• Title: Identity
  • Author: Ted Dekker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Identity Identity is Book of a four episode thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker Who am I My name is Christy Snow I m seventeen and I m about to die I m buried in a coffin under tons
    Identity is Book 1 of a four episode thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker Who am I My name is Christy Snow I m seventeen and I m about to die I m buried in a coffin under tons of concrete No one knows where I am My heart sounds like a monster with clobber feet, running straight toward me I m lying on my back, soaked with sweat from the hair oIdentity is Book 1 of a four episode thrill ride from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker Who am I My name is Christy Snow I m seventeen and I m about to die I m buried in a coffin under tons of concrete No one knows where I am My heart sounds like a monster with clobber feet, running straight toward me I m lying on my back, soaked with sweat from the hair on my head to the soles of my feet My hands and feet won t stop shaking.Some will say that I m not really here Some will say I m delusional Some will say that I don t even exist But who are they I m the one buried in a grave My name is Christy Snow I m seventeen I m about to die.So who are you In a return to the kind of storytelling that made Black, Showdown and Three unforgettable, New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker drags that question into the light with this modern day parable about how we see ourselves Humming with intensity and blindsided twists, Eyes Wide Open is raw adrenaline from the first page to the last pure escapism packed with inescapable truth Not all is as it seems Or is it Strap yourself in for the ride of your life Literally.

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    1. Bullet Review:DNF at 6%.Strike One: It's by Ted Dekker, whose previous entries didn't inspire me.Strike Two:"She pulled on a pair of jeans, slipped into a red blouse, pulled her hair into a ponytail, and forgave herself for avoiding any makeup before heading out.No one to impress; she was searching for her locket, not a man."Strike Three:"She wasn't in the best of shape, maybe even fat if ten pounds too much was the rule of men. And it was; so, yes, she was plain fat and she secretly hated every [...]

    2. Christy Snow was upset to lose her locket so decided to backtrack where she and Austin had been the night before. She was sure it had fallen off; the chain broken as had happened before. Inside the room of the old abandoned building where they’d been previously, Christy searched – until suddenly she spied the silver chain in a small gap between timber. It was as she reached down to grab it that it happened…Trapped, alone and in complete darkness – what could she do? But worse was to come [...]

    3. See this full review along with others on my blog at: shesgoingbookcrazyChristy was familiar with panic attacks, but she had never faced the kind of fear that now settled over her like death itself.Christy has found herself in her tomb---literally. All she wanted to do was retrieve her locket from her friend's hideout, where she accidentally left it the day before.She's tried to reach Austin, but her cell battery died in the middle of a desperate phone call. Hopefully it will be enough. Hopefu [...]

    4. Just eight Kindle "pages" into Identity, I had connected with the characters and was anxious to keep reading. Now, after finishing the last page, I'm chomping at the bit for more. If Dekker maintains this pace, his new, four-part Eyes Wide Open may be one of his best novels yet.

    5. Wow, I'm the first person to review this on here?This is Dekker at his finest. Wrongful admission to a psych ward? A sinister plot against patients? People wondering if they might really be nuts? You'll find it all in here, kids. Enjoy.

    6. The plot was suspensful and engaging, if very unbelievable. {The odds of the events occuring in modern day are very low; medical records are fairly thorough, blood tests hard to fake, and the number of doctors involved with any patients medical history (especially ones with the conglomorate of haphazard symptoms he forced onto his characters) make it easy to establish a patient with a phone call or a blood test. There were a lot of misunderstandings about mental disorders and admission processes [...]

    7. Identity is a quick read, part one of a novel called Eyes Wide Open. The idea is to release the book in four parts, Identity (Released Dec 26th on . Part II is "Mirrors" released 12/31, "Unseen" to be released 01/7/12, and "Seer" to be released 01/14/2012. There is some speculation that "Eyes Wide Open" will be a series called "The Outlaw Chronicles". As for "Identity", the story begins with Austin and Christy, two young people in something of a semi-romantic relationship. Austin and Christy hav [...]

