• Title: The Samantha Project
  • Author: Stephanie Karpinske
  • ISBN: 9780988752405
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Samantha Project Seventeen year old Samantha loves everything about her life her parents her boyfriend even her school Then one horrible night a sudden tragedy sparks a series of events that change her life forever
    Seventeen year old Samantha loves everything about her life her parents, her boyfriend, even her school Then one horrible night a sudden tragedy sparks a series of events that change her life forever Soon she s told she s part of a top secret genetics experiment run by a global corporation that s been watching her for years and waiting for the right time to take her bacSeventeen year old Samantha loves everything about her life her parents, her boyfriend, even her school Then one horrible night a sudden tragedy sparks a series of events that change her life forever Soon she s told she s part of a top secret genetics experiment run by a global corporation that s been watching her for years and waiting for the right time to take her back That time is now.Samantha s enhanced genetics are finally starting to express the powers the corporation wants and her only chance for freedom is to go on the run, leaving behind her old life and the people she loves Using her new abilities to help her, she makes her way to a town far from home where she encounters two people who are eerily familiar These two people will give her clues to her past but also warnings for her future It s the beginning of a journey in which Samantha will learn all the secrets of who she really is and why she was created.

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    1. How could a teen who is living the American dream suddenly lose it all and find herself thrown into a terrifying world filled with unbelievable secrets, hidden life-long lies and a target on her back for capture? That’s where Samantha finds herself when her parents are killed, she begins to hear things that normal ears wouldn’t pick up and she must run, fast and far with only a note with a destination to get to. Top secret genetics experiments were run years before and it seems Samantha is a [...]

    2. I learned about this book a while ago and put it on my wish list to investigate later. I was very excited about this book after I read the blurb, as I love sci-fi and was happy to see what looked to be a good YA sci-fi story. So when I got a message from AToMR Tours that they were looking for reviewers, I jumped at the chance to read and review the book for them and the author. For the most part, I think Ms. Karpinske did a really good job with this book. I felt it was credible and exciting, and [...]

    3. Hmm, The Samantha Project had potential. And the last half of the book showed it, but the first half. Ooh, the first halfwas really, really boring. I am sure that not everyone will think this. You do get to know the characters. So if you don't mind a slow pace, you might enjoy this book. Just to me the first half of the book totally dragged the book down.Nothing happens for like, 180 pages. We mostly see Samantha at school or moping about her parent's deaths. After that, she went to a cabin and [...]

    4. You can easily make out the story before it happensbut still good book to read.will continue reading the series

    5. There was a time when I loved reading science fiction, the technologies that may have been possible now, but no one really knows. Things like cloning, cyborgs, bio-tissue or whatever. It started when I read Adoration of Jenna Fox in six-grade. But that was like two years ago. Now, it's more about romance, young adult dystopian, those kind of stuff. Unwind was also a good sci-fi book. Although I don't read as much sci-fi books as i did back then, I still enjoy a novel once in a while. ;)The Saman [...]

    6. Find more of my reviews at my blog Simply MeSometime last year, I saw this book on , and it sounded pretty interesting. I mean, c'mon, a blend of sci-fi and suspense is always interesting, right? So when I saw that AToMR Tours was looking for reviewers, I readily signed up.As you can see by the rating, I wasn't really sure whether I liked this book or not. There were things that really got me hooked, and there were also a few not-so-good stuff. But I think, for the most part, it's a good book.Th [...]

    7. A contemporary YA science fiction novel that drew me in quickly and ended with me satisfied and ready for the second book in the series. For those of you who have ever watched the Kyle XY series and enjoyed it, you will find yourself also fixated on this story. Genetics, romance, betrayal, loss and adventure are blended in perfectly and never fell flat.This story starts off with a teen girl, working at the local coffee shop, straight A student, loving life as it is, family focused, football quar [...]

    8. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.The Samantha Project offers not only a great premise but an exciting delivery of the story. The story starts off with Samantha finishing the last of her days in high school, with winter break around the corner and graduating early. She’s super smart and seemingly takes after her parents. From the beginning, I find I like her. The story seems almost so normal until she finds out her parents are killed in a car accident and her “Uncle” [...]

