• Title: Runaways Deluxe, Vol. 2
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Adrian Alphona Takeshi Miyazawa
  • ISBN: 9780785123583
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Runaways Deluxe Vol This deluxe hardcover collects Runaways Volume True Believers and Runaways Volume Escape to New York plus extras In True Believers it s an all new beginning for the book that Wizard calls the be
    This deluxe hardcover collects Runaways Volume 4 True Believers and Runaways Volume 5 Escape to New York, plus extras In True Believers, it s an all new beginning for the book that Wizard calls the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years When a group of teenagers discovers that their parents are actually super villains, they run away from home but that sThis deluxe hardcover collects Runaways Volume 4 True Believers and Runaways Volume 5 Escape to New York, plus extras In True Believers, it s an all new beginning for the book that Wizard calls the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years When a group of teenagers discovers that their parents are actually super villains, they run away from home but that s only step one Now that the evil Pride is gone, nearly every bad guy in the Marvel Universe is trying to fill the power vacuum in Los Angeles, and the Runaways are the only heroes who can stop them Plus What does a mysterious new team of young heroes want with the Runaways, and which fan favorite Marvel characters are part of this group In Escape to New York, the Runaways embark on a coast to coast adventure, guest starring Cloak and Dagger AND the New Avengers When Cloak is accused of a crime he didn t commit by the heroes of New York City, the vigilante is forced to turn to the teenage Runaways for help This story will take our teens to a place they ve never been NYC And in Parental Guidance, the villainous Pride returns, but this all new group isn t made up of the Runaways evil parents Who are these shadowy players, and what do they want with the Marvel Universe s next generation of heroes Collects Runaways Vol.2 1 12 and the X Men Runaways one shot.

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    1. Not quite as satisfying of a read as the first volume, probably because it doesn't have the same focus. Now that the Pride storyline's been settled, we're basically left with a no adults, costume free version of Generation X. This is not a bad thing, necessarily. I really liked Generation X. And I really like these characters, most of them. (I haven't quite warmed up to Nico.) There are a lot of guest characters involved here, including some really big names, some of them acting very dimly. Capt [...]

    2. I don't know if I want to write a review about this, but I do have some musings. It gets a little old for Nico to be asked over & over again, "Can't you just use the Staff of One to *do this thing*?" and she replies, "No, I've already used that spell." Could the Staff of One be used along with a thesaurus? If you can only say, like, "Teleport!" once, could you get a similar effect from saying, "Transport me across space and distance instantly"?If Gert is going to be referred to as fat by bad [...]

    3. This was underwhelming. I liked that they have finally established themselves as a team but I miss them learning to work together and figure out their dynamic. Also, I kind of miss Alex. I am alone in this?The teenage drama was a bit much for me. Girls fighting over a guy? Karolina essentially running off because Nico kind of rejected her? I’m over it.We’re introduced to a new kid, Victor, who is half human/half android? I’m having a problem with the implication of yet another person of co [...]

    4. 3.5 stars?I don't know. I definitely was less enthused by this one than the last one. The last felt more like a team book. I'll admit, with 99% of the series I read, I always prefer the first installment to the sequels that come after. I love watching a team come together. The last volume shows you how they came to work together, how they found their dynamic and there was the worry of who the mole was. This one didn't have any of that because the team was "established", I guess. I hate that they [...]

    5. Once upon a time, six couples agreed to sell the earth to monsters in return for great power. Each couple has a kid, each couple loves their child, and perhaps consequently, most of the children do not grow up as sociopaths. They do, however, kill their parents, saving the world. This is the further adventures of our young heroes. Well, the ones that are left. Plus Ultron’s kid. And a gender bending Skrull. It’s kinda amazing how much more I liked this than The Age of Apocalypse. The charact [...]

    6. Vic: "You guys have some kind of rallying cry? You know like 'Avengers Assemble' 'It's clobberin' time' 'Hulk smash?'"Nico: "Try not to die."This volume is primarily a group of short stories that seem to have one goal: making the makeshift Runaways team a real, cohesive unit. They're all a little shaken after the events of the last book, but what happens next (even though it's not fighting off one big bad like in the previous volume) feels like a natural progression.These kids wouldn't go from h [...]

    7. Very enjoyable, if not quite as good as Vol. 1 The overall plot felt less focused, with more side stories and vignettes thrown in, and I wasn't overfond of the initial group of villains. Still, I found Chase and Gert's relationship to be touching and interesting, and Karolina became a much more charming character as she grew into herself. Nico, on the other hand, seemed to just get more and more irritating, and her string of sexual escapades went from awkwardly funny, to awkward, to boring. When [...]

    8. 3.5*I'm struggling rating this one because overall I loved it, but the plot wasn't quite as tight as the first collection. The beginning and end was really strong but I just felt like the middle kind of meandered all over the place for no real reason. The characters are really what keep me reading and I'm super glad to know that this isn't the end for them and that there will be one more collected edition!

