• Title: The Greek Villa
  • Author: Judith Gould
  • ISBN: 9780451212603
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Greek Villa When Tracey Sullivan s father dies she is compelled to investigate the whereabouts of the mother who abandoned her years before Soon she becomes embroiled in the dark and deadly secrets of an aging a
    When Tracey Sullivan s father dies, she is compelled to investigate the whereabouts of the mother who abandoned her years before Soon she becomes embroiled in the dark and deadly secrets of an aging actress who won t let go of her past or the handsome young agent in her clutches.

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    1. Though this isn't published by Harlequin, it's obvious this author has gone to the Harlequin school of Romance writing.This is a formula Romantic Suspense novel. That much was obvious on page 1, when she has Tracey look in the mirror, a classic Romance trick for letting readers know what the heroine looks like. There is a big market for the genre and it takes skill to write to that formula, but it's not really my style.

    2. This book would have benefited from some decent proofreading. Ms. Gould is good at describing the scene but it bogged down the story line.

    3. This is another book by one of my favorite authors Judith Gould. I think what makes her books most desirable to me is that the main characters are on a quest to find not only love but also themselves which always gets mixed up in a little adventure and suspense. In this book the main character, Tracey, goes through a hard time of not only her loving father dying but also her to-be husband two-timing her. She decides to get away from her home and become a ghost writer for a famous actor who much [...]

    4. Tracey never new her mother, she was raised by her father, no siblings. Her father dies and she finds documents he left behind that uncover clues to discovering who her mother was. She is off on a journey to follow the clues, but there is a twist at the end and her mother is not the woman she believes her to be. It's a romance and mystery combined and I enjoyed it. The most interesting character in the book was actually her best friend Maribel. I'll have to look for another book by her to see if [...]

    5. Tracey Sullivan is living the good life in Miami, although just betrayed by her boy friend. Now she finds that her father has committed suicide. Upon studying her father's papers, she discovers that her mother is not who she thought. Her biological mother is a famous movie star that had abandoned her.It was an ok story and I thoroughly enjoyed the scenic descriptions.

    6. Steamy romance and attempted murder--all set on an exotic Greek island, complete with steamy sex! Tracey travels to Greece to ghost write a famous actress's novel--and to try to discover the secret of her parentage. She never expects to find love there too!

    7. Read it because I like any book set in Greece. So I liked the descriptions of Oia on Santorini. I wanted to move into the villa where the story is set. Story didn't really hold my attention very well. Way too over the top

    8. I didn't really enjoy this one- still unanswered questions at completion. I did like the setting.

    9. Several paragraphs into this tripe I decided the author was being paid by the word. Bad, really really bad.

    10. Lightweight holiday read Setting great Hard to believe the coincidences in the book Sex scenes very overdone

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