    9. This is a really fun light sci-fi book that is totally believable. With all the science out there concerning studying DNA and how to manipulate cells, etc. (can you tell I'm a scientist, with all my scientific eloquence?), it was totally realistic.I loved the characters and the entire story line. It's very well written and so evenly paced, with one event flowing so evenly and nicely to the next, although I felt like the mourning section after the death of Samantha's parents was a little lengthy. [...]

    10. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a great example of why I try to stick with books I just can't seem to get into. The beginning just dragged and dragged and dragged along, but then suddenly it picked right up and was like a completely different book. The beginning consisted a lot of telling. You know how in school teachers always push the "show don't tell" way of writing? Well that's because when you write like "This happened and then this happened and then we did th [...]

    11. eBook copy provided by author via We <3 YA Books! in exchange of an honest review Rating: 5 stars <3Samantha, or Sam as she likes to be called, has a perfect kind of life. Excellent grades, a strong relationship with her parents, a dream career with acceptance in Stanford, and a loving and loyal boyfriend. Everything is going as planned. Until one night, when Sam stays home because of a bad headache, her parents die. From there, her life goes spiraling down as she discovers secrets about h [...]

    12. Finding a young adult science fiction novel that’s fresh and interesting is not always such an easy thing to do but Stephanie Karpinske is on the right path with The Samantha Project, albeit with a few flaws. On the mildly negative side, I found Sam and her parents to be Pollyanna-ish and Sam is that goody two-shoes everybody sneers at in high school. There were moments when the three of them made me roll my eyes but, when you get right down to it, I suppose you could say their sappy behavior [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.The Samantha Project tells the story of Sam, a girl who seems to have everything. She has a great boyfriend, she's intelligent, she's even graduating a semester early and going to Stanford in the fall. She even has the perfect relationship with her parents - somewhat of a surprise for a seventeen-year-old! Unfortunately, things aren't all they seem. Sam looses her parents in an unfortunate accident and her world comes crash [...]

    14. The Samantha Project was a good read with interesting sci-fi themes and a very likable protagonist. Although Samantha was created in a lab, she felt like a very real teen girl. I liked reading the story from her perspective as she unravels the mysteries about her past.Samantha is introduced as a very normal good girl with the perfect boyfriend and family. Since her life comes off as so perfect, the reader can suspect that something is going to happen to take it all way. As Samantha is faced with [...]

    15. I was really looking forward to reading this - great premise, great cover, and I always have a soft spot for Scifi. Samantha is a likable character. Her dialogue and reactions are very realistic for her age, and I could actually picture her as being one of those girls that everyone likes. She's not snippy or rude or lazy - a normal, everyday teenager .The story starts by letting the reader get to know Samantha's everyday life. Her family is kind, her friends nice and her job reasonable. Yep, a l [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book from the author through We ♥ YA Books! group in exchange for an unbiased review.The first bit of this book is about beautiful, smart, perfect Sam, Sam's perfect parents, Sam's perfect boyfriend, Sam's perfect best friend, Sam's perfect life (except, of course, for the prerequisite nasty cheerleader). Then her parents are killed in a car accident, so the rest of the first half is about Sam's grieving process: minute details about weeks of grieving, of which [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.The Samantha Project is about a perfect girl with a perfect life. She has a great relationship with her parents, is really smart and as a result graduating early from High School, and the perfect boyfriend. Then odd people start turning up knowing more about her than they should and her parents die in a horrible car accident and she starts to see that everything is far from perfect.It starts off in a light-hearted way and i [...]

    18. Growing up life for Samantha was perfect . She got the good grades, the perfect boyfriend, she was never bad and seemed to have luck on her side and even better she had scored herself an early admission to Stanford. However , life for Samantha wasn't always destined to be perfect when at first little strange things started occuring like extra sensitive hearing and then a strange old man appeared at her work - knowing all about Sam and then later that week , Sam's life was turned upside down when [...]

    19. The very first thing I have to say is I loved the way the author wrote the dialogue! I enjoyed the characters even though at first I felt Samantha was a little too perfect a student/child. But then when things started happening I understood why she was the way she was. I loved Colin her boyfriend. I also liked how the time period was one we could relate to, it was in the now. Not years from now on some odd planet. And with all the genetic manipulation going on in today's world I could actually s [...]

