• Title: The Tragedy of Fidel Castro
  • Author: João Cerqueira
  • ISBN: 9781938416163
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tragedy of Fidel Castro Award Winner in the Fiction Multicultural category of The USA Best Book Awards sponsored by USA Book News ForeWord Book of The Year Awards Winner in Translations Adult Fiction Bronze Nominat
    Award Winner in the Fiction Multicultural category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News2012 ForeWord Book of The Year Awards Winner in Translations Adult Fiction Bronze Nominated for the 2014 Montaigne MedalAward Winning Finalist in the Historical Fiction category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book NewsBeverly Hills Book AwaAward Winner in the Fiction Multicultural category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News2012 ForeWord Book of The Year Awards Winner in Translations Adult Fiction Bronze Nominated for the 2014 Montaigne MedalAward Winning Finalist in the Historical Fiction category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book NewsBeverly Hills Book Awards 2014 Winner in Multicultural FictionBeverly Hills Book Awards 2014 Finalist in Literary FictionWinner Global Ebook Awards 2014 Fantasy Historical SettingWhen God receives a request from F tima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK, he asks his son, Jesus, to return to Earth and diffuse the conflict On his island, Fidel Castro faces protests on the streets and realizes that he is about to be overthrown Alone, surrounded, and aware that the end is fast approaching, he plays his last card Meanwhile, Christ arrives on Earth and teams up with F tima, who is convinced she can create a miracle to avoid the final battle between JFK and Fidel Castro and save the world as we know it At the end, something really extraordinary happens Humorous, rich with metaphor, and refreshingly imaginative, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro was chosen as the book of the month and book of the year by Os Meus Livros magazine Joao Cerqueira s Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a phantasmagoric odyssey through a highly imaginative prose universe of discovery and inquest It s a magic realism hybrid of sacrificial lambs and Revolution, capitalistic decadence, and celestial consequence in a dimension where the cogs of time got jammed I expect that this rich and unique narrative voice will illuminate a phosphorescent trajectory in the future annals of the New Millennial World Lit Mark Spitzer Toad Suck Review Editor, Professor of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas a smart, energetic and funny piece of writing Bethany Gibson, Fiction Editor of Goose Lane Editions Brilliant satire, playfully serious do not waste even a single paragraph Rita Bonet, Os Meus Livros Jo o Cerqueira rewrote history, and did so with great inspiration Cita Livros Jo o Cerqueira shows a great imagination and a sense of humor far from innocent Blogue Bela Lugosi is Dead In my opinion there was only one Portuguese novel that had all the conditions to win the style of magical realism The Tragedy of Fidel Castro Blog Fanzine Tertuliando an imaginative author who masters metaphorical discourse and who can debate on national and international events, as well as both sacred and profane figures Livros Leituras

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    1. "When God receives a request from Fatima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK, he asks his son, Jesus, to return to Earth and diffuse the conflict."Okay, this is when I started worrying about being struck by lightning and seriously hoping that God has a sense of humor!The author has taken beings, people and events we know about and turned them into a humorous, satire that will keep you laughing and shaking your head! (Did he really write that???)When one reads the title, there is n [...]

    2. This book may not deliver what you initially envision, with the cover title, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro, suggesting a political tale based on the historical facts of controversial Cuban Prime Minister Castro. However, I guarantee it delivers so much more. In fact, rather than a historical script, this clever works of author João Cerqueira is really a modern reflection on the state of the world and its people, written metaphorically and expressing ideologies akin to those you’d expect to find [...]

    3. The Art of Satire and João CerqueiraPortuguese author João Cerqueira, having won a PhD in History of Art from the University of Oporto, happens to be one of the more clever and creative humorists writing today. His novels satirize modern society and use irony and humor to provoke reflection and controversy. Satire is the form of humor that holds people, or society in general, up for examination, and ridicules the follies revealed. Good satire should offer improving examples or at least make us [...]

    4. The author prefaces The Tragedy of Fidel Castro with a disclaimer stating that, “All characters and organizations mentioned are entirely fictional.” Yet, from there we follow the story of JFK, Fidel Castro, Fatima, Christ and God Himself. Although the author carefully omits any reference to a particular country or time period, we are aware this is a fictionalized account of the Cuban/American crisis that took place during Kennedy’s presidency. Far from being a typical account of political [...]

    5. I've enjoyed this book so far. Although I found it difficult to get into, once I got used to the author's style I very much liked the story. It takes a bit of magical realism mixed into history to create an alternate version of how things might have been, helping the reader to gain new insight into how things are.I received this book for free from First Reads.

