• Title: The Sandman Omnibus, Vol. 1
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781401241889
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Sandman Omnibus Vol A New York Times Bestseller The Sandman is the universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus Lord of the Dreaming a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who s ev
    A New York Times Bestseller The Sandman is the universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who s ever existed Regardless of cultures or historical eras, all dreamers visit Morpheus realm be they gods, demons, muses, mythical creatures, or simply humans who teach MorpheuA New York Times Bestseller The Sandman is the universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who s ever existed Regardless of cultures or historical eras, all dreamers visit Morpheus realm be they gods, demons, muses, mythical creatures, or simply humans who teach Morpheus some surprising lessons.Upon his escape from an embarrassing captivity at the hands of a mere mortal, Morpheus finds himself at a crossroads, forced to deal with the enormous changes within both himself and his realm His journey to find his place in a world that s drastically changed takes him through mythical worlds to retrieve his old heirlooms, the back roads of America for a twisted reunion, and even Hell itself to receive the dubious honor of picking the next Devil But he ll learn his greatest lessons at the hands of his own family, the Endless, who like him are walking embodiments of the most influential aspects of existence.This massive hardcover tome, over 1000 pages, collects the first 37 issues of Neil Gaiman s groundbreaking series

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    1. I read most of the Sandman story as separate graphic novels bought off ebay about 10 years ago. This Christmas I bought myself the bound 'mega-volume' a very high class piece of bookage that contains the 1st 37 issues of the comic which is half of the 12(?) graphic novels.Now the thing is that, yes, at the bottom of it all these are comics bound together into a book that's six inches thick but excellent writing can show up in many media and Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer.The story we're give [...]

    2. Once upon a time, a few years before the turn of the century, I decided I was too cool for super hero comics and read a lot of darker, mature readers only type of stuff. The Sandman was at the front of the pack for a long time. My mom unexpectedly bought me this big honkin' omnibus for Christmas so I've busted it into chunks for reviewing purposes.Preludes and Nocturnes: After decades of imprisonment at the hands of a group of magicians, Dream escapes and sets about reclaiming what is hisMy nine [...]

    3. I am not a reader of comic books or graphic novels. Aside from an early infatuation with Disney's comic books and the glossed pages of the W.I.T.C.H.-magazines, I've never cared for colorful pictures with eventful stories. Comics have always puzzled me, and I have always failed to see their charm. Until now.Of course it would be Neil Gaiman who changed my opinion, as he always seems to do. These past two years I have been devouring his work; his short stories, epic novels, children's books and s [...]

    4. 5 stars of the sort that are built up by layer upon layer upon layer of playful postmodernism whose grandeur and heft don't fully coalesce in the mind until round about p.500 of 1000. A lot of the content would have been 4 stars if it had been in smaller chunks. As a whole - or half of a whole - it becomes very impressive. A full Big Book experience, that started to feel like reading a great postmodern novel, but also like watching a really fun, effortless film. Conversation I was reminded of (1 [...]

    5. So I've finally read vol.1 of the famous Sandman! I would say this book has had as much hype surrounding it as the Watchmen did and it was no let down. So the story starts of with some men performing witchcraft and they wish to trap Death, so that they may live forever, instead they trap deaths' older brother 'Dream' or his real name Morpheus. He is imprisoned on the mortal plane for over 80 years and in that time he does not speak to them. When he is eventually released he goes about repairing [...]

    6. Don't need to read the Omnibus. I was there for the complete original series. Thank goodness DC Comics is bringing the series back to relaunch the all new Vertigo

    7. I'll get the bad shit out of the way first: this book is ENORMOUS. >__<It is as hard to transport (or even hold up for any extended period of time) as it is beautiful to look at. I found myself often wishing as I went through that I had a permanent, safe and clean surface I could leave it on and come back to it always, as it is, I am amazed and delighted that the book survived my audience with no chicken nugget splotches or barbecue stains.That I had to read it in this glorious, but extrem [...]

    8. I realised reading this that I had actually read more Sandman comics than I had thought, but that was many years ago and I enjoyed returning to the world of the Endless. I love the characterisation of the Endless and particularly of Dream. He's the hero, but he's not perfect. He's distant and proud and short tempered and he can be cruel when his pride is stung. But he can be merciful, and he can love. I really enjoyed these stories and look forward to the chance to read the rest of them.

    9. I think the fact that I own the omnibuses of this series pretty much covers what I think of the series, no?

    10. Sheer utter brilliance! Unlike anything you've ever read or visually seen on paper.A must have for any collector of Gaiman!

