• Title: The Vampire's Promise
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780590553810
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Vampire s Promise Part of the Point Horror list this sequel to The Cheerleader finds the evil vampire up to his old tricks with a new victim
    Part of the Point Horror list, this sequel to The Cheerleader finds the evil vampire up to his old tricks, with a new victim.

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    1. They just wanted to have some fun. Randy, the initator of the whole stay-over at The Mall House thing, did not foresee the danger that lurked in their home for the night, which was actually nothing but a vampire's nest. The 6 of them: Lacey, Randy, Sherree, Zach, Roxanne, and Bobby, each lead different lives, and they come together on this single night just to find out how selfish individuals are. The air-headed Sherree, a pretty blonde cheerleader, nominated Lacey when asked, forced, and then f [...]

    2. This book is about six teenagers who decide to have some fun and sneak into an abandoned house. Little do they know that it is not completely abandoned.When they go into the house the discover a vampire who just woke up from his sleep. This sick vampire decides that he will let the six teenagers choose who the he will eat. The teens obviously don't want to choose, so they spend the night trying to figure a way out. The in tire book is the teens trying different ways to escape.In this book I have [...]

    3. Randy knows all his friends just hang out with him because he's got a big house and the latest gadgets. In an attempt for them to like him for who he is, he tries to impress them by thinking up a plan to stay overnight at the "Mall House", a creepy abandoned mansion with a circular tower. And so begins the story, with six teenagers locked inside a tower with a starving vampire. He makes them a promise: if the kids choose one of their own to stay and be the victim, the others may leave unscathed. [...]

    4. This third and final entry in Caroline B. Cooney's vampire trilogy is without doubt the best of the three. Gone is high school setting and teenage girl wishes of the first two and it's replaced by a much darker story where the vampire traps 6 teens inside the Mall house and froces them to choose of then to die. The characters are much better, the story much darker and more interesting and the vampire more menacing which all adds up to a cracking last entry in the series.

    5. I did not like this book. I felt lost most of the time, it bounced around too much! The ending story was the best in my opinion. I couldn`t get into reading this book and finally made myself and what a waste!

    6. this was my absolute favorite one of all three. there were so many different characters and story lines that were completely seperate from the other. they didn't come together till the very end of the book and i just thought it was really great.

    7. I've been revisiting some books from my youth and after reading The Cheerleader decided to read the next two books in The Vampires Promise series. This was by far the worst, I didn't even bother finishing it.

    8. It was better then the first 2 simply because it had a different plot beyond that it was the same long drawn out scenes in which nothing actually happens. I'm glad that mansion has burned down and I can move on to something worthwhile.

    9. This book is probably my favorite out of the three series. Oh, i loved it! It was so amazing, that i couldn't put it down.

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