• Title: The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid: A Faithful and Interesting Narrative
  • Author: Pat F. Garrett J.C. Dykes
  • ISBN: 9780806111957
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid A Faithful and Interesting Narrative Of all firsthand accounts of lawlessness in the old Southwest none is fascinating than Pat F Garrett s The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid First published in a year after Sheriff Garrett kille
    Of all firsthand accounts of lawlessness in the old Southwest, none is fascinating than Pat F Garrett s The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid First published in 1882, a year after Sheriff Garrett killed the Kid, the bravest and most feared gunman of the Lincoln County, New Mexico, cattle war, it is at once the most authoritative biography of William H Bonney and tOf all firsthand accounts of lawlessness in the old Southwest, none is fascinating than Pat F Garrett s The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid First published in 1882, a year after Sheriff Garrett killed the Kid, the bravest and most feared gunman of the Lincoln County, New Mexico, cattle war, it is at once the most authoritative biography of William H Bonney and the foundation of the Billy the Kid legend.

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    1. I was watching Book TV and a historian, Michael Wallis I believe, was talking about this book, and I remembered when I was in the grammar school I went to the library and read all the books about outlaws of the old west, but I didn't remember reading this one, so I found it on kindle for 99 cents.After getting my fill of westerns, even the novels, I moved on to reading true and fictional stories about the mountain people, and during that time I found Gene Stratton-Porter, “Lonesome Pine,” [...]

    2. Well this book gets two stars in my opinion. I didn't really get any hook from it. Personally when i read, at a particular point in the begin just hooks me in. This was non existent throughout this novel. Now the only reason why this got two stars versus one is because im a really big fan of billy the kid and he is just an interesting person to read about. It is just that the way this book was written and the way his story was told was not as fascinating as i expected it to be. It was slow borin [...]

    3. Probably not the most historical account, but it's interesting to see how Pat Garrett blows his own horn.

    4. Very interesting to get a direct point of view of Billy the Kid. To read what Pat considered the truth about the Kid.

    5. Just what I expected from a book written by the man who shoot Billy The Kid. I did enjoy itwish I was a cowboy!

    6. Listened to the audiobook and found it pretty entertaining. The author is the sheriff that (spoiler alert!) shot Billy the Kid. Now I want to watch Young Guns again.

    7. Interesting to read the so called authentic life of William Bonney in the book written by the man that ended his life, Pat Garrett.My only knowledge of Billy the Kid was seeing Peckinpah's movie 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid' many decades back, and I preferred the sound track. From memory, the film was very loosely based on fact and reading Garrett's 1882 publication, my memory is correct. I always thought that Bob Dylan's character in the film, Alias, was one that was invented just to provide [...]

    8. This is a great historical document. It is interesting that Pat Garrett, the man who killed William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) knew the man so well that you could call them friends. He is the perfect individual to write the story of Billy's life. This book gives insight into both the faults and strengths of his character. This is an excellent read because of the wealth of information. I recommend it to everyone interested into a historical view of who and what Billy the Kid was.

    9. This was a challenging read. The font and the style were very old fashioned and difficult to process at times. I have shared it with a real western lover only to discover he is related to Pat Garrett. Who Knew?

    10. A more authoritative version of the Kid's life can be found in any encyclopedia. What drivel they took as writing back then.

    11. I have always been fascinated about the life of Billy the Kid since the time I saw the first "Young Guns" movie with Emilio Estevez in the late 1980s. I assumed the movie was a true historical representation of The Kid's life, but further research revealed that they took some artistic liberties (as many movies do). So I started reading books on the history of the Lincoln County War. More recently, I decided to consult Garrett's version of events even though I suspect that his account is not as " [...]

    12. I think Pat should have stuck to law or even riding the trail with outlaws before he took up a pen and decided to write. I am taking into account the diffent style of language from the 1800's and only gave this read two stars because it is undoubtedly more factual than Young Guns, but only marginally. Pat Garrett should have compiled his notes for a writer or even been interviewed and let an author pen the story of hunting the kid! Just my opinion. If you are a fan of the west, I feel it is a mu [...]

    13. The Audio version was a little distracting for met sure if it was my audio copy, but the narration kept going in/out. The voices changed, but was more of a muffled voice vs. a regular voice. This pulled away from the flow for me.The storyline was interesting, but didn't keep me glued to the book. It was good, and I didn't really know much about Billy the Kid previously, so I feel more educated, but was just okay.

    14. If you're looking for a factual, well documented book on the life of Billy the Kid, well this isn't it. My advice is that if you're interested in this uniquely American character (s) you should certainly give this a read (it's a short book) but do take the 'facts' more as Garrett's opinion than the truth. Also, depending on what type and style of writing you prefer, you might find his a bit lacking in the excitement department.

    15. I love the life of Billy the Kid, perhaps because of Young Guns and the Bon Jovi soundtrack I still play when no one else is looking. However, Garrett was not a writer, and his biography of the man he killed is not as exciting as many other books I've read on the outlaw. I would recommend this to anyone truly interested in a historical look at Billy the Kind, butwelln't expect to be blown away.

    16. There's one thing I love about my "boozy book club", and that is that we read items that I wouldn't normally consider, and they then turn out to be quite brilliant. This is one such book club read. A fascinating insight into the life of William H. Bonney, considering the only thing I really knew about him was based on numerous viewings of Young Guns I and II.

    17. This was my first completed audiobook that I have listened to since childhood. Research suggests this tale to be largely disputed on facts. I give it 4 stars based on it being a tale of fiction, and thus, I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book that tales his story based on facts known, look elsewhere.

    18. Narration must be dull. It seemed matter-of-fact as I read it, but now that I think about it, most of the material is about "good" Indians, cheating gamblers, and clifftop chases. How could the Wild West be so traumatic and yet so colorless?Accidentally deleted it from my media player. I don't plan to reload it.

    19. This was a pretty poor presentation by Blackstone Audio which normally does a great job. Daniel Luna is not a great reader. the production team pieced this together in a distracting manner. The patchwork nature of the audio drove me nuts. Billy the Kid was murdered again in this rendition. As soon as he was shot by Pat, I was out. couldn't endure it any longer.

    20. One would expect that the story of Billy the Kid by Pat Garrett would be a more factual interesting look at the subjects. The early chapters seem too poetic and novelish but it is a short book of interest

    21. I bought this book on a recent trip to New Mexico. After visiting many areas where Billy the Kid lived, I was more curious about his life. The book was very interesting, written in 1880 by Sheriff Garrett who chased him down and eventually shot him. Great history lesson :)

    22. I was glad to read this book because it basically confirms that Pat Garrett was full of crap. He conterdicts himself over and over in this book. Other stories that are told are in this book are just very unlikely. It should be a book sold in the fiction section.

    23. I was eager to read this book because I knew of it but heard it was out of print. I found a copy in Viginia City, NV and despite it being not completely accurate it was a redition of history from Pat Garrett's account.

    24. I learned a lot about Billy the Kid, but I did not enjoy the author's writing style. The book became a chore rather than something I enjoyed reading.

    25. I've been advised that as a published author, it is not necessarily appropriate for me to review other books or authors.

    26. Valuable as an original source document, written by the man who tracked and eventually killed Billy the Kid. It's not much more than that, though.

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