    11. I will start off this review knowing that it's going to be sacrilegious, as the rating I'm giving this is more of a personal one than an overall general acknowledgement. I do not like Neil Gaiman. There, I've said it. I've read his works from "Coraline" to "Good Omens" to "Stardust" and, I do not like Neil Gaiman. Somewhere in my brain, Neil Gaiman has been lumped in with and morphed into the literary version of Tim Burton and, I do not like Tim Burton. If I haven't yet lost all of my nerd crede [...]

    12. This is clearly the foundation of Gaiman's reputation. I have read many of his novels, and though they were all well-written and enjoyable, they were also all very lightweight (and YES i'm including American Gods and Good Omens in that unpopular but honest assessment!), often to the point of being emotionally flimsy, and i have never understood why people rave about him so much. unless they just wanted 100% pure feel-good brain-candy with nice sentence structure and imagery, and little content. [...]

    13. This is fantastic. Nearly incomprehensible that I had never read any Sandman before, but then again I was having trouble sleeping for a couple weeks and this was a perfect companion.These are those magic pages which cause hesitation over every turn do I rush forward and read the next one now now now? Or do I languish and let this first pass through these stories last longer?I love myths and stories of explanation and level-shifting perspectives. I love hearing of echoes of gods and stories I rec [...]

    14. The first 7 issues set the story and, while they were decent comics, I was starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into. However after reading issue 8 when you first meet the character death I was finally hooked. This series has some best stories I've ever read and I'm excited to crack open the second volume. It's dark and philosophic nature coupled with bursts of humor and the unexpected and outrageous made me unable to stop reading even when I knew I had things I should be doing.

    15. It was absolutely fantastic to get all the volumes in the same book and read them one after another. Two weeks of pure Sandman - one of the best birthday presents I ever had. Definitely recommended if you're a fan and you like heavy hardcover books.

    16. Amazing Art work and such great story lines Surely not meant for kids. My first graphic novel and I do not regret spending a single buck on this classic!

    17. I don't read many comics, (more so in high school) but I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman. Spending $90 on this was quite a gamble, but well worth the money in the long run.

    18. The Sandman comes with a weight of expectation - you can't find out about it without discovering it's reputation as one of the best graphic novel/comic series ever written. There's Gaiman's name and wicked imagination behind it as well. You know it's going to be epic and weird and bursting with mythology. In a world of fingerclick knowledge, expectations play a dangerous game with our true perceptions of a piece of literature. The Sandman perhaps doesn't live up to them, but it also doesn't real [...]

    19. A while back and a smaller version of me picked up his first comic book. An X-men book drawn by Jim Lee. I had since gone head first into the super hero realm until much later when another fan of comic books/graphic novels told me to read Preacher and Sandman. I had read Preacher at the time and then started reading other things, but only until now had I finally been able to read Sandman. I don't know why it took so long. This is a dark, enjoyable book with many tales revolving around the Lord o [...]

    20. Sandman is an amazing run of comics. Gaiman is a masterful storyteller of strange fairytales. I’m glad I’ve finally gotten a chance to read them in their entirety.I use the term “comic” instead of “graphic novel” because they clearly weren’t written as a single plot. There is a connecting narrative thread but really it’s a collection of separate tales exploring Dream and his siblings. That’s not a bad thing.My only complaint is with the physical presentation of the comics here. [...]

    21. First volume is pretty good, it actually encourages you to keep reading the next volumes it's a 75 issue long divided into 10 volumes with linked characters and stories, so now i'm reading vol.10 and trying to remember what the hell did this character do or what are these guys talking about, and that is a constant problem i face with sandman, another is that i feel puzzled each time i read it, that i am missing something maybe it's a problem with me i came to be certain that sandman is overrate [...]

    22. A few slow issues in an otherwise incredible collection. Gaiman proves his imagination and knowledge of mythology is vast, and his ability to mesh the two works with stunning effect. There's a laundry list of artists in this book, and they all do their part well; no style seemed acutely out of place.A beautiful 1000+ page oversized Omnibus; thick pages with absolutely no gutter loss. A thing worthy of purchase.

    23. I feel bad giving this only three stars as its clearly a giant in its field - but I'm going to give in and admit I can't really be doing with graphic novels. The story is great and the artwork is amazing, but there's not enough imagination effort required for any of this to stick in my mind - I already can't remember a lot of the earlier stories. I'll get the second volume to see how things end, but I think this genre is going to be limited to post-nights fugue state from now on

    24. Neil Gaiman cements himself as the king of pop culture in my eyes. These comics embody everything scifi/fantasy is and everything it should be. The story and the characters and the way everything interweaves with eachother is perfection. My only gripe is that the first few volumes were a little ugly and difficult to follow in terms of space.

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