• Title: Star Wars: The Essential Atlas
  • Author: Jason Fry DanielWallace
  • ISBN: 9780345477644
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • StarWars The Official Star Wars Website The official site for Star Wars, featuring the latest on Solo A Star Wars Story and . Star Wars Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous movie.The saga quickly became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. The first film was followed by two successful sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi these three films constitute the original Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars film Star Wars later retitled Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope is a American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas.It is the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy and the beginning of the Star Wars franchise Starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness, David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, and Peter Star Wars , la enciclopedia libre Traduccin del ttulo original Star Wars, significa literalmente guerra de las estrellas o Guerras estelares En este sentido se tradujo en francs La Guerre des toiles , en portugus Guerra das Estrelas o Guerra nas Estrelas o en italiano Guerre stellari.Sin embargo para el mundo hispanoparlante fue presentada como Guerra de las galaxias. Star Wars The Old Republic Official site BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay Story. Star Wars on Check out all the latest videos, clips, galleries, and from the classic Star Wars universe, as well as new content from the latest Star Wars movies. Star Wars starwars Instagram photos and videos .m Followers, Following, , Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Star Wars starwars Home LEGO Star Wars LEGO US The all stars have landed Explore the galaxy s greatest legends in this universe of iconic Star Wars characters, vehicles and moments. Wookieepedia FANDOM powered by Wikia Star Wars movies, characters, and spin offs are catalogued in Wookieepedia, a comprehensive database that anyone can edit. Star Wars The Complete Saga Episodes I VI Experience the spectacular adventure of STAR WARS The Complete Saga in a way only Blu ray can deliver This incredible collection unites all six movies in stunning high definition with the purest digital sound in the galaxy.

    Star Wars The Essential Atlas Navigate the Star Wars universe as you never have before with this fully illustrated full color guide that maps the entire galaxy You know the planets from Alderaan and Corellia to Tatooine and Zonam
    Navigate the Star Wars universe as you never have before with this fully illustrated, full color guide that maps the entire galaxy.You know the planets from Alderaan and Corellia to Tatooine and Zonama Sekot and the star systems, from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim But now, for the first time, you can pinpoint their locations and chart the travels of your favorite charactNavigate the Star Wars universe as you never have before with this fully illustrated, full color guide that maps the entire galaxy.You know the planets from Alderaan and Corellia to Tatooine and Zonama Sekot and the star systems, from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim But now, for the first time, you can pinpoint their locations and chart the travels of your favorite characters through the vast reaches of space Star Wars The Essential Atlas is a galaxy spanning trove of vital statistics and information ranging from the astronomical and geographical Systems, Sectors, Oversectors, and Regions to the historical and political The Sith Empire and The Great Hyperspace War Encompassing the entire Star Wars canon, including all the films, and the Clone Wars television series, plus the novels, comic books, video games, and , this volume is packed with dozens of detailed maps and charts, as well as pertinent data and accompanying facts on the Empire its length and breadth, political regions, populations, trade routes, major attractions, and trouble spots the Clone Wars the trajectory of this decisive conflict across the universe, data on key battles and major Loyalist and Separatist worlds the adventures of Han Solo the heroic rogue s exploits throughout the galaxy including his captaincy of the Millennium Falcon and his first, fateful meeting with Chewbacca before his life changing alliance with Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi the Sith Wars the progression of the universal clash between the ancient Jedi Order, their dark side counterparts, and the Mandalorian warriors who fought against both orders and much, much From Hutt Space to the Unknown Regions, from the Knights of the Old Republic and Episode I to the Fate of the Jedi and Legacy era, Star Wars The Essential Atlas is the ultimate gateway to space fantasy s most brilliantly imagined and endlessly intriguing galaxy.

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    1. (More pictures at parkablogs)This is definitely one of the books that ranks up high if you're a hard core Star Wars fan. I must say that I didn't finish reading the book because the material was a bit too dense for me. My mind wandered back to Earth. This is more of a visual companion than an art book. It covers the political galaxy, the planets and galactic history.The first part is on Star Wars space politics. The sort of topic, during conversation, will instantly elevate you to the know-it-al [...]

    2. This book is enormous! It tells everything from Galactic campaigns, maps of time periods of the Galaxy, Planet information, Major Galactic Players, all the way to the entire history of the Galaxy. It is pretty cool.

    3. Wow. "Comprehensive" doesn't even begin to describe this. Fun in an 'alternate universe textbook' kind of way. In other words, some of it tends to be a little dry - bordering on boring. But it is somehow interesting nonetheless.

    4. This book is very helpful for getting oriented in Star Wars Universe. The essential for the fanfic writers.

    5. This book was okay. The information about the relevant planets in the galaxy as well as the combined history was really interesting. The maps are useful if you are a mega-star wars fan since it helps place events in perspective. I also thought the character artwork was spectacular (I wish the comics had this artist).On a negative side, the political history of the galaxy at the beginning was repetitive with several events being detailed and referenced 5 or 6 times. Also, the minor coverage of le [...]

    6. Endlich gibt es eine umfassende Kartensammlung aus den wichtigsten Epochen der Star Wars Geschichte, von der Prä-Republikanischen Zeit, bis zur neuen Sith-Imperialen Herrschaft unter Darth Krayt 130 Jahre nach der Schlacht von Yavin.Neben vielen Beschreibungen und Details wichtiger Sektoren wird das Buch durch Geschichten zu den Regionen vom Inneren Kern bis zum Outer Rim ergänzt.

    7. A fun source book for any Star Wars geek. The maps are amazing. The authors really took the time to pull together all current source material and attempt to put it together in a cohesive volume. If you ever wondered just what the "Kessel Run" looked like or the route the Death Star took as it was heading out to destroy Alderann. How about the exact route and planets the Yuzan Vong used as they infiltrated the galexy. Ahhh, just fun stuff for the nerd in your life. Enjoy!

    8. This book was fascinating. A great deal of infomation about well known and not so well known worlds in the Star Wars Universe. What I loved was that this book not only talked about planets, but about galactic wonders and species. It also broke history down into chronological segments but examined them through the lens of planetary geography. Different galactic systems were examined in detail, as were the worlds that inhabited them.

    9. Any and every planet that you know in the Star Wars universe and quite a few that will be new to you. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. The side notes about each planet will interest new and die-hard fans alike. A personal favorite of mine were the star maps showing the journeys our heros take in the movies.

    10. A must read guide for all Star Wars fans. Note:follows old timeline that is no longer official Star Wars cannon. Disney has officially destroyed the original extended universe created under creator George Lucas.

    11. Never mind the future-tech aspectis is a gorgeous coffee table book for geeks, turning that far far away galaxy of the Star Wars universe into a fascinating, mysterious, mystical place. Extremely sumptuous.

    12. The ultimate nerd-book of all time. I was suprised by the detail that the authors put into describing the Star Wars universe!

    13. An excellent sourcebook. I love that there are updates being made. If only there was an easy way to update the book itself as updates are written.

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