    20. I received a free copy of the book for an honest review. So last night when I finished this I immediately wanted to give it four stars, but this morning when I tried to write this review, I kept remembering the beginning of the book and I couldn't rationalize four stars. The last half of this book was amazing, action-packed, and honestly deserved five stars, but the first half was slow, repetitive, and contained information that was not needed to further the plot. If you can get through the firs [...]

    21. *Received for review through We love YA-ARR discussion group**Review also posted on amazon (Levina) and barnesandnoble (Levina_G)A great, fun sci-fi young adult read! The story starts off slow with a“goody two-shoes” Sam who at times seemed emotionally cold. After a tragedy, she quickly becomes much more likable as she evolves in attitude and ability. I really appreciated how Karpinske delved into the world-building with her scientific explanations and the whole concept of genetically-engin [...]

    22. I got this book for free on some time ago, the first half of the book bored me to death. I felt like I was reading a book about robots without logic and feelings. Samantha has the perfect boyfriend, parents, grades and she herself is also perfect thanks to some dna enhancement that give her powers, excellent hearing, seeing and reading minds etc. But then her parents are murdered and her perfect life falls apart. On the run she meets Erik and Jack, Erik is like her, she even has an identical tw [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book for an exchange of an honest review.I have to say this is the first book that i read of this author, and i really like it i did not think i was gone like it but i did, and i am glad i got a chance to read it.I love the characters and how this story formed.Samantha life was perfect, she got the good grades, and a great boyfriends, and she got to score an early admission to standford. But all that changes when she loses her parents in a bad accident and her world com [...]

    24. Books & Sweet EpiphanybooksandsweetpiphanyThe Samantha Project is fantastic!When I first read it (I had the old copy, not the updated version), it was kinda slow at first but the story grows into a humongous tree and starts fruiting awesome storyline, characters and suspense.I love how the main character, Samantha, slowly develops into a great character. The storyline is similar to some books yet it is slightly different from the others.I love the plots and the twist, the dashes of romance i [...]

    25. Well, I can't begin to describe this. I just finished this book, and all I can say is wow. I know, the first half moves so SLOW. I probably would have gave it up if I wasn't so bored-at home and in school- but I'm glad I didn't. The whole thing with Samantha being so PERFECT bugged me to no end. But, the end? Gosh, my fiery peckers. It was filled with action and I can FEEL the emotions. I was on the edge of my seat with my heart racing. Just the thing authors should strive for. This book made me [...]

    26. YA Science Fiction/ThrillerPart one of a trilogySixteen year old Samantha has a charmed life - she's brilliant, has perfect health, great parents and a gorgeous boyfriend. Everything for Sam is wonderful until her parents are killed in a car accident. After her Uncle Dave comes to live with her, things, however, get really strange. She notices she's being followed and begins to have odd dreams. When she learns that she has been genetically modified from birth, and that a genetics company feels s [...]

    27. I received this ebook in order to give an unbiased review. I thought this book was very good. The first half was a bit dragged out. Long! However you get to enjoy And know the characters. I found myself frustrated with Samantha when she was acting so perfect. Like who wants to compare with that. This was eventually explained. The second half of the book had a much quicker pace and I was able to fly through that. For the second half I would deffinately give this book 5 stars, but the first half w [...]

    28. Sam has the PERFECT LIFE. She loves Science like both her parents, and will soon attend a prestigious university, when, without warning, her world starts crumbling down around her. She finds out that she has been part of a scientific project all her life! Yikes! In her quest to survive, she meets Jack, Erik, and Brittany. Who are they? If you like reading light-read YA SF books, you will enjoy this book! *Book 1 of 3* *PG-13 level*

    29. This book is a Sci Fi lovers dream it had everything. I love the characters they are all very well written and realistic, the story is set in modern day so that helps with the overall believablity The start of the story is a little slow for me but once it picked up I couldn't put it down. Action filled the pages with romance intertwined with genetic mutations.I love the chemistry between Sam and Erik.

    30. I really really wanted to like it. It was so slow in the beginning I almost put it down several times. It did progress to get a bit better but I feel the story was super rushed in the areas it should have been longer drawn out and the beginning could have been so much shorter. I most likely will read the second one as long as its free or 99 cents I do want to know what happens I hope the series does get a little better.

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