    6. Satire is an interesting genre. For those of us who love it, we truly love it. For those who don't, they tend to hate it. Most satire requires the reader to know another story or work to get the full benefit of the book, movie, song, or painting. There was once, decades ago, a bank slogan that touted the personal banker relationship. The billboard asked in big letters, "What is the name of your banker?" Someone had written 'Shylock'. If one was not familiar with the play by Shakespeare, one woul [...]

    7. THE TRAGEDY OF FIDEL CASTROBetween reality and fiction, satire in caricatureSatire, which originates in the diatribes of the Cynics and the Stoics, has always busied itself with political and philosophical critique. And if in the first case the cynical Menippus stood out for his harshness concerning philosophical concepts, in the second, Archilochus was the whistleblower of what is left of the conventional or lies buried in Homeric heroism.These examples, from ancient Rome, denote, from such aut [...]

    8. The newest book that I reviewed is "The Tragedy of Fidel Castro" by Joao Cerqueira. I was intrigued when I read the summary of the book, and I couldn't wait to see what it really was about. Here's the summary:When God receives a request from Fátima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK, he asks his son, Jesus, to return to Earth and diffuse the conflict. On his island, Fidel Castro faces protests on the streets and realizes that he is about to be overthrown. Alone, surrounded, and [...]

    9. This is one of them books, for me personally, that I realised as soon as I read the prologue that the book was on one of my favourite subject areas and if it was as good as I thought it was going to be that I wouldn't want it to finish and be left wanting more. Even though the author states in his prologue that his characters are not the real, JFK, Fidel Castro, God and God's son Jesus, I think this is the author sense of humour which is strongly evident throughout, it's hard not to relate the c [...]

    10. Joao Cerqueria’s The Tragedy of Fidel Castro is at times cynical, at times hopeful, always satirical and never boring. In this book he recounts a fictionalized confrontation between the forces of Communism and the free world.Fidel Castro is cast as a man obsessed with the fear of being betrayed by those he trusts, but also highly concerned about how he will be judged by historians. Convinced that the American President, referred to only as JFK, is trying to have him assassinated, Castro decide [...]

    11. *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*When I saw this book available at NetGalley without request, I decided to download it because its synopsis seemed interesting. An alternative reality where Jesus, aided by Our Lady of Fátima, helps avoid the conflict between Kennedy and Fidel Castro seemed like a story with so much potencial. And on top of that I immediately suspected (and later confirmed on ) that the author was portuguese, not only for his name, but for the [...]

    12. A magical satire in the tradition of Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses," João Cerqueira's "The Tragedy of Fidel Castro" is both facetiously tongue-in-cheek and intensely serious in its critique of human nature. The author diagnoses both Marxism and capitalism as founded on false assumptions--the former as an attempt to change human nature, the latter as a ruthless means of exploiting it--but the main thrust of his indictment is focused on the hubris of his main character. Cerqueira's Fidel C [...]

    13. The Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a densely packed satire/fictional spin of the epic face off between JFK and Castro. At times the novel breaks into hilarity. Most of the time it traipses in the land of sacrilege. Always it straddles squarely the line of classic literary writing. Cerqueira's talent disproportionately portrays the character of Castro and drives even the most hardened Yankee to the point of sympathy. Cerqueira's brilliance rests in the art of intertwining side stories and sub-plots. [...]

    14. *I was given a complimentary electronic edition of this by the author in exchange for a review.There are lots of high ratings for this one and frankly I feel a little left out. I don't like giving poor reviews and I wish I could have enjoyed this as much as so many others appear to have enjoyed it, and I'll leave you to read the other reviews for the plot. I am a fan of magic realism, alternate history, satire and wit. I didn't "get" this. Not one bit of it. It seems that it is supposed to impre [...]

    15. I won this book in a giveaway. I guess I might call it humorous historical fantasy. Fact, fiction, mythology? intertwined to create a great story that made me laugh. You would think a novel about real people in real places would be real. But it's all made up because none of it goes together. Anyway, it's hard to describe this book, but I would highly recommend it if you want to read something unique.

    16. I have been waiting for this book to be translated from Portuguese into English ever since someone recommended it to mee recommendation was well intended and spot on takes a while to get into, but once you begin to appreciate Cerqueira's style, you can lose yourself in the satire and marvel at its comedy, while enjoying the intelligence lying behind itovocative and funw I just have to wait for more of his work to be translated (or learn Portuguese!)