    8. Ted Dekker is at it again -- this time in a "tv episode inspired" foray into shorter, faster-released stories that make up one book.He's created a world for us to jump into again, in typical Dekker form, and he's done it in shorter time than ever before!This time, he's introduced us to two orphans, Christy and Austin, and their intruiging relationship and then thrust us into an almost-horror flick story.I'll do everyone a favor, especially since this first book is short, and not reveal details ( [...]

    9. I'm not really sure about this one. It was an interesting read but it's like once something really started happening, the book ends. I understand there's 3 other books with this series but still. A few thingsquestions/comments I have are:1. When Austin's doctor office calls him about the results to his MRI scan, why would the doctor either not be able to tell him the results over the phone or give him more/sooner chances of coming to the office? It's like the lady tells him- either you come in r [...]

    10. If a book could be as close as possible to an episode of high octane television, this would be it. Ted Dekker launches a new approach to publishing with four titles released on consequitive Mondays afterwhich a final full version of the book will be released.So this being only the first of those four installments, it really is only a opening introducation to the story as a whole. That being said, it's a amazing intro at that.Christy Snow (well that's who she starts the story believing she is - b [...]

    11. Wait? That's it? I know I should look but I thought this was a full book. It's 54pages. It's an exerpt is what it is. It's not even a short story bc it doesn't even finish. Lame. I'm re reviewing this to include the entire series. I feel I owe it to people. Book 1: the storyline was decent. I was excited to see where it was headed. Book 2: WHERE is this going? It's a nail biter. Book 3: OMG this is dragging on forever, just tell us already. Book 4: are you serious. THAT is what it's about? Possi [...]

    12. DAMN THAT WAS CRAZY GOOD!Holly shit seriously, Dekker just did it again, he and his amazing stories. I can't get enough. Thrilled and fascinating, with only 50 pages. Empieza con mucho misterio, ya sabes, el clásico "que onda con este tipo, esta haciendo cosas ilegales" y termina con algo que simplemente no ves venir. Excelente comienzo, no puedo esperar a leer los otros, que son igual de cortos. Ademas ese final me dejo con mi cara de WHAT.JUST.HAPPENED?Admiro la sencilla pregunta encerrada de [...]

    13. Great first entry in the Eyes Wide Open Series. Two friends are held against their will inside a psychiatric hospital by a doctor who is hiding something the outside world isn't supposed to see. Although Identity was relatively short, there is enough of a hook there to motivate me to find out what happens in later volumes. Somehow, based on what I've read, I suspect there is much more to the doctor, the two friends, and the hospital than meets the eye.

    14. This is my first ever book from Ted Dekker. The book was intriguing and had unexpected twists and turns and kept me turning the page. The events played with my mind, what ifLooking forward to the next episode!

    15. I NEED MIRRORS RIGHT NOW.Holy holy crap. Dekker has done it again. I was in page 8 and I already felt connected with Christy. And now he got me completely into this new book in only 50-something pages. So many questions. So many mysteries.

    16. It's always a hit or miss for me when it comes to Ted Dekker books. Some are riveting while others I have found to be rather boring. And, this one falls into the former. Although I felt at times it dragged on, this was a good book full of mystery and intrigue. A modern illustration about understanding who we are in Christ. It involves shedding the old ways of how we view ourselves and the delusional world we create, and seeing ourselves in a new light, liberating ourselves from the dark world we [...]

    17. I got this book as a free kindle read and I have some mixed feelings about this book so I might stretch this up to 3.5 stars. It was definitely entertaining. I thought it was a quick read and a definite page turner. I kept wanting to know what was happening next. And its a cliff hanger being the first of four short books in a series.Christy and Austin have a semi-romantic relationship and they have been spending time in an old storage room of a hospital. Christy goes in search of a missing locke [...]

