• Title: The Silence of the Rain: An Inspector Espinosa Mystery
  • Author: Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza
  • ISBN: 9780805068894
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Silence of the Rain An Inspector Espinosa Mystery A Brazilian bestseller this sophisticated story of murder sex and corruption introduces a riveting new crime series In a parking garage in the center of Rio de Janeiro corporate executive Ricardo
    A Brazilian bestseller, this sophisticated story of murder, sex, and corruption introduces a riveting new crime series.In a parking garage in the center of Rio de Janeiro, corporate executive Ricardo Carvalho is found dead in his car, a bullet in his head It appears that he has been robbed and murdered But the clues are few The gun and his briefcase are nowhere to be foA Brazilian bestseller, this sophisticated story of murder, sex, and corruption introduces a riveting new crime series.In a parking garage in the center of Rio de Janeiro, corporate executive Ricardo Carvalho is found dead in his car, a bullet in his head It appears that he has been robbed and murdered But the clues are few The gun and his briefcase are nowhere to be found just the kind of case that is always assigned to Inspector Espinosa Not your typical detective, the world weary Espinosa has the mind of a philosopher, the heart of a romantic, and enough experience to realize that things are rarely as they first seem As Espinosa attempts to unravel the mystery of what really happened to Carvalho and his secretary, Rose, who disappeared shortly afterward, he discovers that the businessman had recently taken out a million dollar life insurance policy And there s another complication Espinosa s attraction to Carvalho s beautiful widow, who is also one of the prime suspects When two bodies turn up, Espinosa is forced to shift the investigation into high gear before anyone else becomes a casualty.Hurtling to a surprising and satisfying conclusion, The Silence of the Rain is an intelligent, unconventional detective novel with a distinctly Latin American flavor and a colorful, exciting locale In Espinosa, America is about to meet an irresistible new sleuth.

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    1. I had high hopes for Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza's "The Silence of the Rain", the first book in a crime trilogy by a Brazilian author, a "distinguished academic", and "a critically acclaimed bestselling novelist". Alas, it is a rather standard crime novel, a cross between police procedural and psychological mystery. Contrary to the hype on the back cover that screams "[it] is the kind of mystery that lingers in the mind long after you've finished reading", the novel is completely unremarkable, outs [...]

    2. Melhor, só Rubem Fonseca. Gostei muito. Quando não tiverem mais fonsecas para ler, leiam estes do Luiz Alfredo.

    3. PROTAGONIST: Inspector EspinosaSETTING: Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSERIES: #1 of 8RATING: 3.75WHY: Executive Ricardo Carvalho calmly goes to his car, smokes a cigarette and then shoots himself. A nearby felon approaches the car and steals the gun and a briefcase that turns out to have quite a bit of cash in it with a letter asking the police to take the money and report his suicide as a murder for insurance purposes. The police, led by Inspector Espinosa assume that Carvalho has been murdered and pro [...]

    4. Primeiro livro que leio deste autor. Ótimo romance policial com o inspetor Espinosa. Muito bem escrito, deve ter passado por um monte de revisões. Gostei do lanche carioca preferido dos policiais no livro, cerveja com sanduíche de pernil, e da palitada nos dentes em seguida. Referência à Carta Roubada (The Purloined Letter) do Poe. Inverossimelhança: Espinoza é um detetive carioca que lê literatura clássica e gasta seu dinheiro em sebos com livros de Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Herm [...]

    5. I enjoyed The Silence of the Rain; it’s a solid and intriguing police procedural. Espinosa is a thoughtful, world weary character who reminded me somewhat of Morse. The pace is well judged, the characterisation sound, there is a strong sense of place as the characters move around Rio, and the story has some nice twists. Split into three parts, the first and third parts are written in the third person, the middle part in the first person, putting the reader in the mind of Espinosa. It was a lit [...]

    6. a little better than ok. i guess crime fiction has international cliches, though these are treated with more sincerity than usual. interesting only in that it is set in brazil, everything else, not in a bad way, comfortable, familiar.

    7. É inevitável encontrar um ou outro clichê do gênero, um ou outro diálogo artificial. Apesar disso, o carisma do Inspetor Espinosa somado ao cenário do Rio diminuem a importância de eventuais derrapagens de estilo. Esquisito dizer algo assim de um romance policial, mas “O Silêncio da Chuva” vai direto para a categoria livros-supreendentemente-simpáticos.