    17. If you're a reader who can't look beyond what you have in your mind about God, Jesus, JFK, or Castro, I 'm not judging you. I'm just not sure if you'll like this book. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fairly entertaining read that will challenge your thinking at least on a surface level, then give it a try.I received this book to review. The opinions shared are 100% mine.

    18. Amazing book that mix the reality and fiction with a smart sense of humour. It is one of the most brilliant caricature of actual society expounding the inevitably contrast between one dictatorship regimen based on fallacy revolution against the capitalism more than ever declined. Do not miss it!João Sousa

    19. I enjoyed this book, by far the best passages are the ones where God, Jesus, an Fatima are having a conversations about what to do about the impending war between JFK and Castro. It reminds me a little bit of Voltaire and a little bit of Gabriel Garcia Marquesz. Fascinating.

    20. Who ever thought I'd be laughing about religion and politics? Check out my review on my blog, Guiltless Reading:guiltlessreading/2

    21. brilliant book--the conversations between god and jesus are FUNNY; the ruminations of fidel are REAL

    22. The Tragedy of Fidel Castro: Joao CerqueriraJFK and Fidel Castro have a long standing dislike for the way each one views their people, runs their government and their definition of capitalism, communism and the right way to bolster their own economies. When it becomes evident that a revolution is about to take place that the world is in serious trouble and these two leaders are about to battle to the end can God send Christ to mediate and stop what is about to happen? Listening to God speak with [...]

    23. Just when I begin to think I've seen everything that can be done with magic realism, along comes a book that shows another use - in this case magic realist satire. The scene is set for this extraordinary book with a preface explaining that the book is set in a fictional time and place and all the characters are entirely fictional:Hence, Christ has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the son of god. God does not represent God. as no one has have ever been able to depict Him. JFK is someone other tha [...]

    24. Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature!**I received a copy of this book from the author, Joao Cerqueira, in exchange for an honest review.**This was a hefty read. Not in length, as it comes in at a slight 188 pages, but rather in content, for this book is overflowing with political and religious satire and complex writing. You are warned that this is a fictional book from the very start of the novel, and that fact should definitely not be forgotten. This is a very hard book to summarize, [...]

    25. This was received from the author for an honest reviewI just don't know what happened, maybe I waited too long, or I just read too many that were similar. I received this about a year ago I think. One of my goals for winter vacation was to at least finish the review books that had been sitting around for too long. So I decided to go with this since I thought that it was something that was going to be a blast. By the time I finally got to this, I already read like four or five magical realist, bl [...]

    26. I am copying the Preface of the book here because it is awesome!!"PrefaceThis book takes place in an imaginary time and space. All characters and organizations mentioned are entirely fictional.Hence, Christ has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the son of God, born in the year zero and crucified by the Romans thirty-three years later.God does not represent God, creator of the world and men, as no one has ever been able to depict Him.JFK is someone other than an American president with the same in [...]

    27. REVIEW:I just finished THE TRAGEDY OF FIDEL CASTRO by Joao Cerqueira. To prevent a war between Castro and John F. Kennedy, Fatima sends a request to God. He sends his son, Jesus to help with this conflict. Fidel Casstro knows he is about to lose office by the protests in the streets.Knowing the end is near, he has only one chance left. Christ is now on Earth and meets with Fatima. A miracle is created by Fatima and she is sure it will work. Will it work to save the world? the author puts you at [...]

    28. Placing God, Christ, JFK, and Fidel Castro into the same book makes for one blasphemous ride—and The Tragedy of Fidel Castro does that. The Tragedy of Fidel Castro puts readers into the shoes of JFK, the kingly leader of capitalistic U.S and Fidel Castro, the tyrannical commandant of Socialistic Cuba, for one last battle over their ideals. Satirical comedy and “politics” ensue, giving readers a taste of an alternative history from the viewpoint of Portuguese author, João Cerqueira.Althoug [...]

    29. This book was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: The Tragedy of Fidel CastroAuthor: Joao CerqueiraStar Rating: 5 starsNumber of Readers: 35Readers’ Comments‘I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Superb pacing and fantastic characterisation.’ Male reader, aged 55‘I was very surprised by how funny this book was. The plot is all over the place but that’s ok. It’s a superb read.’ Female reader, aged 41‘There are many aspects to this [...]

    30. Most people don’t read satire, or, if they do read satire, they are too dense to realize the material is not literal. If you don’t believe me, check out this Tumblr of responses to The Onion’s articles. Most people will assume that everything that they read is literal, so, even if the author is proposing that the starving Irish eat their babies, they will not think that a certain point is being made, but that that the author is simply “screwed up in the head.” I quickly realized that T [...]

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