly amusing, I was surprised at how much I've enjoyed all three of his comic novels. This one has a bit of everything: sex, black humour, more than a touch of pathos, some brief gruesome violence and a few surprises. Clary manages to be both touching and lightweight and, by the end, I did feel I had learned something about human nature. The book is not for the easily shocked but makes ideal holiday reading for the rest of us.

    14. This book for some reason took me ages to get through and I don't know why as it's a very light read. I love Julian Clary and I did like this book, but I didn't LOVE it. I wonder if I would have liked it as much if it was by another author - I think the fact that as I read, I could hear and see Julian's voice and person in the lead role and that probably was what made it a ★★★ opposed to a ★★ for me.

    15. A slow start and with names like Johnny Debonnair it took some getting used to but by the end I didn’t want it to end. Some nice twists and some great one liners my favourite being “my tits are ravenous this year, and it’s no more than they deserve”.Just the right of homoerotica to be read by vitually anybody.

    16. Gorgeously done! Julian Clary has a real way with words and brings the easy and naive Johnny to life so well. I could virtually see the betrayal coming, but it was so perfectly executed that I think the reader was supposed to see it coming while Johnny did not. Hilarious, touching, sexy and a nicely rounded out story to my mind.

    17. A charming book with a better than expected plot which I thought would be funnier.Julian Clary makes me laugh out loud, I love him, but this book isn't one for laughs. There's charm, which does carry you through, and a plot that makes you turn the pages. An enjoyable concept and read, if a little forgettable.

    18. Ugh.Not my cup of teaI would say.Still I can't decide between one star or two stars. I can't say I like it but it's not like I would completely hate it. Well there was some funny moments and also the romance part wasn't so bad.but I was most of the time like: "O.O WTF?!!?!"

    19. I was completely suprised at just how much I enjoyed this book. It was a very compelling read a fair amount of humour and on occasions quite graphic but the story was very gripping and had enough of a twist at the end.

    20. I love this book and I could hardly put it down. Very camp, hilarious, bitchy and murder as well! Johnny Debonair is a great character and Clary has done a fantastic job at making you feel sorry for him even though he has done some very bad things. I love, love, love it!

    21. My mate and I both devoured this book in hours on holiday. It is a perfect beach read. Lewd, crude and hilarious just like the lovely Mr C.I love the fact that people read it knowing nothing about Julian and are horrified by the book!

    22. Amazing. A really amazing book. I got in love with the main character by the tenth page, and I grew up so identified with him that the ending comes just as too much of a surprise. I won't spoil anything, though. Just grab it and you won't be able to stop.

    23. A surprisingly great and really well-written work of fiction that really draws you in. I didn't think I'd enjoy it half as much as I did!

    24. Really funny book - love his humour. Well written and good story - have already passed to a friend to read.

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