    8. O silêncio da chuva (Inspector Espinosa #1) - Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza | Cia das Letras, 1996, 265 páginas | Lido de 12/02/17 a 13/02/17 | Nota 4 em 5SINOPSENo centro do Rio de Janeiro um executivo é encontrado morto com um tiro, sentado ao volante de seu carro. Além do tiro, único e definitivo, não há outros sinais de violência. É um morto de indiscutível compostura. Mas isso não ajuda: ninguém viu nada, ninguém ouviu nada.O policial encarregado do caso, inspetor Espinosa, costuma [...]

    9. Ne le dites pas trop fort, mais je pense avoir été trahie par la traduction ici. En tout cas, c'est la manière dont j'explique le décalage entre mon appréciation du bouquin, et celle de nombreux Goodreaders dont je partage généralement les goûts.Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza propose un polar décalé. Dans une Rio sombre et désespérément quotidienne, des meurtres ont lieu tous les jours, et les détectives en papotent calmement, autour d'un demi de bière et d'une portion de frites. L'insp [...]

    10. Mesmerizingly told/translated, this is a four-star book with a five-star premise but, by the end, a three-star plot. (One of my reasons for unease with any form of star rating is that I start thinking that way . . .)The conceit, which we know from the outset, is that the murder Inspector Espinosa of the Rio de Janeiro force is investigating was actually a suicide; a passing petty crook stole the suicide note, some money and the gun, leaving the impression that the dead man was shot by another ha [...]

    11. As I got into The Silence of the Rain, I thought I had yet another "wounded soul" sort of police inspector that within the police procedural we have a sub-genre that includes Morse, Ohayon, Vaara, et al. But wait, aside from the fact that he is divorced and is addicted to used book stores, the reader finds out precious little about Espinosa the person. Or at least significant to warrant comparing to other police detective protagonists.And I found myself somewhat bemused by other reviewers' writi [...]

    12. You never quite know what the reality is when reading Garcia-Roza. This is the second book I've read by him (first in the series) and I enjoyed it much more than the fourth in the series. This was a page turner with the bibliophile police inspector Espinosa hooking up with an athletic woman who might be a suspect and also being attracted to the rich, intellectual widow of the victim. At times Espinosa must appear Columbo like to his suspects and witnesses. Garcia-Roza is a philosophy professor i [...]

    13. Disappointing. There didn't seem to be any explanation or reason for the title. The back and forth flipping of the narration was very distracting. And wasn't always clear who was narrating. The end of the story left me with lots of questions. I didn't really get a clear picture of Espinoza who did a lot of wandering around the streets without telling me anything about Rio.

    14. Excelente estreia. Nenhum problema em dar 5* a este policial que me entusiasmou do princípio ao fim. Grande inspector Espinosa, da 1.ª DP do Rio de Janeiro, inteligente, irónico e leitor compulsivo. Não conheço o RJ, mas é como se lá estivesse, tal é a intensidade com que a cidade vibra neste policial.E grande final! :)Ansiosa para ler os restantes livros desta série.

    15. The change in perspective was a little strange, and there were too many unanswered questions for my taste, but I like the characters and the style so I will look for more in the series.

    16. "His colleagues in a situation like this, would be assiduously interrogating suspects, putting their informants into action, doing what every policeman was trained to do. They only action he'd taken so far was to detain a suspect he'd then immediately released because 'he didn't look like a killer', and who, almost certainly, was sleeping the eternal sleep in a cabinet in the Forensic institute. He knew how rarely the police did anything effective to solve crime. Ninety percent was a cynical gam [...]

    17. Publicado em 1996, é o primeiro romance do autor, que o escreveu aos 60 anos de idade e venceu o prêmio Jabuti. Antes disso o autor só havia escrito livros sobre psicanálise, sua área de formação.Ambientado no Rio de Janeiro, traz como protagonista o incorruptível inspetor Espinosa, detetive e leitor apaixonado nas horas vagas. Destaque para sua engenhosa estante de livros sem estante.A trama é interessante pois começa com o suicídio de um grande empresário. Mas Espinosa não está i [...]