    9. Not as satisfying as Volume 1, but Volume 1 contained all the issues of the first Runaways incarnation. This book only has half of the second incarnation, and for all I know it'll get better in the second half.Still really really good though. God bless my precious angel, Karolina Dean.

    10. Likey likey! Lovely little cameos or well appearances from all those cool superheroes I've seen in the movies lately and should have read the comics of!

    11. I love this series! So much girl power and such a fun ride. There was a lot of character development in this one, but the plot wasn't super focused. Can't wait for the next one.

    12. This second volume of this series was such a disappointment. Runaways vol 1 had a clear vision and goal to the story while this second volume was just everywhere. I felt the pacing with the new character introduction were not done well. I did not care for the new characters and even grew annoyed with the old characters. The constant change in art style bugged me as well as most were much sub par with the original art style. I found the plot just rubbish at most points, and the drama they had I f [...]

    13. In this collection, the Runaways are back together - Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase, and Molly. They're fighting crime in LA, trying to make up for their parents' evil, and living under the La Brea tar pits. A future version of Gert arrives in a time machine to make a dire warning about Victor Mancha, a.k.a. Victorious: "His father is a villain from your timee greatest evil in the universe." Gert-from-the-future dies, and the remaining Runaways must find Victor in the present.An unbeknownst-to-her [...]

    14. I feel like the first volume of The Runaways ended at a really good place, and while I enjoy the series it's not incredible or magical for me. So if you're on the fence about continuing with this series from Volume 1, I don't think it's necessary.That said I think it was a good continuation of the series. It can be hard to know what to do with a story once your initial story arc has completed, and I think The Runaways does a great job to staying true to the characters and creating plot points an [...]

    15. While this volume didn't have the razor sharp focus and story arch as the first Runaways volume did this is still a great collection. The story follows world weary teens as they struggle on their own to right some of their parents wrongs and make a home for themselves as young fugitive super heroes living in a bunker under the La Brea tar pit. The story seems bigger even as there are more one off adventures but the stakes always seem higher than most super hero fare and Brian Vaughn is just a gr [...]

    16. It's a relief to read Runaways in both a collected format AND a larger format. Those tiny little individual volumes gave me a headacheI must be getting old. This BKV and Alphona run is gorgeous and heartfelt and exciting and Avenger-tastic. I loved it. (No surprise here, but the new Rainbow Rowell issue is also insanely good. I'm so glad I got on the Runaways train just in time to enjoy even more of it.)

    17. I wanted to like this volume as much as I like the first volume, unfortunately, I did not. Too much fan service to the old Marvel hero regime. I wanted more Runaways and less of a walk of down superhero nostalgia lane. The story felt rushed and different from Volume 1. There were some bright spots a new addition the field trip to New York City a surprise and some shock. All good stuff. It was ok overall I am still interested in Runaways.

    18. It was a bit harder to follow than Vol. 1. The episodes in NY were pretty confusing, but seeing that I'm not exactly very familiar with the Marvel universe, maybe that's why. the change of creators shows, especially in terms of drawings and character development, some plots seem rushed and therefore come out as shallow. But all in all, it was enjoyable.

    19. 15/100: I decided to go back into some graphic novels and picked The Runaways since I heard they will be made into a series. All in all I enjoyed reading these first two installments. This series revolves around six kids who discovers that their parents are part of this evil organization called "Pride" which leads them to retaliate while they discover their powers.

    20. Another great addition to this series on my prep for the comeback in September! So many things happen! I have so many predictions on what could happen in the next book! Loving the marvel universe and more addition of avengers. The action scenes were awesome and I love the characters development a lot.

    21. I haven't read Marvel comics in a while, and I only found out about this series after Rainbow Rowell announced that she would be relaunching this series with her as the writer. That being said, this graphic novel (if you may) is depicted beautifully and I absolutely loved the missions they encounter and how they deal with it. It gives a twist to the average superhero/villain.

    22. Still funny! Still entertaining! Still great.Plot seemed a little choppier in this one, but I loved the addition of new characters! I hope they stick around.Also no spoilers but THE ENDIG REALLY UPSET ME PLZ RAINBOW FIX IT

    23. “Whaaaaat? The ending?! What just happened here? Not seriously, right? You’re kidding. You must be” said my internal voice once I had read this. I guess only reading Collection 3 will answer that. Entertaining and unpredictable.

    24. I read these books years ago in middle school. Cool to reread again before I watch the new tv show. Accidentally read the second book before the first Whoops! Oh well i've already read them all. A fun comic about a bunch of runaways who were the children of West cost super villians.

    25. 3.5 - why is it that all of the sudden the characters start making jokes in poor taste without being checked? In the first volume, whenever someone would say something inappropriate, someone nearby would tell them why X, Y, or Z wasn't okay to say. Not too excited that this trend died out /:

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