• Title: The Chaos King
  • Author: Laura Ruby
  • ISBN: 9780060752583
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Chaos King In a city filled with wonders one girl can do the most wonderful thing of all Georgie is special Not only is she the one person who can disappear at will but since she found her parents she s becom
    In a city filled with wonders, one girl can do the most wonderful thing of all Georgie is special Not only is she the one person who can disappear at will, but since she found her parents, she s become The Richest Girl in the Universe She may be special, but is she lucky Her parents have forbidden her to vanish, her new school is full of snooty heiresses, she s ha In a city filled with wonders, one girl can do the most wonderful thing of all Georgie is special Not only is she the one person who can disappear at will, but since she found her parents, she s become The Richest Girl in the Universe She may be special, but is she lucky Her parents have forbidden her to vanish, her new school is full of snooty heiresses, she s had a growth spurt that makes her as graceful as a grizzly, and her best friend in the world, a belligerent boy named Bug, seems to have abandoned her But adventure is just around the corner, as a madman who calls himself The Chaos King has Georgie and Bug in his sights In their efforts to save themselves from his insane plans, Georgie and Bug discover some of the amazing secrets of the city they love Their journey will lead them to confront a pack of blas vampires, a living lion of stone, a disgruntled teenage poet, a candy loving sloth, The Second Richest Girl in the Universe, a fussy man named Mr Fuss, and finally, the brink of the unimaginable

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    1. There was definitely some good stuff here, but I liked The Wall and the Wing better.The humor is fun, in an over-the-top way, and occasionally surprised me with a more subtle touch, like the brief mention of thousand-year-old Phinneas deciding to become a history teacher.Mainly, I was glad that Georgie's lying to her parents was addressed, because it bothered me. When she lied about small, silly things, like whether she'd had a chaperon at Bug's apartment (um, you're only thirteen, and the two o [...]

    2. Let me start my review by saying how suprised I was with The Wall and the Wing - The Invisible Girl, the first book, I had not expected it to be half as good as I found it to be. Actually I read it on a dare, a guy in my class picking it randomly off the shelf and handing it to me telling me that it looked like a book I would enjoy. The truth was it was a book I did enjoy and the day the librarian handed me this book and told me it was the next book I was beyond happiness. This book proved to be [...]

    3. I really enjoyed The Wall and The Wing, the first book in this series, so I was anxious to see if the sequel measured up. While it wasn't quite as good (we already know that Bug can fly and Georgie can disappear) it has enough suspense and original characters in it to keep it interesting. The author makes some great digs at society's obsession with fame and wealth as well as cleverly mocking today's naming cliches by having characters like Roma Radisson, Bethany Tiffany, and Sean Paul Todd (or i [...]

    4. Another fun kid-lit book with lots of strange nonsense plot threads that all weave together into something beautiful at the end.I liked the first one (The Wall and the Wing) better-- it stood on its own as a fun story-- this one is more of the same characters, but what can you do?I don't know what I can say about this book that would sound intelligent, but it's smart, funny, quick, and unexpected.Read this book, read The Wall and the Wing, and read some stuff by Jon Berkeley.

    5. This wasn't as good as The Wall and the Wing, which was the first book. Though, I love Gurl a.k.a Georgie and Bug a.k.a Sylvestor, the 2 main characters. The dynamic between the duo is lacking in the beginning of the book, but at least it is wrapped up by the end. I also love Georgie's Polish cook, Agnes. She is so good at noticing what Georgie wants and when.

    6. A very entertaining YA book. I liked the heroine. She is the Richest Girl in the Universe, but feels uncomfortable with her wealth and status. I liked a world where almost anyone can fly. I liked the twists in the fast-moving plot, more cute and exciting than clever. It did make me laugh out loud at points. I didn't realize this was a sequel until after I began reading, but I didn't need the back story to enjoy this book.

    7. This was the first book to lead me to believe that finding a well-written and fun book to read doesn't require having you scour the library. I actually found The Chaos King (one of my favorite Fiction books) by randomly grabbing it off the shelf. The story is so weird and endearing that I can't help but go back to it again and again. Laura Ruby is a very creative author who knows how to write a clever novel!

    8. I read The Wall and the Wing earlier this year and I was hoping this was a sequel. It was. Despite all appearances, Gurl and Bug’s troubles have not disappeared. What with the sudden loss of the Professor, snotty classmates, the trials of fame, and numerous misunderstandings, they have a lot to deal with. [Dec. 2009]

    9. I had never read this sequel to The Wall and the Wing, and recently found nice hardcover copies of both for my niece, as they were two of her favorite books from junior high days. This one is just as gonzo as the first, but makes sense in it's insanity. I sort of felt that the proto-super-villain Mr. Fuss was underused, perhaps there should have been a third novel to the set involving him?

    10. A fun light read about brave kids battling an odd conspiracy. It was a little confusing that the title and intro emphasized a chaos vs. order theme that wasn't reflected in the shifting factions (none of which seemed to be fighting for order) but the double-crossing was clever, and I didn't read the first book so maybe I missed something explicative.

    11. Sweet story of Bug and Georgie, as they discover that there is a lot more in the world than most people realise, including animals that are no longer extinct, vampires, animals that can talk and books that can kill (and of course, the ability to fly and disappear).Suited to ages 10+Protagonists aged 13/14

    12. This we also all loved. And today, long after we finished reading it, I understand why. Look at the reader icons here.Clearly, on the internet, no one knows you're a computer-using cat. Except Laura Ruby, who shall be properly acknowledged as a goddess henceforth.You'd think I was drinking, wouldn't you?

    13. Hilarious fantasy-- it contained the same tone used in The Wall and the Wing. I loved both stories. You can still hear the faint resonances of the "If a tree falls to the ground, and no one is around, does it make a sound" quote from the first book.

    14. This book was very interesting, though there were a couple times where the strangeness (people flying is a common occurence) kind of threw me off of the storyline. Not badly, just a little bit. Overall, I enjoyed it, and I liked some of the irony because of the characters.

    15. Listened to this on cd with the kids. We really enjoyed it - good sequel to the Wall and the Wing - I think both girls and boys would like it as well - Hughie liked the parts about the vampires - now he wants to be one for Halloween!

    16. I really enjoyed this book until the end. Was a bit ordinary ending so kinda ruined the rest just a little bit. Still satisfying but not amazing is all.

    17. This book was amazing! The plot was interesting. I thought this was the first book so I got really confused! I'll have to go find it and read it.

    18. Hmmmm. A chaotic story that put me in mind of the outrageousness of "Whales on Stilts" but not nearly as effective.

    19. Light, funny, and entertaining. This is a happy book for the young and young-at-heart. Very pleased was I to find myself enjoying the humor and simple unsimplicity of "The Boy Who Could Fly."

    20. This is the sequel to the incredible "The Wall and the Wing." I didn't love it quite as much as the first one, but I still think it's one of the most original fantasies out there for kids.

    21. This was an amazing book until the ending. The ending left more questions than it did answers, and the chapter after the last was seriously confusing. Other than that it was a wonderful read!

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