    18. From weeksnotice/2013/I read Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza's The Silence of the Rain. It is a crime/mystery novel set in Rio, with Inspector Espinosa the protagonist. I had an unusual reaction to it--I thought the plot was cool, with plenty of turns and smooth changes of narrator voice. You get into all different parts of Rio, from the working class to the very rich. And Espinosa is an interesting character.But. The ending sucks. The plot moves moves you right along towhat the hell was that? Are you [...]

    19. THE SILENCE OF THE RAIN (Police Proc-Brazil-Cont) - G+Garcia-Ruiz, Luiz Alfredo - 1st in series Picador, 2003 - Trade Paperback*** Inspector Espinosa has a strange case on his hands. An executive, found dead in his car, is the victim of an apparent murder and possibly a robbery since victim's briefcase and wallet are missing. The other possibility is an insurance scam. Three women are involved and Espinosa takes a personal interest in two of them; the wealthy widow and the victim's girlfriend. A [...]

    20. First in a series starring Rio de Janeiro detective, Inspector Espinosa. The plot involves the death of a businessman that appears as a murder due to accidental circumstances of a petty theif in the parking garage where the suicide occurs. The reader never really knows, through the twists of the story, what exactly has happened--murder or suicide--until the end.[return][return][return][return]There appears to be a good evocation of Rio as it's known to cariocas. There is no appeal to superficial [...]

    21. I hate to leave bad reviews, as an author myself I know how disheartening they can be, but this book didn't work at all for me. I would say perhaps if you like meditative, literary books it might be more effective for you, but as a crime novel it doesn't really work.The main detective is probably the best thing about the novel. He is a good character, but as a detective he leaves a lot to be desired. He was more interested in his books and a doomed crush on one of the witnesses than solving the [...]

    22. Luis Alfredo Garcia-Roza is a Brazilian known for his ruminative prose, so keenly observant of the changes in his society that his detective Inspector Espinoza is more of a philosopher-poet than a policeman. In The Silence of the Rain, Espinoza investigates the suicide of a rich executive in a plodding fashion, confused as he is by a series of murders that appear related to the suicide. Just when he appears to get no further, help arrives from convenient quarters (this, as much as the concentrat [...]

    23. O Silêncio da ChuvaLuiz Alfredo Garcia-RozaEspinosa 01Companhia das Letras2012Gostaria muito de ter a oportunidade de conversar com o autor, para saber como ele criou o personagem Espinosa, psicologicamente e sentimentalmente dizendo.Pois ao mesmo tempo em que o personagem é excêntrico, ele parece tão normal, apesar das maluquices ele está tão próximo de nós leitores. Obvio que me identifico muito com Espinosa.Fiquei muito feliz com a definição que o autor coloca na fala de Espinosa, o [...]

    24. Have read several other books by this author. Inspector Espinosa is a Rio policeman who is given a hell of a lot of leeway in his job - a truly fictional account of the police policies of Rio, I assume. He is an avid reader and, as usual, his interest in literature and his lack of interest in good eating is an integral part of the story. A wealthy businessman has been murdered - but we readers know that he really committed suicide. Those involved in dealing with his death - his wife, business pa [...]

    25. I would give this somewhere around 3.5 if possible, but err on the upper side since I did really enjoy it and my only minor gripes came at the end. (view spoiler)[ After the final revelation, I didn't feel there was quite enough resolution. It didn't need to be all laid out and spoon fed, but after spending the entire book to get there a little over two and a half pages wasn't enough. I also thought the Rose character was a bizarre, generic, and uninteresting femme-fatale/seductress ish, and the [...]

    26. I always enjoy reading novels in places I visit. this was an interesting non mystery. I say that because you know at the beginning it is a suicide. however as inspector Espinoza tries to solve it there are others who muddy the waters for reasons of their own. I had tentatively identified the 'bad' guy about 3/4 of the way through since there was no other character it could have been. Many reviewers did not like the ending and I understand their feeling since it leaves some things hanging.On a li [...]

    27. 3rd book I've read by Garcia-Rosa with his always-eating character of Espinosa the introspective detective. This one intriguing not just because it is a who-dunnit and the litany of bodies turns it almost into Agatha Christie; but because for a middle section of the book Espinosa we are Espinosa; but in the rest of this book and in the other novels he is described in the 3rd person. Why this sudden change in perspective? it doesn't add much; when in first person Espinosa still can't resist burge [...]

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