    18. This is my second Ted Dekker read. I read Kiss several years back and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed Identity, the first part of a 4 part series. What I really like about this book (and the same is true for Kiss) is Dekker really knows how to project the feelings of his characters to the reader. I found it easy to get sucked in to Christy's fear, excitement, and confusion. What I found to be even better is I'm not sure at this point if Christy and her friend, Austin, are really crazy or if th [...]

    19. Wow! This book sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. Identity started with a killer hook. The protagonist is trapped underground with no way out. Death is inevitable. Things go downhill from there.This novella is the pilot episode in a series of four that will make up a 'season'. Ted Dekker has drawn on his favourite TV dramas to create a thrilling episodic story.The set of circumstances that lead the the two main characters ending up in a world of trouble are unlikely yet completely believable. [...]

    20. I've always enjoyed Dekker's books for a quick, entertaining, and thought provoking read. This one is the first release in a serial novel ala Stephen King's "The Green Mile." Dekker offered this first installment free to his fans with the hope of enticing them to purchase the remaining three books, to be released over the following three Mondays. worked.I really enjoyed it. It's fast-paced, intriguing, and appropriately cliff-hanger-ish. I have a lot of questions and I'm looking forward to read [...]

    21. After all of the hype on Facebook, I was excited to start reading this. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. The writing felt amateur rather than the expertly crafted story I've come to expect from Ted Dekker. As has happened with a few of Dekker's more recent novels, this book made me feel as if Dekker has sold out. The writing feels forced and as if he is pandering to the masses rather than writing for his loyal readers who fell in love with his writing after reading such novels as "Thr3e", "Blink [...]

    22. I'm not sold on a book being released in episodes, but if one is patient, the entire book, Eyes Wide Open, came out only about a month or so after the initial episode. This was a bit of a slow start for me. I like that Dekker has broken his mold for a male protagonist. This time he isn't a totally just run in, guns blazing kind of guy. Really this book is the setup for the rest of the story, so there isn't much to like or dislike beyond the style or pacing, however, I do enjoy Dekker's writing s [...]

    23. Not sure how I feel. This is the first Ted Decker I've read. I have several friends who love his book, so I took advantage of this freebie to see what he's about, as I respect their opinions. This is part 1 of a 4-part novella. I will have to read part 2, at least, and will probably read all 4, since I won't be able to stand not knowing what happens at the end. But I don't know whether I'll end up a Ted Decker fan or not. We'll have to see.

    24. Reseña en españolAnd Ted Dekker did it again reach readers in a personal and profound."Who am I?" is a question we've all done it at some point in our lives and this book gives a very good perspective of it. I hope to buy the whole book "Eyes wide open" and complete the story, because until now, I loved Christy' story.

    25. What the heck? This is not a book. This is a teaser. Just when it got good, it's all, "Stay tuned for the next book!" It did not answer any of the questions -_- I HATE when authors do that! A book should have a beginning, middle, and END. OK, OK, I'm done ranting. All of that said, excellent writing and it kept my attention. I'm really curious what happened so I'm tempted to buy the next book. But maybe I won't as protest against AUTHORS WHO DON'T USE ENDINGS!

    26. There seems to be some confusion That is where this story leads. The book is very well written and involving. Such an interesting premise, and some perfect characters to bring the action.I think you might enjoy reading this, but be aware this is only the beginning To complete it there is more to buy.

    27. Classically Dekker. A mind-warping, creepy, adrenaline rush. I had to finish the whole series as soon as this installment ended.

    28. WellTed did it again. I really like this idea. It's a quick read, so you can easily read it in a couple of hours or less. I think I will enjoy the "episode" idea.

    29. Immediately after reading response: "Awesomead so quickly and now on to the nexttention grabbing"Review of the entire serial novel was posted on my blog and I will post below and in each section. hookofabook.wordpress. I will say that I really enjoyed Identity. It made me excited about the whole series and left me wanting to read further and buy the next installment.Review:Identity (Book 1), Mirrors (Book 2), Unseen (Book 3) and Seer (Book 4) are all part of a four episode thrill ride from New Y [...]

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